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This one is really great! She and I really see eye to eye on a lot of issues, and this is one of them. To me, it’s the idea that men are men and women are women and you just have to deal with that. Radical feminists have decided that men acting men means men being evil, while women acting like women means being the penultimate in righteousness. A lot of the rest of the time, radical feminists seem to be waging a war against biology and indeed reality.

I’m all for single Moms. No problems there. But it ought to be clear by now that boys growing up without fathers is not such a good thing.

True, outcomes are different in different communities. A lot of the young Hispanic gang members and delinquents that I know were raised by single Moms. In one family I am thinking of, the boys just went insane after the father died of cirrhosis. The mother tried, but she just couldn’t control them at all. In the White community, it’s different, and you end up with these wimpy, passive-aggressive, super-immature Momma’s boy cum psychos.

What’s interesting is the resentment you see in a lot of fatherless boys, especially the ones who were abandoned by their fathers. They really hate their Dads for leaving them like that.

Hating your father is not the end of the world. 3

Go to a prison and ask those guys about their fathers. The ones who had active fathers all hate them and will tell you they want to kill them. The rest had no active fathers.

But most of these guys love their Moms, and I bet their Moms still love them. Having a good relationship with Mom is a good thing for a man; it doesn’t necessarily make you a Momma’s boy. Try calling those prisoners with Mom tattoos Momma’s boys. As soon as they get released, a lot of those grown, hardass men end up on Mom’s doorstep, if only temporarily.

On the other hand, it seems like if you have a good relationship with your Dad, it’s hard to be a criminal. How many male criminals get along great with Dad?

Hating your Mom does not seem to be good for a man. It’s possible for men who hate their mothers to be normal, but many are not. A lot of them turn into misogynists. They simply project their feelings about Mom onto all the women in their life, or recreate their relationships with Mom with all the new women they meet. Just about every mass murderer or serial killer of women hates his Mom.

Hating your Mom is a lot worse than loving your Mom too much, a “problem” much blown out of proportion by society, especially women. Women and girls always resent the mothers of the guys in their lives. This is a fact of nature. The two females are competing for the attention of a male, and females don’t compete all that well. So the females in men’s lives are always accusing their guys of being Momma’s boys if these guys have any affection at all towards their Moms.

Fuck that. There are Momma’s boys, but I don’t think there are as many as you think. Society cures you of that affliction pretty quickly.

The worse thing that happens to a Momma’s boy is he turns into a wimp, and about 5

Wimpy guys is a woman issue. Women hate them. But I could care less about wimps. If you’re a wimp, that’s your problem. Why should I care? Women are going to be kicking your ass forever anyway, so why should I join the cackling Domintrices in the Misandry Fest? Forget it. I believe in Solidarity with my Brothers. Even the wimps.

On to Alpha Unit!

If you want to know the end result of Equality Between the Sexes, look no farther than the Black Community.

For in the Black Community you can observe what happens when women are seen as equal to men, just as capable of heading families as men, just as capable of raising boys as men.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was correct when he stated in his controversial report of over forty years ago that such a community asks for and gets chaos. And the reason for that is an indisputable although politically inconvenient fact: fathers are indispensable for the well-being of children.

But my focus in not on fatherhood and parenting as much as it is on the idea that women are essentially the same as men. Well, the experience of Black women shows that a woman is great at being a woman but she is a piss-poor substitute for a man.

The concept that a woman should have as much autonomy as a man is one we’ve taken for granted for quite some time now in the West. Like most people, I enjoy having as much freedom as I can in the world, and I don’t think I would ever be happy in a place where women are controlled in nearly all their behavior both public and private.

But that concept degenerated some time ago into the idea that there are no important differences between men and women; and while some feminists will acknowledge that there are, in fact, important differences, the damage has already been done. Many people think that a woman should and must be able to hold her own in the world alongside men.

As I said at the beginning of this post, if you want to know how that experiment turns out, the Black Community in America will give you a good idea.

All the historical reasons and explanations for this are a well-traveled road. Everyone can tell you that slavery and segregation demanded that Black women be as “strong” and capable as men.

Often it was a matter of survival, not choice. To this day, Black women are accused of being “unfeminine” – as if America ever gave them the luxury of being “feminine” to begin with!

So you say to a group of women, “You’re not some dainty, feminine flower in need of sheltering – you are as capable as any man. Now get out there and pull your weight the same as any man.” You say this to them in an environment in which some women are indeed seen and treated as feminine, and in an environment in which no group of men is prepared to tell them anything different.

Wouldn’t they end up assuming the traditional roles of men? The only problem is that they are no good at it. Black women are no good at assuming the roles of men. It’s because they’re not men. They aren’t like men. They are no more like men than any other group of women are like men. They were never up to the task of what was expected of them, and they still aren’t.

They are weak and incompetent in assuming the roles of men – just as anybody else’s women would be.

Black people will recite the familiar refrain that Black men couldn’t assume the traditional protective role toward Black women, because Black women (and men) were the property of White men. And after slavery, Black men, most of whom were in the South, were not allowed to assume the traditional role – because Black men (and women) were under the control of White men.

All the excuses have been set in stone by now.

But it’s very clear what happens when women are left to their own devices in a society that says they can do anything a man can do.

What everyone gets is exactly what Moynihan said they would get.

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10 thoughts on ““The Burden of Being Equal,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. “I’m all for single Moms. No problems there. But it ought to be clear by now that boys growing up without fathers is not such a good thing”

    Huh? This sentence is incoherent. How can boys growing up without fathers (that is to say, with nearly perfect accuracy, being raised by single mothers) be not such a good thing, but you’re all FOR them and see no problems?

    It’s easier to just be honest.
    Just say it:
    Single motherhood is a singularly bad idea. Single motherhood is all, and only, about problems. Single motherhood is a disaster. It is a simple impossibility for a single mother to be, at one and the same time, both with the child to provide mothering and away from the child earning an income to provide material necessities.

    Parenting is a seesaw between protective nurturing and encouraging the child to take risks so he can learn and grow. Without encouragement, the child grows up to be a fearful “wimp.” Without nurturing the child grows up lacking empathy for anyone else and will make a very good thug.
    A child needs both kinds of rearing, at the same time, therefore requires two parents.. One person, sans a clone, cannot play two diametrically opposed roles at the same time.

    Why have, in general, widows done a better job at single-mothering than divorcees or never-marrieds? Because as a general rule, a widow is more likely to have a healthy extended family such that Grandpa or an uncle can play the encourager role. Divorcees and never-marrieds, because they themselves are more likely to have come from broken families, are more likely to lack a functional extended family to provide a substitute Dad.
    Why does remarriage generally not work out so hot? Because humans have a biological, instinctive aversion to raising a child not biologically related. Overcoming such aversion takes a special person — and there ain’t enough of ’em to go around for all the single mothers out there.

  2. Pervasive single motherhood in a community is a symptom of something much deeper. Relations between men and women in that community are deeply troubled.

  3. Thank you AU. This article pretty much sums up why I don’t subscribe to modern liberalism — it’s based on the assumption that any difference in outcomes by demographics can be prima facie assumed to represent a denial of equal opportunity. The undeniable fact that most blacks are raised in an inferior family environment is either irrelevant or the fault of white-dominated society.

    I forget the source, but there are three simple rules for not being poor:
    Complete your education
    Don’t marry until 20
    Don’t have a kid until you’re married
    People who do these things rarely end up poor; and most people who don’t, do.

    If you don’t have a spouse, don’t have kid.

    BTW, African-Americans’ preference for physical child discipline is another cause of poor family structure. Single moms who rely on corporal punishment tend to raise wife-beaters.

    1. When Black people are seen collectively, it’s clear that the relationship between Black men and Black women is seriously damaged.

      All the dysfunction and chaos are the result of that damage.

      This is about the male-female dynamic more than anything else, in my view.

  4. i think those 3 rules for not being poor need one more to complete. they might come from an earlier time or from someone who does not really understand the situation on the ground.

    rule 4: do not take on debt

    i’ve lived by the first 3 rules but this last one has fucked me completely. and now as a male with a negative net worth, i’m pretty much out of the game as far as getting a woman goes.

  5. AU — love to read your posts, keep up the good work.

    i too dislike “african-american” and prefer the term “black”. i think the former points to the disconnect between the real world and the artificially-real world of media. seriously. those people are not even on the same fucking planet as the rest of us.

    one definition of culture includes language, and these people do not speak like us.

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