How Could You?

There have been some notable cases in the media lately about men who were caught having sex with 13 year old girls. The Roman Polanski case was one. Polanski was 46 years old when he did the dirty deed. The Harry Baker case in California is another one. Baker is 83 years old. This started a big discussion on the blog about men having sex with girls around that age. Thing is, I could never fit a picture to the words. I don’t know any 13 year old girls! Honestly. Why should I? I think there are some around the complex, but God forbid I should talk to them.

A picture of an unknown 13 year old girl with her brother, Mom and dog. Where is the appeal?

So I started wondering what exactly a 13 year old girl looks like. Which took me on an Internet image search. I quickly came up with several images, and I was stunned. They looked so young! I was appalled that these older men could be having sex with such a young girl.

Now, there are girls and there are women. There are also things called girl-women, which is basically a teenage girl. It’s in between a girl and a woman, in neither category. As they start getting up around 16-17, it looks lot more like a woman than a girl. But down around 13 or so, it’s a Hell of a lot more girl than woman. Hell, 13 year old girls still have baby fat on them. Only a year before, they were still playing with Barbies.

Now studies have shown that all normal males react sexually to females all the way down to age 7. The maximum reaction is at 16, and it continues at the same level on up to adult women. That is, a male reacts at the same intensity to a 16 year old girl as he does to an adult female of any age. So saying attraction to 16 year old girls is pedophilia is perverse. If it’s so, then we are all pedos.

Below age 16, the curve starts to drop off steeply, and by age 7 it is nearly gone.

This is a 13 year old Ukrainian girl, Kateryna Lahno, who recently won a major chess championship. Sure, she's cute, but a sex object? You're kidding.

So the only difference between normal males and pedophiles is of intensity and preference, not of the presence or absence of attraction. To normal males, girls between the ages of 7-12 are ho-hum. It’s not that there’s no interest, it’s just that it’s not very strong. I mean, a lot of guys might be slightly interested in doing a sheep if it came down to it and they were in the mountains for six months, but it doesn’t mean that’s what they love.

To the pedophile though the girl from age 7-12 is his prime attraction. He’s not interested in mature females. That’s nothing to him.

This 13 year old girl won a championship in Texas for text messaging, beating all comers. She looks like a little girl. It bugs me to think of any adult male having sex with her. That's messed up.

There are some pictures of 13 year old girls on this page so you can see what I mean.

I will also link to a picture of a nude 13 year old girl, which was taken by a major yet controversial Australian artist named Bill Henson. It’s tastefully done and you can’t see all that much. Various courts have ruled that it’s not child pornography. The only problem I have with this guy is that he seems to be obsessed with shooting nudes of girls around this age. There is something disturbing about that.

I didn’t want to upload it to WordPress because I was afraid they would freak and shut me down. But there are numerous images of this photo on Blogger, so I’ll post it to Blogger and link to it. The interesting thing about this nude is how unerotic it is. I mean, it’s ok, but really, there’s just not much there. You look at her and shrug your shoulders and say, where’s the excitement?

Link here. Click at your own risk.

It’s ridiculous that adult men are having sex with these girls. Keep your hands off em!

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65 thoughts on “How Could You?”

  1. The “artist” concerned, Bill Henson, simply has an obsession to photograph young girls….it’s a power thing, and I have no doubt he gets off on it. Calling IT “art”, he can legitimize his disgusting behaviour, and a nice little earner it be, not to mention the publicity.
    But please, he is not representative of Australia…….his photos have generated outrage amongst thinking people right across the Nullaboor

      1. There are a lot of books like that in the Art section of mainstream bookstores like Barnes & Noble but a lot of feminist and social conservative groups have put pressure on them to ban them from their book stores. I think the Supreme Court ruled that its protected by the 1st Amendment as Art.

    1. you do realise that by saying that ‘he gets off on it’ you have just proven yourself to be both a subjective jerk and a general dumbass. i have spent the last year and a half studying Bill Henson and his artworks, including this one, and i can assure you he does not ‘get off on it’. Bill Henson is quite easily one of the best photographers this world has ever seen and his artworks in the field of the teenage twilight years has been revolutionary

  2. The Ukranian Chess Champ could pass for someone a bit older? Also, with the high IQ she might be more emotionally mature too?

  3. Damn! Dude, I’m 52 years old, and a lot of 15 yr old girls look hot to me. 16 and 17 yr old girls look killer!

    But that chess champ looks like a little girl. Fuck it, I can’t see any adult messing with her. There’s something wrong about that. It’s not sick. It’s just…ridiculous!

    I don’t care how emotionally mature those 13 yr olds are in those pics. They look like little girls and that’s the end of the story for me.

  4. Child molesters and child rapists, after they are proven guilty of committing those crimes, should be put to death, preferably hung in a public square. Actually, I am in favor of putting all rapists to death.

    1. I see this statement as very ignorant! I must ask, are you hiding behind your own hidden fantasy or that you were touched as a child and decided that what you were afraid to tell somebody about is there fault? Look around you and see what your blind too. Unless your a saint and have never done wrong, should you be put to death for those you have hurt or offended? We live in a twisted world, but to kill those who offended others regardless of age, well i do not believe you want another flood! Point your finger at yourself before pointing at others!!!

  5. Pedophiles and hebephiles.

    “Damn! Dude, I’m 52 years old, and a lot of 15 yr old girls look hot to me. 16 and 17 yr old girls look killer!” you suggesting it’s okay to have sex with a 15-17 year old at 52?

    Then you’re no different than the men who travel to Thailand to have sex with young girls.

    1. I wouldn’t do it myself. And those guys traveling to Thailand are going there to have sex with *children*, not teenage girls. Those guys are going there to have sex with boys and girls 12 and under.

      It’s illegal for a 52 year old man to have sex with a 15-17 year old girl. So I won’t do it. And I advise other guys not to do it, due to the legal issues. If you do it and get caught, you won’t have my sympathy.

      Your comment is quite bizarre! You imply that because a 52 man finds 15-17 yr old girls highly attractive, that therefore he believes it’s ok to have sex with them. What a bizarre line of thought. Many of us are attracted to people who we would never have sex with, for legal and other reasons.

      Your comment suggests that men are nothing more than animals who can’t distinguish between desires and actions and are incapable of self-control.

      1. “You imply that because a 52 man finds 15-17 yr old girls highly attractive, that therefore he believes it’s ok to have sex with them”

        I don’t agree with that idea either. I wouldn’t do it with a minor because it illegal, and I wouldn’t do it with a younger minor no matter what the legal status. However, that does not mean that all are unattractive. Girls don’t start to develop when they become legal at 18. They start developing the stuff guys like when they’re around 16 or 17. A guy isn’t going to find a girl unattractive if shes 17 years 364 day old and then suddenly want to bone her on her 18th birthday. Big hooters are big hooters no matter what the age, but you can’t think with your dick. Girls used to have families by the time they become the current legal age, but I wouldn’t push those boundaries nowadays even though things may have been different in the past. I would also add that in other cultures, old man-teenage girl (or at least decades younger girls) marriages happen at a regular frequency.

  6. Maybe an adult woman could handle posing topless, and having a massive number of strangers look the pictures, without it causing major psychological damage.

    But expecting a 13 year girl to do that is sick, even if the result is “art”.

  7. I remember my senior year of high shool, I started going out with a girl who I hadn’t really known until that year, even though we had been in the same school for years. So I looked up in my yearbooks what she had looked like as a junior (nice), sophomore (good), ninth grade (ok),… seventh grade (oops, those are KIDS.)

  8. The chess champion in the picture looks as though she is only five years old. Who would be interested in one so young? The others do look like children and even the 13-year-old girl did not have much on top to look at. But the biggest reason to not have any sexual activity with these girls is that they are children with personalities and emotional development of children. They have no true interest in sex even though some may act as though they do because they are immitating older girls or women. The sicko media has brainwashed some girls into thinking that they must act “grown up” and be like Britney or Madonna or other slutty women. Our culture is sick.

    1. Actually, I hate to say it, but girls do start thinking about sex a lot around age 13. I would say that that’s when the female sex drive comes on. The may well start masturbating too. I’m certain that at least some of them do. When I was 16, I had sex with a 14 yr old girl. She was hornier than most adult females! And when I was 20, a 12 yr old girl who was a friend of mine asked me to have sex with her.

      OTOH, I don’t think adults should be messing around with 12-13 yr old girls. That’s ridiculous. As far as teenage boys, I have no idea. 12-13 is just too young to be having sex I would say.

  9. I’m a 13 year old guy so I obviously know some 13 year old girls from school. The pictures you posted look younger than most of the 13 year old girls that I know.

  10. Why not show them with no clothes on and them standing up, that is what is on my site of my twin girls at the same age?!

  11. Speaking as a pedophile who is attracted to girls as young as six. There is nothing more desirable to me than a young girl both sexually and emotionally.

    I believe that pedophilia is much like homosexuality, the person cannot control who they are attracted to. Much like a straight man cannot understand homosexual attractions, a non pedophile cannot understand pedophilic attractions. People are just different.

    P.S. the girls in the second pic are GORGEOUS!!!

  12. Those girls don’t look like the modern crop of hormone-infused 13-year olds I’ve seen. Actually, those photos are probably more representative of what a 13-year-old female should look like, not what her parents allow her to want to look like.

  13. I am sick to my stomach reading these comments. ALL of them. This should not be a debate. It should not be a discussion. In my mind, children are ages 17 and younger. When I was 18, I was not emotionally mature. I wasn’t responsible or even remotely close to being considered an adult, simply because my age suggested it. –I am the wife of a man who has a fondness for underage girls. Specifically 13 year old girls. This being the case, I am deeply and personally effected by conversations of this nature. Kids are kids. I don’t care if they think about sex. I don’t care if they play with Barbie dolls. I don’t care what their parents allow them to dress or act like. They are children. End of story. People disgust me. Lock up your children. I should have my tubes tied to avoid having children in a world that people are allowed to post photographs of nude girls. (which, by the way, I did not and will not view. ‘art’ is a term this sicko chose to use as a get out of jail free card. your prefession and appetite for underage girls will land you in hell.) Think about your own children. Would you want your adult neighbor drooling over her? How about your sister, your mother, your granddaughter. It’s sick. It’s wrong. I don’t know whether to spit on your or pity you.

    1. I think your comment is a good example of how laws shape morals, it is not just morals that is basis of laws. It goes both ways. I guess you are from USA? As I understand 18 is the age when it is legal to have sex there. But in most of the world it is 16.

      Where I live (Norway) it is legal for a 90 year old man to have sex with a 16 year old girl. It would be frowned upon, obvioulsy.

      Point is, who are you to say that 17 and below is children? When it comes to sexuality it is biological factors that should decide, not legal ones. Biology is the same worldwide, but different countries have different laws regarding youngest age for having sex. USA is among those who have the highest age. I think some even set the age as low as 14.

      Personally i dislike the idea of a 70 year old with a 25 year old more than a 20 year old with a 16 year old. The only absolute limit is puberty. No one should have sex before that. But after that point, I think the DIFFERENCE in age between the 2 participants is more important.

      1. in the USA federally the legal age is 16…. it is state laws that are 18.

        but really what has these laws done for us?
        kids having sex with kids…. totally taken maturity out of the equation.

    1. ” the 2nd pic with the two girls are hot! (no im not a pedo, im 13 too)”

      Yeah, but everything is hot to 13 years olds. Who do you think made Lara Croft a major pop culture figure?

      “This 13 year old girl won a championship in Texas for text messaging, beating all comers.She looks like a little girl. It bugs me to think of any adult male having sex with her. That’s messed up.”


    2. dude no kidin the second pic is pretty hot (i am also thirteen) also their are thirteen year old girls at my school who could pass as 16, the other picturs are yunger girls

      1. I have a friend who has dauters at age 13, and they look much older than the girls in these pics mabey its just them mabey its not. That dosnt make it right to have sex with them no matter how old they look.

  14. I mostly agree with your post. But it still happens .. now aprt from hardcore pedophilia, there’s also the fact that some girls develop quicker than others. And some act more mature than they are, plus lie aboput their age. I guess they like the attention and reespect. Look at the picture of 13yo Alisha Dean who sent 2 men to jail after lying about her age on her MySpace profile ( Now you tell me, does she look more like a child or more like a woman?
    WFTV news report on Youtube.

  15. Some people have sick minds those girls are so young whoever does that stuff should be sentenced to death

  16. I am 14 and i have been having sex since age 7. First of all let me say i was looking up porn when i stumbled across this, secondly i have had sex with 13 year olds and 17 year olds, and i can see why men would want to have sex with them, IT IS AMAZING!!

  17. y i agree with sjkcarpediem98 those assholes im a 13 year old guy and im sick of hearing about people having sex with girls my age when the other guys are like 40 and shit it pisses me off besides you guys are ruining our chances with them come on not cool and the twins on thier are HOT i wouldnt mind having thier numbers no really if anybody knows thier numbers tell me :-l or atleast thier names anyways ya those guys are sickos oh ya and that guy that posted he had been having sex since he was 7 ya right BULLSHIT! dude im with liam on this one HA!

  18. none of the other girls were hot very dissapointing. :-{. plus i have a sister my age so hearing about this kinda makes me sick if this ever happened to my sister which is 13 i would chop the dudes dick off! and mail it to his plastic girlfriend.

  19. “It’s illegal for a 52 year old man to have sex with a 15-17 year old girl. So I won’t do it.”

    16 is the age of consent in Minnesota, and many other states. Google around for “age of consent.”

    1. I recall that Sean Mulveyhill, who was eighteen at the time was charged for statutory rape of fifteen year old Phoebe Prince.

  20. the pix you have of girls here do look very young and lack even curves… but many of the 13yo girls i know have bigger chests then there moms.
    and the pix of the girls on the news usually have curves also…

    search for girl: (looked for the girls that looked the youngest) (legal BTW)

    as you can see not all girls near this age have baby like bodys….
    also up till about 3 or 4 generations ago it was normal for a girl of about 13 to be getting married… it was changed to 18yo because it was disided that a girl that young was not mentally prepared for marriage…. tho these days i know a lot of 25yo girls that are not mentally prepared for marriage.
    also the younger a girl the harder on the body to have a child but the older a girl (woman) is the harder it is to get pregnant

    age and such is all opion… tho i do believe that unless you are going to keep the girl (marriage) you shouldn’t be having sex with her.
    a girl gets very attached to the guy she losses it too and it is hard on a girl mentally and emotionally for that guy to leave her.

  21. 7 – 12 are definitely more attractive than a women over 16. Even their bodies are but morally you should not have sex with them.

  22. Have you not seen average 13 year old girls these days?Particulaly Latinas,those girls often start young and have nice bodys even at that age.I admit I am attracted to 12-14 year old girls,and I am a 19 year old male.Is that considered pedophilia too?I’m pretty sure there’s 19 year old High school seniors going out with say 14 year old freshman etc.

  23. Even though I don’t really think the age difference and maturity is hugely different,I think it’s still illegal for me to do anything too.But I feel like I was that age just yesterday.But still there’s some difference in the ages,what do you think?

    1. 14 yr old girl is ok morally if you are 19. Only problem is the law. And if you get caught, they might just throw the book at you. They are getting pretty weird nowadays. Not sure if 13 yr old girl is ok if you are 19. Seems too young. 12 is just way too young. And both of those are really illegal.

  24. 13 year olds don’t look that young any more. BTW what brung me here were those twins. I looked up 13 year old girl, too and I as like WHY ARE THERE A PICTURE OF MY OLD FRIENDS ON HERE! So I clicked on it. That photo is from 4th grade! I am telling them right now! Don’t believe me? There names are Cacy and Tracey Torres. They share a facebook account now so look up Cacy Torres.

  25. Also I’m 13 have b cup bra, curves, thick butt and thighs. I (and everyone else) stopped playing with barbies at 9. You are completely wrong.

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