Human Kebabs

Shades of Murder in a Russian Forest in this story, except the motive was hatred, not fun, and the perpetrators were fellow bums. But it does look like Russian forests are great places to kill middle aged guys with sharp and blunt objects. I would think that all the serious killers around the globe ought to be migrating to Russia to enjoy the prime killing grounds.

Does it ever seem to you that murder with a blunt or sharp object is more “intimate” than murder by throwing a switch or shooting someone? I know that seems horrible, but that is what I thought a while back. I was into homicidal fantasies, but they weren’t really fantasies, they were more harmless neurotic phenomena if you get my drift.

Anyway, you really did need to get up close and personal with the victim in order to stab or bash them to death, so there seemed to be an “intimacy” there as opposed to say, some chickenshit driveby shooting. I mean, you’re on top of the victim. Hell, you’re almost making love to them while you are bashing and slashing the mortal coil off of them. Thoughts?

A little cannibal touch there. Sorry, no cannibal vids on Robert Lindsay yet. Hopefully, we will be getting some shortly! So we have murder in a forest, plus they ate the guy, probably because they were bums and they were hungry. Afterward, being enterprising bums, of course they sold the tasty bits to the local kebab shop to make some money off the homicide and let other hungry people have some nutritious meat to consume in the hard Russian winter.

They were caught. I love the last line though.

It was not immediately clear if any customers had been served.

I actually laughed when I read this story. I don’t know if that means there is something wrong with me or what.

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One thought on “Human Kebabs”

  1. If you ask anyone with real combat experience, they will tell you that blade work and melee combat is far more traumatic than spraying a couple of 5.56’ers into the horizon.

    Makes sense really. The natural human resistance to killing (there is one in most human beings) becomes stronger as combat gets closer. There is also a much larger psychological element to killing with anything other than a firearm. I think that the brutal physical effort involved is part of it, as you are struggling and straining to kill another human being, ignoring their screams and their blood spraying into your face etc. Unpleasant business. This is why I think that gun control, to a sensible degree, makes sense. Killing someone with a gun is much easier in many ways than using a knife, true, there are lunatics who have gone on knife rampages, but guns make killing someone a far more realistic option for otherwise ‘normal’ people.

    The fact of it is, is that killing a human beings under most circumstances is a socially dysfunctional act. Which means that the people that find it ‘easier’ are similarly dysfunctional.

    Anyway, it’s horrible subject matter, so i’ll leave this one to the cyber-badasses.

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