Muslims Are Dumbfucks Too


In addition to all the other problems with Islam, and I believe that they are considerable, it turns out that Muslims are complete dumbfucks when it comes to science. As you can see in the article, Islam is opposed to the Theory of Evolution. It’s often said that this is yet another problem with Islamic fundamentalism, but actually the rejection of evolution is across the board with Muslims, with a majority, and possibly a vast majority, of Muslims rejecting Darwinism, including most moderate and liberal Muslims.

Like everything else between the West and Islam, Evolution is coded in the Muslim World as a tool of Western imperial hegemony. Battles are being fought all over the Muslim World, mostly in the moderate states, to remove evolution from the public school curriculum. These battles have been most prominent in moderate states like Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt and Lebanon. I assume that in the rest of Dumbfuck Land (excuse me, I mean the Muslim World) evolution is simply not taught in schools so there is no curriculum to remove.

Now that the battle against Idiot Christian Creationists has been all but won in the West (despite a 60% majority of Americans rejecting evolutionary theory), the next battle will move to the Muslim World. What is even more disturbing is that Islamic Creationism is being taken up by Muslim progressives, liberals and more secular types as some sort of a way to bridge Islam and science, religion and the secular world.

Belief in Evolution
Nation             % Believing in evolution
Iceland*           80
Denmark*           80
Sweden*            80
France*            80
United States**    40
Turkey**           25
Indonesia**        16
Pakistan**         14
Egypt**             8

*Smart countries
**Dumbshit countries

So, in addition to making people violent, (Yes, Islam makes people violent indeed.) Islam also makes people stupid. A stupid person is just an idiot, but a violent stupid person is a dangerous idiot, and that is another matter altogether.

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19 thoughts on “Muslims Are Dumbfucks Too”

  1. We know where most of those 60% live, don’t we? I’ve believed for a while that the US could solve most of its socio-political problems if we asked to re-negotiate the Treaty of Appomattox and demand that the South secede.

    I just saw your table of national IQs from the Latin America thread, and most Mulim nations are about 85-90. The have the mental age of middle schoolers. What would you get if your country was run by middle schoolers who had a holy book telling them they were superior to the adults? You’d get Lord of the Flies, which is about what the Middle East is.

    The thing about Latin America is how stratified they are. Every nation has a white over-class who owns most of the wealth, so you have the largely inevitable results from IQ stratification.

  2. I have been a fan of you Robert. But am really disappointed to find you making such insulting remarks about Islam and Muslims. I am sure you have broken the heart of many Muslims who visit your site.
    The reason why Muslims do not believe in theory of Evolution is that the Story of Creation is told very clearly in the Quran. Every Muslim believes Quran to be word of God free of any error, and precise and correct by all means. A person will not remain Muslim any more if he believes in parts of the Quran and rejects parts of it. I don’t know what is the rule in Christianity and Judaism.

    I am not an expert on the issue. You can Google Haroon Yahya. He has written several books on the clash between Darwinism and Islam.

    You say Islam makes people violent. I wonder how many Muslims were involved in the two World Wars. Were Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini and others Muslims? Weren’t they all progressive, civilized secularists? The casualties during a single week of the second world war were probably more than casualties on both sides in all wars in the entire history of Islam. Please don’t equate what the Taliban and Al-qaida do with Islam.

    We have had enough of Talibanism in this part of the world and we are really sick of it. But there are also atheist Taliban in the west who cares little about what others believe in.

    I think we should respect other people’s faith though we may not share it.

    You are a genius Robert and there are a lot of other interesting issues. I hope you as ever provide us with your useful information about them rather than attack our religion.

    Take care

    1. “The reason why Muslims do not believe in theory of Evolution is that the Story of Creation is told very clearly in the Quran. Every Muslim believes Quran to be word of God free of any error, and precise and correct by all means. A person will not remain Muslim any more if he believes in parts of the Quran and rejects parts of it.”

      This is why almost no new discoveries ever come out of Muslim nations. Muslim nations are literally caught in the seventh century. (I recognize that the Muslims who are in America are a select group.)

      “South Korea (50 million people) issues more patents in any single year than the entire Muslim world (1500 million) in the last 30 years . “–

    2. Oh, I’m sorry Barai. I’m sort of mad I guess because that Muslim psychiatrist shot up our own troops at Fort Hood. That’s why I said that Islam makes people violent. We are all still pretty mad about that guy shooting our own soldiers in this country.

      The truth is that there is no need for Muslims to reject evolution. I do not believe that the Koran says anything whatsoever about evolution or how man was created, is that not correct? In fact, there are elements of the Koran that could be interpreted as pro-evolution.

      But as I said, there is no reason to have this opinion. For instance, Shiism, as interpreted by the Guardian Council in Iran, has decided that Evolution is compatible with Islam. Hence, Iranian schools teach the theory of Evolution with no problems whatsoever. This is similar to the Catholic Church in Christianity. The Vatican has also decided that Evolution is a fact.

      I am a Christian myself, so I am a religious believer. And I do attend Church sometimes, usually a Catholic Mass even. I really enjoy the experience.

      This is just ridiculous though. The Muslims are going to get further and further behind unless they get on board the Science train.

      I believe that Haroon Yahya is the Turkish guy. He’s sort of an idiot actually.

      One thing I will say for the Muslims is that they don’t worry about how old the Earth is or any of that. It could be 6,000 or 6 billion years old and it makes no difference at all to them.

      I wonder if it is Islam that is retarding the Arabs though. The Arab World only translates 300 books a year. That’s as much as Greece does. Since 1500, the Arab World has translated as many books as Spain has.

    3. Ignorance. You need to learn some factual history, not the modern revisionist fallacies being propagated by the enemies of democracy.

  3. Yes, stop the muslim bashing. How many muslim psychiatrists have been shot by Americans, or doctors, dentists, scientists, engineers, teachers ….? In Iraq, most of them, it seems. And it’s early days to jump to conclusions about that Fort Hood business, though of course the zionazis are already having a field day.

  4. I think the biggest dumbshits were those who thought importing dumbshit muslims was a good idea.

    I believe its part of a Zionist plot to make Israels problems, our problems. Even though muslims are dumbshits, we should not allow Jews to goad us into killing them.

    Even if Islam did promote hostile idiots, It is preferable to Judaism, which is nothing but genocidal vendetta laced with proscribed ritual.

    Society needs to be at hieghtened alert that we not be used as a Jewish tool, in what appears to be a coming civilazational clash. .

    1. I love the way you write, cursed. Your prose style and the content of your writing is glorious. Even if I don’t agree with you.

      There is some truth to what you say. Some of the top neocons are actually on record as saying that they wanted to get the US involved in occupying a Muslim country, being an occupying army, which would of course elicit an Islamist and even nationalist response, which would make Americans feel like Israelis, and make Israel’s problems our problems. They did this by getting the US into Iraq as an invading and then occupying force.

      Just like the dancing Israeli spies filming the burning Twins on 9-11 said something to that effect too. That’s why they were dancing. Israel’s problems were now our problems.

      I don’t see why we should be importing any Muslims with radical or fundamentalist sympathies at all. They have no place in our society. They belong in some Muslim country instead.

      It was a very bad idea to import all those Muslims into Europe. That just has not worked out well at all.

  5. How many Muslims have been killed by Americans via wars and sanctions? Millions.

    How many American servicemen have been killed in wars spawned by Israel-first Jewish neocons? Thousands.

    Fort Hood.. If you were a member of an army, and you were forced to slaughter your own people, what would you do? Passively follow the crowd into killing your own people? Or fight back? What would be the moral choice?

    1. The whole idea that he objected to killing fellow Muslims is ridiculous. There are many, many Muslims fighting on our side in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Muslims are killing Muslims in very large numbers in both of those places. It’s ridiculous. The very idea that these are “wars against Islam” is pretty much radical Islamic ideology.

      There are MANY Muslims in both places who support us and are fighting alongside us. In Iraq, the government supports our mission. In fact, many Sunnis now support our mission too because we are the only thing that is protecting them from the Shia. They are really afraid that if we leave, the Shia will massacre them, so they don’t really want us to go.

      In Afghanistan, it is only Pashtuns who are fighting against us. The Tajiks, Hazara and Uzbeks are all behind us 100%. They’re all Muslims. How is this war on Muslims if these groups want us there?

      The guy got caught up in radical Islamic theology and frankly went over to the other side. He went over to the side of radical Islam and the Baath fighting us in Afghanistan (Taliban, Hekmatyar, etc.) and Iraq (Iraqi Al Qaeda, Baath Party). There isn’t really any legitimate nationalist armed opposition anymore in either country.

  6. well i dont know who is teaching all those muslims. you have correctly pointed out that verses from the quran can be interpreted as pro-evolution.
    The quran specifically mentions that Allah is both
    Al Khaliq (The Creator) and
    Al Bari (The Shaper or Evolver)
    just as he is Al Rehman (The Merciful).
    If you don’t believe in evolution, your belief in Allah and His attributes and consequently your islamic faith is flawed!!!

    however, im very suspect of neo-darwinsm as it can be used (and has been used in the past) to cause a lot of shit.

    1. Darwinists are often extremely anti-religion, the hardcore science types anyway. They often go on a jihad against religion. I understand your fears about the fanatical Darwinists, which I am not one. Of course I believe in evolution, but I also respect religion, in fact I am religious myself.

  7. Muslims are not only violent but also stupid? What a blatantly prejudiced and ignorant generalization! In fact the Arab World tended to be much more secular and enlightened in the middle ages than the Christian west. It just happens that nowadays Arabs and Muslims, for socio-political circumstances which the Imperial west has played an essential rule in setting up, tend to be more conservative and literalist in their interpretation of the Quran.

    “Battles are being fought all over the Muslim World, mostly in the moderate states, to remove evolution from the public school curriculum.” Really?!

    “I assume that in the rest of Dumbfuck Land evolution is simply not taught in schools so there is no curriculum to remove.” How do you know that?!

    You’re just as fatuously ignorant and obviously prejudiced as the Islamist Fundamentalists.

  8. “There are MANY Muslims in both places who support us and are fighting alongside us.” just the pro-American dictator governments in the Arab and Muslim worlds, which are called “moderates” by US media liers, and their armies that you helped install. Such as the pro-American Talibans of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan among others.

  9. While I understand your feelings after the Fort Hood incident, your attacks against Islam are indeed unwarranted.

    I am a Muslim, and almost everyday I get to read news of Palestinians being killed, maimed, injured, have their homes bulldozed or their land taken.

    And I am fully aware that the Israelis have been able to commit these horrendous crimes against the Palestinians with the complicity of the Americans.

    Yet I don’t go around attacking Judaism and Christianity.

    At least Robert if you ever wonder how Muslims feel when we read the news about Palestinians or Iraqis, now you know.

    You feel aggrieved about Fort Hood. And you should. Those killed were one of your own. Yet you failed to understand that that’s how we feel when our own are killed by one of your own ( as in Iraq ) or through the explicit approval of one of your own ( as in Palestine ).

    If you have the right to feel aggrieved, so do we. If some of us killed by way of shootings, then please remember that your kind kill us by way of arterial bombings.

    This is not to say that what happened in Fort Hood is justified. Of course not. Indeed from the Islamic point of view, it is not.

    Yes, I’m sure that surprises you.

    You accused Islam as being violent and teaching Muslims to be violent.

    That cannot be further from than the truth.

    If you care to notice, much of the anti-American sentiments arising in the Muslim world have to do with American support for Israel, American support for corrupt Arab regimes and American willingness to invade Arab countries for oil.

    Half a million Iraqi babies die from the sanctions placed by the US in order to punish Saddam Hussein – the same Saddam Hussein which the Reagan administration had secretly supported against Iran. Indeed, even when the US had evidence of Hussein’s excesses against the Kurds, the Americans did not wane in their support for him.

    To punish a monster it had helped created, your country killed the very people the Americans had helped to oppress.

    Understand our anger. This is what makes some Muslims violent. Not Islam.

    Look at it.

    Why were the targets American, and after the Iraqi invasion, British and Spanish ?

    Why weren’t there attacks against say Brazil ? Or Switzerland ? Or Colombia ?

    You have quite miserably failed to understand why there are violent Muslims and instead of trying to educate yourself, you simply play the ” lets blame Islam” game.

    The Quran says that to kill an innocent human life is like killing all of humanity and to save an innocent human life is like saving all of humanity.

    Islam even teaches that an animal unjustifiably killed is a sin and the sinner will be asked about it on the day of judgment.

    The Quran is very explicit when it says that Muslims have to treat non-Muslims justly if they do not wage war on Muslims.

    Indeed when Islam commands Muslims not to steal, lie, cheat or rob etc, it applies whether Muslims are dealing with Muslims or non-Muslims. This mean that the sin of cheating a Muslim is the same as cheating a non-Muslim.

    Another example is regarding the rights of neighbours. The Prophet said ” A Muslim who goes to bed with his stomach full knowing that his neighbour is hungry is not one of us. ” Here the Prophet made no difference between a Muslim or a non-Muslim neighbour.

    Remember Robert – when Conversos were expelled from Christian Spain, many of them sailed for the Muslim lands including the Ottoman Empire. Here those Jews were had been forcibly baptised in Spain openly announced their reversion to Judaism once they reached Ottoman shores.

    Don’t mistake political reactions to political situations as being religious motivated. The facts just don’t support your claim.

    You claim that Islam makes Muslims stupid.

    Again, that is furthest from the truth.

    The Prophet said ” It is incumbent upon every Muslim man and woman to learn from the cradle to the grave. ” He also said ” Learn, even if you have to go to China. ”

    The Quran is full of encouragements for Muslims to study, learn and investigate.

    What do you think the impetus of the early Muslims was when they researched and preserved Greek knowledge and expanded them and later added on tremendously from their own investigations and research ?

    Look at the various Muslim polymaths such as Avicenna, Averroes. Al-Haytham and Al-Khwarizmi – they were scientists as well as religious scholars.

    The Quran is full of scientific statements which you take today as bona fide.

    In Al-Anbiyaa verse 30, the Quran speaks of the heavens and the earth as one unit of creation before being split apart. Big Bang ? In the same verse, the Quran speaks of all living things being created from water.

    In Adz-Dzaariyat verse 47, the Quran speaks of an expanding universe.

    Just two of many.

    To argue that by rejecting evolution, Islam makes Muslims stupid is ridiculous. The fact is many points of evolution do not pan out. Until today, we have not discover the missing links for example.

    Muslims are lacking behind today not because of Islam. Certainly Islam places great emphasis on learning. Muslims are in this state today because we do not follow Islam as it should. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any illiterate Muslim in the world today.

    Indeed if Islam makes Muslims stupid, how then Islam had produced countless great scientists in the past ?

    Perhaps it should interest you to know that in an age where European women were uneducated and left pregnant in the kitchen, Islam were already producing women scholars.

    These include Fatimah Bint Al-Mundhir who taught hadiths to her husband the scholar Hisham Bin ‘Urwah Bin Al-Zubayr. While another Fatimah, the daughter of the scholar Muhammad Bin Ahmad Bin Abu Ahmad ‘Ala-Al-Din Al-Samarqandi, would issue religious edicts together with her father.

    Umm al-Darda’ ( d. 700 AD) was regarded during her time to be an important traditionist and a judge of undisputed ability and merit, to be superior to all the other traditionists of the period, including the celebrated male masters of hadith like al-Hasan al-Basri and Ibn Sirin.

    Karima al-Marwaziyya ( d. 1070 AD ) was considered the best authority on the Sahih of al-Bukhari in her own time that Abu Dharr of Herat, one of the leading scholars of the period, attached such great importance to her authority that he advised his students to study the Sahih under no one else, because of the quality of her scholarship.

    Zaynab bint Ahmad (d. 1339 AD ), usually known as Bint al-Kamal, acquired ‘a camel load’ of diplomas; she delivered lectures on the Musnad of Abu Hanifa, the Shamail of al-Tirmidhi, and the Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar of al-Tahawi, the last of which she read with another woman hadith scholar, Ajiba bin Abu Bakr.

    Umm Hani Maryam (1376-1466 AD) learnt the Qur’an by heart when still a child, acquired all the Islamic sciences then being taught, including theology, law, history, and grammar, and then travelled to pursue hadith with the best traditionists of her time in Cairo and Mecca. She was also celebrated for her mastery of calligraphy, her command of the Arabic language, and her natural aptitude in poetry. She pursued an intensive program of learning in the great college of Cairo, giving certifications to many scholars. Among her students were the scholar Ibn Fahd who studied several technical works on hadith under her.

    Asma bint Kamal al-Din (d. 1498 AD) wielded great influence with the sultans and their officials, to whom she often made recommendations – which, we are told, they always accepted.

    Among the great male Muslim scholars who had female teachers included the famous historian of Damascus, Ibn Asakir who had 80 women teachers including Zaynab bint Abd al-Rahman who taught him the Muwatta of Imam Malik.

    The scholar Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti was taught the Risala of Imam Shafii by the female scholar Hajar bint Muhammad. Afif al-Din Junayd, another hadith scholar read the Sunan of al-Darimi with Fatima bint Ahmad ibn Qasim.

    As final words, as much as I understand your feelings when you wrote that offensive, ignorant article, I think you deserve your Muslim readers myself included an apology.

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