Another Record-Breaking Week On Robert Lindsay

First off, we set another amazing weekly record, surpassing the one set just the week before by 63

Old record: 372,649: October 9-15
New record: 607,560: October 16-22

A new highest visitors in a day record set on Monday, November 16. This Korean translation was once again huge on the Blogger site, while Ann Dunham Nude Pics? did well on this site once again.

Old record: 61,854 November 12
New record: 66,929 November 16

That highest day record was immediately smashed by 25

Old record: 66,929 November 16
New record: 82,190 November 17

The new 1st place record was nearly broken the very next day, but the tally fell short by about 800 hits. Nevertheless, a new second place record was set, completely destroying the old one set merely two days before by 14,000 hits. Once again, these two posts were very popular. On this site, Ann Dunham Nude Pics? was popular again.

Old record: 66,929 November 16
New record: 80,623 November 18

It took only until the next day for the old highest highest visits in a day record to be broken, and it was smashed by 10,000 hits as the surfers flooded in from Korea again. The same two pieces that had been driving traffic all week continued to bring them in, and on this site, Alpha Unit’s Just a Thought along with the old reliable piece about Obama’s mother were popular.

Old record: 81,933 November 17
New record: 91,555 November 19

The very next day, the new record was totally smashed again, this time by a huge amount – 18,000 hits. The usual suspects were driving the traffic on both sites, and Korea was the main driver on the Blogger site.

Old record: 1. 91,555 November 19
New record: 109,497 November 20

On Saturday, November 21, incredibly enough, traffic was so heavy that it set a new third highest day record. This is great because interestingly enough, traffic always declines on the weekends. It’s highest during the week, typically during the workday in the US, apparently because people are accessing the Internet while at work or possibly in school. It declines after dinnertime and on weekends, I guess because most people, unlike us webmasters, actually have lives and get off the Net in the evenings and on weekends. On Saturday, traffic drops a lot, and on Sunday, it drops even more.

Traffic is highest of all typically on Monday, at least in the US. What’s interesting is that in Korea, traffic is highest of all in the evenings. This implies that Koreans go on the Net less than Americans while at work or in school or see the Internet of more of an evening leisure activity than Americans do. The usual suspects once again drove traffic on the old site, with the addition of this Korean translation of a particularly horrible video post. On this site, the old standby, Ann Dunham Nude Pics, did the trick.

Old record: 81,933 November 17
New record: 87,411 November 21

The next day, on Sunday, unbelievably enough, a new third highest day record was set, breaking the record set just the day before. This is really shocking because traditionally, Sunday is the slowest day of the week. No one is really sure why this is. The weekend is the slowest time of all. Saturday is the second slowest day of the week and Sunday is the slowest. The only suggestion is that most people have better things to do in their free time on the weekend than go on the Internet.

Once again, traffic was flooding in from Korea mostly from a smash-hit translation, but to a lesser extent this other translation also. The Koreans have been the most cooperative linguistic group so far in terms of translations. Many are young Korean males, 16-26, donating their time in order to practice their English. We are now in the Top 15,000 Internet sites in Korea, and we are getting around 46,000 Korean visitors a day.

Old record: 87,411 November 21
New record: 89,245 November 22

Three cheers for Robert Lindsay!

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