Incredible New Record On Robert Lindsay

Before I start, I would like to apologize for not writing very much lately. I’ve been extremely tired and I’m just not getting a whole lot done.

Old record: 10,923 October 15
New record: 21,920 October 16

As you can see, an unbelievable new record was set, doubling the previous record and breaking the 20,000 hit barrier for the first time.

Most of those were coming in to the Blogger site, mostly to see this classic, and once again, mostly from that horrible socialist/Communist state called Sweden (a gigantic site called Existenz, where I got ~15,000 hits), where the socialists have so destroyed the economy that almost all of the starving Swedes, when they are not dying in the frozen socialist gulags of the North, are so bored that they are on the Net all the time.

They do this because socialist mismanagement has wrecked the economy so severely that almost the entire population has a computer and a high speed connection and the high speed is one of the fastest and cheapest (per kB) on Earth. The state got heavily into the broadband industry and forced some evil regulations on it and even wasted tons of money on the broadband network. The result is the clusterfuck of Swedish broadband.

That about everyone except the reindeer owns a computer is similarly outrageous. Owning a computer is a privilege, not a right! Only a failed socialist state would so nuke the economy that every worthless peon has a computer.

This article also got Reddited, which usually brings in a lot of traffic since Reddit is a huge site.

If anyone has any good suggestions for ad programs, like the Amazon referral program, text link ads, anything like that, let me know. I already have Blogads up, but the interface is really hard to work, tech support doesn’t exist, and no one’s bought an ad yet. I can’t run ads here, but I can run them on Blogger.

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