Robert Lindsay Now In The Top 350 Blogs On The Net

The Blogger site has been getting bombarded in the past few days with traffic some South Korea, where we really hit the jackpot. I’ve commissioned a couple of Korean translations. That site is averaging 15,371 visitors/day, putting it incredibly in the Top 350 blogs on the net as per The Truth Laid Bear. This site averages around 3,000.

Still no advertisers, though, which is kind of weird. If you’re interested, we want $50/week and around $170/month for an ad, which is just a median rate, or actually quite a bit below one.

I don’t understand advertising very well.

Newspapers have the added luxury of claiming more than 1 reader for every subscriber. For instance, our local newspaper has a circulation of 12,500 3 times weekly, but they figure 2.5 readers per issue. That’s probably an exaggeration, because with some folks it’s going to be zero readers per household for each issue. Anyway, they bump up their eyeballs rate to 36,000 readers three times a week. Of course those 36,000 are the same readers 3 times a week. Their effective circulation is something like 15,000/day I guess, if you average it out across the week.

As you can see, even small daily papers have effective circulation that is as large as the biggest blogs out there. The local large newspaper, the Fresno Bee, has a circulation around 300,000/day, day in and day out, I believe. If you factor in the 2.5X multiplier, you get something like 750,000 readers/day. That’s the size of the the biggest blogs around.

So you see that in terms of effective circulation, the print media still beats online media in terms of eyeballs. They’ve been losing ads mostly to Craigslist, which is offering free classifieds in most places, which is a price that is impossible to compete with.

Just thought I would give you an overview of the online advertising market. It’s not exactly the goldmine it is played up to be.

Anyway, a Top 350 blog is going to be very difficult to sustain for any significant amount of time, and I don’t expect this to last long at all.  But it’s nice to be up there with Marginal Revolution, Talk Left, Balloon Juice and Wizbang and the rest of the big boys if only for a few days or so.

I’m sorry I’m not writing much lately, but I’m exhausted and I’m a bit blocked too for some weird reason. Hopefully, Alpha Unit can keep on churning out some stuff in my absence.

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