"People Are Scared," by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. This post is about the increase in death threats against the President since Obama came into office. There are five times more death threats against Obama than against Bush. I found this intriguing. The normal response is to say that this is due to racism. However, that may not be the case. I thought about this for a few days, and I finally decided that it must be due to White racism, and can’t possibly be due to anything else. I suppose one could argue that the threats are due to his liberalism, but that seems a little dubious. Is Obama really all that more liberal than Bill Clinton? Not really, or not by much anyway. Hell, Hillary is his Secretary of State. Anyway, Richard Nixon was about as liberal as either Obama or Clinton. That leaves race. It’s got to be race. White racism against a Black President. AU told me that when Black Hank Aaron was moving in on White Babe Ruth’s home run record, he started getting lots of death threats, all from Whites apparently. As he got closer and closer to breaking the Babe’s record, the death threats went up and up. I always thought Blacks were paranoid and nutty about this “the Whites won’t let us succeed”, and “every time a Black man succeeds, the Whites try to tear him down” stuff, but it looks like there is a grain of truth there. People are scared. Really scared. They’re so scared they want to kill. They want to kill the one who’s making them feel this way. This is a dangerous situation. Barack Obama, please stop scaring the hell out of these people. You just don’t know what these people are going through. If you did, you’d have no problem dealing with the reported 400 Some of these people are in such a bad way that they’ve not only called for you to be killed, they’ve called for your wife to be killed. They’ve called for your kids to be killed. One called for your wife and kids to be killed in front of you. Damn. That’s messed up. I don’t know what you’d call this kind of mindset. “I don’t like what’s going on in this country, so somebody needs to die! And his little kids, too!” You must act, Mr. President. What you need to do is put on a white suit. Be sure to have on a white shirt underneath. Find a red bow tie and put it on. Next, get one of those puffy chef’s hats, and put that on. Find a nice, steaming bowl of farina and hold it up. Smile really big. You’ll look just like the Cream of Wheat man. They’ll recognize you, then. They’ll know for sure that you’re not gonna hurt ’em. And that you’re only here to serve.

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31 thoughts on “"People Are Scared," by Alpha Unit”

  1. From a Pro White agenda the absolutely worse thing that could ever happen is for Barrack Obama to be assassinated.
    Look at the legend and legacies of the Malcolm X and MLK martyrdoms.
    Obama’s death would make their tributes of streets names, schools renamed and public holidays assigned look like nothing.
    He would end up on your money and flag forever.
    And the establishment would have the all the world’s moral backing to wipe off the face of the earth, anything even resembling anything partially Pro White (think of ‘the Patriot act,’ re gigged.)
    It would be the end of us.
    So don’t get any idea’s Afro centrists.
    Pro Whites to defend Obama!!
    Let him get caught with his penis inserted in someone or something (actually hold on that didn’t stop Bill.)
    But then he is Black so he does have to act twice as good as us to receive half the credit remember, well unless you’re a liberal then he has to do half as much to receive everything (thinking of two Grammies, one Noble peace prize and the nomination for POTUS.)
    Maybe you’d have to throw in drugs in homosexuality.
    Realistically though, him fizzing out as a one termer wind bag, I think is what us ethnocentric bean counters wish for.
    Re being scared, isn’t that what us White people do?
    It’s what makes us great, not superior just great.

  2. I agree with GenX, if the president were killed, he would become something of a martyr and you’d witness an outpouring of white guilt worldwide the likeness of which we’ve never seen. If these racists were smart, they’d just leave the guy alone.
    As for Alpha’s post, it sickens me, but it’s nothing surprising. I think almost all whites on some level are racist. Not that all act out on their racism. I just think that 99% of whites view themselves as superior to blacks(I’m not going to get into the debate of whether you race realists think that’s justified, it’s not my point, but just accept what I said prima facie), even if it’s subtle, so it causes quite a bit of cognitive dissonance to see a black face representing what they feel is and should be a white nation. On the other hand, I have to remind myself that these nuts who would even think of pulling off something like this are about .001% of the population. I’m sure even 99% of conservative whites would rather oppose him with ballots instead of bullets. I think staggeringly few whites would be sympathetic to any white who assassinated Obama. But unfortunately, it only takes 1 bullet from 1 crazed lunatic out of 300 million to overturn democratic will.

  3. I with Gen X in Oz on this.
    Having Obama offed would be the worst thing possible for America. If something like this did happen we’d end up a police state, and I’d naturally suspect Jews were involved.

  4. First of all, I don’t think this 5x increase necessarily implies a 5x probability that this president will actually be assassinated. It’s more likely an increase in idiots with big mouths or half-baked plots like those skinheads in Tennessee around inaugeration time.
    Don’t know how much news this made around the country, but during the summer someone held up a sign outside a townhall meeting in Maryland (held by Senator Cardin; Obama was NOT there) “Death to Obama; Death to Michelle and their two stupid kids.” I know he was arrested, but I don’t know what ultimately happened.
    This does bring up the point, though, that I often see right-wing bumper stickers or t-shirts that say things like “kill them all; God will know which are his” or “spay a liberal.” It’s a lot less common to see left-leaning paraphenalia advocating acts of violence for political positions.

  5. “There are five times more death threats against Obama than against Bush.”
    What’s your source for this? Where are the arrests? Where are the convictions? Let us have the names of these people.
    Until then, I’m skeptical. Many (all?) of these “death threats” may be Obama supporters acting as agents provocateur / hoaxers. From the viewpoint of B.O.’s supporters, it’s all good to make it appear that America is just dripping, just overrun, with insane assassinators. “Death threats from racists” scare stories make for effective silencing of criticism, so that B.O. can ram through his policies in spite of the majority of Americans’ views.

    1. Yeah, actually, I do.
      I think if the controlled media and left-wing establishment weren’t so eager to label any opposition to B.O. as “racism,” such as the Tea Parties, if political correctness weren’t able to effect such a straitjacket on political discourse, B.O. would, right now, be on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors (prime among them his ineligibility to hold the office of the presidency, not being a natural born citizen.)

  6. “I just think that 99% of whites view themselves as superior to blacks”
    This is the most racist remark I’ve read all day.

    1. Of course it was. You’re painting (virtually) all White people as being inherently racist.
      That’s as racist as saying (virtually) all Black people are inherently violent or stupid.

    2. I said nothing about “inherently” anything. These are learned attitudes. And I said most whites “on some level” are racist, i.e. think of themselves consciously or unconsciously as superior to blacks. Some are obviously very racist, and some only in subtle ways. None of that comes as any revelation to a black adult that has lived in America their whole life. In fact, many race realists in here would probably agree, some would go so far as to say that’s justified based on black behavior. But that’s besides the point. I’m explaining this all in the context of why Obama is getting so many more death threats than the asshole we had for the job prior to him given that Obama is such a more likable guy all around in general. I don’t think anybody is buying this bullshit about it being a hoax or some concoction by the liberal media or any other paranoid right-wing conspiracy theories. I think it’s quite believable that even in 2009, we have racist whites out there who are outraged that a black is the face of America and these same loons can be driven to violence over it.

    3. I am going to say something completely outrageous here. I hope that AU continues to write for me.
      I will have to include myself in that 99%. Not on an individual level, of course. Or if I feel that way on an individual level towards a Black person who seems to be something I would approximate as equal, I would try to do battle with that thought.
      OTOH, for Blacks in general, yes, it is true. I don’t really feel bad about it either, and I really don’t want to change.
      I don’t think I was always this way (at least not consciously), but I did evolve this way over time. By the time I was teaching large #’s of Blacks in the schools, I certainly felt this way. One way that I noticed is that sometimes Blacks in my classes would try to insult me for being White. Their implication was that they were better than I was.
      Most of the time, these attacks never bothered me at all it was as if I was being attacked by an inferior, and most of the time, you can just brush that off.
      I realized after a while that the reason that this never bothered me was that I found that very notion that Blacks thought they were better than me, a White person, to be ludicrous and risible. It was a joke. It still is. They say that the criticisms that hurt the most are those that are closest to the truth.
      I also feel this way when Hispanics, East Indians and Amerindians insult me on the same basis. It’s idiotic. The fact that they think they are superior to me, a White man! LOL! How ridiculous.
      I don’t even think that East Indians are on the same level. They’re Caucasians, but they aren’t as good as us Europeans.
      How can these people insult me, a superior White man? LMAO! In a way it’s good because I can brush off a lot of insults and attacks.
      OTOH, having a Jew or NE Asian insult me as an inferior might hit a bit closer to home, hard to say. I often readily tell both groups that I think they are superior to my Gentile Whites. They typically agree with me!
      I’m not sure how many Whites feel this way. I don’t know if it’s 99%, but it’s definitely a lot. For instance, if you ever met my late father, you would be hard to find this feeling in him. He was one of what I would call the perennially naive White liberals. He taught many years in the ghetto too.
      Why I feel this way, I’m not sure. If your average Black was like tulio or AU, I might have a hard time feeling this way. But they are not. There’s the IQ thing (Black IQ is not “low,” but it IS lower than ours. Furthermore, a lot of Black people just flat out act bad, period.
      To be fair, I have serious egotistical tendencies, and I also have problems with just feeling superior in general, even to other Whites. But it’s not a racial thing there obviously. I have to work on this all the time because it seems like people don’t really dig it, and it makes it hard to get on really well with others.
      To add to this, there is a deeper problem. We Whites *just flat out do not respect Blacks as a race*! Now a lot of us respect other races – for instance, I respect the Amerindians as a race. Why, I’m not sure. But they are a lot less troublesome than Blacks. Give a Mesoamerican Indian a handful of tortillas and a six pack and he will be just fine for the evening. Blacks are not so easily mollified though.

    4. I am going to say something completely outrageous here. I hope that Robert continues to let me write for him.
      I feel superior to racists. I don’t really feel bad about it, either, and I really don’t want to change.
      I find the very notion that racists think they are better than me, a Sane person, to be ludicrous and risible. It is a joke.

    5. Robert, while you said some things that are a bit questionable, it’s best that people are honest.
      I’m not sure I even care what your opinions are about blacks collectively. I know white people who adore blacks as a whole. Yes, believe it or not they exist, and they aren’t naive people who only view blacks from afar, but people who deal with and mingle with blacks all the time. I have no idea why some whites have great experiences with blacks and some have bad. But whatever. I’m more concerned with how people treat each other on an individual level. Despite whatever Robert thinks about blacks as a whole, I give him the benefit of the doubt in assuming that if he ever sat down for a beer with me or AU, he’d be respectful and judge us as individuals. It’s not people like Robert I’m worried about so much, it’s the hard core racists that have no ability to judge ANY black people as individuals.
      Btw, inferiority and superiority, that’s a can of worms I really don’t want to open up as I really hate that kind of stuff. I mean I travel a lot, I love meeting people from different countries and cultures and try to treat everyone with equal dignity and respect. I’m fascinated with humanity in general, whether it’s the people that build the created the great works of art in the Uffizi in Florence or a tribe of Masai who roam the plains of Africa. I find everyone pretty fascinating. I’ll say though, that when blacks and whites tend to define “superior” in a different ways. Whites tend to feel they are superior because Europeans have created a more advanced civilization. Blacks who feel they are superior aren’t coming from that angle, they feel whites are inferior because they believe whites are the devil that has brutalized, raped, hated and exploited non-white people for centuries and that blacks are superior to whites for the same reason that Richard Ramirez’s victims were superior to Ramirez. It’s in that context. Of course there’s a few fringe afrocentrists who will claim that blacks are superior in the civilizational sense and that Plato and Jesus were black and whatnot, but they are a small minority viewpoint.

  7. “I said nothing about “inherently” anything. These are learned attitudes.”
    So if you get to accuse (virtually) all Whites of being racist because they learned it, then it must be ok for me to accuse (virtually) all Blacks of being violent because they learned it?
    As far as “Obama being a likable guy,” well, that is mere opinion. I don’t see anything likable about a guy who got the Presidency by marketing himself as something (such as eligible for the Presidency) and taking an oath to swear to uphold a document which requires he in fact be what he says he is (eligible), but being unwilling to prove it. Spending upwards of a million dollars to prevent his birth certificate’s release, as well as his refusal to release other telling documents like his Occidental College transcripts, sounds like the actions of a fundamentally dishonest and corrupt, and therefore not very likable, individual to me.

  8. “paranoid right-wing conspiracy theories”
    Darn it all about those paranoid right-wing conspiracy theories that keep turning out to be true, like Goldman Sachs is running the gov’t, that the hope-n-change guy is a fraud and won’t be providing any change at all, but will in fact be a more-of-the-same guy and appoint GS guys to key administration posts….

  9. “Saying that Blacks are violent because they learned it sounds like the kinder, more liberal explanation.”
    Not really, because it begs the question: WHERE did they learn it?
    If Whites learned racism from other Whites, then the implication is, Blacks must have learned violence from other Blacks. And THAT doesn’t sound nice and liberal at all.
    If Blacks were forced to their violence as a result of their experiences with Whites, then that opens the door to the argument that Whites were forced to their racism as a result of their experiences with Blacks. OOOOOPS. So much for the “nice and liberal” explanation.

    1. B,
      Why are you assuming that I’m a liberal? How do you know that I don’t believe blacks are violent? Obviously not all blacks are violent, but there’s certainly the possibility that the higher black levels of testosterone have created more higher levels of aggression which leads to more crime. I don’t think there’s anything racist about saying that per se.
      As for white racism, first off I’m only talking about white Americans, not whites in Bulgaria, New Zealand or Switzerland. I’m only talking about the whites in this country that I have the most experiences with. It’s my belief that there are very, very few whites that don’t have feelings of superiority over blacks. Not all of them necessarily express it or act on it, but I think the feeling exists.

  10. I’m the one who threw the word “liberal” into this, even though I needn’t have. I was trying to make a point about whether or not it’s insulting to say that this infamous Black violence is learned rather than innate.
    According to B, if Whites learned racism from other Whites, then this implies that Blacks learned violence from other Blacks. In fact, there is no such implication.

  11. The Jew Mafia is planning to kill off Obama NoBody. The jew mafia wants som braindead white to do the job. 5o years later you can’t watch any TalmudVision TV in the whole western world where som Shit For Brain White “liberal”-Communist makes a tearjerkin speech about how we must all have Obama NoBodys memory in the highest regard.
    Mandela, Rosa Parks, Malcom x and Obama NoBody. Do you know what they all have in common? It’s the JEWS propaganda bullshit all over again.
    Take away the jews and you would NEVER heard a word about this black nobodys.
    What the jews do is that they turn black nobodys into retarded white peoples “heroes”.
    The Jews and Their Eternal Name Changes
    The single most important factor to understand about the jews is that whatever they do it’s all about jews taking control of the state.
    Once you control the state you can do whatever you want. How it works when jews control the state Sovjet is as clear as it gets. The jews killed off the old elite and anyone that remotely could be suspected to be a threat to the jews controlling the state.
    When one king was the state it was easy for the jews to take control of the state, they only had to control the king and a few around him. 99 percent of the (m)asses diden’t know the first thing about what was going on in the castle.
    Now comes “democracy”. The (m)asses now gets involved in how the state is run. When there was one king the jews diden’t have to care about the vocabulary.
    The jews have been expelled over 13o times over 2.ooo years. The reason is that the non-jewish elite realised that the jews was in control of their stat. Now, if you get kicked out of the same bar 13o times, you understand that your doing something wrong.
    The problem for the jews is that people understand that they have taken control of their state. So the Q to the jews now turns: How do we hide that we the jews controls the state?
    Now comes the jewish fraud communism. How many words for Communism do you know? How do you hide as a jew that you control the state? You con-fuse the (m)asses with a shitload of mumbo-jumbo.
    Read anything about Sovjet and it’s shitload of jewish bullshit. Purpose? To hide that jews was controlling the Sovjet state lock, stock and barrel.
    After taking control of the state the jews #1 concern is to HIDE that the jews controls the state. What you don’t know you can’t do anything about.
    What the jews do is that they use Many words for the exact same thing.
    Take “liberal” and exchange it with the jewish fraud Communism and just show me one topic that ain’t the very same for a “liberal” and a communist jew. You can’t because both are a shitload of jewish mumbo-jumbo bullshit. Why? To hide that it’s all about jews controlling the state.
    Turn on your TalmudVision – TV – and tell me how many times a day you hear the word “Bipartisan”. 5oo times a day? Go ask anybody to explain what “bipartisan” means.
    l don’t have a clue what it means. But everytime l watch a video from the “american media” l hear that word like ten times to the minute.
    This is marxism-leninism for “democracy”, a shitload of jewish mumbo-jumbo bullshit for the (m)asses. Purpose? To hide that jews controls the American state. What you don’t know you can’t do anything about.
    As all jeWise people know the jews ALWAYS change their names.
    One jew to the other jews: – Goyim are catshing up on us now and undertands that communism is a jewish fraud. New name anyone?
    -Taken! From now on we call us Liberals.
    -Hey guys. The goyim are catshing up on us and understand that Liberal is a jewish fraud. New name anyon
    – NEO-CON
    -Hey all Moshe. The goyim are catshing up on us agan and understands that Neo-(con) is a jewish fraud. New name anyone!
    lt took me some 3o years to figure out what marxism-leninism is, a shitload of jewish bullshit to hide that the Sovjet state was run by jews. It took me three years to figure out what Neo-Con is, a shitload of jewish bullshit to hide that the jews run the American state. It took me three months to figure out what Bipartisan is, a shitload of jewish bullshit to hide that the jews run the American state.
    Next time you hear a mumbo-jumbo word being ranted 5oo times by “politicians” and “journalists” you know that the Jew have made another name change. Can you spot the jew and his New Name?
    The Jew will do ANYTHING to hide that YOUR state is controlled by the Jew.
    When l started to investigate the jew three years ago l started to read about America. Video, CNN, blogs or whatever and the word Neo-Con was all over. Today there is not one single reference to any Neo-Con. This is the jews name change scam all over. Yesterday, communist, then Liberal, then Neo-Con, today Bipartisan. And what will the lying name changing jew call him tomorrow?

  12. The subject here is racist White attitudes toward Blacks. How does all this stuff about the Jews and their eternal name changes shed any light on that?

    1. Yeah, I stopped reading some other websites because of the paranoid attitudes about Jews on them. I don’t think Jews have any more influence in the world than any other 15 million people with 111 IQ’s do.
      But this discussion has dovetailed nicely with a discussion I’m watching an another board about the shootings in Texas yesterday. The question keeps coming up about whether its wrong to hold incidents like that against Islam or Muslims. At what point does collection of negative events justify having a negative opinion?
      The civil rights movement of the sixties made “prejudice” the eighth deadly sin, at least in education and media. We need to study how accurate people are at forming subjective judgments in the face of incomplete information.

    2. The question keeps coming up about whether its wrong to hold incidents like that against Islam or Muslims. At what point does collection of negative events justify having a negative opinion?
      Yes Randy I have been thinking a lot about this too. These thoughts are kind of bugging, but then a lot of my thoughts bug me and disturb me. But then, I sort of like that. I guess I’m perverse.
      Actually, my feelings about Islam are pretty low. About Muslims, I don’t know. We have some Yemenis, Palestinians and Pakistanis around here, and they are just fine. Some Muslims for sure are not ok though.
      And Islam the religion? Well, it’s just crap, pretty much. I wish a lot of Muslims would figure that out and just start either leaving Islam, becoming “culturally Muslim”, becoming secular Muslims (there is a serious issue about the degree to which that is even possible.
      I don’t like Hinduism either. Not at all. It just out and out sucks all the way.
      Judaism, as a religion? Well, it’s crap. It’s bad. That’s got to be one of the worst religions of all.
      Christianity definitely has problems. Here in the US, “Christian” is almost equivalent to “I’m going to have a problem with this self-righteous, priggish, rightwing person.” Catholics I can deal with a lot better, but in a lot of ways, Catholicism is a nightmare. A lot of problems in the US are being caused by these mostly White far Right fundamentalist Christians.
      Catholicism has screwed up Latin America and the Philippines pretty bad. One can always say that the problem is the fundamentalists, but once again, Christianity seems to lend itself to fundamentalism. IOW, where you have Christianity, you have fundamentalism. You can water it down, but that’s not very satisfying, and after a while, people just leaving the Church and going agnostic or atheist.
      There are serious problems with whether or not Catholicism is reformable. I assume it’s not, really. Are they ever going to get over the birth control thing. Not to mention the gay, abortion or euthanasia things.
      Not sure what I’m trying to say here except that “actually existing religion” in a lot of cases just sucks. But then that’s a Left POV anyway…

    3. This is really a reply to Robert 11/06 11:21:
      The Koran and Hebrew scriptures are both crap in the literal sense. The difference for us today is that Jews have an avaerage IQ of 110, while native Muslim lands is 85:
      IOW, Jews should be and are a lot better than Muslims at distinguishing fable. The Muslim immigrants in the US are primarily legal, and hence selectively chosen for their intellectual capacity, like Indian immigrants. My Muslim neighbors, like yours, are pretty much “Islam as spirituality, not dark ages societal rules.”
      If this IQ map is true, the Muslim world has an average mental age of about 13-14. So it’s like a whole society of middle schoolers, but who have a holy book telling them their limited knowledge is actually a form of superiority. How do middle schoolers who think they’re superior act? Well, at home they complain about how stupid their parents are for their out-moded thinking; and at school the dumb ones beat up the smart ones to prove how superior anti-intellectualism is. Sounds like the Middle East to me.
      BTW, I wonder if the Flynn effect can be translated into national IQ’s. Like if its 2009 in the West, then it’s 2020 in Japan, 1950 in Latin American, 1750 in the Middle East and India, and pre-1500 in the sub-Sahara.

  13. One more thing on my “99%” comment. Even Tim Wise, anti-racist extraordinaire admitted that he has subconscious racist views that sometimes come up that he has fought against. He spoke on CNN of a time when he boarded an airplane and for the first time saw 2 black pilots. He said his first reaction wasn’t “free at least, free at least, thank god almighty free at least…it was can these guys fly this plane?” He was being honest about his gut reaction and said that even though he has dedicated his life to fighting racism, he himself still harbors racist sentiment. So if even he isn’t free of racism, I have to guess that virtually all of whites are at least a little racist.

  14. If you guys spent anytime around blacks or had close associations with them, you’d know that most of them (99%) feel categorically superior to whites – in moral sense in particular. Look at the so call “black leaders”
    -Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright – Obama’s preacher. Most blacks are completely racist – they just cant reveal it publicl too often for fear of being labeled “angry”. Think about it – the worst insult one black can hurl at another is to be say that the other is “acting white” or “trying to be white”.
    So I find Robert’s thinking to be funny – he feels superior to blacks while the blacks around him feel superior to him. An interesting dilemma and speaks volumes to how intractable this race issue is.
    For every example that a white can put forth about blacks poverty and poor intellectual performance, and criminality blacks put forth whites evident propensity for extreme (as Robert puts it) organized violence, murder, pillage, plunder, rape
    etc. around the world.
    Itsd interesting – makes you wonder when the racism stops if it ever can.

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