More Record-Shattering Traffic on Robert Lindsay

On October 20, a new record for 4th highest day was set. The Blogger site continues to draw extremely heavy traffic.

Old record: 12,511 October 18
New record: 13,261 October 20

The very next day, October 21, a new record for 2nd highest day was set.

Old record: 13,571 October 17
New record: 14,334 October 21

Once again, very heavy traffic was ongoing on the Blogger site. On the WordPress site, two posts, Secular Rise in Black IQ and Head Size: Evidence For a Eugenic Effect and Ann Dunham Nude Pics? were popular.

The former is a fascinating article that really needs to be discussed more, since apparently I’m the only one talking about it. That’s what’s frustrating about being a minor writer. The findings in the first post ought to be being discussed in the New York Times. Instead they molder away on some unlikely blog on the Internet.

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