Harry Baker and Roman Polanski

A commenter comments on the Harry Baker Versus Roman Polanski Pedo Final Playoffs at Loli Stadium. It’s in overtime, and the ball’s on the 13 Yard Line. All the cheerleaders are on the sidelines playing with Barbie Dolls .

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No offense, Robert, but your position with regard to Harry Baker is in contradiction with the position that you took with regard to Roman Polanski

With Roman, it was 30 years ago, he did it once, he already did some time for it, and it’s old case, water under the dam, that needs to be dropped due to the length of time passed.

Harry Baker has been doing this forever and getting away with it. The charges are recent, as in two years. It’s not some old case that all the sane people want to go into the memory hole forever. Furthermore, the girls are pressing charges against him. There are two girls who want him charged.

There are bunch of other girls with whom he has apparently committed similar crimes, and they are not charging him, nor is there enough evidence for the cops to go after him. Harry has done this act hundreds or thousands of times over decades to dozens, maybe scores, maybe hundreds of girls. The number of times he has committed this crime and the number of female victims the law says he has victimized is astounding.

In Roman’s case, there was one victim. One time, one act. 31 years ago. He’s already been arrested, already done some time, already suffered from being on the lam for decades. The girl got paid off and she doesn’t even want to press charges. It’s an old case, water under the dam, a single act with a single victim on a single day, the girl doesn’t care. So forget about it.

I also feel there is quite a bit of difference between a single act with a 13 Year Old by a 46 year old man and multiple acts over many years with an elderly man in his 70’s and 80’s with victims as Young As 13.

Qualitatively and quantitatively, the cases are dramatically different. I am not opposed to going after middle aged and older men who go after, seduce and frankly prey on Young Girls all the way down to 13-15, especially where it is a habitual case. It’s been going on forever, but it ain’t right.

I also have to admit that I’m pissed at Harry Baker. Class privilege is just not right. I live in the same area as Hairy Ass Baker, I’m 29 years younger and a Hell of a lot better looking than some old man who’s older than God’s parents.

Due to Pedophile Mass Hysteria, I can’t even look at Teenage Girls around here, much less talk to them. I can’t even say, “Hi, nice day.” I can barely even look at women aged 18-20, and sometimes up to 23 or so, and those are legal. I can’t talk to them either, not even when I’m ordering a cup of fucking coffee from them.

If I cast eyes on them on let one sound come out of my lips, according to these lame cunts, I’m automatically trying to fuck them. What a joke. These chicks must think about sex 10 times more than I do. No! You dumb bitches! Just because I ask about the weather, doesn’t mean I’m trying to fuck you!

If I do anything but look at the floor and zipper my lips when any female under 21 is around, I’m a Sicko, a Pervert, a Creep, a Pedophile , a Child Molester, a Dirty Old Man, a Predator and a Weirdo.

But Harry Fucking Baker, who’s so old he looks like he babysat the Redwoods, gets to fuck all the Jailbait he wants for decades and get away with it cuz he’s a gazillionaire. So there’s a socialist reason to see this guy hung out to dry.

No to poor men going to prison while rich men go free. No to class privilege in law enforcement and imprisonment. What the Hell is this country anyway, a Banana Republic of the Democracy’s Founding Shore?

*For an explanation of why I title case and bold some words, see here.

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5 thoughts on “Harry Baker and Roman Polanski”

  1. Dear Robert
    Polanski raped one young adolescent. Harry Baker bought sex from a lot of young adolescents. Polanski’s crime is worse because he used coercion facilitated by a drug while Harry Baker’s crimes are worse because they are more numerous.
    Obviously, it is worse to commit many crimes than only one, but we don’t let a murderer off the hook if he committed only one murder, and neither should we let Polanski off the hook because he did it only once. The reason why Polanski’s case is so old is that he fled the country.
    I don’t have any more sympathy for the likes of Harry Baker than you do, but it remains inconsistent to cheer the arrest of Baker and at the same time to blast the arrest of Polanski.
    Cheers. James

  2. All rational people agree that only a sick perv will do something with someone under 13. All rational people also agree that 13 should be the legal age of consent.

    1. Because 13 is the age when people become sexually responsible. In arab cultures 13 is considered an age where someone is an adult and it is the same with jewish cultures. Bar Mitzvas are at 13 years old and these are to celebrate adulthod. It is completely normal for adults to have sexual relations with 13 year olds. It is part of the mentor relationship. I personally don’t think its a good idea for anyone to have sexual relations with 13 year olds in America because to do sop is against the law and it is not worth the risk.

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