Rob Taylor Redux

Rob Taylor, author of Red Alerts, is a very strange fellow. He’s an extreme rightwing biracial (formerly mulatto) Republican, a neoconservative, a Bush supporter, some weird guy who seems like he just walked out of your TV set when Fox News was on. Rob has some very strange obsessions. As a person of color, he’s got race all figured out. The Right, and especially the Very Far Right, are the friends of Blacks and Browns not only in the US but all around the world. It’s the liberals, the Democratic Party and especially the Commie Left who are secret White Nationalist Nazis, trafficking in Jim Crow White racism and bristling with hostility towards Blacks, Browns and non-Whites in general. In addition, the liberals, the Left and the Democrats all hate the Jews. This is the well from which the evils of anti-Semitism seep – the well of liberalism and especially Communism. No Judeo-Bolshevism for Mr. Taylor! Nay, indeed, he devotes much of his site to make the case for the obvious Commie-Nazi Judeociding nexus. Like all good Republicans, Taylor just can’t get enough of the Jews. He ought to just convert and get it over with. The shitty little country the Jews stole, a little hate state called Israel, is the Western Civ’s greatest, most shining golden edifice. Rob’s also done some long and hard thinking about terrorism. There is no rightwing terrorism. It doesn’t exist. All terrorism is Commie terrorism. That includes Islamist Terrorism, because Commie Terrorism and Islamist Terrorism are one and the same, since Commies are all Islamists nowadays and vice versa. At first glance, most reasonable folks looking over a brainwave resume like that are tempted to call the cops on a 5150 call. But lo and behold, Rob Taylor is nothing but a glimpse into the lunatic heart of American conservatism, late 2000’s style. No wonder they are losing elections. They’re insane. They’re too crazy to win office anymore. Rob may have cafe au lait erection as wide as the Gaza Strip for the Jewish state, but he’s also pretty turned on by this website. He’s had a raging and vindictive hardon for Robert Lindsay for years now. Here’s a snippet of Rob’s latest rantings (Don’t worry, he’s been re-banned):

You claim to not find 12-year-olds attractive but I remember you claiming to have “almost” nailed a 12-year-old when you were 20 and a janitor at a school. Just one of the many lies you told in this piece you rubbed out while looking at that oh so hard to find child porn. Did you claim to have pedophilic thoughts O.C.D related to OCD just a couple of years ago? You blocked access to the page but I distinctly remember blogging about it. In other words isn’t this all a load of crap from a registered sex offender pretending the world is unfair?

Rob really ought to just hang up the blog and go work for Carl Rove. He’s like a Republican Dirty Tricks beacon blinking away in the intellectual fog of the Net, blinking out new beams of character assassination every few days or so. Rob has published several strange posts attempting to smear me as a “pedophile.” I actually think this is humorous. It’s so ridiculous that I actually encourage it – please call me a pedophile! Rob has the nose of a great investigative reporter and he’s done his facts. He has determined that I am actually Robert Lindsay, a sex offender and meth cook in Arizona who burned down his house and fought hand to hand with the cops who came to arrest him. He’s published a photo of this guy and he says it’s me. I guess I must be writing this post from prison or something? He also found some webposts of mine proving that I’m a pedo. 1. Indeed, I have written about OCD, as I suffer from it. I have never admitted to having “Pedophile OCD.” I have written some articles on “Pedo OCD” because I have noticed that a lot of mostly young OCD sufferers have developed this new form of the illness. I work with these people a lot online and learned a lot about this subtype, so I started writing articles about it. At the moment, I know of two young people, one male and one female, who have this. I do therapy with them online. Pedo OCD is just OCD. The person worries that they are a pedophile, but they are not. They worry that they may molest a kid, but they never do it. It’s an anxiety disorder, and it has nothing to do with pedophilia at all. That’s all I can say about it at the moment. Rob says that because I know about this strange OCD subtype and work with sufferers, that that makes me a pedophile. There is not much I can say to that. 2. Rob brings up a case I wrote about. When I was 20, I was working as a janitor at a school. I had a little friend there, an 11 yr old 6th grade girl. I guess that’s practically illegal nowadays due to shitheads like Rob Taylor, but back then people were sane and it was nothing. I never thought twice about it, and neither did anyone else. She used to follow me around like a mascot and help me do my job sometimes. Anyway, the job ended, and I was jogging in the park that summer. There she was, jogging. We stopped and talked. She was a straight A student, a star athlete (runner), plus she was beautiful, and as you can see below, she was 12 going on 35. Then she said, “I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately.” “Oh really?” I answered. What am I supposed to say to that? “Yes I am,” she said. “Ok,” I said, not sure where this was headed. “I’ve been thinking about doing it,” she said, smiling. “Um, ok…” I said. How do I answer? She got a mischievous grin on her face. “I’ve been thinking of doing it with you!” She said. Well, that was an interesting experience. How many 20 yr old guys deal with that? Back in those days, I was an uber-alpha male* and it seemed like about half the females I met wanted to jump on me. The more females I slept with, the more wanted to sleep with me. That’s how it works. You start accumulating some kind of “Females Love Me” vibes about you, and each new female just piles the vibe higher and higher. Females being intuitive creatures can smell the vibe at 50 paces and come running like fetching puppies. I assume this kid was just plugging into the vibe. I didn’t answer right away because I was so freaked out, but I answered pretty fast. “I don’t think that would be a very good idea,” is all I remember saying. 12 year old girls looked a lot better at 20 than they do now at 51, and afterward, I used to sometimes wonder what it would have been like. I still do, once in a while. The fantasy never seems to work because the girl seems too little or small something (hard to explain). Now, according to Rob, the fact that some 12 year old girl asked me to fuck her makes me a pedophile. That I wondered what that might have been like had I taken her up on it for sure makes me a pedophile. Once again, there’s not much to say. 3. Rob Taylor also insists that I am a registered sex offender, some guy named Robert Lindsay from Arizona. It’s not so. I’m not the Robert Lindsay from Arizona that he says I am. That guy looks nothing like me (pics available on the Net). Anyway, that guy’s in prison, and I’m writing this from my home. There is not much I can say to that. 4. Rob Taylor also says I’m a pedophile for looking at child porn on the Internet, in this case the Brooke Shields bathtub scene from Pretty Baby. First of all, that scene is legal. It’s not CP. CP is illegal. You can find that Pretty Baby scene easily on the Net, and its actually rather boring. Any male readers who want to instantly turn from normal guy into Pedo For Life are encouraged to go check out this video. Can someone tell me why Rob Taylor does these weird things? *Nowadays, I’m sort of an uber-Omega, but at least I can die happy.

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9 thoughts on “Rob Taylor Redux”

  1. It’s the liberals, the Democratic Party and especially the Commie Left who are secret White Nationalist Nazis, trafficking in Jim Crow White racism and bristling with hostility towards Blacks, Browns and non-Whites in general.

    heg: He is right – almost. lf the niggers would kill and rape other niggers and negroes no white man would give a fuck about niggers. But the JEWs who owns the whole propaganda-machine, what you call “media” are specialised in creating racial tension and stir shit up between ethnics.
    All the so called “journalist” in the whole western world are trained by the jews to be thei Useful Idiots. Take any “journalist” and the rant the race issue relentless 24-7.
    To understand the world you must understand the Jew Factor. How the jews think and act, and that jews have political power.
    The whole commi-left-liberal shit for braindead idiots are used by the jews to create hate. All commis are to stupid to understand that they are being used by the jews. They are all stupid in the head, that is why they are commis, wha the jews calls Useful Idiots.
    Jews love stupid people, the dumber the better. That is why the jew are dumbing down people. The whole PC crap for brain is a jewish fraud to dumb down the (m)asses so much that they all becomes stupid commi-liberals.
    Communism is Talmud Judaism. The similarities between Talmud and Communism is striking. What Talmud and OT judaism says is in essence this: The world shall be ruled by a chosen elite, the jews, all wealth belongs to the jews* and all the non-jews, Goyim are the jews slaves.
    * This is why the jews have no problem with stealing from goyim. The jews think that it belonged to the jews in the first way so what they do is repossessing what was theirs anyway.
    Communism says that the world shall be ruled by a chosen elite, guess who. All the wealth belongs to the state, run by guess who. What communism don’t say open is that all goyim shall be the jews slaves. Talmud and OT says that the jews must use every trick in the book, lying, cheating etc etc whatever means to take control of the world. Communism says exactly the same thing.
    35 million jews are a strong entity but they can’t take over the world by themself, hence the jews must have a proxy war machine and that is what the stupid goyim communist are, a jewish proxy war machine.
    One of the trick the jews uses is to confuse the stupid goyim is by using a lot of differente words for the same thing. A liberal is a communist scumbag and the jews Useful Idiot. Compare the “liberal” agenda with the communist agenda and it’s EXCATLY the same one every single issue.
    “Liberal” is communism and communism is a jewish fraud to trick stupid goyim to help the jews take control of the goyim state.

  2. This is the same Rob Taylor who wrote this crazy crap on his blog:
    “But think about this for a second. A Muslim comes across a beautiful naked woman with a fish tail instead of legs on a beach and technically he can begin tearing out chunks of her flesh while she’s still alive and it’s considered acceptable behavior? This is a religion worthy of universal respect? This is a religion above criticism? I’m an Islamophobe for being disgusted by this?” — WTF?!?
    I’ve been a target of AZU myself, and created the anti-AZU blog to expose their extremist insanity of the Pee-J/ AZU cult. Speaking of AZU they have TWO Tier 3 repeat sex offenders schmoozing up to them, so I guess that makes them pedo-enablers, too! But Ron T[r]aylor-Trash is just someone who enjoys hating people. I think he hates being shunned by the two races that spawned him. That’s my view, but it is believed that people who are part of one hate group tend to join other hate groups. The Klan hates blacks, Jews, gays, etc. (Its ironic AZU accepts Taylor, seeing as how Stitches 77 is a skinhead). Here’s an article I did on one of his buddies:
    Taylor and his stupid friends are some real nutjobs.

  3. PS: This may or may not make a difference, but the vast majority of the members of Absolute Zero United are PAGANS. “Dodia Fae” and Taylor apparently know each other through Barb Ireland, who is also known as AZUBRD or just BRD.

  4. That sounds like an interesting experience there. It does seem like if this is all he’s basing things on that it’s an exaggerating inflation of your character.
    This is the first I’ve heard of this pedOCD thing, that’s an interesting concept, I can actually sort of identify with it. It’s nice that there are people neutral enough to find gray areas. Most unfortunately, pedophiles and name-callers like those you mention would both be interested in simply assuming OCD people like that are pedophiles so as to either recruit peers or to accumulate targets to attack.

    1. He’s apparently just some sort of an Internet hitman. I’ve now spoken to some other folks and he is doing the exact same thing to them.
      I have OCD, and I don’t discuss it much on here. These days, I don’t have a lot of problems with Pedo OCD in general, though I’ve pretty much ran through the gamut of a lot of the OCD types over the years. I have written some articles on it though, so I get a lot of sufferers coming to talk to me, and I end up doing therapy with them online. It’s a most interesting illness.
      Truth is that none of these people are child molesters, and not only that, but none of them will ever do anything like this. So I don’t worry about them molesting some kid because I figure it’s just not going to happen. OTOH, the sufferer is very much worried that they are going to do it, and that they are pedos! I’m not sure why OCD ppl never do these horrible things they worry about, but they just don’t. That’s the nature of the illness.
      Now there are pedophiles who really want to molest kids because that is their orientation. That is 100% different from this Pedo OCD thing! There’s no comparison, it’s like a 180 degree turn. There are also a number of people who are not pedos but just molest kids out of opportunity. I’ve not yet spoken to any child molester or pedophile types on here. I’m not sure I would want to do therapy with someone like that.
      Pedo OCD therapy is pretty easy because you know the person is not a pedo, and you know they are not going to do it, so there’s nothing to worry about really. It’s a bit hard to deal with though, because they often don’t get much better. Also their therapists are usually idiots who either think or worry that they are really pedophiles.

  5. Well, as an unsuspecting person on the other end of Rob’s tirades, who got goaded into using language I don’t normally use, I now feel a whole lot better. The conversation started with me thinking I was speaking to a normal person who just didn’t understand what I was saying, then to frustration and went downhill from there. In the final exchange I suggested that a person wtih a Master’s degree might understand English better and presumably, according to Rob, this was a racist statement. I gave up.

    1. Thx Dierdre. It’s a good feeling after all to know that it’s not you, it’s him. I’ve gotten mails from some other folks on the receiving ends of this psycho’s abuse. There’s clearly something wrong with him. He’s definitely not a very nice person.

  6. Rob Taylor has some interesting blogs for sure, but he really seems to have an axe to grind against cannabis users and their allies. Take a look at Red Alerts and Greenville Dragnet and you’ll see what I mean. Whenever a crime occurs and cannabis is even tangentially mentioned in the news story, he knee-jerkedly claims that cannabis caused the crime. That’s like saying that because a few gays are pedophiles, all of them are, and their whole culture is pro-pedophilia, which is bogus and homophobic to say.
    He can get quite nasty when you call him out on this sort of hatemongering, and resorts to all sorts of ad hominem attacks. Just take a look at the comments on his blogs.

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