Many Major New Records On Robert Lindsay This Week

Most spectacularly, a new record for highest traffic in a month was set, smashing the old record by over 266,000 hits. This represents a near tripling of the old record, or a 161% increase.

Old record: 165,277: September 2009
New record: 431,679: October 2009

Equally stunning, a new new record for highest traffic in a week was set, completely destroying the previous record. The old record was crushed by 75,000 hits, an 84% increase or near-doubling of the previous record. It was mostly driven by massive traffic coming from Korea to see this post. If you can luck into the Korean Internet, you stand a chance of generating huge traffic. I have a feeling that the Korean Web is a neglected area.

Old record: 89,933: October 12-18
New record: 165,079: October 2-8

On November 3, the record for second highest hits in a day was broken, breaking the old record by almost 8,000 hits and coming within only 222 hits of setting a new daily record.

This post was particularly popular, and a vast number of visitors were coming in from South Korea, which is one of the most wired countries on Earth. I also believe that they have the fastest broadband speeds on Earth too. My understanding is that this is due to heavy state involvement in broadband.

If you get popularly linked on a South Korean site, prepare for one of the most massive traffic floods you have ever seen. At one point, they were coming in at 2,000 visitors/hour, or over 30 visitors/minute.

Old record:  13,964 October 22
New record:  21,698 November 3

Immediately after that, an incredible new record for highest traffic in a day was set when the site was bombarded with hits from South Korea. This post was the main attraction. The new record more than doubled the old record, completely smashing it.

Old record: 21,920 October 16
New record: 45,160 November 4

The new second highest day record was immediately broken 2 days later, when a new record of 39,453 was set, nearly doubling the previous record. On the Wordpress site, this post and Alpha Unit’s latest were popular.

Old record: 21,920 October 16
New record: 39,453 November 5

On November 6, a new record for 3rd highest day was set, completely smashing the old record and surpassing it by 75% or 16,000 hits. Once again, this piece was a hit, though the Korean translation also did quite well. On the WordPress site, for some reason this old article about Valuev, the Russian boxer, was a hit. It’s not known what drove the Valuev traffic (Was his name in the news for some reason?)

Old record: 3. 21,920 October 16
New record: 37,592 November 6

The next day, the record for 4th highest day was set, breaking the old record by almost 40%. On the WordPress site, these two very strange posts were once again popular. It almost goes to show that at least here on this site, it’s the weirder the better as far as traffic goes.

Old record: 21,920 October 16
New record: 29,472 November 7

The very next day, a new record for 5th highest traffic was set, breaking the old record by about 40%. What was interesting about the previous record was that when it was originally set, I thought it would never be broken. Once again, these two posts were popular. Why people are suddenly searching about Valuev or the supposed nude pics of Obama’s Mom, I have no idea.

Old record: 21,920 October 16
New record: 27,901 November 8
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2 thoughts on “Many Major New Records On Robert Lindsay This Week”

  1. We like it here because of your menu. Sacred cow is served up hot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Glad that your blog is a such success

    1. Thx my friend! I am trying to reduce these posts to around once a week or so because they are pissing so many people off.

      Speaking of great food, have you ever had Basque food? Damn! That is some good food, man! Jesus Christ! I ate at a Basque restaurant last night, and it is damn good! I had Lamb Steak and Pickled Tongue. Wow!

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