Death Tolls For Western Imperialism, Colonialism and 3rd World Capitalism

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Via Gideon Polya. In general, the figures are post-WW2. He also takes to task the “incompetent governance” in South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan) over the massive deaths.

The Global Avoidable Mortality blog looks pretty interesting, and I have mucked around there a bit.

The part about 500 million dead Muslims post-1950 looks pretty interesting, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

More Polya here.

Total excess mortality per year as of 2004:

Iraq        122,000

Afghanistan 359,000

India       2.2 million

Pakistan    478,000

Bangladesh  288,000

In Iraq and Afghanistan, those are the excess deaths that are probably occurring due to Coalition activities (especially in Iraq). In Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the excess deaths are probably due to the lack of socialism.

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One thought on “Death Tolls For Western Imperialism, Colonialism and 3rd World Capitalism”

  1. I’m not sure about Polya’s figures for Afghanistan. I haven’t found anywhere where he provides solid evidence for that.

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