Robert Lindsay Surpasses 1 Million Visitors

You can see the Sitemeter at the bottom of the page on the Blogger site. It took me almost five years to reach 1 million visitors on that site. What’s incredible is that at the rate we are going, I may reach 2 million readers in only 6 weeks or so. We’ve already added another 100,000 since the 1 million mark was passed. Subsequent million visitor marks may become so common that they are anticlimactic. I don’t have good visitor stats for this site on WordPress (only hits, not visitors) but I would guess that it is around 490,000.

We (not this site, the Blogger one) are now in the Top 325 blogs on the Internet as per The Truth Laid Bear. We are in the same range as Hugh Hewitt’s blog,, Gateway Pundit, Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Digby’s Hullabaloo.  Those are all huge, famous websites/blogs. It’s hard to believe that we are in the same territory as they are, since pretty much no one has ever even heard of us.

Which brings up a comment that commenter tulio made recently. He said that he didn’t think that hits mattered so much as comments. He may have a point. All of those sites above are bombarded with commenters on every single post, and most of them update more than once a day. In contrast, we don’t really get that many comments.

I don’t really see how being in the Top 325 blogs on the Net is sustainable for any significant length of time, but I guess I could be wrong. And that’s another difference. All of those sites listed above have been huge blogs for a very long time now. That’s quite a difficult feat. In contrast, my reaching them is probably more of a flash in the pan type thing.

I am really trying to cut down on the number of these posts lately, but I still do them now and again.

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