What Happened To All The Good Men? You Did.

Sorry folks, I’m still on that War Between Men and Women post. I just can’t get enough of it.

Plus I think I’m a bit sick. There’s all sorts of flu bugs going around, including the Swine Flu, here in California. I know a couple of people who got that Swine Flu, and it is no ordinary flu bug! No way! They are sick as Hell! For like two or three weeks. We are talking older adults here, 40’s.

This post was very interesting. Feminists want the career and all that, no problem, but then they still want to be Cavewomen and chase worthless Alpha Bad Boys. That’s who they leave their dutiful husbands for, holding the bag too. American feminists were largely responsible for a bill that incredibly passed the US Congress to crack down on “mail-order brides” from overseas. The rationale was that the brides are abused, so the law was to protect them. In truth, it makes it hard for US guys to get a bride from Overseas.

This bill was clearly motivated by spite and hatred. American women, especially older ones, feel that they can’t compete with babes from Russia, Thailand or the Philippines. These foreign women have way too many positive attributes – like being nice!

Reading about the horrors of divorce, or even, sadly contemporary American marriage* (especially the no sex bit) makes me glad I never took the plunge. It’s funny that people have been thrashing me my whole life for making this decision. Especially women. The implication, also, was that I wasn’t much a man for not marrying. Guys don’t seem to give a fuck, really. Some young married men were pissed, but you wonder if it’s insecurity. Why are women so pissed at guys who won’t marry? Hmmm. Looking at the horrorshow below, I wonder…

Having to give money to help support the woman’s new boyfriend must be incredibly painful and humiliating. That’s the sort of thing that hits a man’s ego in the most painful and sensitive place. It’s Impotence territory! It makes my dick droop just thinking about it. Think of it in Caveman terms. Your Cavewoman left you for another guy. Implication – you’re not much a man, and he is. He’s a man and you’re not. Now you have to hunt food and bring it to the smirking bastard sitting in his cave with your cheating ex-girl and your kids. That motherfucker is raising your kids!

They snipe and nag until he gives in to keep the peace. Once she has his testicles in a jar over the mantle, she loses respect and the attraction is no longer there. The only thing left is the money. So she leaves him and takes half.

That part is incredible. Well of course. Women want power over men. So they snipe and nag until he gives in, and now he’s a pussy whipped idiot. Of course, now she has no respect for him whatsoever, since no woman respects a pussy-whipped idiot, even when they create one. What’s left? His money. She leaves him and takes half of that. Think of it, in Caveman terms, the guy’s been humiliated over and over and robbed blind. Wow, I can’t imagine it.

And career women often don’t clean house or cook anymore. I’m amazed at the number of young women these days who can barely even cook toast. Incredible. What man would marry one of these? So on top of everything else, the house is a mess and there’s no cooking. WTH, man? What is the guy getting out of this deal?

The solution, according to this guy, is a return to traditional role models. Why we ever thought that anything less than Nature’s Way could ever work in the first place is a mystery.

*I honestly do not mean to hammer on you married guys out there. If you’re happily married, all the power to you, man!

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June 9, 2009 by Anonymous, 18 weeks 4 days ago
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There is a reason why older women are hostile to this idea. They are also hostile to the idea of an American male marrying foreign women. This hostility often sounds like your typical women-hating-women jealousy crap, or maybe it is expressed as racism. How many women have you heard call an Asian girl a slut when she is dating an African American or Caucasian? Older single women are having a hard time finding men who are serious about marriage.

I watch my brothers get screwed in court, lose their kids, assets, and income. I watch them forced to send money to their ex-wife’s boyfriend(s). I hear all of them complain about not having sex after marriage (usually because either or both are too damned tired), but sometimes they get cutoff almost immediately after the ceremony. Possibly the worst is child support for a child that is not yours.

The cases of women lying about being on birth control, or having your baby without your consent. There is a trend that nobody wants to admit. Modern feminist women are crappy wives. They cheat with immature alpha males- hence the growing forever-bachelor pick up artist population. They treat the real men like crap.

They snipe and nag until he gives in to keep the peace. Once she has his testicles in a jar over the mantle, she loses respect and the attraction is no longer there. The only thing left is the money. So she leaves him and takes half. The worst offense of them all- they put career over their kids. The division of labor in the household is extinct. We have sloppy houses and kids fed on a constant stream of fast food or frozen crap. Honestly, is this how you remember growing up?

Ladies- you can fixate your anger on us. Call us perverts, call us immature, etc. All your arguments here don’t seem to be changing my mind. I am one of those elusive men that you can’t find.

42 yo widower, married for 22 years, who was primary caregiver to a woman who suffered more and longer than anyone should. Luckily we married young and she was a true believer in traditional marriage. We had bliss while she was with us. We barely ever fought- and when we did, we followed the rules given to us by our chaplain when we were first married. It was a very very rare thing.

Anyway- there is an answer out there to your question- “What happened to all the good men?”

The Answer is this:

You did.

And do you know how to fix it? I will tell you, but you will call me a sexist – here it is:

Play to your strengths and let men play to our strengths. I will love you, protect you, and provide for you. In return you will be supportive and nurturing. You will take child raising seriously. We’re talking about cooking meals, cleaning the house, and teaching our children. Anything less is a career woman or just plain lazy.

I personally have no issue with career women- I have some close friends who have taken that path. But don’t wake up one day after living the “Sex in the City” lifestyle and decide that I’m your guy. Guess what- I have no use for you. I don’t need your money and I don’t need your sex. If that is all you offer, then the risk is just too great.

What I need is what nature gave you – your maternal instincts. Whether you admit it or not, what you need is my paternal instincts. So – if you want to compete with the foreign and younger ladies – just write down these traits and start working on them – or you could hang out with your bitter girlfriends and have misandry hate parties. I wonder how long that will make you happy.

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6 thoughts on “What Happened To All The Good Men? You Did.”

  1. This hyperfeminism has been the ruin of male-female relations in this country, from everything I see and hear.

    1. thats an interesting site. There are some great articles on this site that should be published about gender issues.

  2. I disagree that it is feminism that has ruined American women. It’s selfishness, plain and simple. Most women don’t want equality. They want to be perpetual girls that get what they want when they want it and men eager to please have given them this. Equality only comes into play as a useful tool to use to get men to cave to their demands. How many women want an equal financial burden in a relationship? Find me a woman that doesn’t expect a man to buy her dinner. Or a diamond ring for their wedding engagement. The bigger, the better. Men have become living Ken dolls in the minds of most women; only existing to fill their fantastical desires.

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