Robert Lindsay Now In Top 215 Blogs On The Internet

We are now averaging 61,852 visits a day.

We have such huge sites as Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory (Glenn Greenwald!), John Araviso’s Americablog, Jane Hamsher’s Firedoglake (Firedoglake!), Wonkette (Wonkette!) and Wizbang!.

We are closing in on Pharygula and Power Line, but I think it’s going to be hard to pass them, and I’m wondering if this run is hitting ceiling.

61,852 X 7 = 432,964 visitors a week. We are the equivalent of a weekly magazine with 430,000 readers, but I can’t think of any offhand.

61,852 X 31 = 1,917,412 visitors a month. So we are the equivalent of a monthly magazine with 1.9 million circulation, but I can’t think of any of those offhand either.

Keep in mind that print media often includes pass-along readership, so they often increase their readership by 2 or 3 times circulation on that basis.

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6 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay Now In Top 215 Blogs On The Internet”

  1. Robert: You have hits a week. Not 124698812469/b hits a month.

    Number = Keep it simple.

    l do really hop your stats is correct. And that you hit the top ten blogs in the world. Where could l else get the chance to bash commi-liberal shit for brain scumbags on that scale? Go Robert Go iD)))

    When are you going to do a piece on the Lying Jew Scumbags Robert? l’m really trigger-happy you know Robert. l got a shitload of JEW only sources to go with that trigger finger.

    1. 60,000 a day heg.

      Most of the hits are coming on the Blogger site, not on this one. This one is only getting like 4,000 hits a day. It’s the Blogger one that is getting 57,000 hits a day (= shock videos).

    1. I don’t know why you can’t get in. There’s just a adult content warning on it is all.

      It’s not an anti-Semite thing, it’s a shock video thing. BTW, traffic has crashed since they put that damn adult warning up. It’s down to about 37,000/day and crashing all the time. Those content warnings really fuck you up hard, man.

  2. It’s not an anti-Semite thing, it’s a shock video thing.

    I was just kidding — I meant the reason I personally couldn’t log in.

    1. Yeah, we don’t dig you Jews over at that blog. We only allow you guys over here. This blog is kind of like the Pale for the Jews on Robert Lindsay and that blog is Beyond the Pale, you know?

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