High Traffic Continued on Robert Lindsay Last Week

Despite the slowdown, traffic continued at a high rate last week, setting a new record for 4th highest traffic in a week.

Old record:  28,420: Aug. 31- Sept. 6
New record:  37,599: September 28-Oct. 4
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5 thoughts on “High Traffic Continued on Robert Lindsay Last Week”

  1. To Rob:
    Why do you say that, heg?
    I am guessing it’s because you avoid talking about the Jewish influence on wolverines.

    1. I have heard that the truth is that wolverines are really Jews, or that Jews are really wolverines who have been transmogrified through Talmudic magic into a human form.
      I’m not so sure about that theory though, Unc. What do you think? Sounds a bit conspiratorial to me.

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