We Don’t Respect You

The post will deal with the extent to which Whites respect one race or another.

First of all, an anecdote to start it off. I received a link from Stormfront linking to one of my articles about genetics and race. There was a chart there (see below), that, if interpreted in one particular way, could show that Amerindians are the closest large race to Caucasians, or Whites (this assuming that Whites are closely related to all other Caucasians, which they are). The competition was Africans, Amerindians, Siberians, NE Asians, SE Asians, Oceanians and Australoids. Of these groups, Amerinds appear to be the closest to Caucasians.

The question of the closest race to Whites or Caucasians is an interesting one. First of all we need to leave out some groups that are on the border between races.

Berbers and Bedouins are two groups of Whites that are quite close to Blacks. Bedouins and North Africans in general lump Caucasian though.

Ethiopians, Somalis, etc. are, I believe more and more, an intermediate large race in between Caucasians and Blacks. Nevertheless, on most charts they lump African so we will deal with them as Africans here.

Hispanics are a recent mixed race people that is left off most charts.

There is an axis extending from Turkey to Chukotka that I call the Asian-Caucasian Axis. On some charts, many of these groups are pretty much on the border between Asians and Caucasians and some are damned hard to put in one category or another. This includes Turks, Jews, Armenians, Iranians, Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Pakistanis, South Indians, Nepalese, Kazakhs, Turkmen, Kirghiz, Altai, Shor and associated North Turkic Siberians, Buryats, Mongolians, North Chinese, Koreans and the Chukchi. It also includes all associated groups.

The Chukchi are fascinating as they are an obviously Asiatic people that actually lump Caucasian on some charts.

We will leave all of these separate groups out of the analysis since on major charts, they are just lumped into Caucasians or North Asians.

However, on these same major charts, it does look like Amerindians are the closest major race to Whites.

Here is the chart in question. As you can see, the cluster of NE Asian - Siberian/Eskimo - Amerindian is the closest major race to Whites (Caucasians). According to my reading, which may be in error, the Amerindians seem to be closer to us than the others. There are other charts that also show Amerindians as very close to Caucasians.

The commenter on Stormfront noted this and commented on it, saying that he had often felt that they were the closest race to Whites. He said that when you look at them, it’s like looking in the mirror at what we used to be thousands of years ago and we could become again. In addition, he noted that he respected them as a race.

This got me to thinking. In the US anyway, Whites respect Amerindians as a race. They didn’t used to, but even in the old days, there was massive intermarriage. There is something about an Indian woman and a White man that is hard to stop. The Latin American Whites have been trying to stop White men from breeding with mestizas and Indias for centuries, and it’s a futile cause. And I respect Indians as a race too. Sure, they’ve got their problems, but they are mostly just their own problems – drugs, alcohol, self-destruction.

Even in Latin America, Indians are not so much despised, really, or not as much as Blacks. At any rate, they are not regarded as very troublesome. They are seen as potentially verbally violent, and sometimes physically, but this is not a real problem. As one White Latin American said, “Give an Indian a handful of tortillas and a six pack and he’s good for the night and won’t give you any trouble.”

This got me to thinking about whether or not we Whites respect other races. As I said, we respect the Indian. We also respect Hispanics. Since most here have a very large amount of White in them anyway, this just makes them even easier to respect. One thing you notice very quickly is that Whites don’t really hate Hispanics all that much. It’s hard to get even redneck Whites interested in hating Hispanics. We have too much common with them, and they have too much White in them. They are similar to us genetically and culturally.

Whites marry Hispanics very readily, and the usual format is White man – Hispanic woman. Hispanic women are seen as more submissive (= feminine) than White women, so it’s a natural match. A similar principle is working with White men and Indian women and White men and Asian women. A possible reason for these similarities is that Indians originate in Asian and are still quite Asian-like.

Anyway, finally getting around to the title of the post, it then occurred to me: Whites do not respect Blacks! We flat out do not respect you. Period. Exclamation point. In what way do we not respect you?

In the deepest way possible. Whites do not respect Blacks at their very difficult to change essence. We don’t respect you as a race.

As a White man who has lived his whole life in White culture, this is painfully and obviously true for the majority of Whites.

Now, the White racists will say that Blacks do not deserve to be respected for a variety of reasons, particularly behavioral ones. Let us just leave that question aside for a moment. Regardless of whether Blacks deserve it or not, we just flat out don’t respect them at their very racial essence, and that’s the only point to consider right now.

Why do I bring this up? Because really, this is at the root of a lot of the problems between Whites and Blacks in the US. We don’t respect you. And in many ways, a whole lot of other stuff just flows right out from that. Now, if Whites respected Blacks as a race, I’m convinced that race relations would be a lot different in this society.

Just a mental snack for you to chew on tonight…

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69 thoughts on “We Don’t Respect You”

    1. My initial reaction was that the disrespect is mutual.

      But I think it’s very clear to Black people that White people don’t respect us as a race. And the reasons are never ending. First, how do you respect people you’ve enslaved? After that, how do you respect people when they’re not slaves but you’ve got your boot on their neck?

      And how do you respect people who lag behind in your society for all kinds of reasons?

  1. I suspect that Whites at their very essence are afraid of Blacks. I think fear describes what they’re experiencing better than disrespect.

    1. To Alpha Unit:

      I suspect that Whites at their very essence are afraid of Blacks. I think fear describes what they’re experiencing better than disrespect.

      Yep…. fear…that pretty much that the case for most Whites…

  2. First off, I don’t see how Native Americans are the closest race to whites. Nothing we know about how they got the N. American continent would suggest this. Can anyone look at these Amerindian women and find any similarities between whites or western culture whatsoever? http://davidperez888.googlepages.com/P2251049.JPG/P2251049-full;init:.JPG

    As for the respect issue, on what grounds do you have to think that whites have ever respected NAs? Ask the Taino Indians that were killed off whether they were respected. Or the Aztecs who were destroyed by the Spanish. Or the plains Indians who were shot for sport. Honestly I think this whites respected NAs thing is a myth and I don’t know anyone that believes it. I’m sure no NA’s themselves do.

    You also said white respect Hispanics. In a discussion of race we shouldn’t be using the word “Hispanic”. There are Hispanics of pure African descent. Do you really mean to say that whites respect Mestizos? Honestly, I don’t think too many whites like the growing Latin-American population in America. I’ve overheard whites saying some pretty nasty things about Mexicans. Everything from them coming here with anchor babies and getting welfare to illegals driving around drunk with no insurance. And then you have the gangs like MS-13 spreading across the country like wildfire. You live in California, you should know all about that. Listen to what whites that have fled California for the heartland have to say about Mexicans. I’m not saying most whites hate “Hispanics”, I just think there’s a certain demographic tipping point where whites are going to start becoming VERY uncomfortable with them. You also said they have a lot of white in them, I’m not sure about that. When I drive through the streets of L.A. in the morning, I see Mexican illegals all lined up on corners looking for day jobs. Most these guys look 100% indigenous. They tend to be very short, have very dark skin and black hair and Amerindian features. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white Hispanic standing in front of Home Depot, or even a light mestizo. It’s hard to make generalizations about how similiar “Hispanics” are to whites. In the case of S. Florida where most the Cubans that fled Castro were Spanish blood, they may very well be the case. But if you’re talking about Dominicans who are considered blacks by US standards, then no. And most central Americans tend to lean more toward the Amerindian side up here. Now that’s just the race matter, the culture matter I think you are even further off. Anglo society is VERY different from Latin American society, on so many levels it’s ridiculous. Having recently traveled througout Latin America myself I can say this. Even the whiter places like Argentina are quite different. Even there, there’s a lot of crime, corruption, poverty, cops that demand bribes, etc. A that’s in the most Europeanized Latin American country. It ain’t no Kansas.

    Now on to your statement about respecting blacks, I think Alpha Unit was right. And perhaps you are projecting a lot of your personal feelings, btw. You had to be definition disrespect people who you are enslaving. They never enslaved Native Americans. They were too busy dying from western diseases. So they moved to blacks. I can think of no reason NAs should’ve been respected but no blacks. Contrary to white WNs say, Africans weren’t even the most primitive people on the planet by far. North Americans Indians were behind Africans in civilizational development as were Aboriginees, Polynesians, and Eskimos. Yet whites seem to view NAs as a “noble savage” and blacks as “bad savages”. I don’t really understand that whole thing.

    Anyway, any white that’s going to disrespect me because of my race, isn’t even worth worrying about to me. I have enough self-respect to care less about what anyone else thinks of me.

    1. No, I am not projecting my personal feelings here. As for myself, I *try* to respect Blacks as a race, but due to behaviors, I admit that it is difficult sometimes. But then I just keep trying.

      I’ve been living with Whites my whole life, and at age 52, I finally figured out *we don’t respect you*. And that’s a huge part of the whole problem.

      And really, this is degenerating into a debate about WHY Whites disrespect Blacks. I had a big long discussion with Abagond, the Black blogger about this. The debate about WHY Whites disrespect Blacks is neverending and unproductive. First off, most Whites will lie and flat out deny it. Then if they break down and admit it, a lot of them will say that BLACKS DO NOT DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED! Just like that.

      Then you get into this interminable debate called, “Do Blacks deserve to be respected?” I’ll be dead in 30 years and the debate will be going like gangbusters. It will never end.

      Now, if I’m being a dick to someone and hurting their feelings, it’s useless to ask me why. I’m just doing to deny it, tell you to shut up, get hostile, or else say that I have a right to be a dick and treat this person like crap for this or that reason. Because they deserve it. They don’t deserve respect. That’s how humans act when you confront them like that.

      Now, if someone is treating someone like crap and hurting their feelings for no objective reason, you don’t ask them WHY they are being a shit. Otherwise you get into this interminable denial – projection – rationalization defense. You tell them to knock it off. Now.

      Why should Whites respect Blacks? Because it’s a basic moral issue. *Humans* should be respected. Last I checked, Blacks are human. Ergo…

      Now, onto some other issues. We grew up with Hispanics here in California. I have been around them my whole life. I know very well the interactions between Whites and Hipsanics. It’s hard to get even White rednecks to hate Hispanics. Whites and Hispanics mingle pretty well. There’s too much genetic and cultural similarity between us, and in a lot of ways, Hispanics act like Whites.

      For instance, in the town I live in now, Hispanics have replicated all of the White subcultures. There are Hispanics hippies, Hispanic bikers, Hispanic punkers, Hispanic metalers, Hispanic Goths, Hispanic emos, Hispanic you name it. Growing up, there were Hispanic dirt bikers, Hispanic stoners, Hispanic surfers, Hispanic mods, Hispanic punks, you name it. They simply replicated or blended in with all of our cultures.

      And Latin American culture is not that different from White culture. Here in California, 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics have assimilated so much that it’s hard to tell them from Whites. Their families are a bit more traditional and patriarchal, they speak Spanish a bit better, and their Moms make good Mexican food. Other than that, they may as well be White people,

      Sure, a lot of people are upset about illegals, but that’s another matter. That deals with the fact that parts of the US are turning into a foreign country. Trust me, the dislike that Whites feel towards Hispanics is nothing like that which they feel towards Blacks. *Nothing!*

      Whites mixed, bred and continue to mix much easier with Indians and mestizos than with Blacks. In the Caribbean, there were deep Jim Crow structure, near apartheid and anti-miscegenation laws in place until very recently. You never saw this in the Indian regions.

      Furthermore, looking at charts of the major races, clearly Amerindians are closest to Whites (Caucasians). Looking at more involved charts that break races down more finely, it’s Amerindians, Eskimos, NE Asians, Northern Turkics (Siberians). As I said, Chukchis lump Caucasian on some charts.

      It’s not really relevant that they don’t look like us too much anymore. Genetically, there is no one closer.

      Your last statement is great. I really want to do a post on that. I wish more Blacks would just say, “Oh, fuck White people! I don’t care WHAT White people think of me!” That’s really powerful and cool.

      The purpose of this was to point, painfully, what is deeply at the root of the race issue here in the US. We just flat out don’t respect you.

      Now! If Blacks could ever get us White to respect you, or if we Whites would do it on our own, I think it would go a long ways towards ameliorating the race problem in the US. Which is the point of this whole post.

      1. about hispanics: they don’t have culture, thats why that big hole is easily filled with the white culture : P, in that regard the asians Filipinos are the same, they don’t have any original traditions left, geez, the least thing mexican hispanics can do is use mexican names, like a Citlali Martinez, but no, they copied everything from the west, they call themselves like Sofia Martinez, overall Latin American is one of the least original and interesting places on a culture basis, along with the Philippines
        Indonesians converted to Islam and they use arabic names, but at least they use traditional clothes : P as far as i know

        1. They built pyramids with no beasts of burden and had 3 major civilizations: Aztec, Maya and Inca. They also had other major centers and were involved in math and science. No culture? History shows different.

    2. Dear tulio, as a black kid myself, i can say that the reason why we are considered bad savages is because of our high crime date, murdering raping pillage the villaging, etc. Sure there were some sub saharan african civilizations, but the elite class was part whiye white, just look at Hailie Selaassie, he is definitely part white. It is also interesting that all the important balcks in history are part white, like the Egyptians, Nubians, Colin Powell, Obama, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, etc. I think we as Black people should stop trying to claim accomplishments in advancing civilizations, which just is not in our blood, and worry about not killing ppl, raping dem white wimminz, steal crack money, or beating our keedz, cuz dey beez part of our bodee, sheeeeit. We should act civilized first, then interbreeding with whites will eventually give us the genetic capacity to contribute inventions to society. Sheeeeeeit.

    3. America had at least 3 major centers of civilization. Africa had one and it was Asiatic. I don’t think they were primitive at all. They invented many things including math. Egypt was and still is a civilization formed by migrating Indians (Asians) who colonized the Nile and East Africa.

  3. What’s interesting is I talk to socially-aware Latinos and we can get into these long discussions about who has it worse, blacks or Latinos. The blacks swear they have it worse than Latinos, the Latinos swear they have it worse than blacks. They will claim that blacks are seen as authentic Americans(which should make sense since African-American culture is now 400 years old in this country), whereas they are seen as recent foreign invaders that are colonizing the southwest.

    Now if you’re talking about comparing an completely white-washed assimilated Latino to ghetto blacks, then sure, I think you may have a point. But then if you’re comparing Barack and Michelle Obama type blacks to the guys running across the border with tuberculosis not speaking a word of English, then I can’t agree with you.

    In fact, maybe none of this is even a race thing, maybe it’s entirely a class thing. That’s another angle to think about. Sometimes I think issues of class get obfuscated by race. I get along quite well with middle class Latinos. I really like the middle class Latin American nations like Chile(which is mostly mestizo btw) and Uruguay(white). The poorest ones, the peasants, I think are damaging the country and have ruined the California school system and broken the back of public social services. It infuriates people to no end that even mentioning doing something about illegal aliens means the streets are going to be clogged with protesters and even our Mexican mayor Antonio supports making L.A. a sanctuary city for illegals. It isn’t blacks that are supporting any of this crap. In fact blacks are more openly hostile towards illegal immigration and open borders insanity than even whites are. This is definitely one area that blacks beat out whites in common sense.

    1. To Tulio:

      It isn’t blacks that are supporting any of this crap. In fact blacks are more openly hostile towards illegal immigration and open borders insanity than even whites are.

      I definitely get the sense that your average Black person, especially if they are lower income is not in favor of open borders. However the Black leadership and much of vocal elite, seem to be very much in favor of amnesty and increasing benefits for illegal aliens, I think as a sort of bonding with other “People of color”.

    2. Most of the college educated Blacks that I meet online, who are wedded to anti-racist ideology, definitely see illegals as fellow POC who are being beat up by evil White racism. Plus I think a lot of Blacks don’t want to line up with what they see as racist Whites who are going after the illegals. To some extent, sadly, this is true. Lot of racists in the anti-illegal movement.

    3. I agree with Robert on this comment. The blacks with education usually are not anti-illegal immigration. Though they may not necessarily be pro illegal-immigration. At the very least, they take an attitude of “well, we black people have more important things to worry about”. But I am the only college educated black that is pretty vocal against it. But I’m kind of a political curveball on a lot of things anyway.

  4. I haven’t seen the Stormfront chart (any website whose dominant ideology is Holocaust denial is one in which I have no interest) but the idea that AmInds would be Whites’ nearest genetic relatives is silly, unless they’re including descendants of recent intermarriages. Given that mankind started by getting out of Africa, AmInds are the people who trekked farthest east, Whites farthest west, and the Americas are where humankind finally met in the middle. Examples of opposite genetic traits are disease resistance, male hair growth patterns (head and body) and lactose (in)tolerance.

    As to the assertion that massive intermarriage in the olden days illustrates racial respect, I have serious doubts that White male/AmInds female pairings demonstrate anything but low status of women at that time.

    As to disliking or disrespecting Blacks, my own feeling is more that I feel sorry for them. Through no fault (as a race) of their own, they’ve been put into a culture that’s too advanced and too competition-drive (i.e. America is a meritocracy) for most of them to be successful in it. Everyday life for most Blacks is like you being thrown into an elite graduate school outside your specialized field of endeavor. If that happened you’d adapt survival behaviors similar to Blacks:
    – form a sub-culture among your peers
    – try to succeed via “outside the box” endeavors like sports or music
    – cheat
    – campaign for preferences, quotas and diversity to increase the number of rewards given to people like yourself

    My own preference would be that America needs to reduce income inequality, and this is why Whites and Blacks differ on illegal immigration. Back when people with 80-95 IQs could get good jobs in factories, Blacks could earn a respectable living. It’s an unfortunate historical coincidence that Civil Rights came along at exactly the moment in history when our smokestack industries declined. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and Philadelphia used to generate Black arts and culture by providing them an economic base. If Black males could earn a middle class living, they’d be more desirable as marriage partners, their kids would have involved fathers, and at least half their pathologies would disappear.

    Steve Sailer has written that the US military gets good productivity out of its 80-95 IQ pop (of all races) by creating “simple rules for a complex world.” If we could stop confusing low IQ people with things like encouraging too many of them to go college instead of trade school, and selling them complex mortgages on their homes, their neighborhoods would be thought of as “working class” instead of “impoverished.”

    1. The chart was on my site, not on Stormfront.

      The competition was Africans, Amerindians, Siberians, NE Asians, SE Asians, Oceanians and Australoids. Of these groups, Amerinds appear to be the closest to Caucasians.

      Here is the article.

      White male Indian female pairings are still extremely common in the part of California where I am at, and the Indian women don’t have very low status. It’s a natural match, like White male Asian female. Asian/Indian females are very submissive (= feminine) compared to White females, so it’s a natural match.

      Sailer is not right. I think the US military has an IQ cutoff of around 93-95. Below that and you don’t get in. They put it in after WW2 studies showed that lower IQ soldiers were such more fighters that they got killed a lot, and not only that, they got a lot of their buddies killed too.

      The rest of your comment is excellent.

    2. As to disliking or disrespecting Blacks, my own feeling is more that I feel sorry for them. Through no fault (as a race) of their own, they’ve been put into a culture that’s too advanced and too competition-drive (i.e. America is a meritocracy) for most of them to be successful in it. Everyday life for most Blacks is like you being thrown into an elite graduate school outside your specialized field of endeavor. If that happened you’d adapt survival behaviors similar to Blacks:
      – form a sub-culture among your peers
      – try to succeed via “outside the box” endeavors like sports or music
      – cheat
      – campaign for preferences, quotas and diversity to increase the number of rewards given to people like yourself

      I have to say this was one of the most patronizing, condescending things I’ve read in awhile. You said most blacks are not successful in this society. So first, what criteria defines one as “successful” and can you show that that 51% + of blacks are not cutting it whatever that definition is? The best indicator to me would be poverty rates, and most black people are middle class. Most black people work, have middle class incomes, pay taxes, heck many own homes and cut their own lawns and manage to drive new cars and surf the internet. Quit talking about black people like every single one is living in the projects looking for a government handout.

      Thinking about this matter further, I don’t think I can take anyone’s anecdotal evidence one way or the other as to whether most whites respect blacks. There are two problems with this:

      1) The entirely subjective nature of the question. That’s a difficult thing to quantify in any manner that can be measured. How would I even set up a test that quantifies how much more a white respects a Hispanic versus a black. What does “respect” even mean in the first place? How is it defined within a racial context?

      2) Anecdotal evidence has a certain selection bias, since we tend to have families and associates with views similar to our own. That’s why many middle class blacks are horrified when they see whites stereotyping blacks as all ghetto and ignorant. Likes tend to run with likes and many middle class blacks tend to know mostly other blacks like themselves. They may not socialize with ghetto blacks anymore than middle class whites do. If you are one of the “SWPL” types with an assortment of international and gay friends, you probably don’t disrespect anyone’s race nor know many people that do. Birds of a feather, of course. Robert, while I don’t think your intentions are bad per se, It’s obvious that you have some “issues” with black people and I get the feeling that your impression is more negative than positive. I don’t expect you to have many friends that have warm feelings towards blacks. Me being black, my friends that are non-black tend to be very respectful toward black people, their culture and their heritage, of course this is once again selection bias at work as obviously non-blacks that don’t feel that way are unlikely to befriend blacks in the first place.

      So this question of what race respects who is inconclusive to me.

    3. It’s hard to say whether my feelings about Blacks are more positive than negative. We don’t think about them all that much, meaning me and my friends. There are not that many Blacks around here, and a lot of the ones around here are ghetto. Up in the mountains, for all intents and purposes, Blacks simply do not even exist.

      I’m writing about them here a lot mostly because AU is on the site as a guest author. Otherwise Blacks are not particularly interesting to me.

      If you go over to American Renaissance though, you will see that their enemy #1 is the Black. They don’t even care much about other races. What they hate is *Blacks*. The other sites like that are similarly obsessed. Even Whites like that don’t care about Hispanics that much, and they don’t dislike them at that same deep and passionate level that they do Blacks.

      I really see these WN’s as microcosms of Whites as a whole. They share our attitudes, but just take them to the furthest extreme. And they clearly deeply and passionately disrespect Blacks as a race. With Hispanics, it’s much less. So if they disrespect Blacks as a race, that’s just an extreme outlier of the views that most Whites have.

      I’m reflecting on the views of the Whites that I have grown up with and been living with for my life. Granted, that’s mostly been in very, very White communities. In general, there are not a lot of Black people in these Whites’ lives.

      But at age 52, it finally dawned on me that we just don’t respect you guys. By we I mean a majority. A majority of the folks I’ve been around. Now of course most of us would make an exception for a guy like you hopefully. As long as you act like the local Whites no one really cares.

      To give you an example, in the lily White town I lived in recently, where you rarely see a Black resident, I was friends with one of the only Blacks in town. I hung out with him every day for about a year. This wasn’t exactly a popular thing to do, but I was the one who did it. It was kind of a real outlier thing to do if you were White, hang out with the only Black guy.

      So the truth is we have very few Blacks anywhere near our lives. In the mts, the few Blacks you run into are generally cool, and most people are nice to them. Even here in this city, most of the Whites and Hispanics hang out with Blacks and overt racism is frowned upon.

      Well, this is a race realist site. I’ve reviewed all of the other RR sites and one thing I noticed is that almost all of them are driven by a hostility towards Blacks. It’s THAT issue again. Not Hispanics, not Asians, not Indians. BLACKS. This anger or hostility or contrary POV ranges from somewhat mild to extreme.

      Viewing the competition, I see this is the most pro-Black RR site out there, FWIW, and I think it’s silly that the other RR’s are driven by some ideological hostility towards Blacks because Blacks are just not important to me in my life, and I rarely spend much time feeling angry towards them.

      I could care less about affirmative action. I don’t really care about diversity seminars, though they are sort of dumb. I don’t even care about Black crime since it leaves me alone. Sure it’s a menace for others, but they are not me. I don’t care about Black ghetto pathology crap, because it has nothing to do with me.

      I voted for Obama, wore an Obama tshirt in an all White redneck town and got weird hostile stares for it. I was the only White in town wearing an Obama tshirt. I went to his campaign headquarters and bought some buttons and signs and talked to some workers. While chatting, we got weird, hostile stares from Whites driving by.

      When Obama was elected, I saw it on TV in a waiting room with several Blacks. Spike Lee was with Jesse Jackson and a million people were slowly moving to the park in Chicago. Wow! It was a real moment in history. There were some cool Blacks in the waiting room and you could see it welling up in their eyes.

      I unbuttoned my long sleeved shirt and showed the little Black girl sitting next to me my Obama t-shirt and asked her if the liked Obama. She said yes. The camera turned towards Spike Lee and he was effusive. “This changes everything!” he said. He was beside himself. I was getting emotional and had tears in my eyes.

      So you say I dislike Blacks more than I like them, well, that’s a complex statement, and I’d say it’s not really true. What’s mostly true is that Blacks are just outside of my life and have no importance positive or negative in it.

      You read this stuff on here, but it’s just airy intellectual stuff that has no feeling behind it. I try on ideas like women try on outfits. There’s not necessarily any passionate feelings behind what I write. I’m just playing with ideas.

      So, basically, you’re wrong about my views of Blacks. It’s not so much do I like them or dislike them, more that I’m kind of neutral and indifferent towards them.

    4. And about those SWPL guys, well, I hung out with a bunch of them in LA in the 1980’s. They were artists and we did the art scene and the club scene. There were cool Blacks in the crowd we ran with. Thing is, young people are pretty anti-racist. We all were back then, especially those artist guys I was hanging with. Young people seem pretty anti-racist nowadays too. Thing is, I have managed to touch base with some of those guys recently.

      One of them, one of my oldest friends, is still working for Hollywood studios as an artist. But, at age 50, he is definitely somewhat “racist.” A lot of us have developed this way. It’s the product of being around non-Whites for decades and having your youthful idealism start to wear off.

    5. I hear what you’re saying on the indifference thing. I don’t have a problem with that.

      As to the WNs sites, I don’t hang out on them much. I was posting to stormfront for about a month and yes, the hostility towards blacks is unbelievable. I had to stop because the sheer level of hate was literally depressing. I can’t be around that, it just brings down my whole mood. I was actually starting to become angry towards whites as a whole just reading that site because yeah like you said, I think there’s a little bit in most whites that believes this stuff, the WNs just take it to the extreme. I stop posting there as it was futile to argue with such irrational people that act like blacks are barely one step removed from wild animals. You can’t reason with unreasonable minds. I just wrote these people off as a bunch of losers who really should find something productive to do with their lives rather than obsessing over others.

      As for the hate though, I’d say Jews were their number one enemy. Sometimes people would post questions like “who is worse, blacks or Jews” and they’d almost unanimously say Jews. They’d say blacks are the most criminal, but they seem to think Jews are diabolical and are bent on destroying the white race. I don’t have much patience to read their long diatribe of Jewish conspiracies theories but many of them were quite elaborate to say the least. I’d say though as far as raw hate, blacks weren’t too far behind Jews. That was on stormfront, maybe it’s different on other WNs sites. One of them said something interesting, he said even though he doesn’t like blacks, there are some good blacks, he said however that there is no such thing as good Jews. Others seemed to agree. Weird shit. I had to leave and find more productive things to do with my time than figure out what makes these loons click.

    6. This whole issue of race deranges people. It’s why I say that people place way too much emphasis on it. Race gets credit for things it shouldn’t, and it gets blame for things it shouldn’t.

      I’ve said this quite clearly on this blog. Race doesn’t explain nearly as much as people think. You notice, though, that it didn’t stop someone from falsely claiming that I’m fixated on race. People aren’t able to think straight on this issue.

  5. one thing i will point out, is that i hear black people demanding respect a whole lot. i can recall an incident on the subway, two black women, one had stepped on the other’s toe accidentally. apology was demanded, which escalated into a demand for respect.

    it’s just weird…but i think there’s more utterances of the word “respect” from black lips than white lips. and maybe respect is sort of like love, in that, when you demand it, that’s exactly when you’re not going to get it.

    1. I think you are right. Our late father, during difficult times when we were young, used to more or less demand respect. Just when he was treating us like shit. And that’s exactly what he did NOT get. There is sort of a master slave thing going on here. When someone is demanding that you respect them, they are treating you as a master treats his slave. And people with self-respect don’t like that and just get their backs up.

  6. Okay, now that I’ve thought about it even more, perhaps Robert is right. I’m often on youtube surfing around looking at interesting videos. A good friend of mine who is black also likes to do the same. One of the things we often talk about with regards to youtube is the sheer number of racist comments against blacks, and ONLY blacks. Often the video has nothing really provocative in it. All it needs is to have as black guy in the video and here come the racist comments. I remember once there was a video where this black reporter got to fly along with one of the blue angels while they do high-G stunts. They had a camera in there recording it all. As they pulled one very high-G maneuver, the black reporter’s face started contorting and he blacked out. While most posters said nothing racist, there were racists in there saying stuff like, “look at the nigger’s lips” and all that kind of stuff. It’s really a mindfuck. I challenge anyone to find one video on youtube that features a black guy that doesn’ have racist comments left behind. I don’t see that happening to any other race.

    I don’t know where all this deep hate of blacks emanates from. I agree with Robert in that white racists(of the Archie Bunker variety) in general view blacks as public enemy #1. However, the more intellectual racists tend to view Jews as #1 since they view them as masterminds of the destruction of the white race, whatever that means.

    For those that say the hate and disrespect of blacks is the fault of blacks themselves. I don’t buy it. These same people 300 years would’ve probably said slaves got what they deserve for being caught. I’m not much into this blame the victim stuff. It’s like blaming a woman’s rape on the fact that she’s wearing a short skirt. It is just plain wrong.

    I’m also not sure this feeling is universal among whites. I’m willing to bet that it is a more pervasive attitude in America than it is in Europe. I don’t know that for a fact however.

  7. This article may be somewhat relative to the issue being discussed here:


    Pretty fascinating, and angering at the same time. I wonder if the fear of dark skin is something inborn or whether it’s a learned trait.

    At this point, it’s hard to even believe Obama won the election. I think it was more a fluke of circumstance. After him, I don’t think there will be another black president for quite some time. Yes, I know technically he’s mulatto, and not black, but the concept of a “social race” runs very strong with blacks and if your admixture of white/black doesn’t make much difference in how black you are perceived by the black community. If you look sorta black, talk black, have a black world view and identify with African-American culture and interests, you are considered equally black, whether you looks like Colin Powell or Wesley Snipes. I think the concept of the “social race” is hard for whites to grasp when they define the white race by the standard of racial purity, rather than how one behaves.

  8. To Tulio and Robert,

    I said the Black elite but should have broadened that to college educated Black people. Blacks with college degrees would have been considered part of the elite in the 1960s but no longer. So in essence we are in agreement. As I have posted before many Blacks and Latinos were at one time against unfettered illegal immigration. (Even Cesar Chavez..)


    Their efforts contributed to Congress ending the Bracero Program in 1964. In 1973, the UFW was one of the first labor unions to oppose proposed employer sanctions that would have prohibited hiring undocumented immigrants.

    “On a few occasions, concerns that undocumented migrant labor would undermine UFW strike campaigns led to a number of controversial events, which the UFW describes as anti-strikebreaking events, but which have also been interpreted as being anti-immigrant. In 1969, Chávez and members of the UFW marched through the Imperial and Coachella Valleys to the border of Mexico to protest growers’ use of undocumented immigrants as strikebreakers. Joining him on the march were both Reverend Ralph Abernathy and US Senator Walter Mondale.[9] In its early years, Chávez and the UFW went so far as to report undocumented immigrants who served as strikebreaking replacement workers, as well as those who refused to unionize, to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.[10][11][12][13][14]

    In 1973, the United Farm Workers set up a “wet line” along the United States-Mexico border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States illegally and potentially undermining the UFW’s unionization efforts.[15] During one such event in which Chávez was not involved, some UFW members, under the guidance of Chávez’s cousin Manuel, physically attacked the strikebreakers, after attempts to peacefully persuade them not to cross the border failed.[16][17][18]”

    The late Barbara Jordan, a black, gay congresswoman from Texas chaired a commission of immigration reform:

    In 1995, Jordan chaired a Congressional commission that advocated increased restriction of immigration, called for all U.S. residents to carry a national identity card and increased penalties on employers that violated U.S. immigration regulations.[2][3] Then-President Clinton endorsed the Jordan Commission’s proposals.[4] While she was Chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform she argued that “it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.” Her stance on immigration is cited by opponents of current US immigration policy who cite her willingness to penalize employers who violate US immigration regulations, to tighten border security, and to oppose amnesty or any other pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants[5] and to broaden the grounds for the deportation of legal immigrants.[6]


    1. That’s true. We grew up with rock and roll and we owe everything to Black music. Plus the rock scene was very anti-racist. Many bands have Blacks in the band as singers or musicians, even Springsteen and Dylan. It’s hard to be racist when your hero is up there jamming with some Black dude. Also a lot of bands use the “Black chick backup singers.” Further, a lot of us were into Motown. But Black musicians in rock tended to be pretty well-behaved. They got along with the White dudes and never caused any problems. Plus they always seemed really happy. I never heard of any problems with the Black female backups either.

      Now, rap has just gone insane. To me, that genre is just evil. Could you imagine Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath murdering each other back in the day?

      And sure, when we were into sports, we loved our Black sports stars, especially the baseball players. But they acted pretty good once again. My friends who were into basketball were into the Black ballplayers. But back then it seemed like the Black players acted better too. Nowadays a lot of these Black footballers just act like rat bastard punk ghetto hoods. It’s hard to respect them.

    2. I meant to make a special exception for rap music. Whites, well at least whites over age 40 are frightened by it. Younger urban whites have embraced it or at the least are indifferent to it, but few of them will admit to out and out hating it.

      As for sports, I meant more the abilities, not so much the personal characters of the athletes. Even rednecks loved OJ up until he killed his wife.

  9. I believe (I read this in Charles Murray’s latest book) that of the seven fundamental kinds of testable aptitude, there’s a positive correlation among all them, meaning that someone who’s above average in interpersonal skills is also likely to be above average in verbal skills, math, etc. But while the other five are highly correlated with each other, the correlations involving music and athletics are very low. So it’s not surprising a group might excel in those two fields, but not the others.

    Not that this is directly relevant (although it might be) but have you noticed that while a lot of African-American athletes have taken Arab/Muslim names (Muhammed Ali, Ahmad Rashad, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), no baseball players of any consequence have done so?

    1. Also, athletics I could understand, but I would be surprised about music not correlating with intelligence. But I guess it depends what aspect of music we’re talking about. Playing it probably isn’t a highly G-loaded function, but composing it is. The brains behind the music will be in the arrangers, songwriters, composers and producers.

  10. I was listening to a guy talking about sports and he said a team respects another team when that team has the ability to beat them, or at least a possibility to do so. I wonder if that analogy applies here in any way.

    1. I wish that were all there is to it, but I’m afraid it’s way more than that. It boils down to basic behavior. Whites don’t respect the way that Blacks act. They act in a way that we don’t respect, or far too many of them do anyway.

      To us, Blacks generally seem to have low morals and have a basic lack of honesty. They seem to lack compassion, be grossly selfish, and not willing to share. They don’t seem to care about the feelings of others and whether they hurt those people’s feelings or not. They seem to have a diminished conscience. Too many Blacks play fast and loose with the truth and seem to be “scammers” of one sort of another. It doesn’t seem to bother Black people to lie. They do it unconsciously and seemingly without guilt. If Blacks act bad and you call them on it, they turn around and blame you, the person they just victimized!

      I could go on and on here. I don’t think that you or AU are this sort of person. Yet we Whites just meet FAAAAR too many Blacks who act this way. And it’s not legit to say that White people act like this too. A few do, but not to many.

      Let me give you an example. In a White small town, you get a notion of White youth pathology. You move to an Hispanic town, and it’s like there are 3X more bad actors and their bad acting is 3X worse. It seems like with Blacks, there’s 8X more bad actors and they act maybe 8X worse.

      So it’s kind of an order of magnitude thing.

      I realize that this puts you in a spot by having to defend the worst of your race, but the truth is that the Ghetto crowd taints the whole race.

      That’s what I mean when I say Whites don’t respect Blacks. Or I think that’s what I mean. I don’t think it has much to do with intelligence or test scores. To us, way too many of them just seem to act bad and not care. It’s deeply offensive to us in a way that perhaps you can’t understand unless you are White and grew up in White society.

    2. A fascinating question, though, is why do we respect Amerindians but disrespect Blacks? In the US, Indians are way more screwed up than Black people. I think it’s that in the White community there is a certain pity for someone who is just a fuckup and turns all of their aggression in on themselves. White places are full of fuckups like this, who are aggressing against themselves and basically wrecking their lives in one way or another.

      This is regrettable but it’s seen as a personal thing, and anyway, aggression against the self is not regarded as a sin. It’s just sad and pitiful. But to direct the aggression outwards and then to fuck up your own life at the same time and live in squalor is just way too much. This is what it seems like Blacks do. Outward aggression is very taboo in White society.

      I mean, if a bunch of Indians are going to move into your town, no one really cares. They will move into trailers on the outskirts of town, live like animals, commit crimes against one another, knock each other up and never marry, drop out of school, on and on, but none of that really affects the rest of us. It’s just idiots fucking up their lives. It’s their problem, not ours.

      Now if a bunch of Blacks moves into town, things are likely to start getting genuinely dangerous at some point or another. The Blacks will engage in squalor and mindlessness like the Indian, but the Blacks won’t just confine it to their own. It will radiate out all around the whole area.

  11. You know… There was a golden moment when that could have changed. During the 1960s-1970s, television and movies seemed to make a concerted effort to depict black characters who went counter to the stereotypes many or most whites had about blacks. And this was a time when people were a lot less skeptical and questioning about what they saw in the media. Younger people at least might have developed a completely new attitude if reality had matched up in any way with what they saw on the screen.

    1. Yeah, a Hell of a lot of Black people are capable of behaving more or less in a way that they would fit into White society morally and behaviorally. You’re always going to have ghetto and “TNB” (sorry for the word) types, but a large percentages of Blacks are capable of being behaviorally molded into people who don’t act this way. I worked at a legal coding place. We had I think 5 or 6 Blacks there. There was no ghetto or TNB about them, and I was there for 5 months.

      When you have a culture like CRap music that encourages Blacks to act as ghetto-TNB as possible, and worse than that, encourages other races to act just as ghetto-TNB as the Blacks (the young Hispanics around here emulate the worst Blacks), to me that’s just insane.

      Middle class* Black behaviors and morals can be inculcated in large numbers of Blacks to one degree or another. A lot are sort of hopeless, but a lot of others can be saved. And I think even the hopeless can be encouraged to tone down the ghetto-TNB thing and tune into the middle class thing more.

      *I use middle class as a behavioral marker, not an income one.

    2. There have been middle-class and upper-class Black communities in this country for generations.

      When Blacks are seen in the aggregate, though, a lot of the statistics about us don’t portray a good picture. In addition, perceptions about us are driven by the most dysfunctional elements.

      Other groups don’t really have this problem.

    3. AU, I find it most unfortunately that black culture gets defined by it’s lowest elements. Even in music, people somehow consider rap music “blacker” than other forms of black music. Really sit down and think about why that is. It’s like just because it’s ghetto, it must be more representative of black people.

      There are actually some great rap artist and I think many people who make blanket statements about hiphop just don’t know much of anything about it. Kinda like evangelicals that think all rock is a tool of the devil. Some of it like death metal probably is, some like Coldplay is pretty damn harmless. And the same can be said of hiphop. There is a hell of a lot of trashy rap music that appeals to the lowest common denominator, no doubt about it. But I grew up on hiphop back in my high school days and I was always more into the positive hiphop(though I admit I did listen to a bit of gangsta rap here and there too like Dr. Dre), so I have a certain emotional connection to it and feel it often gets painted with too broad a brush. The rap genre is fine and a respectable art form, it’s individual rappers I may not like.

    4. Hey, I like death metal. I’ve been listening to it for over 20 years with no harmful effects whatsoever.

      My favorite analogy is looking at the rock stars of the 1970’s versus rap stars. How many of these rock stars were going down on homicide, attempted homicide, weapons possession, etc. convictions. How many were members of evil street gangs? Can you imagine if say the drummer for Led Zeppelin murdered the bass player for Black Sabbath? It’s simply unheard of.

      Now, there were Blacks back in those days. Blacks made disco music, soul music, funk music, etc. For the most part, the Blacks that made these types of Black music did not run around murdering each other and doing all the fucked up stuff that rappers do. I dare say that the Black soul music, disco music, and funk music scene was WAY healthier than this sick rap crap.

      Funk, soul and disco Black musicians did not run around murdering each other constantly for one thing. Black gangs were a shadow back then of what they are today and Black gangs were not involved with music professionals in any significant way.

      Sure, tulio can listen to this cRap music and not go ghetto. Me too. The garbage was playing in my apartment for months on end when the Hispanic gangbangers made this place a second home. Of course it didn’t change my behavior any. Just because I listen to animal music, I’m not going to turn into an animal. I have the self-consciousness to recognize the noxious influence and isolate in my mind in such a way that it’s not going to brainwash me.

      In White towns now, a lot of the young White dudes are listening to cRap music. It effects them like it effects tulio. Nothing happens to them. The worst they do is drink and fistfight. The gangsta thing is all BS and show-fakery. The White boys hang their pants low and put baseball caps backwards on their heads but nothing amounts to all of it. I think it’s because the White boys just like the badass show of it but are socialized well enough to not totally degenerate in face in this music.

      My experience with Hispanics and Blacks is that too many are not able to isolate this music as “noxious but I’m not going to emulate it.” Instead, it becomes simply a cookbook for how to run their lives, or it just reinforces the garbage values they already have.

      There is no way that cRap music could possibly be socially redeeming compared to other music. I even think that drug music, heavy metal, death metal, thrash, punk rock, all of that, is more socially healthy that cRap music. That stuff either makes people act evil or it brings out the evil in already trending towards bad people.

  12. The test of acceptance isn’t white man/minority woman pairings, it’s the other way around. (Fertility of women is the controlling factor in differential population growth.) I agree that whites accept AmerInds and Hispanics, and are generally quite accepting of the males of those groups mating our females. Example: in the socially conservative 50s, the top couple on TV was Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

    I also think the fact that Tiger Woods has dallied off the ranch wouldn’t be nearly the story it is, if it wasn’t for the miscagenation angle.

    1. Well, Desi Arnaz was safe too since he was a white Cuban. I always find it laughable when people refer to I Love Lucy as the first interracial sitcom when Arnaz was as Caucasian as Lucy was. The differences weren’t racial, they were cultural. It would be like doing a show about an English wife and a Greek husband.

      Also, when you say whites are accepting of Hispanics, I think you guys are living in lala land. They may be accepting of the upper class ones with high levels of Spanish blood, but are you telling me whites don’t mind these guys moving into the neighborhood? http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff119/wiico/cholos.jpg

      Tell me why no whites live in E. Los Angeles if there’s all this acceptance or why whites flee every time a formerly white neighborhood becomes majority Hispanic. And while I think there’s legitimate non-racist reasons to want the border closed, let’s be honest, a fair amount of anti-immigration sentiment is driven by the fact that many whites are scared of the changing demographics from Latin-American immigration and are scared their white mid-western city is going to become another Los Angeles in 20 years.

      As for the Tiger Woods thing, race may be playing some role. But remember, Tiger doesn’t consider himself black, doesn’t really hang with or identify with blacks, doesn’t act or sound black, and the majority of his ancestry is Thai. His dad is only part black. This is more an Asian man/white female thing than it is black male/white female. He’s dark skin because many Thais are quite dark people. His close-cropped haircut I think gives him sort of a “black” look, but if he grew his hair out, he wouldn’t look very black(as in negroid). Blacks have sort have claimed him because we basically claim anybody with any African ancestry due to the one drop rule, but DNA-wise, he’s mostly Asian.

    2. First of all, tulio, I don’t agree with Randay that it’s all that big of a deal for White women to screw Blacks these days. AFAICT, it’s a rite of passage these days. MANY White women of all ages that I have talked to me have admitted to having sex with Black guys. It’s nothing anymore. Thing is, most are not having kids with or marrying them, which in a lot of cases is not good of an idea anyway. They’re just having sex with them. In fact, I would say that MOST of the White women I have known recently have either been with Black guys or are open to it.

      But there’s few marriages or babies coming out of this, so who cares. Everyone knows that White chicks love Black guys. Now, that we White guys don’t want Blacks going off with our women, well, maybe, but I haven’t heard that much about it lately. As long as there are no babies or marriages to come out of it, most guys don’t care.

      Anyway, when non-Black women marry Black guys, the marriage doesn’t last most of the time. The Black guy acts bad, cheats on her, rapes her, controls her, threatens her, steals all her stuff, lives off her, beats her, the stories never end. So he’s not going to stick around all that long. Most White women dating Black guys seem to get fucked over by these guys and their bad behavior. But White guys will take them back.

      I would say that most White guys I know assume that your average White woman has been with a Black guy and don’t care that much, except maybe if she is still into it, because then she will usually dump the White guy for a Black guy who fucks her over, all because he’s more masculine and the White guy is a puss.

      The number of healthy White woman – Black man LTR’s I have heard about I can count on one finger, just about!

      Few Hispanic men are with White women, so no one cares. The whole thing is White guy – Hispanic woman if it happens at all.

      We are accepting of Hispanics in a sense. They’re not optimal, but at a low income level, they are light years ahead of Blacks. I live in a low income town that is 70% Hispanic. It’s full of Hispanic gangs, but most are not as hardcore as those dudes in the pic. This place is tolerable. I *could not* tolerate this place if the 70% poor Hispanics were replaced by 70% poor Blacks. Forget it! Whole new ballgame, bro!

      Hispanic gang-infested locales vary a lot. The hardcores you see in those pics are rare around here. Mostly here all you see are kids, wannabes and idiots. Those guys are Veteranos, the real hardcores, and you have to be jumped in prison for that. Around here, we don’t see a lot of them. The cops are very much on top of Hispanic gangs here, and even the kids are rounded up real quick and the book is thrown at them.

      Thing is, not all Hispanic areas are East LA!

      We don’t only accept the upper class Hispanics, we accept all of them to some extent. They’re just miles different from low class Blacks, no comparison really. Plus we grew up here with heavily mixed mestizos and we don’t mind them at all. It’s not mestizo mix we care about, it’s Underclass and vato mindset.

      It’s perfectly acceptable to have a racial reason for opposing illegals. I sure do! If they were all Swedes, maybe I might not care. I look around at what they’ve done to my state and shudder. Illegals just reproduce Mexico or whatever Mesoamerican locale you choose. That’s all they can do. They basically turn any place they infest into Tijuana Norte. If you dig Mexico, it’s cool, but I think Mexico sucks, so I don’t like it.

      That’s interesting about Tiger Woods, but does he act like your average Thai guy, or does he act like a Black guy. I’m just sayin…And BTW, to the racists, he’s Nigger Woods. They believe in the 1-drop rule too, but they will waive it if it’s less than 1% Black.

      I don’t think the 1-drop rule necessarily makes sense. I’ve known some 1/3 Blacks and 1/2 Blacks who acted as White as I do. I don’t see what the problem is anyway. Some are *very intelligent* too. I’ve known 2 with near-genius IQ’s.

    3. Lol, think you’re exaggerating a bit on the BM/WF thing. Sure, nearly every black guy I know has at least one WF sex encounter(myself included), I would say the majority of them by far are only interested in white men. Sure, we can find sex with them if we put in some effort, but that can be said of any type of woman. Most aren’t looking for anything but white girls. Studies show that the two most endogenous women out there are white women and black women.

      On the hispanic thing, I gather you live in a smallish town. That may have more to do with the lack of major problems. It doesn’t sound like rural blacks in the south are much of a problem either other than getting drunk and acting a fool here and there. Now if you lived in Boyle Heights, you might have a different outlook. I think living in a major city vs a small town makes a lot of difference.

      On Tiger, one of his mistresses came out and said he’s the whitest black guy she’s been with, lol. Really, Tiger is just not black to me. He looks “kind of” black, but culturally, he just isn’t.

      PS- I think there’s a lot of marital infidelity in Thailand with men using prostitutes frequently.

  13. I agree that this whole Tiger Woods story is all the more titillating because he’s in an interracial marriage.

    Interracial sex is fascinating to people, it seems.

  14. Robert,
    At least where England is concerned, I believe that the original premise of your post is dead wrong.
    You see in England there is a particularly nasty white-trash underclass that is truly horrible to behold and which seems to be ubiquitous in all the major towns and cities, known colliqually as the ‘chavs’.They are the type of people who own pit-bulls, wear tracksuits and baseball caps, drink lager straight out of cans and smoke marijuana, and seem to be in and out of prison most of the time.As a rule they are ethnically English.
    To these people the hero-worship and emulation of blacks has taken on a ridiculous proportion.The traditional ‘cockney’ accent has been dropped for a horrid mock Jamaican patois (‘Jafaican’).They dress like blacks, they act like blacks they hero-worship blacks.Their women usually shack-up with blacks and produce mulatto offspring (Of which London teems).The women style their hair like blacks by laquering it to an inch of its life and pulling it down to the tightest bun (the ‘Croydon face-lift’).They also wear massive gold hoop ear-rings and adopt a fiesty aggresive attitude.
    Curiously, Pakistanis ARE despised by the chavs and other English in general, even as you often state, many are phenotypically close to Europeans and in general they are a law-abiding, hard-working respectable community.

  15. Yeah, I’m not talking about wiggers. The Whites I know don’t think much of wiggers, and I’m convinced that in general most Whites don’t respect Blacks as a race. But it’s a hard thing to prove.

  16. I agree with you entirely with your statement that whites do not respect black people. In reflection upon the history of America—such realities as the institution of slavery, Jim Crow legislation, lynching’s (and other myriad individual acts of racial violence, like the Tulsa massacre), denial of the right to equal education, denial of the right to vote, minstrelsy, the enduring power of white supremacist groups, etc. I think there’s exceedingly sufficient evidence to back up your assertion. Frankly, I don’t think it takes a genius to realize or comprehend the truth of this but I DO think it takes a genuine, non-PC individual to concede to this fact. Many white people will never concede to holding these truths because they feel it is promulgation of hatred (and, essentially it is) but, to varying degrees, pretty much all white people have some degree of disdain for blacks.

    I believe that it should be firmly established that this racist perspective is a result of a collective white supremacist mentality that defines Western civilization in of itself (particularly in the last 500 years). Many often ponder upon the reasons why blacks were enslaved while other races were not. Today, many ask “why are blacks in last place” as far as their social, political, and economic development in the United States and the world throughout. The rationales that whites put forth as legitimate excuses for detesting blacks are many. Some speculate that because blacks did not establish themselves as militarily formidable opponents against white conquest that they have henceforth been subjected to the racial contempt of whites. Others believe that their greatly contrasting aesthetic attributes are the root cause of the great disparity between the races. Still, others maintain that blacks themselves are the primary determinants of why whites scorn them as a race.

    Ultimately, I believe you are conveying this racial relationship as more cut-and-dry than it actually is. I wouldn’t be so audacious as to assert that whites absolutely respect Hispanics (and “model minorities” such as Asians) in contrast to ostensible absolute disrespect of black people. Let’s just be honest. Did whites not, at first, slaughter the Indians in substantial numbers? We have the intentional spreading of smallpox amongst Indian populations, the incessant military campaigns launched against Indians (as was done so vehemently by President Jackson), the forced removal of Indians (resulting in their forced confinement to reservations and the infamous Trail of Tears). I mean, if whites had such teeming respect for Native Americans and their modern Hispanic relatives they would have honored the numerous treaties that they established with them. I believe there was some admiration for the alleged “warrior spirit” of Native Americans and the belief in the concept of the “savage Indian noble” was undoubtedly ubiquitous. But at the end of the day, they were not white people and henceforth were regarded as being morally, physically, intellectually, and even spiritually less than.

    Asians are oft cited as the “model minority”. But the Chinese Exclusion Act was set in place for a long duration of time, denying Chinese Americans the right to come to the United States. Chinese here were given extremely low wages and at the center of at least a handful of racial riots. Japanese Americans were confined to internment camps during WWII while German Americans were merely ostracized. While not rivaling the plight of blacks, instances of racial prejudice against Asians certainly existed as well.

    So, let’s not assert or insinuate that racism has been limited to black people, because it most certainly had not been that that idea is offensive to the tens of thousands of Native Americans who died at the hands of whites who sought to advance their own racial hegemony.

    It is mythical that blacks Africans posed no military threat to invading Europeans. Although there are several instances, I will cite two consummate examples—that of the Zulu, and the Ethiopians.

    The Zulu (an undoubtedly Bantu people) inflicted the absolute greatest military defeat upon the British Empire by a native force (and experienced military successes rivaling those of Britain’s European neighbors). The Zulu were victorious in three major battles (one in which over 1,100 British troops were slaughtered by an unsuspecting Zulu impi) and in several more skirmishes in a war that dragged on from January of 1879 until August of that year when King Cesthwayo was captured. The infliction of causalities upon British troops was so great that reinforcements had to be requested by Lord Chelmsford immediately following the botched invasion. The British were also routed in additional encounters. The formidable nature of Zulu’s was well-understood and respected by the Boers as well, who (save the devastating Battle of Blood River) actually had a significant level of military trouble defeating Zulu. Because the Zulu could not be beaten in the open field the Boers had to establish the Laager formation…they had to hide behind their wagons and shoot, an efficacious albeit humiliating way to achieve victory. Even the British, initially, could not beat the Zulu in the open field.

    The Ethiopians, of course, with the Italo-Abyssinian War, were able to fend off of Italian onslaught entirely. Now, the Ethiopians are interesting. Genetically, they are grouped right between Bantus and Indo-Europeans, so I sometimes wonder if the European negligence to impose imperial hegemony upon Ethiopians is really attributed to the fact that they aren’t “black” in a strict sense of the term (though it is quite funny that in America you can be 95% white genetically and still undoubtedly be black) and henceforth held a little more respect for them. Some Ethiopians (and other East Africans) literally look like white people, save their black skin and curly dark hair. Even as far as the ratios of fast-twitch muscle to slow-twitch muscles, Ethiopians more strongly resemble Europeans than other Africans (who are endowed with explosive, fast-twitch muscle). As far as the military success, Ethiopians acquired a significant amount of their weapons from the United States AND obtained support from some European nations in terms of fortifying their armies to face the Italian threat. Britain could have easily conquered Ethiopia—in 1868 a punitive expedition was launched to reclaim British hostages from Ethiopia. It took Britain all of two days to rout the entire Ethiopian army, reclaim their officials, and compel the Ethiopian king, Tewodros, to commit suicide (with the very pistol the Queen herself bequeathed upon him previously). But, Britain felt no compulsion to rule over the Ethiopians. In contrast, the very black Bantu Zulu, who gave Britain a far greater fight than the Ethiopians had, were conquered and subject to aggressive diplomatic policies imposed by Britain after the Zulu defeat. As far as evidence of racial differences as they pertain to the ability of individual ethnic groups to recognize such differences between themselves and others, it is worth noting that many Ethiopians and Somalis enslaved Bantus and still demonstrate racial hostility towards them as well.

    My ultimate point is that the military prowess of the Zulus (and also Swazi and Xhosa nations who gave the invading Europeans in South Africa a bit of trouble as well) did nothing to stop the transpiration of apartheid right on South African soil. It is true that black Africans weren’t killed in the great numbers that Indians were (not in South Africa, at least!), but Native Americans weren’t subject to the same degree of racial discrimination and hostility that blacks were in both the United States and South Africa. The Zulu were, on some level, respected and are more renowned than any other African group throughout (“Zulu” being synonymous with “warrior” to many)—but this didn’t stop the political subjugation that transpired shortly thereafter. Something such as this indicates to me that despite what success blacks do or do not have, the aesthetic appearance, more than any other factor, is the key attribution for white-on-black disrespect.

    On the whole, Native Americans/Hispanics are better respected than blacks. As far as Amerindians, it is quite fashionable for white Americans to boast of their “Cherokee” roots (or whatever tribe). Sure, some simply fabricate such information to be fashionable, but there was a significant level of miscegenation that transpired between whites and Native Americans. While only whites were considered actual citizens, never was the status of Native American humanity so audaciously reduced to 3/5s. There was a fair amount of mixing between blacks and whites as well—though you never hear whites claiming black ancestry. Perhaps this is largely because the blacks who passed for white and effectively transformed into white Americans probably themselves despised even their modicum of blackness and hence wanted no knowledge of it to be passed on to future generations.

    Fundamentally, racism, as is expressed by white people, is characterized by a hierarchal nature. There’s a common (and most asinine) asssumption that racists loathe and despise all other races equally—this is quite untrue. I believe Tim Wise cited a study that proved that the darker an immigrant to the United States is, the less money they will be able to earn. I do think skin color makes a HUGE difference in one’s potential for success. Historically, the “blacks” who have made the social breakthroughs for the black race have been more lightly complexioned, even mixed. Do you really think Barack’s time getting elected would have really been so easy had he looked like Idi Amin? There is a relative regard in which the respectability of races is assessed and subsequently asserted by white people and I believe that the greatest determinant is skin color. In terms of economic success, the respective degrees of such minority races are as follows: Asians, Hispanics, blacks, Native Americans. I do believe Native Americans have been so socially and culturally ravaged by white American dominance that they are almost not a functioning group. I think a better indication of the racial hierarchal structure would be the status of their Hispanic brethren.

    While I think, at the core, blacks are not respected as a race that is competent and capable of possessing group power (however unfounded OR self-fulfilling, by the empowered white group, this assumption may be) I do believe blacks are regarded as sort of a novel and—well, entertaining group. Music, athletics, comedy—blacks are well overrepresented in these areas. I believe that this in of itself is extremely disrespectful—the only facets of American society in which blacks have essentially been allowed to succeed in and have been seen as having potential in and, furthermore, respected in are those that are, in the scale of sociopolitical and economic influence, quite trivial and ineffectual.

    On the other hand, I believe blacks confer much respect upon whites. Much underserved resepect, one could argue reasonably. I believe the degree of respect (and adulation, even) that blacks hold for whites is attributed whites projecting a glorified, sanctified image of themselves all throughout (such as giving Jesus Christ, someone who almost certainly was not a white man, blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin) and generally using the media to depict whites in a positive light. Blacks have accepted this with little question. Black women straighten their hair, get nose jobs, lighten their skin, wear colored contacts, dye their hair hideous blonde colors in a cheap mimicry of white women. Black men—well, they just chase white women and settle for whatever than can get, even a fat unwanted one. If a black male athlete has a big enough sports contract, maybe then he can manage to court the type of white woman that the black woman is so busy trying to emulate.

    The inquiry that I ultimately want to put forth is—why should blacks seek the approval of whites? I mean, what sort of ludicrous narcissism is it that whites believe all ethnic groups must have THEIR sanction to—well, what, succeed? To this point, it has been futile to pursue that acceptance. Because although whites have a penchant for wagging the finger at blacks for not “getting it together”, throughout American history we see that any time that blacks have made a concerted effort to do so whites are always there to prevent the transpiration of that success. We have the Homestead Act in which MILLIONS of acres of land were distributed to whites but blacks were allowed none. We have the “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa that was bought down in flames, along with the sacrificing of hundreds of black lives. We have the massacre in Rosewood as well. Between 1868 and 1880, sixteen blacks were elected to Congress, most of them from the South. Many of them were remarked to have been eloquent and erudite individuals (free and former slave alike) but following the compromise made in the 1878 Presidential elections (followed by the Northern troops leaving the South) you instantly saw a decline in the numbers of blacks getting elected to Congress. There’s no end to the situations that can be cited as evidence of this. If I were to attempt to write a book detailing the myriad instances of white-on-black injustice I believe it would be the longest volume written in the entire history of mankind. In contrast, were I to seek to write even a paragraph sufficiently and comprehensively detailing the instances of black racial discrimination against the white race as a collective entity, would such information even merit this length? As far as the endurance of white on black racial discrimination (and it discombobulates me to no end, the degree of individuals, black and white alike, who assert that RACISM IS NO MORE) do you want a recent example? Housing discrimination was at an all-time high in 2006. Peering into our past, it is most fascinating that surveys from the 1960s reveal that even when de jure racism was still quite real (in the damn books!) whites still somehow felt that blacks were treated fairly and had equal opportunities. Even when it was beyond evident that they did not! “They simply weren’t taking advantage of them!” In 1960 many blacks still couldn’t vote! We hear the same claims today, that America is a level playing field although studies, surveys, and statistics indicate otherwise.

    And beyond that, why is the blessing of the white race—the race that ravaged and exploited Africa, went across the world slaughtering and committing genocide upon non-whites, used deception manipulation to gain control over non-whites, at least once sought to conquer the world and establish a global empire exclusively structured for the advancement of white people (and came pretty damn close). If you want the honest truth from a black person, I do not respect white people, collectively, as a morally upright race of people (particularly in the ways of dealing with other races). And anyone of any race who is completely honest with themselves, as well as in possession of sound reasoning abilities and a significant degree of information regarding the history of racial relationships in America and the world throughout, America would have sentiments congruent to my own. A significant amount of the advancements and successes whites have achieved have been at the expense of non-white peoples. America was built by black labor. Black hands built the White House, Capitol Hill, the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument—black hands built American into the international bastion of wealth that it is. Black slave labor accounted for several trillion dollars worth of wealth—without that, would America be America today? And yet, when a black man speaks on the very real and corporeal sociological concept of white privilege it is dismissed as, “oh, you’re just complaining”. Now, that is EXTREMELY disrespectful to simply dismiss the real and very, extremely thoroughly substantiated truth of racism, particularly that of the anti-Black flavor, in both historical and contemporary America, and I think that’s probably the greatest testament to the truth of collective white disrespect that you yourself so veraciously and bluntly acknowledge. And though most whites will not blatantly state that they do not respect black people, they WILL NOT HESITATE TO SAY THAT THEY BELIEVE BLACKS COMPLAIN TOO MUCH. The latter basically confirms the falsehood of the former. It completely contradicts it. Many say that whites, as a race, are no more morally unrighteous than any other race, they simply have expressed theirs on a grander scale due to their power and alleged racial ingenuity, but I think such a claim is sort of foolish and difficult to substantiate. Genocides did not transpire in Africa, at least not before Europeans arrived. Sure, there was warfare, but never on the grand scale that Europe witnessed, even before her conquest of non-white nations. Celts, Scythains, Germans, Britons, Gauls—all extremely violent people who were just about always at war with each other. Warfare in Africa wasn’t this widespread and furthermore wasn’t this violent. African warfare was oftentimes more ritualistic than it was lethal.

    I think there are numerous reasons that whites should respect black people and few reasons why blacks should respect white people. But somehow, the situation is quite twisted and has, since the forced introduction of blacks into the West, always been so. Essentially, there is no reason, other than the great difference between the races in physical appearance. To justify their irrational animus, whites will continue to forever fabricate perceivably legitimate reasons for expressing that hatred and, as well, by denying them their ability to achieve power, act towards blacks in manners that will substantiate and legitimize those reasons.

    -Black Thought

  17. I apologize for my delayed response. I am often occupied by my school commitments.

    Again, I fundamentally and respectfully disagree with your premise that whites confer respect upon all races except for blacks. It’s simply false, shortsighted, and (I daresay) ignorant to make such a claim. You say that whites have historically harbored so much respect for Native Americans IN SPITE of the myriad injustices which Native Americans faced at the hands of white subjugators.

    Did Captain William Tucker respect Native Americans? Sure, he respected them enough partake in the acts of deception which were all too common in the interaction of early white settlers with Native Americans. He took his soldiers to negotiate a treaty with the Powhatans. Unsuspecting and believing that a truce had been reached, the arguably naïve Powhatans (in that they had obviously never dealt with white people) agreed to Tuckers request to drink to a toast.

    They toasted to poisoned wine—approximately one hundred of the Natives died immediately and Tucker seized upon that moment and ordered his troops to kill at least fifty more. Oh, yeah, and they respected them enough to bring their heads back home as souvenirs (which was not an uncommon practice amongst whites who warred with Native Americans). So it’s not like this was just a unique, infrequent incident.

    I have already pontificated upon the views of our former President Andrew Jackson and how his high level of respect for Native Americans led him to engage in a bloody war that was most devastating for the Native Americans. Maybe you also heard the anecdote (which is true) that he “directly supervised the mutilation of over eight hundred Native American corpses after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, at which time his men cut off noses and sliced strips of flesh from the bodies for use as bridle reins.”

    Or what about the Third Colorado Volunteer Cavalry, who “massacred both Cheyenne and Arapaho noncombatants at Sand Creek, scalping the dread, severing testicles for use as tobacco pouches, and parading in Denver with severed female genitals stretched over their hats”?

    Well, we also have our noble forefather Thomas Jefferson who, dissatisfied with the rapid (but slow, in his eyes) pace at which Native Americans were dying, said, “Nothing will reduce those wretches so soon as pushing the war into the heart of their country. But I would not stop there. I would never cease pursuing them with war while one remained on the face of the Earth.” My, my…respect. No, adulation!

    I am not sure who made this ludicrous statement…either you or someone posting a comment on your blog…but they said something to the effect of, “yes, we respect Native Americans…I mean, we even give them Casinos and stuff.” …is that (expletive) serious? That’s like someone saying that black history month (the one oh-so-racist month out of the year where we actually don’t learn about dead white men) is proof that whites have actually worked to mitigate the disparity that institutional racism has rendered upon black folks. I mean…I hope it wasn’t you who said this; I truly hope I am incorrect in attributing it to you. Perhaps it was one of your readers.

    It is beyond just “Native Americans”. Just as African-Americans do, Hispanic Americans face alarming rates of housing discrimination. Hispanic Americans, because of their non-whiteness, face the same types (though arguably less potent) of racial discrimination, job discrimination, and dehumanization as Blacks do. Just like African-Americans, Hispanic Americans face violent attacks from skinheads, white supremacists, and even from whites who don’t necessarily label themselves as members of such groups, for being non-white.

    Are you SERIOUS in your claim that whites just really don’t give a damn about immigration into the United States by Hispanics? You’re not aware of how there is a direct relationship between the increase in Hispanic immigration and the rise in membership of neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups? I should remind you, they are WHITE supremacist groups, not everyone-but-black-people supremacist groups, or not white-and-hispanic-too supremacist groups, as you have somehow concluded. Maybe you’re a member of one of those.

    In American culture “Indians” have been relegated to the role of the savage noble—an individual who is spiritual and fortitudinous but at the end of the day is still a SAVAGE. Sure, it may be a bit less disrespectful than the magical Negro stereotype or the more ubiquitously believed sexually-rapacious, ravenous, uncontrollably-violent Negro ideal.

    Even today we constantly disrespect the Native American culture—we have sports teams and mascots mocking both their physical appearance and cultural characteristics (i.e., the “Washington Redskins”). So christening a football team the “Redskins” shows respect to a collective group but a hypothetical team called the “Blackskins” would be evidence of how whites don’t respect blacks in your eyes, correct? It’s modern minstrelsy!

    If whites TRULY respected Native Americans then they would HEED to outrage expressed by the Native American community at the fact that they feel tremendously disrespected by our symbolic trivialization of their culture—we would actually listen to them when they say STOP USING OUR CULTURAL TRAITS AS YOUR SPORTS MASCOTS.

    But no, in most cases white America just doesn’t want to hear it. The Washington Redskins changed, in 2002, to using an arrowhead rock as their emblem. Didn’t last long before they went back to the Indian head. I suppose that’s insignia was modeled after one of those decapitated Indian heads that Tucker’s men sawed off so very respectfully.

    Your dubious claim that whites respect all non-black ethnic groups (including Native Americans) is IN OF ITSELF evidence that whites obviously don’t respect those ethnic groups! Because you’re so disrespectfully neglecting all of the injustices and atrocities that whites committed upon these groups for NOT BEING WHITE, obviously evidence that they lacked and still lack respect and courtesy for these groups on account of their ethnicity.

    Tens of thousands of Native Americans died at white hands, sometimes in war, sometimes as a result of outright genocidal attacks, virtually every “treaty” was broken, every attempt to make peace with whites was always followed by some conniving, nefarious, shamelessly exploitative attack, every forced land relocation was followed up by another land relocation by another until finally the Native Americans just agreed to be confined to reservations—just to get away from incessant white oppression.

    Not to mention that their population has been significantly reduced, their society forever damaged and broken due to the incessant war, disease, and devastation that the Aryan has wrought upon them, and their gene pool forever altered by whites who felt it acceptable for white men to rape or force Native women into relationships, but felt it unacceptable for those children to become apart of the white community and also saw it as intolerable and punishable by death that a native man might partake in the same type of a relationship with his white sister.

    Maybe by Hispanics you mean the WHITE Hispanics…those amongst the populations in Spanish speaking Latin and South American countries who descend from the racist aristocracy that first imposed their supremacy upon aboriginal groups through violence, charades (smallpox blankets), and other manipulative, evil, DISRESPECTFUL means and still continue to maintain their putatively providential sovereignty over these nations on account of their whiteness.

    I know that in a legal sense, for purposes of racial identification, while they are practically Caucasian they are labeled “Hispanic”. Yeah, and they think they’re better than the mestizos who you claim are so lionized, so respected.

    I believe that the type of racial discrimination that blacks have faced at the hands of whites, overall, IS worse than that of other ethnic groups. This I believe wholly.

    There is much evidence to substantiate this—I know so many whites have simply ignored and cast from their collective consciousness acknowledgment of the white-on-black racism that has characterized our nation’s history, so I might actually have to launch into a diatribe to remind some people of this—if it is necessary, just ask me. It really won’t take that long.

    But it is highly offensive and ignorant to simply jettison all acknowledgments of the racial discrimination, hostility, and dehumanization that whites have demonstrated on some levels to ALL ethnic groups who did and do not meet their standard of whiteness (and some who even did, but had to work to be accepted). Sorry to be mordant, but for a man with an IQ as allegedly high as yours it casts a bit of doubt in my mind as to your actual level of astuteness.

    -Black Thought

    1. Damn man, that was powerful! I started off not really knowing what to think about this whole issue of whites and their “respect” towards various ethnic groups. I think you have made quite a strong case here against Robert’s assertions. I’m curious to hear his rebuttal.

    1. Yes, I am going to reiterate my position. It’s true we used to treat Indians and Hispanics poorly, but you don’t see much of it anymore. I speak on the ground here in California. You just don’t hear Whites bashing Hispanics and Indians all that much. Indians? Basically zero. If anything, people are sorry for them.

      You ridiculed me for saying we gave them casinos, but the casinos have really helped the Indians. And if you ask your average White around there, they will say, “Yes, what we did to the Indians was really wrong. I don’t know about these casinos, but this is one way we can make it up to them.” So this is how Whites think. They think we owe the Indians something.

      Furthermore, Indians get a huge array of free services from the US government. You might be surprised at what they get for free! If you bring this up to the average White, they will probably shrug their shoulders and say, “Well, we owe it to them, you know. It was terrible what we did to them.” So it looks like here in Cali anyway, Whites do believe in “reparations” of some sort for Indians.

      What is stunning about this is the outrage and snorts of contempt you will get from Whites if you suggest that Whites owe anything at all to Blacks, much less reparations. Further, you don’t often hear Whites saying the same thing about Blacks as they say about Indians: “We done em wrong.” You don’t often hear Whites lamenting slavery. And the suggestion of reparations (which Whites apparently agree to for Indians) provokes howls of rage when someone suggests it for Blacks.

      So there’s a real disconnect here.

      About Hispanics. I will repeat what I said earlier. You don’t hear much anti-Hispanic racism. Even the most redneck Whites here date, marry and father children with Hispanic women, hang out with Hispanic guys, etc etc. A few of them might make anti-Hispanic remarks, but then they go back to their Hispanic gf or their Hispanic buddies.

      I’ve thought about this long and hard and I think it must be due to genetic similarity with Whites and Hispanics. Many of them around here are 50-100% White.

      We come full circle to Blacks. These same Whites who express sorry and reparations for Indians, hang out with date, marry and impregnate Hispanics, often hate, I mean really hate, Blacks. They won’t have anything to do with them. So that’s why I call the Black-White thing the Mother of all Hates.

  18. Robert, your experience basically matches mine, although it is true that Indians were treated with quite open contempt for a long time, and I’ve heard some stories about the ways they were treated by whites in quite recent history. In areas where they lived in relatively close quarters with whites, they were treated much the way blacks were in the rest of the U.S., if I am to believe what I have heard and read from people like Russell Means, et al. There were also the (often church run) schools that forcibly attempted to strip Indians of their languages and cultures. I’ve personally met people only slightly older than me with memories of these places. It is true that the average white American who has little personal contact w/ American Indians– i.e. myself and just about everyone I know–basically takes the attitude you describe. I do know one or two white Americans who are militantly anti-Hispanic. There’s a man in my neighborhood for example who sends scurrilous, hateful emails to the neighborhood list on the topic of Mexicans. Or did. He was banned, and also subjected to the suburban equivalent of Amish shunning. Of course he thrives on it, being the sort of person he is. But basically, most white Americans I know oppose illegal immigration if pressed, but personally like many or most hispanics.

    I’m really trying to figure out why this is. On a personal note, I didn’t grow up disrespecting blacks. Quite the opposite. My views on the topic were formed by 1970s television and the liberal/left milieu in which I grew up. I assumed that most blacks were like Pete Dixon on “Room 222,” or were about to be. I still try to judge everyone on an individual basis, but I have to admit to many rude shocks. Of course that is an image that would be hard for any group of humans to live up to, to be fair.

    Part of the issue is that–as noted before–few white Americans encounter Indians outside of history books, film, or television. Hispanics are a bit harder to explain, as there is also a certain amount of bitter history (Mexican War, etc), and quite a bit of contact between whites and Hispanics. Perhaps it is–as you note–that even the darkest Hispanics tend to shade off into white.

    Two things in regard to blacks: most whites really do feel guilty about the way blacks were treated. Many blacks are pretty aggressive about playing the proverbial race card, and the result is to make most whites defensive. I also think many whites of my age in particular grew up being told–and believing–that blacks were, or could be, with the right opportunities–“just like us.” A pretty egotistical and ethnocentric expectation to be sure, but so it goes. I’m not sure what we thought this meant, but it laid the groundwork for many misunderstandings and disappointments on both sides.

    1. I agree with you. Some of the older Indians that I worked with had some bitter stories about Whites. One group of White men had stolen land from one of the Indian women that I was working with in the 1950’s. That is not too long ago. I also understand that in places in the US where there are *many* Amerindians, like North Dakota for instance, there is indeed racism against Indians. It’s been going on for a long time. However, there are a lot of huge reservations up in that area.

      In the area I speak of, a small town in the mts of California, there were a number of Amerindians. About 4%. Nobody seemed to care that much about them one way or the other. If pressed, people would say that they felt bad about them, etc. If anything, they’re pitiful. Also, we have to admit it is true that Amerindians typically don’t cause a terrible amount of crime or violent crime.

      The ones near us, some of them lived in squalor, but no one really cared about that too much. Most of the Indians were themselves disgusted with the most squalorous Indians.

      Around there we actually had the phenomenon of wannabe Indians, where a lot of Whites dress up like Indians, wear Indian stuff, collect Indian artwork, etc. Some even try to join the tribes, mostly for the free stuff.

      Well, Blacks? I don’t know. I think part of it is they are so different. For instance, I’ve noted that Hispanics replicate everyone one of our White subcultures, down to the wire. It’s bizarre how they do that. In this Hispanic town here, there are Hispanic versions of every little White subculture of the last 40 years. Blacks don’t do that. They have their own culture. Also they look very, very different, and they are genetically very very far from us.

      And, more disturbingly…there is more. I told my Mom I finally figured out that Whites don’t respect Blacks. Here I am, 52 yrs old and I finally figure that out! She nods her head yeah. Then she says, “It’s the crime!”

      So the White-Black thing is like the last big barrier. Once that starts to come down, we will be a long ways forward with race in the US.

  19. Danielle Lovey Grant a Mixed Race 23, of Las Vegas is a RAPIST, she and another man used a date rape drug on Victom at 2900 El Camino ave. apt 170, Danielle L Grant sodomized the victim with a plunger, Intestines were hanging out of rectum of victom.She is lite skinned 4 ‘9 to 4’11 and she drives a black ford Focus, She works as an dental assistant during day. .STOP her please. Victom is too ashamed to go to police, Danielle L Grant MUST BE STOPED her last know ph # 702-685-9588

  20. Hello Mr. Lindsay,

    The motive of your post was very clear. There are not many ways to challenge both whites and blacks in their relationship with each other, or should I say their co existence than to come out with brutal truth. As an African American woman in SC, I have experienced this lack of respect since my kindergarten years. Fortunately, I’ve encountered enough out of the box experiences to not give up on those with your perspective.

    In this state, the lack of respect is going nowhere fast but then again nothing in this state goes anywhere fast. Here for whites when it involves, climbing in social status, financial security and for a few more even some financial supremacy, it is all to convenient here to change.

    Outside of this issue, whites question our morals, honesty, discipline, and intellect. Blacks question a white’s superiority complexes, lack of compassion (especially since rarely “real” hardships are never experienced), and morals (also included on this list of questioning).

    Some black parents can past down character and strong work ethic but may also pass down bitterness, an inability to operate in the competitiveness of the business world, even a slavery affected speech and psyche.

    Some white parents can pass down business sense, financial strategies and then pass down vanity, elitism, the art of bullying, and a master/slavery affected outlook on African Americans especially. I won’t even go into the sins of the media.

    Both races have a challenge and all time responsibility to break out of these boxes. Do we realize that choosing to stay in a comfortable mind frame will prove us less than decent and we will be what the other labels us as? I don’t know about you but the more out of box type people I encounter, the lest I believe in the stereotype.

  21. well what i find a little controversial about this is that amerindians are too much like caucasians :S not all , is like saying that caucasian dravidians have much in common with africans because their dark skin ,kinda like saying that they have more in common with them than with europeans, aside from some amerindian tribes ,most of them have small eyes, bigger a little than asians eyes, but still more in the asian side than caucasian :S, i don’t feel some racial brotherhood with the more native looking mexicans ,what is sad is that both hispanics and blacks lost their culture and both are europeanized too much, instead of an Anansi Smith or a Citlali Lopez, we have a Will Smith and a Jennifer Lopez; again east asians probe here that they are strong and preserve their culture from europeans; in that regard aside from urban tribes, blacks are as europeanized as hispanics, in that case blacks american follow white culture as much as hispanics, also more native hispanics are coming to United States so the racial affinity is not that strong

    1. well i will sleep because where i live is too late, but as a final though i will say that i don’t look like him , and i am assuming he is not even pure amerindian, but a mestizo with strong amerindian features;
      ps: and i as white respect too much the east asians x) if we talk about races that we like and respect


  22. To Jason Y who said:

    The Philippines has a very original culture, history, and food. What your saying is silly.

    Yeah I second Jason on this.. in Filipino culture there are elements that came from the Spanish (Catholicism comes to mind) but it is definitely quite different from Mexico or Spain, etc.

  23. “… could show that Amerindians are the closest large race to Caucasians, or Whites …”

    I have lived in both the Western U.S. and the Great Lakes region. Western Indians look to me rather Mongoloid with yellow to brown skin. In the GLr they look nearly European with red skin and more pointed noses.

    I’ve heard people complain about sports team names. The Braves are the Braves and the Redskins are the Redskins because these words evoke men who are tough and athletic. And completely unlike the pansies who do the complaining.

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