A Race Realist Argument For the Existence of a Black Race

Most Blacks nowadays are what we call people with dual consciousness, to borrow a particularly unpleasant anti-racist phrase. That is, they are profoundly ethnocentric (Blacks are much more ethnocentric than Whites) while at the same time drinking the PC anti-racist Krazy-Aid of race denial when it suits their interests.

Whenever Black folks do good things or when White folks do back things to Blacks, a Black race does in fact exist. Whenever Blacks folks screw up or don’t cut it, automagically, the Black race ceases to exist. Wa-la, like a rabbit out of a hat. Can’t be us, cuz we don’t exist in the first place.

After all, if race really does not exist, as the race-denying crazies insist, then consequently racism must not exist either, right? Racism means hatred of others based on their race. But the race-deniers say there is no such thing as race. Hence, it is not really possible to hate people based on something that does not even exist at all.

This post will set out to show how Blacks are in fact different from other races in a variety of ways. In many cases, I think that these differences are biological. That does not mean that Blacks are doomed to their genes for better or for worse, but it does mean, that absent a Super-Culture such as Islam, Communism or some other “gene-warping” culture, Blacks will have a tendency to behave in this way on average.

This post will also address some racial myths.

First of all, a Black personality.

One myth is that due to widespread racism, Blacks hate themselves, and they all want to be White. Black men like White women because their own women are too ugly. There really is no evidence for this. Frankly, it’s amazing, considering the shit we Whites constantly say about Blacks, that Blacks don’t hate themselves. I think if I were Black I would. I cannot imagine being Black and having to deal with all the evil crap other races say about me. Being a neurotic, I think it might go to my head.

Nevertheless, the evidence is clear. Blacks have no problems with self-esteem.

Blacks do not think they are ugly. Black men think Black women look just fine, in fact, they seem to prefer them to other women. Black women think Black men look just fine. They definitely prefer them to other men. Quite a few White women also think Black guys are good-looking. I’ve talked to quite a few such White women. If Black men are good looking (by the objective views of many White women) Black women must be good looking too.

There’s nothing about Black features that looks good on a man but bad on a woman (or if there is, please make a case in the comments). Racists seek to objectively prove that Blacks are ugly. But anyone knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An argument that it can be scientifically proven that Blacks are ugly must be rejected. Standards are beauty are not really in the realm of science anyway.

Following on this line, White nationalists as usual lie feverishly, and don’t make any sense. First they throw lots of data at you showing that every race really prefers to associate with and mate with their own. Fair enough. However, they use this to justify their own racism, as one might figure.

But if this is really true, then why the obsessive worry about miscegenation and the coming Extinction of the Great White Race? I mean, if people only want to breed with their own, why worry about race-mixing, right? The answer is because humans do not only wish to breed with their own; many outbreed.

In an effort to make even less sense, White nationalists then insist that every other race secretly hates themselves and wants to be White. If they can’t be White, they want to mate, breed or fuck White. Wait a minute, I thought everyone preferred their own? At the same time, further muddying their argumentative mess, they argue that all humans are profoundly ethnocentric such that they hate everyone who is not one of the Tribe. But if this were so, what’s with all the non-White self-hatred and desire to screw White wimmins?

One classic argument made by many Whites, not just White nationalists, is that all over the world, everyone prefers that luscious lighter skin to that yucky suntanned look. Of course, the lightest of all are those wonderful Aryan folks from Northern Europe.

But in Africa, Black men show no preference at all in terms of skin color, and Blacks do vary considerably in skin tone on the Dark Continent. Furthermore, in aboriginal Tasmania, darker skin was preferred, and up to a certain point, this was true on the dope smoke-shrouded Southern California beaches and ski slopes were I misspent much of my golden youth.

Further, this is usually the case only with women and not with men. That is, men want a lighter woman (no one really knows why) but women don’t give a damn how dark a guy is. Hell, they even like ’em dark and handsome. And this was the case in China before the Chinese had ever heard of White people, so it’s not a case of Chinese thinking Whites are superior.

Furthermore, in most human groups, females have lighter skin than the males. This means that evolutionarily, most groups of males have been preferentially selecting lighter females. There is no lightening effect seen in any male group anywhere. Reasons for male preference for a lighter female are not known.

As we might expect, Blacks think they are better looking than Whites. This statement is confusing. It does not mean that Blacks think they are better looking than White people. The surveys were done of high school students. 11-16 year old Blacks rated their attractiveness higher than Whites did.

Nor do Blacks suffer from low self-esteem or low confidence in terms of their academic skills. Their poorer average performance is due to the fact that they are not as good at this stuff, not because they are insecure about their abilities. I have not seen studies, but I would assume that the highest scorers would be the most neurotic and insecure about their abilities. Blacks think they are better at reading, science and history, even though they had poorer scores. Taken together, these findings suggest an overconfidence that we will discuss below.

Blacks also have better self-esteem, worry less and are less neurotic. This has long been known and is part and parcel of the “Black personality.” I have an old Abnormal Psychology textbook from 1957, that, while dated, is very interesting.

That Blacks have few of the classic neuroses was taken as a given. Obsessive-compulsive neurosis (now OCD), perhaps the ultimate neurosis in the sense that it is driven heavily by conscience, fear, timidity, guilt, doubting and near-miniscule levels of aggression, is quite rare among Blacks. However, since I work with OCD patients, I have since met 2 Blacks with OCD. Both were, as one might expect, highly intelligent. One was from South Africa.

The book stated that the typical mental illness among Blacks was sort of a wild acting out manic-type episode. I believe that studies have found that depression is lower among Blacks, and the Black suicide rate has always been much lower than the White rate, though in the past 20 years there has been a disturbing rise in suicide in young Black American males.

Anyone who spends a lot of time around Blacks will realize that if there is any problem at all, it is excessive self-esteem and overconfidence, which in my opinion, leads to a lot of problems for Black people. You will also find that Blacks don’t worry all that much. Blacks seem to think that White neurotics are completely idiotic and somewhat baffling fools.

Blacks are less neotenous than Whites, and Whites are less neotenous than Asians. Asians are the slowest developing race of all, and Blacks are the fastest developers. Blacks are also the loudest babies, and Asians babies are known for their serenity. Blacks are more active at an earlier age than other groups. In addition, they mature more quickly.

I see no reason why there should be a cultural component to this, and it’s clear to me that these differences are genetic. Asians even seem to retain a neotenous (child-like) appearance far into life, definitely into early adulthood. These differences hold across all cultures, everywhere on Earth.

Yet another possible attribute of a Black personality is reduced ability to delay gratification. A classic 1961 study found that Black children are much more likely than White children to ask for a small candy bar today than wait a week for a bigger one. This study has been repeated many times with similar results. The reduced tendency to delay gratification is probably genetic, but it’s probably not irremediable, that is, a culture could probably make Blacks delay gratification more, though it would be an uphill climb.

This is what we might expect from a more extroverted group, and Blacks are the most extroverted of the three major races, Asians being the least. Asians are probably the most likely to delay gratification. I’ve known many White extroverts, and one thing they were lousy at was delaying gratification. Delaying gratification is glorified in America, but it’s definitely a drag, speaking from one who has spent most of his life doing just that.

Unfortunately, reduced ability to delay gratification probably has something to do with the much elevated Black crime rate.


Mischel, W. 1961. Preference for Delayed Reinforcement and Social Responsibility. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 62:1:1-7.
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26 thoughts on “A Race Realist Argument For the Existence of a Black Race”

  1. I read that light skin and hair tend to be concentrated in children, so on an adult woman they are juvenilizing traits, which make her more appealing.

    That was one person’s theory about why men prefer lighter-featured women.

  2. “If Black men are good looking (by the objective views of many White women) Black women must be good looking too.”

    i don’t find that statement very logical. i think that the truth is, dark skin is masculine…so black men have an advantage, they appear more masculine. for black women, it is a liability.

    i was reading something on Roissy’s blog about response rates on dating sites, based on race. it was shown that black women initiate and reply to messages at a much higher rate than women of other races. i’d guess it’s to compensate for their appearance.

    also note that of black/white marriages, 3/4 of them are black male with white female.

    and this is sort of why i’m into black girls…i think it will just be an easier time for me. it’s sort of worked too.

    1. I don’t think the black women who go to dating sites think there is anything wrong with their appearance–not the ones I’ve heard of.

    2. Yeah this boils back down to one of the themes of the article. Black people think they are good looking! The study only addressed Black youngsters, but I’m sure that that same sort of self-esteem continues with Black women into adulthood. Although I have not seen any studies, I would not be surprised if Black women rate their appearance higher than chronically insecure and neurotic White women do.

      I think a lot of people are projecting their own thoughts onto these Black women here.

  3. Very interesting post. I would disagree with one thing, I don’t think you’ll find any blacks that deny race exists. I usually hear that argument coming from white intellectuals. I’ve never heard a black person in my life deny race. Most black comedians for example openly joke about the difference between blacks and whites and the black audience is in tears from laughter.

    I have mixed feelings on the self-esteem thing though. I think blacks tend to come off as confident. I have to think this one through. I’m not sure about it.

    I don’t think black men(MJ non-withstanding) have a problem with their looks at all. I’ve never heard a black sound insecure about his looks in my life. I think just as white women have a standard of beauty that has put the blonde haired, blue-eyed Nordic woman at the top of the ladder, black women have their own ladder with light-skinned exotic looking women at the top, such as Beyonce, Rihanna and Mariah Carey. I don’t think most black women want to look like African women, yet they don’t want to look like white women either. They seem to want something in between. I think being a mulatto is what most black women would like to look like deep down. They don’t want to be Heidi Klum, nor do they want to be Alek Wek. I think they want to be Halley Berry.

    1. Btw, I wonder if MJ was highly intelligent. He seemed to be very neurotic and strange. Most people like that are pretty intelligent.

    2. This is a great comment. I think you may well be right. It’s interesting that now more White men are starting to acknowledge that attractive Black women in fact do exist. A friend of mine who always said Black women were off the table now says, after meeting an Eritrean woman, that he would go out with her for sure. He says Black women are an acquired taste, but some of them do have a particular beauty.

      I am not attracted to many Black women, but it’s clear to me that there are definitely some HOT Black chicks. But one of my neurotic trips is I can’t exactly figure out which are the real hotties and which are the don’t quite cut it hotties (the “fake” hotties). Lame, huh?

    3. Maybe what’s considered attractive in women is male-driven.

      That is, maybe it’s White men who elevate the blue-eyed blondes and Black men who elevate the light-skinned Halle Berry types.

    4. Believe it or not, there are men who don’t see anything attractive about White women. Some of them are White men.

    5. I have heard that a lot of Asian men think White women look ugly. They think that White women look way too masculine. I’m over 50 yrs old and it’s never occurred to me before. After I read that, I started looking at White women, and yeah! They do look masculine! A lot of them anyway. Especially compared to Asian women. Asian women do look extremely feminine.

      In Brazil the ultimate sex object for White men is the mulatta. She’s the hottest of all. White women are for marrying, but not really for fun. She’s more your proper wife type. The Black woman, unfortunately, is seen as the maid, suitable for neither marrying nor sex. But it’s interesting that the mulatta is hotter than the White chicks.

      I dated an Egyptian woman for a bit who was a bit Black (30%?). Hard to say. She wasn’t really Black or White, she was just “sort of Black.” She said in Egypt that Black women (mostly part-Black there) were the most desired by Egyptian men, because they were seen as “hotter” and more passionate than White women. She was quite proud of this.

      I don’t know that Black women are preferred over Whites too much, but if you add a little Black to the mix, a lot of guys seem to prefer a really light-skinned Black or mulatta type over a White chick, at least in Brazil and Egypt anyway.

      This would not be the case if Black genes were “horribly destructive to physical beauty” as one of my charming White nationalist commenter was wont to say.


  4. East African people, particularly the ones from highland Ethiopia and Eritrea but also sometimes along the Red Sea coast, tend to have dark skin but Caucasoid-like facial features, and I’m sure you know that.

    I also think you are contradicting yourself when you say on the one hand that there’s nothing objective about black facial features that would look good on a man but not on a woman, and then a few paragraphs down you talk about how blacks are less neotenous (i.e. more masculine) than whites and Asians.

  5. On attractiveness of black men vs. black women: I don’t buy the premise that black people are unattractive. Nevertheless, it is possible for features to exi8st that are attractive on a man but not on a woman, and vice versa. Example: a strong jaw is an attractive masculine feature, but it tends to make women look, well, masculine. And while many men who are viewed as attractive by the media, etc. may have something of the feminine about them, we are all familiar with men who are “pretty boys,” or “*too* good looking.” This usually means that they are too feminine, and cross the boundary of what is attractive for men.

    As a concrete example, I always thought that the Kennedy phenotype was good for the Kennedy men, not so much for the Kennedy women.

  6. “Blacks do not think they are ugly. Black men think Black women look just fine, in fact, they seem to prefer them to other women. Black women think Black men look just fine. They definitely prefer them to other men. Quite a few White women also think Black guys are good-looking. ”

    Exactly! But WNs refuse to face the facts that Black men and women are attracted to one another and that they don’t want to be White or any other race. Yet, they stubbornly cling to myths that Black men crave White women because their own women are not up to snuff, to elevate themselves and their race, etc. They think of crazy things about Black men raping White women, which is nonsense anyway.

    La Reyna

    1. The thing is though, it’s undeniable that there is colorism amongst African-Americans. It effects the women more than the men. I won’t make any bold statements like most black women have low self-esteem and think they are ugly, but I do think that lighter-skinned black women probably have a higher self-opinion than dark black women, and I’m willing to be most dark black women don’t think they are as pretty as the mulatto women, whether they openly admit it or not. Almost all black women straighten their hair and until the middle of last century many were using skin lighteners. In fact terms like “good hair”(meaning more wavy and mulatto-like and less African kinky) are still in common use. It’s not as bad as it was, but I don’t think colorism is dead in the black community by any means.

      Since babies are born light skin and people darken as they age, I think lighter skin is associated subconsciously with signs of youth, just like wrinkle-less skin. Men are inherently programmed to seek out women with signs of youth in order to ensure that his DNA gets passed on to a woman that is healthy enough to bare his children. These unspoken mental processes happen in an instant without any conscious thought. That may explain why lighter skin is more important for women than men, no matter what the culture.

    2. Also, I’d love to see a study where you flash images of women on screen with various skin colors and ask men to guess their age. I wonder if men would estimate the lighter skin women to be younger on average?

    3. Dark-skinned black girls don’t come into the world thinking there is something wrong with their looks. They quickly find out that they are not favored by Black men.

    4. I forgot to add that these same girls grow up and find that one of the best decisions they ever made was to get out of that environment. It can be very eye-opening.

  7. Dear Robert
    Aren’t you going too far when you say that there is a black personality type? Isn’t that the equivalent of saying that there is a black intelligence type? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that certain personality types, such as the happy-go-lucky type, are much more common among blacks than among other races?
    For every other variable, there is considerable overlap between the races. Why shouldn’t there be for personality types?
    Regards. James

    1. Well of course James. It’s only a common type or a stereotypical type. I can assure that Alpha Unit, for one, does not seem to have the Black Personality type at all.

      Of course you are correct once again, and obviously there is a lot of overlap.

    2. I agree with James. While I don’t think generalizations are necessarily a bad thing, I do think that there’s a thin line between generalizations and stereotypes, and I don’t care for stereotypes.

      I think a “black personality type” is going a bit too far on the stereotype side. I’m not sure what type of blacks we’re referring to? African-Americans or Muslim desert nomads in Niger?

      Is there a white personality type? I mean you can have animated, gregarious Italians, and then you have the frigid, morose Russians. I’m sure you’ll find similar diversity of personality within all races depending on the country and culture in which they were reared.

      Sometimes people stereotype African-Americans like they are these happy-go-lucky people, then will turn around and say all we do is whine and complain about being victims and how bad we have it. Can’t have it both ways.

  8. Alpha Unit certainly does have the “Black Personality” type because her needle is stuck on race. Only American black women obsess on race. The others, even the dark ones from places you can neither spell nor pronounce, talk about shoes and shampoos. Why are you carrying Alpha Unit around, like a sustainable reusable hemp grocery bag, anyway? I don’t get why she allowed you to adopt her. Why doesn’t she go get her own damn blog? Ever since she showed up here it’s like having a discussion about radio repair and being interrupted every half hour by an attention whore proffering a plate of cookies no one wants right now. Please send her and her rectitude over to the shock blog. Thank you.

    1. That’s ridiculous. You know very well that if you look in the archives of this blog, race and race-realism has always been one of the cornerstone issues this blog openly discusses, and that’s without Alpha Unit’s posts.

    2. Thanks, tulio, for that reminder.

      Whodareswings is being disingenuous here. He doesn’t really mind people with stuck needles. When I first got here this place had plenty of people whose needles were stuck on race–they were White men. He doesn’t object to any of it.

      The biggest attention whores around here are people whose needle is stuck on the Jews. He doesn’t mind any of it.

      He’s just venting.

  9. “If Black men are good looking (by the objective views of many White women) Black women must be good looking too.”

    Non-overlapping sets. A finds B attractive. B finds C attractive. C finds D attractive. Does A find D attractive necessarily? That’s probably what you’re seeing. I don’t think Black women are low ranked in terms of features which signify health and symettry certainly, but maybe in some other features. Black men definitely don’t turn to White women because being Black determenistically makes a woman ugly, though it might be a net negative to overall female attractiveness.

    “Blacks are less neotenous than Whites”

    Black people are actually quite neotenous, in terms of facial features, possibly more so than Asian, certainly more than Whites. Prominent lips, small chin and lower jaw size (Asians have strong jawlines, a very non-neotenous characteristic), flat and broad and short nose, prognatheous, baby-like forehead, flat brow ridge. Not like mature faced Caucasoid folks, with large and square chins and jaws (actually a very Homo Sapiens characteristic, even if the opposite of neoteny, i.e. chimps and ancestral Homo are more neotenous on this one than us), thin lips and prominant noses, slight brow ridges. Not the case for body proportions, but that is a factor of climate, as I think is head length. Of course, in terms of parietal expansion and midfacial length, which are the elements of neoteny which actually have meaningful correlates in terms of change in human behaviour and aren’t just some weak hair and fat soft tissue bullshit, all the major races are basically identical (though I believe subraces may differ somewhat).

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