Text To Speech Application on the Net

This is pretty weird!
This avatar babe (or avatar guy) will say anything you tell her to! Just like all women should be! Haha. Anyway, just type in the words you want her to say, and she says them. Better than a parrot or a myna bird. If you don’t like the way she says it, you can use effects.
So far, being a degenerate, I’m making her say all sorts of dirty things to me, since lately not enough real women do that to me. When you make her talk dirty, the “slow down” and “longer” effects work better to stretch out her robot-like speech. You can also make the avatars speak other languages, or speak English with an accent, whatever you like.
Ladies, I don’t know what you want to tell this young lassie to do. Maybe make her say something like, “Sure I’ll clean your house for free!”, or “How would you like your dinner, Ma’m, rare or well done?” Or maybe you can make the avatar dude say whatever you wish and thereby command him to.
Too bad this chick is just an avatar on the Net. I want my own full-blown personal android babe with this special effect, damn it.
You know what else I want? I want a handheld remote control for humans, just like the one you have for your TV. So next time someone is yelling at me or blabbing on about something stupid, I will just point the remote at them and hit “Mute.” That means their mouth will keep moving, but I won’t be able to hear them anymore. Anyone else that cares to will still be able to hear them. That would be so cool. I would be such a millionaire if I could invent that thing.

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One thought on “Text To Speech Application on the Net”

  1. I am creating an expert system for Educational field for our 4th year research.Its a web based one.
    We need a motional avatar in our site not to give the responses from AIML templates…but to see a text box in ASP.net and
    read it to the user when the enter button is pressed.Is there any pre created avatar available to download and use
    for this in web?I searched alto but didn’t find it.

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