Four New Records on Robert Lindsay

Four new records were set on Robert Lindsay in the past few days as traffic on the Blogger site continues at very high levels. A new record for second highest day was set on Saturday, traditionally a slow day. These two posts were especially popular.

Old record:  10,923 October 15
New record:  13,571 October 17

Then a new third place record was set on Sunday, usually the slowest day of the week.

Old record: 10,923 October 15
New record: 12,511 October 18

Next the 3rd highest record was immediately broken the next day, on Monday.

Old record:  12,511 October 18
New record: 13,436 October 19

A new weekly record was set, smashing the old record by almost double.

Old record: 47,281: September 14-20
New record: 89,933: October 12-18

This works out to an average of 12,848 hits a day for the week.

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4 thoughts on “Four New Records on Robert Lindsay”

  1. Robert Lindsay SPAM-machine at work

    Three New Records on Robert Lindsay

    Incredible New Record On Robert Lindsay

    OCTOBER 16, 2009
    New Top Visitor Record On Robert Lindsay

    OCTOBER 15, 2009
    New Visitor Record Immediately Broken on Robert Lindsay

    1. Heg, you’re starting to really piss me off. I don’t like your tone. If you don’t knock it off, I’m going to kick your trailer-dwelling anti-Semite ass all the way back to Sweden, hear?



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