New Policy at Robert Lindsay

From now on, I am often going to bolding and title-casing words and phrase like Pedophilia, Pedo, Pedophile, Child Molesting, Child Molester, Child Porn, ad nauseum.

Since the Moron Majority has decided to conflate normal sex with teenagers with twisted relations with little kids, fully developed 17 year old girls with little 7 year old girls, statutory rape with Child Molestation and Pedophilia, hebephilia with Pedophilia, on and on with endless insanity, making fake victims out of lots of teenage girls and boys and real victims out of many men and increasingly women, it’s time for a fightback.

Everyone is so terrified of the whole scene that no one wants to step off the plantation for fear of getting the Scarlet Letter P written on your forehead. Well, this is where Robert Lindsay steps in.

What better way to taunt the morons than to bold and title-cap those words every time you see them? Plays right into the hysteria. If they start calling me Pedo, that’s all the better. They can put it on a billboard with my picture for all I care. We need to start getting over our fear of these smearing moralfag Puritan shits if there’s going to be any pushback at all.

In addition, since everyone, especially males but also sadly females, is totally insane about Impotence, I am now bolding the words Impotence, Impotent and phrases like Can’t Get It Up, etc. Silence isn’t golden, it’s poison. Nothing clears the air like a little shouting.

Males are all insane about Impotence. Impotence is normal. All guys are Impotent. The more sex you have and especially the more women you end up in bed with, the more it’s going to happen. It was estimated a while back that 50

Gigolos, swingers and porn stars all use Viagra, including guys in their 20’s. Why? Because they’re all impotent sometimes. They screw lots of chicks, and the more chicks you screw, especially in front of an audience, the more likely you are to be a Limp Dick wonder.

Temporary Impotence isn’t even impotence. If you Can’t Get It Up, just relax and do something else, like something to the woman. After a while, you should get it up. It doesn’t count if you got it up and kept it up 10 minutes later.

Young guys are often Impotent, especially when they are first bumbling around with sex. I know because I talk to them often doing therapy with them. Nervousness and anxiety are the prime causes. In particular, performance anxiety. Depression is a notorious cause. Also fear, dislike or lack of attraction to the partner, shame, guilt, all sorts of things. Just about any negative emotion can cause it. Considering all the things that can make your dick droop, it’s amazing sex works as often as it does.

Males are insane about Impotence, so you can’t discuss it with them. If it ever happens to you…AND YEAH IT’S FUCKING HAPPENED TO ME, YOU HEAR THAT? I’VE BEEN IMPOTENT! I-M-P-O-T-E-N-T! A FEW TIMES TOO! WHEN I WAS YOUNG EVEN! AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, FUCK YOU!

…Anyway, if it happens to you, and you tell other guys about it, most of them will freak out, act like you’re insane or a total asshole or loser and say it’s never happened to them. Well, they’re mostly all lying. In fact, by age 40, they’re definitely all lying, or they haven’t had much sex. So you can’t talk about it with other guys. Once we get older, we have the “physical” excuse, which isn’t much of a consolation.

Women are equally insane about Impotence. When it happens to you, they will always act like this is the first time it’s ever happened with any guy they’ve even been with. If you’re young, they will say something retarded like, “I thought this only happens to older guys.” Usually they get pissed. Or depressed. “I guess I don’t turn you on.” None of this is helpful.

So, anyway, in order to shove these subjects out of the moldy closets and into the harsh glare of the set lights, I’m going to be bolding them. Bolding these words and phrases will hopefully cause unpleasant emotions in readers, including anxiety, mixed feelings, anger, shame, guilt, confusion, etc. That’s the general idea. After a while, we will attune to the anxiety and relax when we see these words and phrases. Then we can maybe act more reasonable about these things.

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6 thoughts on “New Policy at Robert Lindsay”

  1. I suppose hebephilia doesn’t means attraction to hebes i.e. Hebrews? By the way, how come all those hebe feminists haven’t taken a stance on that ? What would be a neutral-gendered rendition? Itbrew? Thembrew? Webrew? Or just Shebrew and Hebrew? Personbrew?

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