Islam As A “Super Culture”

In the post Race, Crime, Genes, Culture, Capitalism, Urbanization: Some Puzzles (How is that for a title?), I discussed the possibilities that “super-cultures” may exist that exert incredible influence on the genes of the persons living in those cultures. Super-cultures have “gene-warping effects, such that gene expression is warped in a profound way, often for the better.

The example of the Moriori was given, at first one of the most ferociously evil people on Earth, transformed via a Superculture into one of the most pacifistic people on Earth, so pacifist, that they got almost completely genocided due to their inability to fight back when faced with the true Maori who attacked them in the 1800’s.

I also suggested that Islam is a Superculture. Blacks living under Islam have a fairly low crime rate rate, including a violent crime rate, and they have a relatively low level of the social pathologies that we have come to associate with Blacks all over the world. Something about Islam is so gene-warping that it is modifying typical gene expression in Blacks.

A commenter, who opposes Islam, comments below. I agree with his comments in many ways. Let us say that I do not think that the West is compatible with Islam. We can handle a few of them, but once we get over a certain tipping point it is not going to be a tea party anymore. Here in the secular, let it all hang out West, Islam is pretty much the opposite of what we want in a society.

On the other hand, I believe in people’s rights to live how they choose, and if Muslim countries wish to live under Islam, so be it. This goes along with the principle of self-determination that we advocate here on this blog. Muslims can be Muslims all they want to in Muslim countries.

Nevertheless, Muslims do not seem to do so well as minorities in non-Muslim nations. There is a sense that Muslims are not required to live under infidel rule, and in fact, they seem to bristle at the very notion. Never mind that there are correlates in Islamic Law that state that Muslims in infidel countries must follow infidel law, else just go home. This is a more liberal reading of Islamic Law. It is rather disturbing that once they get to around 3-

And once you get a large Muslim minority, you usually have some sort of an insurgency, often a separatist one, on your hands. Philippines, Thailand, India, China, Russia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, and Israel are good examples. While some of these are justified, the take home point, if you are a non-Muslim country, seems to be to not allow large Muslim minorities to even get started in the first place.

That word super culture. I don’t think it should be used to describe Islam…I don’t even think Islam is a culture. In fact, Islam is anti culture. Think about it. All the demands Muslims make around the world in non-Muslim countries they live in…which actually have culture…are subtractive.

They are against dance, music, mixing of genders, fashion, women, gays, sex, alcohol, etc…they offer no replacement for the things they want to subtract…except prayer and boring lifeless existence. They are anti-culture…and culture can not survive Islam…at least not without going underground.

I don’t think Islam is a religion either…not as much as it is a regimented way of life and control…those are its key elements…with fear of violent punishments for the slightest dissent…that’s why in Black Islamic communities, Blacks cannot be violent and criminal…because the consequences are basically…death.

Yes it’s a gene warping thing…un-natural selection…sticking to the system without deviating one inch…ensures survival and breeding…making each next generation more genetically fanatically religious. Gradually the power of rational thinking and logic and ability to question dogma is bred out altogether.

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11 thoughts on “Islam As A “Super Culture””

  1. I hear that Islam prohibits sexual postions where ones feat touch the floor because they fear it might lead to dancing.

  2. I’m not sure I follow this super-culture affects genes argument, unless the suggestion is that if a society becomes less tolerant of violence, the violent members will be killed before reproduction.

    Islam is a codification of the Arab culture of the period in which it originated. Water and food were scarce and there was no real manufacturing or other value-added economy. Raid and plunder of rival tribes was the most useful vocation. Most of the Koran deals with Muhammed’s successful career as a raider after the Meccan period, and contains laws detailing whom and when you can plunder, how the spoils will be divided, and how a tribe should deal with the ones who violate its code.

    That’s why it’s so staunch in partitioning the world into its own followers and others, and has no version of the Golden Rule applicable outside its tribe:

    1. Hi Randy, it doesn’t effect genes at all. That would be Lamarckian and of course acquired traits are not passed on.

      You didn’t understand the argument. A Super-Culture effects gene *expression*. That’s all it does.

      You are correct that Islam stems from Arab culture of the time, and Islam is after all an Arab religion first and foremost. Some areas that have been Islamicized have also been effectively Arabized. The Pashtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan are a particularly glaring example, as are the Berbers, the Iranians, the Afghans, the Turks, the people of the Caucasus.

      I do not believe that the Muslims of India, Burma, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines or Indonesia are Arabized peoples. I also believe that all of Southern Christian Europe has been effectively “Arabized”, as has all of Latin America. You can’t really understand Hispanics or Latin Americans until you realize that these are an effectively Arabized people.

      1. Indians are not even acknowledged as equal to Saudis. The Indian Muslims are discriminated like the black Muslims in Saudi and other middle Eastern countries.

        1. A-Man, I am going to have to ban you. Regular commenters have to donate at least $10 to post on the board. When you want to donate, I will let you back on. If you have some hardship that makes it so you cannot pay, email me and we will see if we can work something out. In the meantime, good luck.

  3. Let us say that I do not think that the West is compatible with Islam. We can handle a few of them, but once we get over a certain tipping point it is not going to be a tea party anymore.

    That’s a bit of a change from your agitated exclamations that Muslims are “no problem!” in America. I wonder if your new attitude means that perhaps immigration should be terminated — after all, what’s the point of shipping in people you know beforehand you’re not going to gel with? Or is your brain still a ways from making that connection?

    1. Actually, this has been my position from the very start. Nevertheless, compared to the problems of Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, and the UK, I don’t think our Muslims are causing us much problems here. But it may just be a question of numbers after all. They seem to have quite a few more of them than we do. Also our Muslims seem to be a higher caliber. Many have university degrees and good jobs, whereas a lot of the ones in Europe were imported as cheap labor or as refugees. Both types make poor citizens.

      Of course I would not be so insane as to call for ending immigration altogether. This is something that the lunatic White nationalists are always demanding that I call for, but even WN’s surely want to allow in any White folks who want to come here. They just want to end *non-White* immigration! So we catch the WN’s in yet another of the endless lies that they spin.

      And thx for stopping by, silver.

    2. Definitely America’s Muslims (who are overwhelmingly legal immigrants) were selectively chosen for high education, in contrast to Europe’s.

      In the interest of space, I won’t copy the whole article here (just link), but the gist of it is, a western country needs to keep its Muslim population between “opens ethnic restaurants” and “demands changes to public school cirricula.”

  4. Interesting post and interesting website. I’m a new reader and come here quite often to read your posts.

    I’m Muslim and I think you need to meet more Muslims. As should many of the commenters on this site. Real life experience with flesh and blood Muslims tends to make arguments about Islam and generalisations about Islam/Muslims more focused and accurate.

    As far the commenter who says that Islam is an anti-culture or that it kills culture and that Islam is basically a crystallised version of 7th century Arabia I have two general observations:

    1. Although it is correct there have always been puritan extremist movements throughout Islamic history, in fact Islamic law recognizes the concept of religious extremism, the Islamic world is not the only culture where these kinds of movements have occurred. This country was essentially founded by religious extremists (Puritans). In fact I’ve read that the Ivy League schools, which were all started as religious motivated schools, essentially were created one by one because one school would be accused of being too “secular and worldly” and dissidents would break off and start another Ivy League school. So Harvard became too secular, lets make Princeton.

    It is also true that these many of extremist movements always tried to aggressively abolish what many would consider mankinds greatest achievements such as art, music, high culture ect. Theres an ibn Khaldunian argument I could make here about decadence. But many of these movements were able to gather followers because of their austere lifestyle and their committment at least verbally to justice. The decadent cities (such as mediavel Baghdad) were places where religion was kept to the wayside and the rich oppressed the poor. Many of the extremist movements usually recruited from the rural mountainous areas like the Berbers in North Africa or the Afghans or the desert Arabs. People who were not sophisticated but relaltively honest and had a sense of nobility that was lacking in the city with its musicians, its mociing poets, its lascvicious women, the caliphs essentially having like 6,000 sluts to have sex with etc.

    Many of these extremist movements and their principles and their brutal methods actually have secular counterparts in the many Marxist and Maoist rebels that have sprang up and swarmed like locusts in the last 100 plus years. Remember “Western decadence” was a common phrase one heard in Soviet propoganda. By the way the very secular and modern fascist movements were also like this.

    Which brings me to another point about “Islam not being a culture.” These Muslim extremists would fight other Muslims ….who had culture!!!! A lotof culture. Under Muslim rule, the islamic world was a land of poetry, music, deep philosophy, science, literature for hundreds of years. The best classical musicians in India are not Hindus, but Muslims. Taj Mahal was created by Muslim sultan. When these racist BJP Hindutva types were in power , if they were consistent with their rhetoric, they should have tore down the Taj mahal. But of course they didnt! They make money off Muslim acheivements but wish to gain and hold power by demonising the Muslims in their society. A sickness of the heart indeed.

    Within the last 100 years after attempting to secularise and wear suit pants and ties, the so called muslim countries are pathetic and I wouldnt expect a white Westerner to really respect someone who is trying hard to be a clone. We call that person a tool where I was growing up.

    2. Re: Islam being a crystallised version of 7th century Arabia.

    This is false on the face. The only people who tried to execute Muhammed (pbuh) repeatedly were Arabians! The Arabs were the first enemies of Islam! The Quran repeatedly makes mention of the Arab pagans holding onto their beleifs not because they were right but because thats what their fathers knew. How dare this Muhammed say their fathers were wrong for worshiping statues?Many of the first converts to Islam were usually Habashi (Abyssinian) slaves, people who were on the margins of Arab society. Muhammed (pbuh) explicitly made mention that an Arab has no advatage over a non-Arab or vice versa except through faith. Belly dancing is part of Arab culture, but yet you dont see Muslims in Pakistan wanting to be bellydancers because Arabs do it. No ,contemporary Muslims want to emulate the early Muslims. Much like people in this country want to go back to the founding fathers and find out what they said and how they envisioned this country to be guided.

    If anything, an argument can be made that the Enlightenment fundamentalists wish to impose their European particularities and present it as universal. Enlightenment is about questioning tradition whereever you are, not turning into a French philosophe. Just because Europeans questioned their tradition and changed in a certain trajectory does not mean that if Muslims do the same, that all of a sudden the capitals of the Muslim world will become paris and people will becomes libertines. Westerners are the biggest enemies to their own high ideals.

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