New Policy On Robert Lindsay

I’m going to be shifting all of the new shock videos, the ones that are ok with WordPress and the ones that are not, over to the other site, which is just going to be the shock site. So if you’re into that stuff, just put on your waders and wade through the gutter on your way over there and slum it up to your black heart’s content. Existing shock type videos will stay on this site unless pulled by WP, and I will add new translations as they come in.

But this site will pretty much be shock-free. The WordPress site will just be for the standard edifying stuff you’ve come to expect from our high and mighty posters and commenters. This will be the more serious and intellectual site. I will make posts here telling about new content over there, and if you’re in a sick and evil mood, you can slither on over there and degenerate for a while. Then you can put on your top hat and cane and walk stiffly back over here and pretend to be civilized again.

Comments are not really moderated too much over there. Some comments are just deleted, but no one has been banned yet. But don’t get any ideas! The comment sections are pretty much a free for all on the other site. On this site, we will continue the policy of deleting and banning commenters who get too rude for my tastes, but otherwise, it’s a free speech zone.

This way I will have a firewall in a sense between the two types of content, and people who are bugged by it here just don’t have to watch since it’s way over on some other site.

I really think that this is the better way to go. The mixture of base shock stuff and elevated intellectual content on this site was getting a bit bizarre.

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