Man Gets Eaten By Lion in Africa

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Many, many people insist that this video must be fake, and actually, it is.

The story is that this is a very famous video that was taken in the mid-1970’s in Africa on a safari. The tourist was apparently from London.

It was entered as evidence in a court case. The insurance company used this tape evidence in court to deny the life insurance claim for the guy. They argued that the man engaged in “gross stupidity” and therefore they were not on the line for payout.

In truth, this video is fake. It is said to have occurred in Wallasee National Park in Angola in the mid-70’s. There is no such place in Angola or anywhere in Africa.

The “attack victim” is named Pit Dernitz, and he has his own IMDB entry for this video. He is a very famous lion trainer.

This clip was taken from an Italian Mondo film called Ultime Grida Dalla Savana, which contains many similar clips.

This film was never entered into any court case.

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54 thoughts on “Man Gets Eaten By Lion in Africa”

    1. This video is not real. Well known trainer doing video, however there is a real video from india where a man is killed by lions in a cage while many people tried to help.

  1. Too bad. I was hoping that the person getting eaten was black. Now I feel bad.
    Why didn’t the wife reverse the car and then try to hit the lion with it? Shows that women are worthless and can’t think.

      1. Scottie Pippen – you are a racist, feminist, and most of all a fucked up red neck. FUCK YOU!!!
        You stupid redneck….you wish it was black that was being eaten…fuck you white boy, I will strand you and see you get eaten by a pack of dogs you SICK SON OF A BITCH. I’m on to you, I’ma track you down.

        1. hope youve trakt scotty pippen down and killed him by now, saikim. wat is the need for racism, just sensensless, kil him, kil him for every blak man that has been victimised by these racists

        2. first scotty was facesat by the two women and smothered, then saikim took the passed out scotty to feed his pack of hyenas

    1. You were born White. I was born White also. Which was a pity, as Id’ve much preferred to be Black. Black people are cool and suave. Black people don’t look their age. Black people have rhythm.

      I bet you’re jealous of Black people. I bet you’re very plain, probably over weight, and have no girlfriend. I’m sure you haven’t got style or rhythm, you probably look your age, and plus you are a sick motherfucker!!

      1. In defense of Robert Lindsay, he’s 62 now. Well past his prime.

        I can assure you he was a big player in his 20s and 30s. He practically groomed other players on this site without that being an exclusive purpose of this site.

        You’re the one with a tiny dick. Please enjoy being cucked by well-hung Black men.

  2. I don’t understand why the wife didn’t get in the drivers side of the car and hit the lions while blasting the horn at the same time.
    It’s also a shame that the insurance company screwed the family out of the money.
    Scottie,my dear chap you knew beyond the shadow of adoubt that that was awhite man being eaten by that lion.
    Black people don’t get eaten by bears,sharks lions and such as a general rule. Black republicans might experience those kind of animal deaths though(joke)

        1. I disagree..white men are not stupid..they are bright but they are immoral and machevelian and violent and ruthless aholes

    1. They don’t taste that good. Of course black gets eaten by lion, and by crocks, but nobody care to do the bodycount on blacks.

  3. Yeah, that’s interesting. How come Black people don’t get eaten by wild animals all that much? Maybe they’re smart enough to know how to behave around them.
    Not animals.. but in the spirit of the thread… (a depressing article…)
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    Pygmies ‘are hunted and eaten’ in Congo
    Click on thumbnail to view image
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    « Previous
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    View Gallery
    Published Date: 23 May 2003
    PYGMY activists from Congo today demanded that the United Nations set up a tribunal to try government and rebel fighters accused of slaughtering and eating Pygmies during fighting in the northeastern corner of the country.
    Army, rebel and tribal fighters – some believing the Pygmies are less than human or that eating their flesh would give them magic power – have been pursuing them in forests, killing them and eating their flesh, according to claims. There have even be
    en reports of market stalls for Pygmy flesh, being set up.
    Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of the Mbuti Pygmies in Congo, said: “In living memory, we have seen cruelty, massacres, genocide, but we have never seen human beings hunted and eaten literally as though they were game animals, as has recently happened.
    “Pygmies are being pursued in the forests . . . people have been eaten,” said Makelo, a delegate to the UN permanent forum on indigenous issues, which is meeting at UN headquarters.

    1. The videos are sort of hard to find in a way. You have to know what to look for. You have to be plugged into the viral video scene on the Net. Then you know what’s hot and what isn’t and where to find whatever. A lot are hard to find because they always get deleted.

    2. I still watch some of them. This lion video is a Hell of a lot easier to take than 2 girls 1 cup. There is a huge number of them that I pass up though. I only watch maybe 5% of the ones that are out there.

  4. To tulio:
    After 2 girls 1 cup came out, I’d had enough with shock videos. I reached my limits.
    Supposedly 2 girls 1 cup is fake (at least according to some people I know who are familiar with special effects…) even so it makes wretch.

  5. I believe that the average black person is probably more cautious by nature, than your average white person.
    This means that blacks are less likely to skydive,bunji jump and swim in waters that are known to be shark infested. Oh and also walk up to bears,alligators and lions while photographing them.
    When you find blacks being eaten by animals they are either trying to press the envelope, by engaging in white orientated sports or simply too stupid or slow to avoid the animal attacks.
    This doesn’t include the freak of nature animal attacks that couldn’t be avoided.
    These freak events happen to whites as well as blacks.
    It is actually a positive thing that a moderatley high percentage of white people are bold enough to take chances in life.
    However,they need to keep in mind that sometimes you can’t control all of lifes variables in nature.
    What I’m driving at is black people don’t take enough chances in life(generally) and white people take too many chances in life(generally).
    Both are extremes we simply need to find a reasonable medium.

  6. I wish people would stop perpetuating the lie that this real. It is fake.
    Firstly –
    There is no such place as Wallasee national park (where the film was supposedly shot) anywhere in Africa or Angola.
    Second –
    Lion attack victims do not have their own IMDB page. Search “Pit Dernitz”, who was the “victim”.
    Thirdly –
    This was taken from a mondo film called Ultime grida dalla savana, whcih contains many hilariously faked clips.
    And….lastly –
    The film was never entered into evidence for any court case…..ever.

    1. And I wish people would stop perpetuating lies of it being fake!!! It is NOT fake you foolish man.
      Also – stop saying he has his own IMDB page you foolish narrow minded man. If you bother to look – you will see that Pit Dernitz IS listed in IMBD but not as an actor – as the victim that died (ie archive footage) – which means this clip featured in those three films (which is absolutely true). Man – you are a fool.

      1. Thx for your comment, but you don’t get to talk to me like that, ok?
        And show me some evidence for your assertion, like the date that it happened, his name, etc. Ok?

        1. I wasn’t actually directing my comment at you – it was at the guy saying Pitz has his own imdb page – that really angered me but yeah – went about it wrong way apologies.
          It just frustrates me to hear “He has his own imdb page” when it clearly says on said imdb page his date of death – which matches the film. He is listed not as an actor – as a real person. Hitler also has his own imdb page – now surely the previous poster can’t suggest he was “fake” – well he has his own imdb page after all.
          Okay – point made. For what it’s worth – I KNOW this video to be genuine. Regardless, it would be impossible to fake – lions cannot be tamed to this extent and if you pause the video and watch slowly you can see – the poor chap is covered in blood. No lion trainer on earth would put themselves in that position – they always assume higher eye level or face likely attack. The film is real.

  7. A little late, I know, but IMDB is NOT the way to prove a fake. IMDB gives credit for ANYONE in a film – fake or real. That means convicts in a documentary will have credits – whether they fried in an electric chair, or are living out their life sentence. IMDB is what it says – a ***database***. You don’t have to be a star, baby, to be on their site.

  8. we need to remember lions were created by God. These r creatures we should treat with respect. We shouldnt assume that just cuz they’re animals, that they’ll be stupid. Lions r LARGE, DANGEROUS ANIMALS!! YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THEM! THEY CAN TEAR UR HEAD OFF IF THEY SO DESIRE…AND THEY WILL DISEMBOWEL, DECAPITATE, & RIP U LIMB FROM LIMB!! This video is REAL. Not fake. If it were me & my husband, WE’D NEVER GO TO AFRICA WHERE LIONS ROAM FREE!! I DONT EVEN GO TO THE ZOO TO C THEM!! Honestly, if we were there, i wouldnt let my husband or anyone else out of the vehicle; windows up, doors locked, cell phone ready, & hand on the horn. Excuse me, but FUCK THAT DUMB SHIT GOIN TO SEE WILD ANIMALS OUT IN THE OPEN! MEXICANS DONT DO THAT! WE LEAVE THAT TO THE FOLKS WHO R DUMB ENOUGH!!! *andie*

    1. Good points Andie, I think like me you can see it’s real.
      I think in this age of information, we seek to verify everything online, and for the most part with success.
      However (my point) anyone born before 1970 will realise – that not everything is documated – especially not some unknown person’s mishap out in Africa. It may have made a news story somewhere – but it’s doubtful. Lions kill people every day. So google’ing the guy’s name or even the park cannot and not getting a verifiable FOX news link cannot then be a valid argument for fakery.
      One last thing, check out wikipedia – the film this came from “Savage man Savage beast” was banned in many countries – for it’s images of human death. Sure, the directors staged the silly tribal man murder thing – but this – the lions – 4 of them – fully grown..c’mon people…nobody on eath could stage this – not back in the 70’s…lol. Could only do it today with cgi.
      Furthermore – people do take their cameras to these parks – and the film is a mixture of people footage – so the argument regarding editing is also invalid.
      I sometimes think people know this is real – but say fake to ease their minds. That’s not a bad thing really. I don’t think this video should be on youtube anyway.

  9. Mexicans are wild animals hahahaha just joking, too many opinions on race and colour, I’m sure lions don’t care about that when they are hungry…

  10. You can tell it’s not a real attack video by the way the lions are moving and the way they bite. It’s clearly a trainer, and the lions are playing. When they bite, it is not done with much force, and they are not jerking and ripping at him, which is what they would do if they were killing and eating him. They just keep flashing between some BS “family in a car” scene and the trainer playing in a set-up scene with tame lions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s fake. I would hate to see children witnessing their dad being killed, no matter how dumb he is for getting out of the car.

    1. I used to know a girl that was a lion trainer/keeper and would say the same things you’re saying. She thought the animals were harmless and she loved them.
      Well one day she went to take care of them like usual and they just randomly killed her and ate her. 100% serious. Happened in the Bronx Zoo.
      I don’t get all these people insisting how the lions would behave. Seigfried got paralyzed from a soft regular bite from a tiger, because humans are so fragile compared to these animals. A human can’t take a “playful bite” from these animals.

  11. U are a fucking idiot! To bad it wasn’t u getting eaten by the lions. It would of make the world a better place. Racist bastard!

  12. I am a guide. It’s fake lions tear people to pieces in seconds. The cars are Rhodesian plates pre 1980. The location is the lion and cheetah park near Harare . The jeep was part of the scene in the enclosure. Good attempt

  13. Notice how angry one of the lionesses became when a second one tried to come over to her part of the kill. She wasn’t playing.
    They don’t automatically rip something to shreds. There are some photos on Daily Mail where a group of lionesses were going after some dear, the mother deer got away, but her young doe was confused and stayed with the Lions, not understanding the danger.
    The lionesses gently kept the doe safely beside them, until they were ready and gently bit it dead.
    Also, animals don’t always automatically try to kill something, they might instead just wanted to immobilize it, to keep their meat “fresh.” Until they bring their cubs in to eat.
    If this is fake, then this guy is one of the greatest special-effects animal directors in history.
    And in 1979 what would be the point of trying to make a fake vid. Where would they show it?

  14. As Craig above mentioned, the number plates are Rhodesian. I was at school in Rhodesia in 1975 and I remember reading about this incident. Some tourists (Belgian or French I seem to recall) did go to the Lion and Cheetah Park, just outside Salisbury (now Harare). A man got out of the car to get pictures and was attacked and killed by lions. The L&C Park is still going in Zimbabwe at the same place outside Harare. It is a small fenced enclosure of a few acres and you can drive through in your own vehicle (dont need a 4×4). BUT there are lots of warnings to not get out of your car. These European tourists seem to have ignored the sign and paid a terrible price. The old cars are the types that were availbale in Rhodesia at the time. Timelinewise this was just as the Bush War was hotting up.

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