“Just a Thought,” by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. I agree with everything she says here. This is one of the nutty things about the White nationalists – if you object to their racism, you must be a racist yourself! Truth is, it’s not particular to Whites. I have noticed this exact same response, often a furious one, when slamming away at Jewish racists, Turkish racists, Greek racists, Black racists, Hispanic racists, Arab racists, well, you name it.

Actually, all of these people were nationalists – Hispanic, Black, Greek, Turkish, Jewish and Arab nationalists. And this is when I started realizing that racism is just supernationalism and vice-versa, that it’s all really just human tribalism, and that none of it really adds up to logical or reasonable behavior. So, really, extreme human tribalism, ultranationalism and the racism that goes along are just part of a similar cake baked with human irrationality.

It’s sort of a mental disorder, and it has common symptoms no matter which tribe it manifests in. Which is one of the reasons I’m increasingly dubious about ethnic nationalism of any kind – it seems like it destroys brain cells and makes you stupid. The ethnic nationalist, as AU notes, is so caught up in their mental disorder that they usually can’t even see how nuts they are. All of us humans are probably subject to this mental illness, and the tendency to go nuts like this is probably genetic, though it can be overcome on an individual basis.

Actually, Alpha Unit came to me. She started to writing to me, angrily at first, then she started calming down. I noticed that she wrote well and suggested that she could write for me. She’s been a closeted writer her whole life, and this was her first chance to get published. The invitation to be a guest poster here has actually been extended to a number of other people, but few have taken me up. We have very high standards here, but AU made the cut.

A racist is someone who talks back to racists. This is one of the things I’ve learned since being here.

Before I started writing here, I read a lot of the comments that racists and White nationalists had been leaving here (and elsewhere). There weren’t a whole lot of people objecting to a lot of the stuff they were saying in this free speech zone.

So I came along and started ridiculing the racists. And guess what – I got accused of being a racist! It’s okay to say all kinds of demeaning things about Black people – that’s not racism, that’s just free speech. But let a Black person come along and point out how ridiculous you are, and that Black person is anti-White. She’s racist.

Do some of you people even think before you start typing? Do you really think nobody will notice your contradictions and your dissembling? I guess you’ve gotten away with it for so long that you’ve convinced yourselves that what you say makes perfect sense.

Well, it doesn’t. What you say doesn’t make any sense. Whether you’re talking about separating into some all-White nation somewhere in America, whether you’re talking about the Jews and how they’re responsible for everything you don’t like in the world – you’re not making any sense.

And now you want to be mad at me. Well, don’t waste your time. I didn’t make you say it. I didn’t arrange it so that you wouldn’t be able to defend it.

Maybe some of you are just sheep in wolves’ clothing.

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29 thoughts on ““Just a Thought,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. I think the flow of logic is that preservation of the white race is paramount, racism(policies of racial separatism and xenophobia) will aid in preserving the white race, therefore anyone that is against racism is against preservation of the white race therefore you are racist against whites. If you marry a white and you are non-white you are even “anti-white” because you are producing non-white children which of course is destroying the white race. Wacked out I know, but I think that’s their line of reasoning.

    1. They accuse me of being a “White race replacement advocate.” This is because I support miscegenation (though don’t promote it – anyone can do what they will) and I also support legal immigration of non-Whites.

      So, in order not to be pro-White extinction, you have to oppose all miscegenation with non-Whites and all immigration of non-Whites. How many White people are that radical and insane on these questions? Not too many. 25% of Whites oppose miscegenation, but almost no one wants to shut down all non-White immigration to zero.

    2. The thing is, sometimes I’m not sure if the WNs are being irrational. I think we tend to think of reason the way we think of math, as a rigid and objective process that will lead us to universal truth. That may not be the case though. Perhaps reason is relative. If you truly believe abortion is infantide why would it be unreasonable to blow up abortion clinics? Even if I don’t agree with their logic, I can see the reasoning behind it and how their line of thinking went from A to Z. I hate WN reasoning, but I can sometimes see the logical structure behind it. At least I don’t think they’re all lunatics. Sometimes people underestimate their opposition buy assuming that they are crazy for what they believe. Even some true wackos probably have reasons for their beliefs and actions that we just don’t understand. I was recently watching a documentary on the El Salvadorean MS-13 gang and they were interviewing these youths. We tend to think of street gangs as a bunch of wild thugs, but you’d be surprised how organized, determined and just plain rational many of them are when they sit down and explain why they do what they do. Not in any way to justify it of course, but they may not be crazy. They see it as a viable path to find belonging and survive in a harsh existence.

    3. I agree, in general. I believe almost anything humans do can be explained. What people say very often makes no sense at all.

    4. tulio:”I think the flow of logic is that preservation of the white race is paramount, racism(policies of racial separatism and xenophobia) will aid in preserving the white race, therefore anyone that is against racism is against preservation of the white race therefore you are racist against whites.”

      Yes, thank you tulio — Whites wanting to preserve themselves as White is not “racist” at all, it is obviously a very healthy and natural impulse to want to permanently survive, to not want to go extinct. Why is every other ethnic group or race on Earth except for White people of European descent allowed to advocate for the preservation of their kind? Why is it considered egregious “racism” if Whites merely seek to preserve themselves?

      The fact is that we White nationalists are the healthy ones, the healthiest and most aware Whites, while the idiot aracial ‘liberal’ Whites, the international malicious Jews, and assorted others who want to flood White nations around the world with ever-increasing millions of overbreeding non-White immigrants, they are the sick and unhealthy ones, they are the anti-White suicidalists.

    5. As a black man, I feel weird saying it, but I actually see where WP is coming from. That doesn’t mean I advocate his policy positions or even sympathize with them. I just see where his line of reasoning is coming from within his frame of reality.

      My frame of reality is entirely different from his, so my reasoning looks nothing like his. I’m really not sure how to come to any mutually agreeable solutions with WNs. Like Robert, I don’t advocate intermarriage as in telling people they should do it, but neither do I stand anyone’s way who chooses it for themselves. While I think there are very legitimate questions to be raised about the necessity of mass immigration and the impact it can have on the host country, I see these things as problems of class, not race. If a scientist from Nigeria wants to go work in France, I don’t see what the big deal is. Nor do I see any big deal in whites wanting to move to Mexico or Thailand to retire.

  2. Tulio, it probably isn’t a good idea to give people like WP even a tiny bit of acknowledgment. Mark my words, tonight he’ll go on Stormfront and brag to his buddies about how he got a black guy to admit that black people really are inferior, that he’s just a tool of the Jews, and that the whole NS program is A-OK with him.

    1. I know it might sound like “acknowledgment”, but in no way is it approval of his ideology. I’m about as anti-racist as it gets. I just don’t think everyone of the opposite ideology is as clinically insane as we may think they are. David Duke is a pretty smart guy. I just think he’s an asshole.

    2. Yeah, but you saw how he jumped on that little tidbit you threw him w/ all the enthusiasm of a retarded puppy.

    3. I did see that. I see his line of reasoning, the difference between he and I is value system. He values racial purity. I do not. For a person that values racial purity, it only makes sense to believe in separating the races since it’s a proven fact that when different races inhabit the same area over a long enough period of time, they start screwing and produce a multi-racial population e.g. Latin America. My feeling though is who cares? Brazil has the hottest women in the world, specifically because of all the interracial screwing. I don’t share WP’s values, but can see how they may make sense to him. If I was a black preservationist, I’d be arguing the same thing.

    4. Mort, you are right. This is another way that WN’s at least nowadays don’t make sense. I know for a fact that WP does actually disdain non-Whites in general, and that includes even non-White Caucasians. In fact he even disdains Southern and Eastern Europeans as “not really White.” He’s a hardcore Nordicist.

      But this is not unusual. Almost all WN’s are like this. The thing nowadays is to say, if you are a WN, that you don’t disdain any non-Whites at all, but then to turn around and do just that. The reason they do this is because it has become uncool to be a racist. So they say that they just want to preserve their race, and they do! But they also can’t stand to even be around non-Whites at all, especially Blacks and to a lesser extent Hispanics.

      In Europe, they don’t like to be around Gypsies (somewhat understandable!), Arabs (coded as non-Whites), South Asians (also coded that way), and Turks (bizarrely also coded as non-Whites).

      So it’s not just preservation. They can’t stand to even be around them. In some ways it makes sense (as tulio notes, the philosophy is not necessarily irrational) because large numbers of Blacks result in all sorts of problems in your hood and to a much lesser extent, the same is true with Hispanics, at least poorer ones.

      I agree with tulio that WN is not insane in its essence. Whites do form nice, coherent communities that even I enjoy to participate in. Influx of large numbers of poorer Hispanics or Blacks in general seems to cause what we Whites call a “general decline” in the hood. So it makes sense to say fuck and form your ethnostate.

      I object to WN not on grounds of irrationality (though they are nutty as Hell, but the basic project is rational) but that it is immoral and unworkable. Nuts is not evil and vice versa. Things and people can be evil without being nuts and vice versa. This is important to note.

      In contrast to tulio, I think humans are basically pretty nutty. I had a psychologist once tell me that he had seen 20,000 people in his career and he had not met a healthy person yet. The mentally ill are simply less healthy than the rest of us, but it’s not like they are unhealthy and the rest are healthy. It’s a continuum.

      If you read great Lit, for instance Dostoevsky, one thing becomes clear. People are irrational as Hell! And typically oblivious to that, like children. We hold mutually contradictory beliefs and do and think all sorts of shit that makes no sense at all, worse, we can’t even see it. This is simply part of the human condition, as Dostoevsky makes clear.

      I’ve just found that the more racist, nationalist and tribal someone is, the less rational they are. This is a genetically coded part of being human, but it’s not really a reasonable belief. A lot of our genetically coded behaviors are pretty whack actually, but they served a purpose.

  3. The whole notion of maintaining racial purity is what makes no sense, at least in the way people like WP are pushing it: permanent geographical separation of races.

    This is the most nonsensical idea ever conceived–yet you’re supposed to take someone seriously who says it.

    You can’t take someone like that seriously. They can use all the “logic” at their disposal to try to convince someone that it’s actually possible, but nothing could be more ridiculous.

    1. And I also think that anyone that believes racial separation is imminent is probably nuts. It won’t happen. And there’s no way of it happening without massive violence. Although there are many people with racist views, few of them are so racist that they’re willing to take up arms and ethnically cleanse their country. It’s a pipe dream.

      If you want to change people’s minds about something, you have to change their value framework, then their reasoning will change. There are former neo-nazis who have defected and joined anti-racist organizations. Something caused their values to change and they began to devalue to importance of race and racial purity.

    2. You’re right, tulio. To you and me and a whole lot of other people, this is self-evident. To a lot of other supposedly intelligent people, it isn’t.

      Either that, or they’re frauds.

  4. Of course racial separatism is not possible in any practical sense. I’m talking about more on the ideological level. I’m just saying that someone who believes that 1) There are such thing as races and 2) That those races should be kept distinct entities is not being irrational if he believes in racial separation. Reason works within the framework of values. People with different values have different lines of reasoning, although we tend to view people with radically different lines of reason as insane. They’re probably not. I would even say the same about ideologically committed terrorists. Not all these guys are crazy. Many of them have a deep understanding of history, global economics and geo-politics and believe that terrorism is an efficient tool in combating U.S. hegemony that requires few resources and investment on their end yet yields huge results. Not in any way to justify it, I hate terrorists, but within their framework of values, what they do may actually make sense…to them.

    1. I don’t think that white nationalists are necessarily insane (although Robert does), so I do get your point.

      But anyone who thinks that you can permanently separate races has no understanding of human history, much less human nature. He’s either unserious or a monster. Can you imagine what it would take to bring about such a “program”?

    2. Of course racial separatism is not possible in any practical sense. I’m talking about more on the ideological level. I’m just saying that someone who believes that 1) There are such thing as races and 2) That those races should be kept distinct entities is not being irrational if he believes in racial separation.

      Oh of course it makes sense! And really, if you do want to preserve the White race or whatever (and Whites are becoming less common as they interbreed with non-Whites) the *only* possible way to do that at all is some sort of separation project. Everything else is going to fail for sure. Over at Occidental Dissent they have had a lot of discussions about this, and this is one thing that they are right about.

      So it really isn’t nutty at all, it’s just wrong and unworkable.

    3. But anyone who thinks that you can permanently separate races has no understanding of human history, much less human nature. He’s either unserious or a monster. Can you imagine what it would take to bring about such a “program”?

      Of course! And the truth is that they really *are* monsters. Increasingly the WN project is openly admitting that there is no way to get done what they need to do through democracy. They openly advocate now fascism (well they always have). Not just that, but putting the project in by undemocratic means (revolution, coup, seize power) and then staying in power via dictatorship because they realize that if put to a vote, they would be voted out.

      A fascist dictatorship is the only way to put their project forward, and there would have to be some unpretty projects on the ground (even in the more moderate proposals) to input the project. The more moderate proposals include allowing non-Whites to continue to reside in the ethnostate, but denying them rights to encourage them to take off.

  5. White Nationalists are certainly not irrational, or insane. They simply want their culture to survive, and see it increasingly threatened by Blacks, Asians, Jews etc.

    White influence has been on a slow downward trend for many decades. Today, there is news that White boys in the UK are at the bottom in educational attainment: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/8368240.stm

    The are several ways Whites can maintain a distinctive culture. Retreat into their original nationalities (Irish, Italian are particularly strong). Form religious groups which the founders are White, and where conversion is discouraged and hard to obtain. (How many Black Amish are there? Or Black Orthodox Jews?) Or simply live in areas where values are shared with other Whites of a similar background. Appalachia, Portland, Boston, Minneapolis etc – depending on what set of White values the White holds dear.

    See this link about liberal Portland – http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/01/in_a_changing_world_portland_r.html
    “At the time, whites in the South thought the solution to racial strife was to enslave blacks, but he says whites who came to Oregon didn’t want to possess blacks, they wanted to escape them.”

    The current cultural climate will simply not allow Whites to feel like they are one people who are proud to be who they are.

    ‘But anyone who thinks that you can permanently separate races has no understanding of human history, much less human nature.’
    Plenty of peoples have done so. Jews, Amish, Mennonites, Samaritans, Koreans.

  6. I used to be “RandyB” until I realized there was already a regular Randy.

    I take a different, and in my opinion positive, view of the whole issue of separation. To the extent there’s enough population available, everyone should be allowed to live in a neighborhood that reflects their culture and values, and if that sometimes amounts to discrimination, so be it. America has or once had predominantly Jewish, Italian, and Chinese enclaves; and there are currently neighborhoods that are almost 100% Hispanic, Black or White.

    There are some obviously bad kinds of mixing that don’t involve race. Diversity in residential areas is not a strength when single adults want to stay up making noise on Friday night while families are putting their kids to bed. Or when teens want to skateboard on sidewalks that seniors use. Or when neighborhood parents think it’s gender discrimination not to let girls play ball games with boys, while Muslims think it blasphemy to allow it.

    Recently a jurisdiction near me had an immigrant crackdown when residents complained about Hispanic men catcalling to women from the day work pickup point, slaughtering chickens in their backyard, and opened a brothel in a residential townhouse. These might have been normative behaviors in their former communities, but the locals did not feel culturally enlightened.

    So, let everyone form the neighborhoods they prefer and if that means blacks who say “mofo” every sentence, or rednecks who leave their cars on blocks in the driveway, can’t live there, then find a more appropriate place.

    1. Aren’t there already de-facto ethnic states in America? I’d say that whole area between Eastern Washington to the Dakotas and extending south to Nothern Nevada and Utah is pretty much a de facto white ethnic state. As would be New England north of Boston. Los Angeles is pretty much Mexico City with a beach. Miami has been called “The Capital of Latin America”. Atlanta is considered the “Black Mecca” amongst middle class black folks who are flocking there to be amongst people like themselves. I’d say there are already many ethnic territories in America, just not by law perhaps, but they exist.

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