“Bitter Old Harpies vs. Dirty Old Men,” by Alpha Unit

Latest from Alpha Unit. I really like this post. She and I have been reading the comments on this post for the past couple of days. In fact, my eyes are aching right now.

The whole older man – younger woman thing is a little bit silly, because it doesn’t exist all that much, really. In this town here, you almost never see any outrageous examples of it.

Up in the mountains, you never really see it either, except for Harry Baker, and he was anomalous. There was another fellow in town who recently died of a drug overdose at age 47, and he liked young women too. Well, he liked them of all ages really. His name was Richard. He died like he lived, in a woman’s bed in Mariposa. But Richard was Rich, from Newport Beach, with Newport Beach family money. He ran a business in town, but the money came from the family.

The only place I saw a lot of younger women – older guys was in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I used to live and work up there and I spent most of my 20’s in Hollywood nightclubs as part of the LA Music Scene. I was one of the first punk rockers, and I’m still a punk. Anyway, you did see it up there.

I can’t get a real young woman these days, but a few years back I could. At age 44, I had an 18 year old Korean girlfriend. Since then though, not so much. At age 52, the women I can get at best as young as 26-33 and up. Under 25, and it seems like they think I’m too old.

To me, a young woman is an object of beauty. Like a Redwood tree, a waterfall or a European cathedral. They are simply an aesthetic pleasure to look at, like looking at fine art. And I still fine myself looking at them sometimes, even though a lot of them really hate it. If they ever bothered me about it, I would have to say, “I’m sorry, but you’re so beautiful, I could not help looking at you.”

Young women always think guys my age are trying to fuck them. Truth is, we are not. We know we don’t have a chance with these chicks. They’re obviously way more dirty-minded than we are. If I’m discussing the weather, to the young woman’s mind, this is secret code for, “I want to fuck your brains out baby!” Truth is, I’m actually just talking about the weather. Really.

Around here, the Hispanic girls look really hot from teens to about mid-20’s or so. After that, they get married, pregnant and fat. These Hispanics are a handsome race, though, I must say. It’s a nice mix, the Indian and the White.

When a teenage girl, age 16 or so, starts getting that classic curved body, to me it simply excites a primal impulse. I look at it, and the Caveman in me says, “Jump on it! Impregnate it!” What you are seeing is an evolutionary advertisement of extreme fertility.

Around here, these young Hispanic chicks are so fertile I think you can probably impregnate them by looking at them with lust in your eyes.

When those immaculate rounded hips start showing up, that looks like an ad too. It’s an advertisement screaming, “These hips are meant to carry babies. Impregnate me baby!”

As far as the older women are concerned, it’s just sour grapes, that’s all.

The guys? I dunno. 7 years of marriage, a couple of kids, she’s 35, and sex is a memory. After age 40, a lot of couples are hardly fucking anymore. Maybe the women don’t care, but a lot of guys in their 40’s are still horny as Hell.

It seems to be a fact of life that older men like younger women, and in some cases, vice versa. It seems true over most all human cultures all down through time. Screaming “pedophile” at Mother Nature isn’t particularly helpful. Mother Nature didn’t make most males natural “pedophiles.”

On the other hand, most older women could not be less interested in boy toys. The Cougar phenomenon offers women a chance to do what the boys do, but that seems to be a minor movement. I don’t know any older women around here with much younger guys. I used to be involved in relationships like that. Lot of fun, I was 21 and she was 37. Both at the peak of their sex drives. Match made in heaven.

Onto Alpha Unit:

I’m a 50 yr Aussie male and I love younger women. The women I see my age are fat or just plain ugly and no amount of help will fix them. Who wants to go after something all worn out? I think after women have menopause the ugly factor kicks in.

So said the Aussie male in the comments section of a blog post Old Men Chasing Young Women: A Good Thing. This is the post Robert referred to in “Perverts” Are Adaptive.

The most common description some of the older men gave of older women was “bitter.” So in addition to being fat and ugly, they were bitter, which amplified their ugliness tenfold.

So what do the fat, the ugly, and the bitter think of older guys who try to get young women into bed?

Worn out men belong with worn out women.Old men coming on to you is also, erm, rather gross. Shame nature cruelly made the old badgers pointlessly reproductive.

…I have never understood why a young woman wants a wrinkled, boring old man, who tells stories of the times when she wasn’t born yet and complains of aches and ways of the modern world.”

Some of the comments were far more vicious, including references to adult diapers.

But most arresting is the sentiment expressed by the commenter who said to a 25-year-old woman:

Your worn out 48 year old boyfriend is an old pervert and you have no integrity.

A 42-year-old man with a 22-year-old girlfriend was told that he is:

…a pedophile whose moral codes are corrupted.

How is this man’s involvement with a 22-year-old woman an example of pedophilia?

Or, as Robert put it to me, basically, “What is up with these women?”

If it is perfectly natural for a mature man to be sexually turned on by a beautiful young woman (and it is), then why is that natural desire labeled “dirty?”

Anyone who thinks this must think sex itself is dirty. Or at least scary. Which it is.

The sexual impulse can be disruptive, destabilizing, or even destructive if not properly channeled. No wonder human beings instituted marriage. In their wisdom our forebears knew that such a tremendous force needed to be contained.

Maybe these women fear men who don’t seem to recognize this. To them, maybe these guys are just having way too much fun wallowing in unbridled lust with young luscious babes. A man is apt to forego all rectitude with such a distraction.

And Civilization will collapse.

Don’t you guys see that?

Since men are bigger and stronger and less likely to give a damn, women can’t really stop them. So we resort to shrill denunciation, hoping to shame them into behaving themselves.

But it might as well have been a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire on that comments thread. Those men were Stanley Kowalski to their Blanche du Bois.

I’ve been on to you from the start! Not once did you pull any wool over this boy’s eyes! You come in here and sprinkle the place with powder and spray perfume and cover the light-bulb with a paper lantern, and lo and behold the place has turned into Egypt and you are the Queen of the Nile! Sitting on your throne and swilling my liquor! I say – Ha – ha! Do you hear me? Ha – ha- ha!


Williams, Tennessee. 1947. A Streetcar Named Desire. The Estate of the Late Tennessee Williams.
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7 thoughts on ““Bitter Old Harpies vs. Dirty Old Men,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. You often hear that various ages are the “new” two-thirds of what they used to be. Fortunately for me, I find that to be largely true of the MOS in my own age group.

  2. I’ve never quite understood this idea of “the new 40” or “the new 50” and so on.

    Have you seen these people of “a certain age” who have been botoxed into slickness? For heaven’s sake.

    It might look okay on a woman, to some extent, but on a man it is hideous.

  3. I don’t think a 44 yr old man with a 22 yr old is a pedophile. I think he is sad and deluded but not a pedophile. Women that age are looking for the most powerful men they can get to father their children. Children with a wealthy/powerful father have a headstart in life. Women have much more invested in having a child than a man, its dangerous, its exhausting, its painful but the biological clock is a powerful motive. I don’t blame the women for seeking the best they can get for their investment, I don’t blame the men for going along with it. Thats evolution whispering their ears

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