“Perverts” Are Adaptive

Since the evil feminist Cunts and their wussy mangina counterparts say that any older man (over 47 or so) going after a much younger woman is automatically a “pervert,” not to mention a “pedophile”, a “creep” and a “weirdo”, I would like to point out a new study showing that older men (over 50) who reproduce with young women are actually good for humanity.

As the researchers put it, “It turns out that older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species.”

I just met a guy, homeless guy, hiking in the national forest. He had been hiking all the way through Yosemite at age 57. He’s in good shape. Although he’s a working class guy (works every day when he can), he’s still homeless. I gave him a ride and dropped him off at the mission.

He told me that two years ago in Carson City, Nevada (he travels all over the West), he had a 22 year old girlfriend. She was surrounded by all these guys her age, all hardass and tough, but she thought they were all a bunch of morons, so she wanted a guy who was a little more mature. I had always heard that teenage girls think the guys their age are idiots, but I didn’t know it extended up into the 20’s.

I met a 20 year old college girl a few years back (no dating, just friendship, but she used to send me risque pics of herself). She said, “All men are boys up until age 40.” Well, it’s probably true, right? I mean, I was, sort of, anyway.

Anyway, this 55 year old guy, with nothing going whatsoever, got a 22 year old chick! Hear hear! Don’t listen to the bitches or these punk kids. Go for it, my Brothers! If you want a young woman and you can get one, go ahead and go for it, even if you have to grab a gang of hardened criminals (Joke!) and rob a trainfull of Viagra to keep it going.

As a result, Puleston said, older male fertility helps to select against damaging cell mutations in humans who have passed the age of female menopause, consequently eliminating the “wall of death.”

I don’t really understand this, but the authors felt that theory helped to explain why human survive past the age of female menopause (We do.). There’s never been a good explanation of why.

One theory, the Grandmother Hypothesis, suggests that we need to keep older women around to show everyone else the ropes. It’s interesting, but I never liked it all that much. This theory seems to make a lot more sense, though I don’t completely understand it either.

There are a lot of cool comments at the end. The usual stuff about young women being repulsed and sickened by older guys who commit the horrible crime (worse than serial homicide for sure) of looking at them. And then some cool comments from the Brothers trashing these silly young bitches for being the mean, vicious, selfish, vain, empty-headed vessels of extreme fertility that they are.

It’s interesting that most of the commenters can’t punctuate, spell or write a coherent sentence. This seems to be true whatever the age or sex. I guess they are just typical American dumbfucks.

It’s really sad that we live in a society that allows males and females to become successful, acquire good jobs, buy nice homes, get good high paying jobs, pile up a lot of nice possessions, etc., when they are so fucking stupid and uneducated that they barely write better than a hillbilly in a shack. What a sick society.

You can accumulate all the money and fancy shit you want, while having the education and skills of a fucking backwoods Moonshine maker. I have more respect for the hillbilly. He lives in a shack, has no car, and barely gets by. He doesn’t pretend to be what he isn’t. But I wouldn’t give him a $50,000/year job.

Only in America. We need to seriously consider that a lot of high-paid Americans are dumber than a bag of hammers or a box of brick shit. It’s pretty common that you meet a person from another country who makes far, far less than their American counterpart yet who has education, class, style and erudition. They keep up on current events and are proud of the skill with which they write in their cultivated native tongue.

America is a land of rich, fat, overpaid ignoramuses and dumbfucks with no class, no taste and no youth style other than shaved pussies, nipple rings and more tattoos than a cannibal.

What a disgrace. I hope at least the stylish Europeans kick our fucking asses. I just met a few busloads of French tourists in town. A fine example of what White people could be if they weren’t aspiring to be backwoods hillbillies with $50 haircuts and new model cars. They put these fat, stupid, ignorant American slobs to shame. I was embarrassed for my people.

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17 thoughts on ““Perverts” Are Adaptive”

  1. What the medical community really needs to do is push back women’s reproductive years. We keep hearing that every age is the “new” two-thirds of what it used to be, except when it comes to childbirth.

    Since women’s workplace value is highly correlated to their education, and it takes two incomes to run a modern family well, we need to make it normal for women to have children from 30-45. Otherwise, kids will grow up either poor or with age-discrepant parents.

    1. Yeah, this is ridiculous. I know a 33 year old woman who is dying to have a kid. She feels like a total loser and her biological clock is ticking. She is better than 90% of the women her age, yet she has no kids. Ridiculous. It would be more humane if we could push back the bio clock so she would not be so worried. I feel very sorry for her. She cries like a fool a lot. She lives in a country where women are expected to have kids and be married by that age.

    2. One thing the article said that made sense was that females having kids with older guys probably increases their chances of getting good genes. If a guy has lived that long, he’s avoided most of the bad genes. When she mates with a guy in his 20’s, she may be picking up genes that make you keel over when you are 30. Interesting…

  2. The great ethnostatist Wilmot Robertson (aka Humphrey Ireland) made the recommendation as early as 1974 in his THE DISPOSSESSED MAJORITY that a properly streamlined White economy would guide women to have several/many kids early while preparing themselves for “economic liberation” (not his term) i.e. a good professional career beginning approx age 40, thus warding off the anti-family feminist impulse and ensuring good White birthrates.

  3. If the backwoods moonshine maker doesn’t blow himself up or poison his customers, he has some real skills.

  4. :It would be more humane if we could push back the bio clock so she would not be so worried.”

    We can. Egg harvesting and freezing. Maybe the feminists ought to demand that unis, as part of their megabucks spending to recruit women, pay for the procedure for their fertile, nubile young female students.

    An alternative, and the one I personally like better, would be the unis’ promise of admittance and financial aid is good for life, so Mom can return when the kids are teens.

  5. yeah it is already hard enough gaming chicks but then when you pile on all the sickness in our society it is nearly impossible. unless you are in the range of 7-10 on the looks scale.

    and given all the negative qualities in american women i feel like it’s not worth trying for anyway.

  6. Older men have a greater risk of fathering schizophrenic children. If I were 20 and had a child with a 50 year old, not only am I increasing my risk of ill children but a 50 yr old man is in no way in as good physical shape as a 30yrold. At 60, is he going to be out playing ball with the kids?
    As for grandparents, evolution is not just about simple genes for survival, its about helping those genes survive. In an elephant herd, it is the oldest females that will lead the herd to the best pasture and water and know where to go to get the essentials for survival in drought etc. In humans, children who have lost their parent/s but have grandparents to care for them will do better than those without grandparents. Grandparents are a valuable resource in a family.

      1. Older men also have a higher risk of fathering children who will have autism, “mental retardation of unknown etiology” and Alzheimer’s.

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