“Life’s Not Fair,” by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit post. This one is pretty nice; I like it.

People have asked me what she’s doing here. I met her on Abagond’s blog and we started emailing. It was contentious at first, but then she calmed down. Mostly, she could not understand me, but hardly anyone does. I told her that she wrote well and invited her to the site. Actually, I’ve invited a number of people of both genders and various races, but most don’t take me up. I have high standards here, but she was good enough.

She was flattered. She’s a college grad with an English major and a frustrated writer like millions are. She’d never been published anywhere. I encouraged her, because at first she was insecure like a lot of writers are.

She agrees with me about a lot of things. Also, she boosts my anti-racist credentials. This blog was turning into a racist blog, if you just looked at the commenters. That’s not what I’m about, and I wanted to steer it back in a more appropriate direction. AU has been good for that.

It’s not fair.

It just isn’t fair that men throughout history have always had more power and authority than women. Women are wonderful, capable people, and it’s not right that men should have so many advantages over those weaker than themselves.

It just isn’t fair the way some groups compete with and prevail over other groups. The way some nations conquer other nations. The way empires arise and subsume weak nations. It isn’t fair the way states lie and connive to achieve their will over other states, or the way states insist on the “rule of law” for their enemies while completely ignoring the same “rule” when it suits their own purposes.

It just isn’t fair the way people judge other people not on their true character but on who their ancestors were, what their ancestors did, what they look like, what people who look like them do, or what people are afraid they might do.

It just isn’t fair to find yourself in a situation you really cannot stand and to realize that there isn’t a damned thing you can do about it. And there isn’t a group on this earth that hasn’t at least once found itself in that predicament. Not one.

Sometimes you realize that there is something you can do about it. And you act. And you prevail.

But in your victory lie the seeds of future grief. Those you have prevailed against are not going to forget. They are not going to let go. They’re not going to “move on,” “get past it,” or “stop whining.” No group ever does.

An individual, on the other hand, has the freedom that a group does not.

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15 thoughts on ““Life’s Not Fair,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. Robert,

    Yes, life is not fair. So why are liberals so upset about the Michelle Obama monkey picture? Why not laught it off like conservatives did Bush, who by the way looks monkey-like?

    Here is the link: http://www.flystylelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/michelle-obama-ape.jpg

    Bush was called a monkey all the time, and there have been many monkey pics. Why was there no outrage?

    I am not going to say Blacks look like monkeys since they all of them do not. However, hroughout history, non-Blacks have always said Blacks look like monkeys. But where there is a grain of truth, sometimes there is the most pain.

    Bush as a monkey: http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&safe=active&um=1&sa=3&q=george+bush+monkey+face&btnG=Search+images

    1. You’re not supposed to compare Blacks to monkeys or apes, but you can compare Whites to such since no one ever does that in a racist way.

      It’s an old racist trope that Blacks look like monkeys or apes. Well, yeah, people have been saying it forever. The reason that they say it is because it is true that Blacks seem to look more like simians than Whites, or even other races. However, we are all evolved from simians, and if you look at any human in a certain way, you can sort of see the monkey in them.

      But decent people don’t go around calling Blacks simians. It’s juvenile, rude and mean, mostly the former.

      Actually I ought to do a post on that.

    2. I think people say it because blacks on average have a more prognathic profile than other races as well as flat/broad noses. And since these are simian feature, people with lessor virtue try to connect blacks to apes. It makes perfect sense though, both humans and apes evolved in Africa, blacks simply didn’t need to develop thinner noses because they were adapted to that climate. Most blacks don’t look like apes and there are even whites that do. Look at Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev, you would swear he was the missing link.


    3. Yes, Blacks are prognathic, however, some other races are too, like Aborigines. I think the Black skin has something to do with it too, since gorillas and chimps have very dark skin. If you notice, Blacks are always compared to these apes and not to monkeys.

      It’s not just the flatness and broadness of the nose. Asians also have flat and wide noses. I think it is the fact that it is *large* and flat and wide. There are many other aspects of Blacks that are said to be ape-like that have nothing to with apes. For instance, large lips are probably a sexual selection to make Black women look sexier. It’s commonly tied in with apes, but apes often have almost no lips at all.

      If you want to trip yourself out, imagine that humans are what we are, naked apes. Try to see the ape in the humans around you. It’s really freaky. Most of the people around you will be transformed into these chimp-like things. It’s better to do it when you’re stoned, it works great then. You have to stop the experiment though, because you can’t function well in human society if you see humans as apes.

      Truth is: ALL humans look like apes! Sure, maybe Blacks do a little more, but that’s sort of beside the essential point.

    4. Shawn knows exactly why “liberals” are offended by the Michelle Obama picture.

      But the picture is irrelevant. It was meant to offend, and it achieved its purpose.

      Some people are awfully upset that the Obamas are where they are.

    5. Oh believe me, I have thought about it many times. It blows my mind that we are just apes that became really smart. And that these smart apes are flying around in space and such. I mean why was it apes and not elephants or dolphins or one of the other animals with relatively high intelligence and self-awareness. I wonder what caused apes to make the jump like they did? And why are there still gorillas and chimps? Why didn’t they all evolve? Why are some still left behind? I’m sure there are theories.

  2. Robert, you are kind.

    As far as the subject of this post goes, I do wish people could see themselves as individuals and not primarily as members of groups.

    1. I don’t think society will ever be completely fair, but the best I can hope for is to make it “fair enough”. Perfection is always an unrealistic goal.

  3. “Why does this truth bring to your mind some racist portrayal of Michelle Obama?”

    Having double standards is also racist 🙂 , and no, I am not trying to be disingenuous.

    1. Double standards?

      One image was intended to be racially offensive and the other wasn’t. I don’t see any comparison between the two.

      You are an intelligent person, so I’m sure this doesn’t escape you.

      Racism is not implied in everything, but why do some people go out of their way to deny it where it exists?

  4. The Obama Deception: A Key Word Analysis
    (arranged in order of frequency)

    [i]This is an analysis of the terminology and references used in the popular Alex Jones documentary film “The Obama Deception”. The results are scientific. The study was conducted on the entire 1 hour, 50 minute film.[/i]

    56 ‘Bankers’
    31 ‘Bilderberg’
    27 ‘Elite’
    21 ‘Globalists’
    21 ‘Trilateral Commission’
    15 ‘Council on Foreign Relations’
    7 ‘Nazis’
    5 ‘Adolf Hitler’
    5 ‘Anglo-American Empire/Germanic Death Cults’
    5 ‘Round Table groups’
    3 ‘U.S. Military’
    3 ‘C.I.A.’
    1 ‘Mossad’
    1 ‘Bolshevik’
    0 ‘Israel’
    0 ‘Zionist’
    0 ‘Jew’

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