Shocking Photo of Heroin Addicts Shooting Up

The man in the red, standing, is receiving the shot of heroin. They guy in the background, seated, is shooting him up.
The man in the red, standing, is receiving the shot of heroin. The guy in the background, seated, is shooting him up. ©Loocid and Oakhurst Technology 2009. All rights reserved.
Sure there are lots of photos around of heroin addicts shooting dope. That’s not so shocking. But what is amazing about this photo is that the guy receiving the shot of heroin is actually getting shot up in his dick! His penis, that’s right. The veins in his arms and legs are all collapsed (this is what happens to addicts), and his dick is one of the only remaining places where he has good veins. The addicts are Serbian. The photo was taken two to three months ago in Serbia. The two guys are junkies who don’t even own a TV set, so we don’t have to worry about them getting upset about seeing their pic on the Net. I know that this pic is real because I know the photographer, Loocid, who took the pic, and he vouches that it is real. Heroin is quite popular in Serbia and probably in all of Eastern Europe and Russia these days. It’s quite pure and relatively cheap. Cocaine, on the other hand, is fairly rare, and it’s heavily cut with all sorts of stuff. There are a lot of heroin addicts in Serbia, contrary to what you might think.

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3 thoughts on “Shocking Photo of Heroin Addicts Shooting Up”

  1. Hey Robert. I haven’t been having my time for reading blogs lately but wanted to stop by and see what kind of blasphemy you’re up to. Anyway keep up the good work and cheers, also notice new e-mail.

  2. Barbet Schroder made a film staring Mimsi Farmer (she always played the depraved hippy girl next door) in which a junkie couple living on the swinging isle of Ibiza were shooting up under their tongues so they wouldn’t have any tracks on their beautiful young tattoo-less ’70’s era arms.
    One time I was in “Ginsie’s” (Allen Ginsberg’s) apartment in NYC with Gregory Corso. We’d just been to “Alphabet City” for the second time in two days to score and Gregory wanted to shoot up right away so he went into the bedroom and geezed it in his ankle. He left the door ajar so I could see him from the where I was seated at a round oak table in the kitchen. He came out and told me not to tell anyone that he was using again. As if “Ginsie” and James Laughlin (of New Directions books) were famous friends of mine, too, and I was going to tell them where we’d gone and what we’d done over, like, cocktails at Lionel and Diana Trilling’s later that evening.

  3. In this picture, the man is injecting into the genitals vein (in the pit of the groin on either side of the penis) not into the “dorsal vein” in the penis. Just a heads up. People don’t use their dorsal vein for heroin injections as its very dangerous.

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