The Holocaust and the Industrialization of Murder

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I hear variations of this argument used all the time by Holocaust cultists*, Jewish Zionists, etc., and it’s always kind of bothered me. The reason we need to single out the Holocaust over all the other genocides down through history is because it was an instance of industrialized murder. Therefore, the Jews get Israel and are above all critique.

There is an excellent critique available of the way that that Zionist Jews have used Holocaust-mania and Holocaust faddism to enshrine Zionism and make the Jews into some sort of super special people who I guess can do whatever the fuck they want and no one can say boo to them. Why? Cuz theyy got killed in the Ho-lo-caust.

However, I did enjoy this explication (below) of why the West is so obsessed with the Holocaust. It has three parts, and this is the second part.

Part 1 is “The Holocaust serves as the foundational story of the country of Israel.” Indeed, and this is why so many anti-Zionists are reflexively hostile to the whole story, and why so many of them start to dabble in varieties of Holocaust Denial and Revisionism.

The Holocaust story, taken in its full form as International Jewry has manufactured and presented it, seems to render the Zionist project nearly untouchable to anyone with a smidgen of a soul. It seems the only way to protest Zionism, for many folks, is to remove from the Holocaust its magical powers. In practice, this ends up as a sort of minimization that seems Nazi-like, but that’s not what’s driving it.

The Jews have stolen Palestine, and are using this magical talisman called The Holocaust to justify their theft. This talisman has so much power that it mesmerizes folks, especially Whites, with crushing guilt. The anti-Zionists want to rip that talisman from the Jews’ hands and throw it away somewhere, or put it in a museum. To suck the power out of it.

And if there had been an Israel during WW2, not nearly so many Jews would have been killed. If, then, so. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. You can go on like this forever. When people do this about their lives (“If only bla bla bla, then everything in my life would have turned out all right.”) we rightly call them neurotic. It’s time to call bullshit on the “If only Israel had existed” story too in the same regard.

Another story so often parroted by Zionists is the “No one would save the Jews from the Holocaust.” Once again, this is why the Jews need Israel. We get the stories about the tragic ships sailing to the US, only to be turned away by US nativists.

I’ve done some research into those ships. They were sailing around 1939. America was returning the Jews to Germany 1939, where the mass killing of Jews had not yet started. It was a shitty place to be Jewish all right, but it wasn’t the ovens. The lie that evil American Gentiles cruelly turned Jews back to the Nazis to their certain death, knowing full well what they were doing, needs to be confronted.

No Americans returned fleeing Jews back to nations where they were being exterminated. Show me one case.

Anyway, here it is:

Genocide isn’t new. Yahweh was all about not just genocide, but extermination of every living thing neighboring tribes possessed. One thing that troubles people over the Holocaust is that it implemented every single facet of a modern, industrialized mass society, and turned it directly towards murder.

It’s one thing to capture the neighboring tribe, enslave them and work them to death. Old story. But the story of the 20th Century, at least in America, was technological progress. Managerial progress. Growing business bureaucracy meant everyone would have better consumer products next year.

The Holocaust, which went unstudied largely until the end of the fifties (the seminal text’s title escapes me), took all the aspects of the modern industrialized managerial society and showed, unequivocally, that they were not inherently good.

I think that deep down inside, many people simply won’t admit that the technologies that run our society actually run our society or that they might be used for depraved ends. Hence the fixation with the Holocaust.

*I believe in the standard Holocaust narrative whereby 5.7 million Jews were deliberately murdered by Nazis and their allies in WW2.

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4 thoughts on “The Holocaust and the Industrialization of Murder”

    1. The space shuttle is totally destroyed in a gigantic fire ball, but the jews PAPER diaries Survives?

      And Santa lives on the North Pole…

  1. There’s a new movie made by an Israeli director entitled DEFAMATION in which anti-Semitism and holocaustianity (holohubub without surcease) are examined together as Zionist brainwashing gambits.

    I also recommend a book about Nazi war crimes and holocaust denier trials as pedagogic jurisprudence by Lawrence Douglas. The title is The Memory of Judgement; Making Law and History in The trials of the Holocaust. Because it’s a Yale University Press publication you can rest asurred there’s no whif of holo heresy here. The chapter entitled “Film as a Witness” is a good one.
    At the first Zundel trial in Toronto defense lawyer Doug Christie asked. “How can you cross examine a film?” There was never any cross-examination of eyewitness testimony at any of the the war crimes trials. Author Lawrence Douglas thinks Christie’s cross-examinations of Rudolf Vrba and Raul Hilberg at the Zundel trial was “rude” because they
    were survivors and as such had suffered enough without having their candor impinged upon.

  2. I’ve been waiting for Robert Lindsay to comment on the return of Eric Hunt, but I guess I’m going to have to kick start this. I became a Lindsayite after he posted a letter by a kid named Eric Hunt explaining how and why he had waylaid Oprah Laureate Elie Wiesel in a San Francisco hotel a couple of years ago. He’d gone there to ask Weisel to confess to the world that his turgid holocaust memoir Night (now shelved in fiction) was a tissue of lies.

    Christopher Hitchens’ has asked. ” Is there a more contemptible poseur and windbag than Elie Wiesel? I suppose there may be. But not, surely, a poseur and windbag who receives (and takes as his due) such grotesque deference on moral questions.” If you don’t believe Hitchens go here for some crunchy scuttlebutt on this wild haired old saddlebag with eyes which organized Jewry tried to supress:

    So yea, I hung around at the Lindsay blog long after Eric Hunt was carted off to jail because even though I don’t go along with Robert’s retarded Stalinism I was impressed with his gutsy coverage of the Hunt caper. Wait a minute! …..I just remembered it wasn’t Robert Lindsay who first posted Eric Hunt’s letter it was Andrew Winkler over at Ziopedia (an admitted Lindsay inspired website name nonetheless). Oh well, allow me to go on…

    Eric Hunt is back on the scene after serving a jail sentence for anti-elderism and cocking a snook at the outsized hubris of the Hebrew holo-wranglers.
    Hunt has filed a law suit against Irene Zisblatt, author of The Fifth Diamond and Steven Spielberg, director of yet another Academy Award winning documentary about survivors that features Zisblatt’s patently phony story. She claims to have repeatedly swallowed four of her mother’s diamonds and pooped them out at Auschwitz. She’s “The Fifth Diamond” because she was hardened by hardship in a Nazi concentration camp. Of course, she suffered the obligatory torture at the hand Dr. Mengele who tried to change the color of her eyes with dye injections.

    Hunt has a website where he’s posted the details of his personal injury lawsuit against Zisblatt and Speilberg. Like asking “The Weasel” to come clean, this suit probably won’t go anywhere, but the story has generated some interesting MSM publicity and is growing legs in the blogosphere. Go here for more details and send Eric socks. Winter has arrived in Archbald, PA.

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