"Questions From an Inquiring Mind," by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. The only answers I have to this question, after wondering about it for years now and even being afflicted myself for a bit, is that hardcore anti-Semitism looks and acts something like a mental illness. It doesn’t really have a corollary in the DSM, but Delusional Disorder (formerly paranoia or pure paranoia) or aspects of Paranoid Personality Disorder look something like this. Delusional Disorder is best because of its focus on a single cause and the frequent preservation of the personality. I know someone who has Delusional Disorder it is a pretty strange illness. Maybe I will discuss it sometime. I’m trying to understand something. People have tried to explain it to me and have provided links to information that is meant to enlighten me on the subject–but understanding eludes me. I am trying to figure out why I must feel aggrieved at Jews. Those that do feel aggrieved by them are uncommonly passionate about it. And they seem to have an urgent need to proselytize. I am not a complete stranger to this kind of thinking. I have always been curious about hatred toward Jews, because from the time I was young, I could not figure out why someone could be hated for something like being Jewish. So I have read some of the writings of those who resent Jews, those who make their case against Zionism, those who purport to expose all kinds of hidden history about a global conspiracy involving Jews. And yet none of it really moves me. If the world is, in fact, in the grip of this global syndicate, what is an ordinary person to do about it? Those who endlessly complain about it, what do you do besides complain? Since the international Jewish conspiracy renders your complaint futile, why do you persist? And why do some of you point fingers at the Jews whenever someone talks about the wrongdoing of Whites? I sort of have a guess about that, but maybe you can tell me.

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  1. First, I want to draw your and everyone’s attention to this hard to find essay I just discovered 2 days ago. This is possibly THE MOST ESSENTIAL essay I’ve come across. It’s by William Engdahl, author of ‘ A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order’. Engdahl is a serious writer, not a neo-nazi fruitcake, but if you’ve ever encountered such nuts ranting on about the New World Order being the continuation of the British Empire, and the Queen of England being the biggest drug-dealer in the world, well here you’ll find a ‘model’ that actually makes sense of some of this. Relevantly, Engdahl discusses the Rothschilds a lot, “jews who are not jews “. He doesn’t however, discuss the relationship between these ‘jews who are not jews’ and the jews who are very publicly and aggressively jews like the Bronfmans, Foxmans etc and their lobbies ostensibly for Israel. Maybe they hate each other; there are bound to be internal rivalries within any group. The question is whether they bury their differences for any common ‘jewish’ agenda. I would suspect so, because it would only be sensible for the Rothschilds to effect strategies to defend against gentile rivals using the ‘jew card’ (even if they’re now ‘not jews) against them. My guess is that it would be next to impossible to get solid info on the secret relationships between these super-rich, but maybe not. One problem with Engdahl, and it’s a big one admittedly, is that he doesn’t give sources in the text, but he says at least where he gets it from. But read it, and see if you find it plausible.
    The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros
    by William Engdahl
    EIR Investigation Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), November 1, 1996
    The dossier that follows is based upon a report released on Oct. 1 by EIR’s bureau in Wiesbaden, Germany, titled “A Profile of Mega-Speculator George Soros.” Research was contributed by Mark Burdman, Elisabeth Hellenbroich, Paolo Raimondi, and Scott Thompson.
    ” …hardcore anti-Semitism looks and acts something like a mental illness. ”
    Yes, because it often IS, or just an expression of the need to bully someone. But not always. And more importantly, hardcore philo-semitism, which is much more prevalent, also looks and acts like a mental illness. This manifests in the jews being excused for everything forever because of the Holocaust. The jews have replaced Christ; now it’s the jews who died so mankind might be saved. Well, I’m not buying it. Compare our attitudes to gaming/ betting and to Wall Street first. The ‘authorities’ watch betting like a hawk, and if they find activity that is statistically unlikely by even a decimal point percentage, then the feds’ll be all over it like a rat up a drainpipe. But Wall Street is blatantly a rigged game and gets the blind eye. Not difficult to figure – the power of money. Now look at the percentages of jews in Wall Street, in the rich lists, billionaire lists, bankers…. Ok, I’ve said all this before, but we’re not allowed to notice that the jewish presence is at least 10 times what would be statistically expected. Note: a divergence of a few decimal points would be enough to indicate something wrong. It’s not correct to compare the percentages with ALL gentiles or other groups, because jews are rarely in the lower social groups ( you know, A, B, c1 etc – I can’t remember how they label them, but you know what I mean). Rather compare them to the gentile middle classes, those with some education and links to a community with experience of business. Marx and Lenin both identified jews as a ‘people class’, an ethnicity that is linked to an economic activity. Yuri Slezkine in his book ‘the Jewish Century’ shows that there is nothing unusual about this – there are many other such groups. So why do so many (not all, but nearly these days) self-proclaimed Marxists not only suspend their critical faculties over the percentages, but also over-rule Marx and Lenin when it comes to the jews. Why do they insist that jewish identity has no significance, is just like being born black or yellow or white for that matter. Leftists have no problem accepting that capitalism (initially anyway) favoured white races, because they were the first to industrialise/get guns etc. But they cannot (except for Marx and Lenin of course) even contemplate that capitalism also favoured the jews, because they were first into finance/banking etc. And it favours them even more now in the era of ‘total financialisation’. They can’t contemplate this because it would mean recognising that their is a solidarity amongst jews, that they give preference to their own, the way white people ‘did’ – I know we still do, but we are now nominally committed to stop it. Why should jews be exempt from ‘affirmative action’? The best you can hope for from ‘the left’ is something like ” the problem is capitalism, not the jews. Just a distraction – what would it serve to attack one group out of the elites?” Well, of course the jews aren’t the WHOLE problem or anything like it, but the point is – do you hear them arguing this about white racism, or for that matter murder, rape, bank robbery?
    ” Since the international Jewish conspiracy renders your complaint futile, why do you persist? ”
    Who says resistance is futile? Do you think MLK was wrong to fight Jim Crow? You’ve seen your stooge ‘president’ on his knees, paying homage to the Israel lobby; you know that the board of the Federal Reserve is almost exclusively jewish; that O’Barmy’s government is almost exclusively jewish… And there are ‘ Hate Crime’ laws in the pipeline that will effectively make it illegal for you even to mention these things. Are you ok with that?
    “And why do some of you point fingers at the Jews whenever someone talks about the wrongdoing of Whites? ”
    Well, the only instance of that I can think of off hand is those who claim the jews were behind the slave-trade. It would be very unlikely, I feel, that jews weren’t prominent amongst the financial backers of the trade, but they just played their part doing what they do, like the Africans who rounded them up and sold them, and the traders who bought them and shipped them, and the buyers on the other side. I’ve seen claims that the prevalence of slave-owning was much higher amongs the jews than anyone else in the Southern USA, but I don’t know if there’s any truth or significance in that.

    1. No, I am not in favor of any so-called hate crime laws that would outlaw mentioning things such as the influence of the Israel lobby, and so forth.

  2. You’ve heard the expression “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ineptitude”? I suspect Jewish conspiracy theories are a Pauline Kael* experience for people from educated backgrounds. Secular conservative Heather MacDonald once did an discussion/interview with Christian advocate Michael Novak. She describes on of her experiences in an interview:
    Q: Were you surprised at all at the reactions to your piece about your atheism?
    A: I had led such a sheltered life that I had never come across people like the letter writer who chastised me for not mentioning “God’s sacrifice of his Only Begotten Son” in my discussion with Michael Novak. For the letter writer, this sacrifice constituted unassailable proof of Christianity. That type of reasoning was new to me.
    *Kael was a columnist and film critic for the New York Times who said after Nixon’s landslide in 1972, “How can he have won? I don’t know a single person who voted for him.”

  3. Rewind the clock to 1980. The USA supported two apartheid states, Israel and South Africa. Suppose it had forced Israel to abandon apartheid and let the refugees back, but still supported South Africa to the hilt, sending it more aid than all other countries combined. Zionists and the left would correctly call this ‘white supremacy’. But that is not what happened. The US helped end white apartheid, but backs Jewish apartheid 110%. So what kind of supremacy is that? Is this question an example of what Alpha Unit calls ‘pointing fingers at the Jews whenever someone talks about the wrongdoing of Whites’?

    1. This question is not really what I’m referring to.
      An example of what I mean comes from the civil rights struggle in the US. The issue was White mistreatment of Blacks. But many Whites preferred to shift the focus away from their behavior and onto the behavior of Jews, whom they blamed for the trouble they were now having with Blacks.
      Another example comes from the discussion about the death threats against Obama. The suggestion was made that if anything did happen to Obama, the Jews would be to blame. Again, attention is drawn away from White wrongdoing and directed toward Jews.

  4. Sorry, I googled the Executive Intelligence Review whose report Engdahl based his report on. It’s Lyndon Larouche’s lot. I’m very disappointed in Engdahl. His book is very good – it DOES give sources, but not many. But I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt now over anything he doesn’t prove conclusively. I don’t know if you could say LaRouche was a neo-nazi, because it’s very hard to follow what he’s talking about, but let’s say his standards of evidence seem to be very low.

    1. LS
      I read your Engdahl article and found it informative. Thanks for the link,
      I’m not sure what to think of LaRouche. I used to be a regular reader of his website, but I’m still undecided about him. You are well read, a talented writer, and I respect your opinion. If you have the time and inclination please let me know why you find LaRouche not credible. He is very anti-british, but I always thought his anti-british rants were really aimed at the City of London’s finacial elite.

  5. Alpha Unit
    I can understand why you might be perplexed. Jews did champion the civil rights movement, and by doing so created an entry on the good side of the ledger at least from a black persons perspective.
    Jews are a dynamic people and have created many entries on both sides of the ledger, and it is hypocritical of whites to blame Jews for everything wrong in society, when we all know that it is the hoards of gentiles who vie with one another for Jewish table scrapes that really empower the Jews. Whites are not with out blame for this Jewish Golem.

  6. The reason Gentiles feel aggrieved at Jews is simply that the Ashkenazi Jews have taken over US politics completely. An in doing so, they have taken over the US, and the lives of those who live in it. And when you have control of the main Superpower, you have control most of the world.
    US Jews, despite their tiny proportion of the US populace (2.2%) contribute 60% of the total funds that US political candidates receive (calculations below). When you have that power, it doesn’t matter what other people think.
    Despite, or because, of this power – no one can mention it without being thrown out of polite society. The Jews are so ridiculously over-represented in the media and culture generally that everyone walks on eggshells around the issue. This means that the resentment and pressure builds and builds. This has happened for hundreds of years – the Jews gradually take over, the locals revolt, and the Jews are thrown out or massacred.
    When people compare it to a mental illness, well that makes complete sense. In North Korea, political criminals are judged to be mentally ill. The same in China, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Cambodia. Whenever someone is completely out-of-step with the dominant ideology, then it is easy to call them mentally ill.
    Take a typical Jewish name, Levinthal, and a typical gentile name, Jones.
    Find out their contributions here: http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/
    And their population here: http://names.mongabay.com/data/surnames_A.htm
    Divide the money they give by their population:
    Levinthals give $101.74 each
    Jones’ give $3.73
    So Jews (Levinthals) give 27.27 times more than Gentiles (Jones’)!
    So, 2.2% (US Jewish population) X 27.27 =
    60% of the money.

  7. Any gentile who reads through THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE by Kevin MacDonald Ph.d followed by THE JEWISH REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT And It’s Impact on World History by E. Michael Jones Ph.d without picking up a serious dose of anti-Semitism must be a crypto-Jew.
    For more on the eventual dissolution of the Jewish/Black dynamic in the US from a radical Jewish perspective read DESTRUCTIVE GENERATION: Second Thoughts About the ’60s by David Horowitz and Peter Collier.
    From The Occidental Observer’s Edmond Connelly
    This year I’ve been reading a decidedly non-racialist account of the black-Jewish alliance, written by Culture Wars editor E. Michael Jones. While I cannot agree with his insistence that the religious/spiritual is primary in this struggle, I do find much of great value in his wide-ranging writing.
    In the March issue (Vol. 27, No. 4), Jones addresses the founding of the NAACP and the role played by “revolutionary” Jews. Jones has long been at work on a book about the revolutionary Jew, and it now seems to be available as a colossal book of over 1,000 pages, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.
    Jones begins with a useful overview: “The founding of the NAACP marked the beginning of Jewish impact on American life. . . . The NAACP was a Jewish organization, run by a board with no black representatives. . . Harold Cruse [said it was created] ‘to fight anti-Semitism by remote control.'”
    Jones shows how these revolutionary Jews (“Spingarn argued for violent insurrection”) recruited a black face for the movement, and thus W.E.B. Du Bois became the public face for the NAACP. What is interesting is not just the fact that such Jews used blacks as a battering ram against white rule and independence, at the same time they prevented blacks from forming a nationalistic, particularistic society of their own.
    To wit, they mercilessly attack Booker T. Washington and his movement, using Du Bois as the main agent. Washington was destroyed by a manufactured “scandal”: “Washington, the leading black figure in America, was now associated with voyeurism and the fatal sin of sexual attraction to white women.”
    Jones sums up his essay thus: “Du Bois’s job at the NAACP was to delegitimatize any Negro leader whom the New York German Jewish elite found unacceptable.”
    In the June issue, Jones explains how “Du Bois moved on to his second job; the destruction of Marcus Garvey.” (The April and May issues deal with the Leo Frank Affair. Southerners especially might be interested to read how Jewish animus against the “nationalistic, particularistic society” that was the South motivated the long assault on that part of white America.)
    Interestingly, from Jones’s writing, I find more modern parallels. For instance, Jones writes that “Du Bois’s job was to promote integration and destroy any black leadership in competition with the NAACP.” Isn’t that what we saw Jews doing with William F. Buckley and his attack on “anti-Semites,” as suggested by Murray Friedman in his book The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy?
    In a bombshell revelation, Jones writes of the (in)famous An American Dilemma,
    Friedman claims that Myrdal ‘was neither Jewish nor American,’ but, even after indicating that Myrdal did not in fact write Dilemma, he fails to tell us that people like University of Chicago sociologist Louis Wirth, who wrote large sections of Dilemma, was both, and that Myrdal had been brought in to give credibility to what was largely a Jewish project, because, as Friedman himself points out, “the scholarly critique of society that evolved into sociology had, like psychoanalysis, earned the reputation of being a Jewish science (emphasis added).”
    Then, in a key passage, Jones writes:
    The NAACP was interested in ‘integration,’ especially in the South, because they understood that integration would mean the end of the South as an independent culture. The same was true of all of the other ‘white’ ethnic groups in the North. As Harold Cruse later pointed out, the Jews were interested in the integration of every ethnic group but their own, and in the Negro, people like [Jew] Louis Marshall, now on the board of the NAACP and still smarting from his defeat at the hands of Southerners like Tom Watson, had found the vehicle for that subversion.
    Jones goes on to document the destruction of black nationalist Marcus Garvey, who had started a steamship line to repatriate blacks back to Africa:
    Once Garvey cited the NAACP as one of the conspirators determined to bring him down, it was only a matter of time before he would bring the Jews into the same picture. Garvey’s suspicion that he was the victim of an NAACP/Jewish-inspired conspiracy was strengthened when he learned that the presiding judge at his trial was Julian Mack, in Friedman’s words, “a member of the German-Jewish aristocracy who also served on the board of the NAACP.” When Garvey’s motion to have Judge Mack dismissed for conflict of interest was denied, he became even more convinced that he was the victim of an ‘international frame-up,’ declaring: “I am being punished for the crime of the Jew Silverstone [an agent for the line]. I was prosecuted by Maxwell Mattuck, another Jew, and I am to be sentenced by Judge Julian Mack, the eminent Jewish jurist. Truly I may say ‘I was going to Jericho and fell among the thieves.'”
    Garvey got the maximum sentence of five years, integration became the norm, and here we are where we are today.

  8. Alpha Unit jews suck. They are a nation within a nation and so they view themselves as competitors with the non-jewish population of where-ever they reside. Because they view themselves as competitors they undermine national unity because they feel national unity is a threat to them because they feel as though they are a competing nation with the people of whatever nation they reside. Jews are a nation.
    It is impossible to relax around them because they are always nervous, hyper-competitive, and scheming about things.
    They view ISrael as their homeland and they feel as though they are strangers where-ever they are. They have supported to the killing of palestinians so that they can have middle eastern desert real estate in adition to that vacation house in florida and home in New York.

  9. ” what behaviors Jews exhibit that nobody else does.” ?
    That’s a hard one. Let me put it like this:
    Which American sub-culture has almost exclusive access to membership of the Board of the Federal Reserve, and of the current US administration; and has their own stockpile of nuclear weapons ( 200 at the last count, probably twice that now)?
    A. Black Metal Fans
    B. Palaeontologists
    C. Dentists
    D. Croquet players
    E. Zoroastrians
    F. Vegans
    G. None of the above.

  10. Is the world supposed to be the kind of place where Jews don’t do all the things they do?
    The fact is, they have done them. Nobody else has to like it, but if their power is really of the magnitude people say it is, what can an ordinary person like you and me do about it?

  11. KNowing about jews is useful because if you are a businessperson you can be on your gaurd around them and through your caution you can preserve your wealth. Jews have a habit of economically ruining people. The purpose of knowing about them is so you can avoid letting them get you into trouble.

  12. The ascendency of the Jews in America is only about 60 years old. They are the new elite. They are in the ascendency now as well in Europe, Scandinavia and parts of South America. The history of Soviet Russia from the Bolshevik revolution to the Stalinist purges to the looting of post-Soviet Russia by the Harvard School of Economic “disaster capitalism” team in kahoots with a co-religionist oligarchy there is valueable for understanding the situation here as it unfolds. One of the main texts of this study, were it available in English, is Solzhenitsyn’s final two volume opus Two Hundred Years Together. Unfortunately, it’s effectively banned http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2003/jan/25/russia.books
    The fact that it’s still unavailable to the English speaking world eight years after it was first published in Russian and Germans seems awfully suspicious to me. Like, a certain group of people, known for their off putting Gene Simmonsness, don’t want this history circulated, or something. Either that or I’m in the throes of a mental illness which is making me think this. I mean, why is Sarah Palin’s book available at the Walmart check ot counter and not “Soltzie’s” door jam on Jews?

    1. I would like to read Solzhenitsyn’s book.
      One of the worlds greatest authors and nobel laureate, couldn’t get his book published?
      In times of old Jews feared calling their god by name. Now that Jews would collectively become god they want us to fear any mention of them.
      They demand that we fear them in silence. I propose that we ridicule them in public.

      1. Every people seem to take a turn at being top dog, some by fair means some by foul, most by combo. what bothers me is that in ancient tilmes if not now is that the ancestors seemed to believe they were “God’s Chosen People” and that not because they were the best of the best, but the least oft the least. Which would give hope to others that their turn was coming. What I want to know is why dild’t God tell me and everyone else this so that I (we) could relate in proper manner and save his people a lot of hatred, pograms holocasts etc. They have a lousy God. My grandpa
        was half Jew and half Mohawk and I loved both halves equally. Both peoples have been persecuted just for being what they are and that is terribly unjust and unfair. I feel that ALL all is God and we just feel we are separate. To harm another is to harm yourself. My family of origin was communist, but grandma’s taught me the bible. Strange how Christian princilples seem to be basic to communist ideals. More similar than different.
        It is more important that we evolve spiritually than worry about Darwin and where we came from. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about whether one economic system is better than another.

    2. That’s a pretty fine piece of writing there in that comment of yours, cursed. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. That’s one of the raisons de etre of this blog. To ridicule Jews, and anyone else I feel like making fun of at the moment.

  13. The very idea that anti-Semitism is a mental disorder, the basic premise of this Alpha Unit article, was developed in the USA by the revolutionary German-Jewish Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School is the key to understanding the development of American popular culture from the 30’s to the ’60s and beyond. The story of the manipulation of the masses by these “cultural Marxists” can be found in a slew of books about Herbert Marcuse, Theodore Adorno and Max Horkheimer etc., or instantly digested as a series of ten minute You Tube videos. One succinct series of 3 videos “The History of Political Correctness” about the history of the Gramscian Frankfurters can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5Z_kZksn3E Anti-semitism is only a neurosis if one goes along with the propagandized status quo. For them that don’t it’s like a sweet citrousy smelling insect repellant candle flickering away in the brain.
    The Mysterious German Professor
    Elizabeth Whitcombe
    The Bomb and Personality Profiling: Closer Than You Think
    John Marks, author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control, shows that there were many links between the Manhattan Project and the CIA’s “mind control” initiative known as Project MK-ULTRA. MK-ULTRA was organized along the Manhattan Project model, and Manhattan Project contractors were hired by MK-ULTRA for top-secret research into psychotropic drugs.
    The MK-ULTRA program was also interested in profiling personalities — work that the Frankfurt School had been concentrating on for the US Government since the final years of the war.
    I have been through the MK-ULTRA files at the National Security Archives. I would like to clear up a common misconception about them. The LSD research was only a part of this organization’s interests. Their main goal was to figure out the most efficient way to manipulate people. The LSD projects were simply the most sensational and not even the most effective.
    Many of the MK-ULTRA programs were designed to analyze different personalities and how they are likely to respond to certain situations. MK-ULTRA teams tried to map out the beliefs and insecurities of certain ethnic groups, like Blacks; and social groups, like lower-class inner-city residents; and religious groups like Evangelical Christians. They were building a database of how to manipulate ethnic politics and special interest groups.
    The Frankfurt School’s work on “authoritarian personalities” in the 1930s was repackaged for American audiences as Studies in Prejudice, including the landmark The Authoritarian Personality and other books that attempted to develop psychological profiles of White Americans. In general, these works are more ideological than scientific, typically relying on psychoanalysis as a very pliable means of attaining its political goals of depicting White Americans with ethnocentric tendencies as victims of variously formulated psychiatric disorders.

    1. It is NOT the premise of my article that anti-Semitism is a mental disorder. Robert introduced the article with his own opinion on anti-Semitism, so let’s get that straight.
      I have never had the slightest interest in this Frankfurt School you are talking about.
      What is to be done about this worldwide Jewish domination that troubles you so?

  14. @ alpha unit
    Ya its about being practical. Jews not only have a habit of ruining the wealthy but they tend to get all sorts of people into trouble so its good for anyone to be on gaurd around them.

  15. Lynden Larouche on fascism and Zionism.
    “Fascism, as fascists such as Napoleon Bonparte defined his fascism, and Mussolini and Hitler theirs, is a form of murderous tyranny created in explicit imitation of the Romantic tradition of the ancient Caesars. It was created out of the rubble of Immanuel Kant’s empiricist `Enlightenment,’ as a counterforce to the impact of the American Revolution of 1776-1789, first in France. It was launched under the conditions that the world of the Habsburg tyranny was crumbling. The intent was always a rebirth of Roman Caesarism.
    Within Judaism’s ranks, fascism found its most immediate enemy in the Judaism of Moses Mendelssohn and the Yiddish Renaisance. In Israel today, a Nazi-like form of fascist tyranny is centered in the currently ruling, bonapartist consulate of the ruling circles of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). In the background, we find that the corrupting influence of existentialism, as spread back into Israel by the arguments of Martin Buber, has been the corrosive, anti-Mendelssohn sickness, which made possible a widespread abandonment of everything precious which the Mendelssohn-led reform and the Yiddish Renaissance had contributed to European civilization at large. Today, any American Jew who wishes to know what Nazism was, and who supports the present rampage of Sharon and the IDF directorate, need but stand before the mirror, and look into his own hate-filled, enraged eyes. Take the case of wild- eyed Congressman Tom Lantos, for example.”
    The late Tom Lantos has recently been outed by ex-FBI translator Sibil Edmonds as a paid agent of the State of Israel. http://www.therightperspective.org/2009/10/31/democrat-congressman-gave-secrets-to-israel/

  16. There are certain terms that some people tend to use interchangeably: Jews, Israel, Israelis, Zionists, neocons, Israel lobby, AIPAC, etc.
    I don’t use these terms interchangeably.

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