Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers

Incredible article.

I had heard of this before, but I had never seen it written down quite so precisely. The article is in the journal of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, so suffers from being written in English as a second language, but it’s still pretty much intelligible.

The anecdotes are stunning: Reinhard Heidrich, Hitler’s favorite top officer, returning home drunk one night, looks in the mirror and sees his reflection. “Foul Jew”, he hollers, pulls out his revolver and shoots the mirror to shards. Eichmann, later sentenced to death for genocide in Israel, tormented by other boys at school who called him a “small Jew.”

Hitler signing a waver on 78 of his top officers who were partly Jewish or had parents who married Jews, declaring his determination that they were 100% Aryan. German soldiers protecting the known Jews in their ranks from genocide by keeping their status secret. Captured Soviet soldiers, anti-Semites, betraying the Soviet Jews in their own ranks to genocide. A German officer on leave is allowed to visit his Jewish father, interned at Auschwitz! When there, the commandant says, “If you were not in the army, you would be here too.”

A pure Jewish German escapes from occupied France to Germany and is called up to the SS, where he serves. His own mother is murdered at Auschwitz. His soul is tormented, “Am I a victim or a persectuor?” 150,000 descendants of German Jewish war veterans who have permission to move to Israel via the Law of Return. Wild debates in Israel over letting the grandchildren of German troops move to Israel.

A top German half-Jewish officer, a colonel, on his way to promotion to general, is shipped to Poland and witnesses the Warsaw Ghetto. He breaks down and his promotion is denied on the grounds of psychological weakness.

A well-known photo of a German youth in a helmet, blond, blue-eyed, Aryan, used to promote Nazism in Nazi propaganda. The model was Werner Goldberg, a German soldier with a Jewish father. A German soldier, a religious Jew, returns after the war and relates how he repeatedly saw German soldiers engaging in Jewish religious rituals at the front, with no one stopping them. Goering thundering in his headquarters, when confronted with Jewish officers in his ranks, “In my headquarters I decide who is a Jew and who is not!”

The article is a review of the book, Jewish Soldiers of Hitler: Untold History of Nazi Racial Laws and People of Jewish Origin in the German Army by Brian Rigg, a Jewish convert to Christianity, US Marine and volunteer in the Israeli Army.


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7 thoughts on “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”

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  2. Heidrich-probably not.


    and from wiki

    “However, he was a shy, insecure boy who was frequently bullied for his high-pitched voice and his family’s Catholicism (the community was at the time largely Protestant). It was also rumored that he had some Jewish ancestry — his grandmother’s second husband had a Jewish-sounding last name — and these rumors were later used by Heydrich’s superiors in the Nazi Party to exercise a measure of control over him.[3]

  3. Dear Robert
    In the Third Reich, a Jew was defined as someone who had at least 3 Jewish grandparents. People who had 2 Jewish grandparents or only 1 were classified as Mischlinge = hybrids. The Nazis weren’t quite sure about what to do with them. Many of those Mischlinge tried to get, and sometimes did get, a Deutschblütigkeitserklärung = certificate of German blood. The more distinguished they were, the more likely they were to get such a certificate. It seems that most Mischlinge survived the Nazi regime.
    This illustrates how hybrids can become a headache in countries with race-based rights. It has to admitted that the American solution of assigning all hybrids to one race, totally unscientific though it is, has some practical advantages.
    Now that all non-whites are entitled to special rights, sorry, affirmative action, every one with partial non-white ancestry has an interest in having himself defined as a non-white. Soon we’ll see the one-drop-of-blood rule being applied in the US again, but his time at the request of non-whites.
    Regards. James

  4. “A system of race-based rights creates all kinds of headaches.”

    That’s why we can’t have enough ADL initiated “hate crime” a “hate speech” laws, Third World immigration and media miscegenation. It’s to deracinate American culture and assist the global plantation regulators in realizing their goals.

    Communitarianism is the name of the game. One man who is aware of this is a Camaroonian “mischling” living in Paris named Deudonne M’bala M’ bala. More Americans should know about him.



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