Robert Lindsay Now In The Top 275 Blogs On The Internet

Not this WordPress site, this stealth site here. We are now getting an unbelievable 35,360 visitors a day there, which is really beyond my wildest dreams. Not only that, but insanely enough, the numbers keep going up.

I’ve had tremendous success with translations. More bloggers might want to commission translations for their very popular posts. Sure, readers can always use Google Translate, but to be honest, it doesn’t work very well. On English-Korean for example, it’s almost completely worthless.

If you want to really connect with foreign readers, commission a translation. Foreign language speakers really appreciate a native translation, competently done. They really like it! By commissioning a translation, you say something else: “I am here to serve my (Hebrew / Korean / Bulgarian / Spanish / Whatever) readers.” You honor the speakers of that language and you show that you care. Readers appreciate that in bundles.

Anyway, Robert Lindsay is now up there with reactionary queer (Shh! Don’t tell anyone!) Drudge (Drudge!?), Teagan Goodard’s Political Wire (!?), the deranged neocons on the Weekly Standard blogs, and Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order by M Parent.

In other words, we are up there with the real heavy hitters.

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5 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay Now In The Top 275 Blogs On The Internet”

  1. heg @ Robert:

    Congr at your stats. But l think you destroy your blog the way you publish. Goto Add New Page. Copy and past, and publish page. Open page and copy link. Goto New Post. Write a short intro and link.

    As it is now visitors have to wade thru a shitload of chines characters and what not.

    1. I am thinking of moving all of the shock videos to the other site and just keeping this site for serious stuff, or anyway, not shock stuff.

      What do you think?

      Basically two separate blogs for two separate purposes.

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