What In the Hell is the Matter With White Boys These Days?

I can’t seem to figure out White boys these days. I swear to God, they are turning into Black people. Like the mysterious Flynn Effect, the Wigger Effect changes are occurring much too fast to be due to genetic changes, so environmental changes must be at work. Social scientists are busy at work during to untangle the mysterious Wigger Effect.
The Wigger Effect holds many interesting questions for the future, assuming it continues. In the future, will White Wiggers be eligible for Affirmative Action also? Is the offspring of a Wigger and a White woman biracial? Is the offspring of a Wigger and a Black woman pure Black? Are IQ tests biased against Wiggers too? If a Wigger beats up a Black dude (assuming that’s even possible) is it a Hate Crime or Black on Black violence? We have seen the first Black President. So when will we see the first Wigger President?
As an aside, this* has to be one of the worst music videos ever made. Shout out to whoever did it. Like 50’s sci-fi flicks, it’s a masterpiece in a certain sense.
I have some comments.
Why did this kid hire his Mom to be a go-go dancer in his video? Or is that his sister? Or is it a hooker he hired for $50? If it’s his Mom, she sure is hot! If it’s his sister, forget it. If it’s a hooker, I want to know what she will do for $100?
Is that his Dad’s motorcycle?
Why did this video have to be 5 minutes long. At the 3 minute mark, I realized I would have to watch two more minutes of this, and I swear to God I almost committed suicide.
Is this kid retarded? Does he have Down’s Syndrome? Cerebal palsy? Was this done for the Make a Wish Foundation? Was this kid in the Special Olympics?
Those flips in the backyard are pretty gangsta.
This guy hails from Halliburton, Ontario, Canada. His next album is going to be called “Straight Outa Halliburton.”
Kids, listen, this is why you need to stay in school. This is what happens when you drop out. Seriously.
That layup was weak. You ain’t no baller.
If this kid was Black, he would probably be on B.E.T., right?
I am thinking maybe we should make it against the law for White people to act like Black people. I mean Black people acting like Black people, well, that’s just natural. But White people acting like Black people, that’s like a crime against nature, you know?
I asked some of my gangsta friends to watch this video. These are their comments: “Fuck yea! Boostalk all up in dis joint.” “Look out Jay-Z! There’s a new king in town!” “Boostalk is the numba one hustla!!” “The girl is mad busted!” “Mad beats dawg!” “Those are some sick flips and shit.”
*The video is Boostalk doing We Gon Rock. The video was reportedly made on a $50 budget. I guess the $50 was to hire the dancing escort girl.

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20 thoughts on “What In the Hell is the Matter With White Boys These Days?”

  1. There have always been lots of whites with an affinity for black music, even during slave times. Most however don’t take it this extreme. Eminem jumped on the black bandwagon, but at least he did a good job of it.

    1. Well, the way we rockers see it is that we owe our whole genre to Blacks. If you study rock, it came out of the Blues. Before that, possibly Gospel. Anyway, by the 40’s, Blues became Rhythm and Blues. R & B from the 40’s directly led into rock and roll music. I have some of those old 78’s from the 40’s. Hardly anyone has ever heard of them. So really, without Blacks, there would be no rock music. That’s why most reasonable rockers have always been pro-Black.
      OTOH, the wigger phenomenon is a bit bizarre.

      1. Robert, i dont mean to disrespect your opinion or nuttin but rap music is fucking awesome. Have you ever even really listened to it for more than 5 minutes? Sure i will admit rap nowadays sucks ass, but Eminem in his early days was fucking awesome.

    2. Yeah, that’s true, which is funny because a lot of blacks don’t even like rock music. And those that do risk being called sellouts or called out as acting white if they seem to be too much into rock music.
      The golden age of black music was something else wasn’t it? I don’t know how even the most hardened white racist couldn’t love stuff like this:

  2. Sad, but let’s not be racist about it – the black equivalent is just as bad. There’s always been crossover in black and white music; the inverted racists of the ‘left’ would have it that it’s all one way, but not so. I’m not going to make a case for that here. It’s not the crossover that’s the problem; it’s the substance. Remember the bad old days when white boys wanted to play the guitar like Muddy Waters or Lightnin’ Hopkins or Robert Johnson or Chuck Berry, or sing like Otis Redding or Joe Tex or the Four Tops …? Or just learn to play stuff by old white squares like Buddy Holly or the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or the Beach Boys … fill in a hundred talented songwriters and bands from the sixties. Hey, but maybe that stuff was elitist. Now we have genuine musical democracy – anyone can do it. At least it’s heading that way; still got some work to do to cut out that rhythm and rhyme and the gymnastics. Maybe this is the music for a time when for most people there’s no possibility of earning a dependable living, no reason to aspire. Maybe the elite’s think tanks think it’s a good idea to promote this stuff because it encourages low self esteem in the lower orders? Whatever, it’s a sad, grey totalitarian NOISE. NO FUTURE, as the Sex Pistols augured back then – I thought they were godawful shit, but they seem like giants compared to what’s come since.

  3. Music is probably the single greatest achievement of African-American culture, so seeing a white artist imitating (even the lowest form of) it is to be expected. What’s more worrisome is the incremental ghettoization of mainstream American youth in their regular life (not just in art) as described in articles like this one:
    Example quote: “Journalist Cora Daniels stumbled on the first raw material for her new book quite literally on her Brooklyn doorstep, where teenagers found it terrifically fun and “ghetto” to play cards, drink beer and cuss into the wee hours on school nights… snip… Daniels, who is 35 and black, worries about a downward cultural spiral where suburban boys work as pimps, middle-class girls aspire to dance like strippers and dropping out of school is often seen as a badge of honor.”
    If this is true, I would suggest that it’s the inevitable end-game of multicultural education. Public school students are indoctrinated from age five to believe that cultures are equal, that you shouldn’t think your own to be superior just because it’s familiar, and that blacks adopted their culture in response to societal racism. The logical conclusion from these premises is that dropping out of school, teenage parenthood and drug dealing are simply lifestyle choices in the same way that studying and going to college are.
    It’s time the majority of Americans took pride in our cultural superiority again. (This majority includes the blacks and other ethnic minorities who joined the mainstream of American life or are honestly aspiring to.) Most of the world would like to come here. And the ghetto is not their preferred destination.

    1. “Music is probably the single greatest achievement of African-American culture…”
      That’s a pretty interesting statement. You could be right. I’ve often noticed that almost anywhere in the world blacks are, be in the U.S., Brazil, England, Jamaica, Cuba, wherever, blacks tend be at the forefront of making music that everyone likes. I mean there’s no such thing as a Japanese Bob Marley, Hendrix or Michael Jackson. Whites have been great at making music too as they have a long history of creating music with a universal appeal. I think in modern times, blacks have become really good at it.

    1. I just read this article again, then read through the comments while watching the video.
      LMFAO! I could not stop laughing, man. I laughed around 6 million times or so. I almost called the ADL cuz I thought I was going to die from a holocaust of laughter and you know that must be a hate crime.

      1. Yeah, I think that the only thing these gangstas are killin’ is a gallon of ice cream or maybe a Big Mac.
        There are even more uploded videos on the “kompany’s” youtube page.
        Have you ever heard of chavs Robert? Apparently they’re somewhat like the British version of wiggers. Watch these morons…

  4. Look at some of the priceless entries on Boostalk’s twitter:
    planning a tour this summer but my mom sed she wont drive that far
    2:32 PM May 12th via web
    ok wait what is bacardi? i thought bacardi was alcohol but thers diff kinds at the store
    6:00 PM Feb 3rd via web
    boostalk.com is down mom forgot to pay the hosting bill cuz shes a freakin idiot
    2:31 PM Dec 10th, 2009 via web

    1. Okay I realized I made a mistake. It wasn’t Sacha Cohen, but a person responding to a film he put together. Sorry about that. The quote can be seen in the movie “Bruno.”

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