Traffic Picking Up Again On Robert Lindsay

Traffic dropped off on Robert Lindsay for two weeks after peaking in the third week of September. To be honest, the fall-off was due to problems with WordPress over a number of videos that I was hosting here. After consultations with WordPress staff, a number of offending videos have been removed and I will try not to upload similar videos in the future, though it is somewhat difficult to figure out exactly what is allowed and what is not allowed, since none of it is spelled out, particularly in their TOS.

So it is somewhat hit or miss in terms of whether or not one is violating the TOS. According to the TOS, offensive content is all allowed, but apparently that is not the case, as they are requesting that my offensive content be removed.

Nevertheless, I am committed to working with them in a friendly way to keep the site up.

Yesterday a new record for 4th highest day was set. The total includes 5,773 hits on WordPress and 2,042 visits on the old site, where traffic has completely exploded recently.

Old record: 7,795 September 22
New record: 7,814 October 8
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2 thoughts on “Traffic Picking Up Again On Robert Lindsay”

  1. Some 8 years ago l asked on the net what is wrong with those “liberals”, and one answer was a oneliner: They can’t count!

    How right this person was. Robert, l believe that 7.7oo is LESS tHEN 7.8oo. 9D))

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