The Cunts Versus the Men

This is an extremely provocative title, but it’s meant to be that way. It’s about the War On Men. There are two types of women. Real women and feminists (cunts). The Cunts in the title refers to feminists. Feminists are females who not only embody the Female Spirit (that much is normal for any female) but wish to use utilize the Female Spirit as a template for society’s rules, mores and laws. Their project is to codify the Female Spirit and use it as a club to bash the Male Spirit (in reality, that just means real guys) with every day of their wretched existence. In effect, a Female Dictatorship over Men. Such a project can only be seen as an all-out frontal assault on males and the Male Spirit. What’s amazing is not that there is a female project to subject males. That follows from anthropology. What’s shocking is that, like the self-hating Whites who double over themselves to turn White countries into Third World wrecks, there are so many self-hating males who have joined the women in their jihad against Maleness. The two projects are similar, and both are part and parcel of PC crap. In PC language, White is shorthand for Evil, and non-White is transcribed as Good. For Good to prevail, the non-Whites must overthrow the Whites and put us under their thumb. Similarly, PC sees Males as Evil and Females as Good. For justice, light and beauty to triumph, Females must overthrow Males and put us under their 4-inch high heels. As a men’s rights activist (MRA) this is an issue near and dear to me. The war on men is being led, of course, by women. This is an age-old war, as old as mankind. I’ve studied many primitive cultures. It’s one of my hobbies. One of the things that I noticed about many primitive cultures is that there was often sort of a “war between the men and women” going on. In Patagonia, in New Guinea, everywhere, it seems. It wasn’t always, as the lunatic feminists insist, just guys being Guy-Nazis and keeping the ladies down. And why would they do that? As my favorite woman (my Mom) says, “Well, men are bigger and stronger, so they rule, they make the rules, and they keep the women down.” So it’s rule by force, the strong over the weak, the law of the jungle, kind of like the cats at this house here. A nice dominance hierarchy is ongoing with these five *female* cats in this place. It shifts around a bit, but everyone knows where their spot is. One cat, formerly a wimp who just got her ass kicked, moved to a new house with three other cats. Two the the three died, and the third is the wimpiest cat that God ever made. So formerly Wimp Cat (Callie) is now more or less Top Cat. She rules. Three new cats entered the household, and Callie is now Top Cat over all these except one, who wants to rule the roost. Cleo, a new cat, always beat up Callie until I guess one day Callie kicked Cleo’s ass. Now Callie’s on top, and Cleo is afraid of Callie. This sort of thing, ever-shifting, goes on and on. Anyone with cats understands me. Why do I bring this up? As it goes with cats, so it goes with men and women. Men didn’t just rule over women to be pricks, they did so because one must rule over the other. Men and women want very, very different things. The men want the Male Paradigm to rule, and the women want the Female Paradigm to rule. If the men don’t rule the women, the women will try to rule the men. Equality is impossible. If you don’t want to be lorded over by the ladies, you’d better keep them down so they don’t rise up and repress you. Many primitive societies, I noticed, had evolved a culture where the men and women were in conflict. The men, instead of being Guy-Nazis keeping the babes down for kicks, were really in fear of the women. They kept them down for fear of them being loosed from control and thereby running amok. The women needed to be controlled. At puberty, many tribes separated the males from the females. Boys went off to live in Guy Village and girls went off to live in Girl Village. Many tribes had separate languages for the sexes – in particular, there was a “Women’s language,” apparently invented to the women could talk and the guys could not understand them. On occasion, Pantagonians would engage in a ceremony where the guys would dress up like monsters and terrify the females. The females would be told from girlhood about the existence of these deadly monsters and to avoid them at all costs. Then during the ceremonies the guys would dress up like these monsters just to terrify the girls. After a while, females started telling the boys about other monsters, and then the women would raid the boys’ villages during these ceremonies and scare all the boys. I bring this up in the context of Child Molester Mass Hysteria, or Pedophile Mass Hysteria. Sure it’s ridiculous. But why is it so stupid? Because it represents a smashing victory of the Female Principle over the Male Principle. Wikisposure is an interesting webpage. It’s run by anti-pedophile activists, and it’s not a bad project. What’s nuts is that Pedophile Mass Hysteria is so insane that if I say I went to the Wikisposure site to learn about pedos, that means I’m a pedo! If I say I’ve been studying pedos intensively for many years now (I have been, as they fascinate me) that means I’m a pedo too! People have told me this right to my face! I told them I’ve been studying pedos for many years now, and have read half a forest of paper about them, and people either get this really weird look on their face when I say that and start moving away from me, or, in some cases, out and out tell me that all that reading proves right there that I’m a pedo. Check out the page of this guy, Siva. The Perverted Justice folks (they run Wikisposure) are launching a campaign against this guy, Siva. They are thinking of flyering his neighborhood. I have nothing against that. This guy is just an idiot, a nut, a weirdo and a jerk. I don’t know if what he does hurts kids. I don’t care. What he does is weird, and it can’t be allowed on that basis alone. On the other hand, these guys can’t go down just for admitting to be pedos. It’s not even illegal to claim to have engaged in illegal acts, as this idiot does. I can say I murdered 50 people. I can write about it every day on my website. I can make up names of fake victims, fake timelines, everything. Should I be arrested for that? Of course not. I’m a bit worried that we may start going after these guys just for being pedos (which in and of itself, is not and should not be against the law), or for “admitting to committing crimes” (in general, this is not illegal either unless you identify evidence of a crime, evidence of a victim, etc.) In other words, if this guy says he takes showers with little girls, that’s not illegal. But at some point, if you can get some statements from an actual victim, you may be able to build a case against the guy. Perverted Justice is a much more dubious enterprise than Wikisposure. It’s all about arresting adults for fucking teenagers. Except in most cases the guys don’t even fuck the teenagers. They just talk dirty to adults posing as teens, send them porn and porn links, show themselves naked on cam, etc. They also make plans to visit and have sex with adults posing as teens. I’m a bit mystified as to why this is illegal. There is no teenage girl, a 14 year old in this case. No porn was sent to a teenage girl. No porn links were sent to a teenage girl. No one talked dirty to a teenage girl. No one got naked on cam for a teenage girl. I don’t think anyone even made plans to screw a teenage girl, since there was no teenage girl, just an adult posing as one. I don’t think any of these Perverted Justice cases ought to see the light of day. There’s no victim. This whole legal mess is founded on the incredibly dubious legal minefield known as “conspiracy.” Now, if you want to get real teenagers and have them go online and entice these guys, that’s one thing. But adults posing as teenagers wrecks the whole thing, and makes it dubious whether any of these busts ought to even be allowed. Every day on Perverted Justice, they highlight new cases showing “the dangers of the Internet.” This is just another way of bashing males. The Internet is made out to be this creepy, horrible, evil place crawling with sick, perverted men all trying to fuck hot young teens. The cases allege that men abducted, raped, and drugged teenagers. Except in almost all cases, none of that happened. The girl who got “raped” was always way more than willing. This is how it happened. The girl went to see the guy. The guy said, “Let’s have sex.” The girl said, “We think alike, baby!” The guy fucks the girl. The girl has lots of fun. After it’s over, the girl says, “Wow, that was fun! Let’s do it again!” That’s called “rape.” Weird, huh? The “abduction” occurred when the teenager hopped a train or plane and flew out to meet some guy to screw him. In other words, the girl abducted herself to the train station, kidnapped herself onto a train, and then imprisoned herself across several state lines to go meet some guy. That’s called “abduction.” The “drugging” occurred when some guy asked a teenage girl if she wanted to smoke a joint and she said, “You’re reading my mind!” That’s called “drugging.” See what I mean? More mass hysteria. I don’t give a damn about adult queers fucking 15-17 year old queer boys. I don’t give a damn about some guy bonking a 15-17 year old teenybopper. I don’t care about 20-something female teachers fucking teenage boys. They should be given medals of honor. As far as fucking teenagers, it was a blast for a while, but at my age, it’s illegal. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I don’t much care if others do. Who are the punks at Perverted Justice who engage in entrapment of males seeking to screw a teenager? They’re women, of course, in this case Cunts. There also a lot of guys on there, but I noticed that almost all of them are fags. Well, of course, it makes sense. Queers, despite their promiscuity, embody in their essence the Female Spirit, and their very existence seems to be about waging war on the Male Spirit. Sure, there are macho queers like William S. Burroughs, but they’re the minority. Queers are manginas squared, the very embodiment of manginatude. Of course they’re lining up with the feminists against the Men. It’s asshats like Perverted Justice that are conflating pedophilia with statutory rape, tangling the two all up into mess of ivy vines where you can’t tell one from the other. To Catch a Predator is a much, much more dubious enterprise, a TV show in which the clowns who run Perverted Justice conflate pedos with guys trying too screw teenage girls. Of course it’s not the same thing, but the Female Paradigm says it is. According to the lunatic world of women, a guy who screws a girl aged 17 and 11.5 months is the same as that Siva pedo who surrounds himself with naked 6 year olds. Fuck that. Any sane person knows we are talking about two completely different things. But that leaves out 5 So we have To Catch a Predator. In which adult women pretend to be teenage girls, go online to chat rooms and talk dirty to moronic guys and pretty much entice them to come on over the get laid by a hot teenybopper. The sucker drives over the house, thinking he’s going to bag a 15 year old hottie. Instead he meets up with TV cameras and cops with handcuffs. He gets arrested and goes down for “Conspiracy to Try to Attempt to Think About Fucking a 15 Year Old Girl” or some BS. Perverted Justice supposedly gets paid $100,000 an episode for these stupid shows, which shows that they are corrupt as Hell. That TV show is pandering to the sleaziest and lowest of the Female Spirit in its most diabolically man-hating essence. To Catch a Predator is nothing more than society’s War On Men. Now, 10’s of millions of “men” probably love this show, but that’s because they’re manginas, not males. A mangina is worse than a Beta Male or even an Omega Male. Betas and Omegas are guys at least. They’re just guys who are trying to get laid but aren’t getting any. A mangina isn’t even a man, biologically, sure, but in spirit, he’s nothing but a woman. He’s a traitor, a spy, an agent who works for the enemy against his male brothers in the War of the Sexes. How do I feel about the guys getting cuffed? Well, they’re morons. They’re victims, but they’re also fools. The law’s the law. After age 20 or so, don’t mess with teenage girls. In the present climate, you’re going down hard. On the other hand, that show shouldn’t even exist. In the liberated 1970’s, it never would have seen the light of day. It only exists now as an expression of a malign Female Spirit waging a savage war against Maleness. At my age, I can’t even look at young girls. There are a bunch of silly little stupid twats around where I live. These bitches are about 12-14, I guess. They look at me all the time. I haven’t the faintest idea why they look at me, and if you try to look back and try to figure out what the stare means, you will be baffled. It could be anything. They seem like they’re checking me out. Or maybe they’re not. It’s not a hostile look. I don’t know how to describe it. I used to look back, but not anymore. Now, when I see these little Female Devil Twats, I try to look at the ground the whole time. I look anywhere but at them, at the sky, at the birds, at my feet, anywhere. Why? Because I figured out a while back that if you look back at them with any sort of look at all on your face, they might shout, “Pervert!” Ridiculous, huh? This is what the Feminist Dictatorship is doing to young girls. It’s training them to see all of us males as diabolical, criminal pedophiles, rapists and killers. The wicked To Catch a Predator show plays into this. Men are dangerous. Dangerous and evil. Girls and women are pristine, wonderful and good and must be on alert at all times against evil, sick, perverted males. Why are we sick, evil and perverted? Because we have dicks that get hard, and that is a dangerous thing. I find the notion of American teenage girls, age 15-17, as some kind of precious little snowflakes as comical. I’ve been to their forums, following links to this site, out of curiosity. According to Pedophile Mass Hysteria, that makes me a pedophile right there! I’m not allowed to look at the profiles teenage girls set up on the Internet! Looking over their profiles, about half of the teenage girls in America seem to be having a contest to see who can out-slut who. The notion that these Paragons of Female Goodness need to be protected chivalrously from the Perverted Male Spirit (perverted because it wants to fuck them, and no less of a reason) is so ridiculous it doesn’t even bear repeating. Things are so weird now that I can’t even talk to a teenager, especially a teenage girl. I taught kids for years, so it’s normal to talk to them. I can’t even smile and say, “Hello.” I can’t say anything, can’t ask directions, nothing. There’s about nothing that’s ok for me to say to them ever under any circumstances. Increasingly, this even applies to young women, aged 18-20 or so and maybe even older. I can’t talk to them either. If they’re behind the counter getting my order, I can’t chat them up. They’re perfectly legal, but the Female Paradigm says they’re still virginal little girls. Anyway, since I’m old enough to be Daddy, I’m sick and evil (because my aging dick still gets hard) so these woman-children need to be protected from Old Rapist Pedo Me. Sometimes, a few of them act real friendly and even flirty, but I’m usually terrified to talk to them much for fear of being called a pervert or a pedo. This is SHIT! Pedophile Mass Hysteria also applies to that horrible specter, Child Porn. Child Porn is very hard to find. I’m not going to say how I know that, but trust me. If you sit there at your computer for hours a day, days on end, and maybe know the right people who can send you some links, I’m sure you can find it. But the insane notion of an Internet swarming with child porn lurking behind every other hyperlink is a manifestation of the paranoia in the Female Spirit. That’s the way Feminist Woman sees the world. There’s an evil rapist hardon around every corner, just waiting to rape some double X innocent. I know lots of guys who have seen child porn. They told me that they’ve seen it. None of them are pedos. Most of them either saw it out of curiosity or stumbled upon it in darker corners of the Net, like the Chans. They all told me that it was either boring and some degree of disturbing, weird or sick, and they don’t want to see it anymore. They just wanted to see it to sate their curiosity and see what all the fuss was about. Pedophile Mass Hysteria says all these guys are pedophiles. Fuck that. Someone sent me to a link tonite. I won’t link it, but you can find it if you want. It’s Brooke Shields’ scene from Pretty Baby, a movie from the 1970’s. She plays a 12 year old prostitute, and there’s a bathtub scene where she stands up and yeah, she’s fully nude. It’s legal because 1978 was a era of sanity, before the Feminist Psychos won. No way would it be the legal nowadays. I just watched this clip, and I don’t understand the appeal of it. Am I supposed to get turned on by a 12 year old girl? I like full grown females, not little girls. 16 and up, minimum. 18 and up for play. The weird thing about the video was that it wasn’t even very erotic. A 12 year old girl, even a fully naked one, is sort of boring to me. It’s not a very erotic object. Since it’s not even very erotic in the first place, why all the fuss? Sure, it turns on the pedos, but they’re a tiny group. Why should we ban this scene? On the grounds that it’s boring? I don’t understand the mindset behind someone who wants to ban these things. But the malign Female Spirit not only wants to ban that dull clip, it wants to make you a criminal for yawning your way through it. Then it wants to label you “pedophile” and stamp it on your head like a scarlet A forever. In fact, just by admitting that I watched that tonite, the Pedophile Mass Hysteria shitheads will already label me pedo. Who else would look at such a clip, right? Excuse me? This is shit. Feminist shit. It’s nothing but War on Men. There is no patriarchy. The War Between the Sexes is over, and the Cunts (the feminists) won. We men live under a Feminist Dictatorship that seethes with hatred for male sexuality. The cops, the media, the therapists, the educators, everyone just about, are working for the Cunts. And millions of our brothers have cut off their dicks, grown manginas and gone over to the enemy. What bullshit.

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19 thoughts on “The Cunts Versus the Men”

  1. Your comments on feminization apply to the United States, and another reason why US imperialism must be halted. Do you have any
    views on the comparative circumstances in various European countries and in the Orient where feminization is not so advanced?

    1. Well, I oppose male oppression of women and the rank misogyny of certain places. OTOH, Female Rule doesn’t seem to work at all. It’s not normal and it’s not healthy. Europe seems pretty healthy to me. I don’t think those societies have become too feminized yet.
      The Communist countries were the worst. Communism was more or less Female Rule. Even beauty contests were banned. In Mao’s China, it proceeded to the point where both sexes were wearing uniforms that were completely sexless. Pornography (the embodiment of male sexuality) was outlawed.
      All puritanical societies are ruled by the Female Spirit, because males are not puritanical. So the Victorian Era was a Female Era. And Islamic societies are ruled by the Female Spirit, since they are characterized by a hatred of male sexuality. So women can be repressed in a society ruled by the Female Spirit.

  2. I guess now the PJerks will put YOU on Wikisposure as a “pedohead” or “pedo enabler” now. Your article is great except for one small issue. Wikisposure DOESN’T STOP with “pedophiles.” They have also targeted people who speak out against overbearing sex offender laws. Hell, they’ve even claimed Patty Wetterling, the person who helped spearhead the national registry, a “pedo enabler.” You won’t find that at Wikisposure YET, but many Pee-Jayers are also members of another group, Absolute Zero United, with lead “CUNT” Stitches 77 at the helm; Stitches 77 is not only a member of the skinheads, she’s also a major Perverted Justice contributor. Many of those listed at Wikisposure are not pedophiles, much less sex offenders.

  3. Let me rephrase myself Robert, you made a lot of sense with the “war on men theory.” I noticed this theory in play, when a feminist principle at my daughters school, remarked negatively on every comment that a father made, on parent-teacher conference day. Even when we were agreeing with her she assaulted our ideas. This same afrocentric, feminist principle wholeheartedly, agreed with every remark that a mother made no mater how banal and idiotic. I recently coined a phrase “the age of the woman” I believe that the 70’s and 80’s were definitely “the age of the man” but these feminist gained headway in the 90’s and have beaten a lot of guys up in the new millennium.

  4. Hey guess what Rod Taylor,, you gay Republican cocksucker? You’re banned again, faggot! Haha! Sorry to leave you alone tonite honey, but maybe you can go down to the Gay Mulatto Republican Club and find a little man love to tidy you over til morning. See ya, Rob baby! Muah!

  5. A lot of this is down to resentment that most guys if desperate would rather pay a young female prostitute than go with unattractive women or go gay.

  6. I basically agree, but I think the best situation is a balance, which will probably never exist. Islamic societies, IMO, do not express the female spirit, but rather are an example of what happens when the male spirit becomes so dominant that it acts against its own interest. To my eyes, Islamic societies are based on an ultra macho attitude in which every man is enraged and terrified that some other man might be looking at his woman, or that his woman is sleeping around. The solution? Lock ’em all up and teach them to fear and hate sex. But then nobody gets any. D’oh!
    Present day American society is the opposite. The female spirit has become dominant, and is now working against the interests of most actual females. I’m not sure they’ve realized it yet, but they will. For example, many American men are terrified of women, but still desire them. When they interact with women, they’re wimps, but passive aggressive wimps. It drives women insane. And the more unpleasant women become to be around, the more men will take every opportunity or excuse to be elsewhere.
    Also, let’s not forget that most women–young and old–live for male reinforcement of their attractiveness, whether they admit it or not. Your experiences with young women looking at you are an example. They’re wondering why you aren’t ogling them and it drives them insane. It doesn’t even matter how attractive you are or are not.

    1. This is an excellent comment, Mort.
      I have been trying to figure out Islamic society because it doesn’t make sense. Obviously you are right. The male spirit has gone so berserk here that it is acting against males’ own interests. And clearly the feminization of America is starting to hurt women whether they know it or not.
      Your last paragraph is correct too. I often notice good looking teenage girls looking at me when I’m in a line, say, at the store. Especially if they are around 15 or 16 or so. You look back at them and it’s hard to figure out why they are looking at me. Are they checking me out? Sort of. Are they looking at me with hostility, like, “Fuck you, pervert!” Not at all. What’s the look?
      You summed it up perfectly. They are trying to get my attention. And females are doing this all the time. They are trying to get our attention, because they live for this.
      I also agree that some sort of balance is best. Too much Male Spirit creates a society that works, but it’s not really all that healthy or safe. Too much Female Spirit probably doesn’t even work and just creates an insane society. Neither spirit should really rule society in toto.

      1. Females live for males’ attention?? LOL. Couldn’t find a better joke!! Do I like getting attention from males? Sometimes. Sure, why not. Do I live for it? Hardly. If every male in my office was ogling me, I would be terrified and feeling unsafe. Do I ever go out of my way to get males’ attention? Actually, seldom to never. I don’t need to. More often than not, I get noticed and looked at without my even trying. Do I hate men? Of course not. Do I think women are superior than men? I would say some women are superior than some men and, likewise, some men are superior than some women, Fair enough? Look, feminists who declare an all-out war against men are as crazy as men who believe women’s place is in the kitchen. There’s no science in that, everyone knows these are extremes and no extremes are desirable. However, for every action there is a reaction of equal force in the opposite direction. Because women were so oppressed throughout history (look at the record on women’s rights to higher learning, suffrage, abortion, divorce, etc.) a radical movement called feminism was unleashed against this establishment. Sort of like the black is beautiful and other movements that appeared more as a reaction to a real or perceived oppression. Once these groups are integrated into the mainstream, most of these movements tend to die out. Feminists don’t have much of a voice now even among their female counterparts because women are no longer oppressed by society. Even when there are perceptions of glass ceiling and “old boys clubs” in the workplace, women’s ability to reach equal ranking as men is at an all time high. In fact, smart women are getting more advanced or professional degrees than men according to recent surveys. I think it’s fair game. Let the more qualified person call the shots!

    1. Go get a woman from overseas. If you’re lucky, you can get a hot-looking, nice chick from another country who will treat you like you are God’s gift to womankind. Assuming you are good to her that is. I have some friends that are doing just that.

  7. An entertaining read, it’s hard not to suspect a bit is parody… I mean, the analogy of being ground under 4-inch heels, I thought feminism disapproved of wearing those since traditionally it was to accentuate the calf muscle to please men or something?
    Maybe I have the wrong definition of feminism but while some people do taken it too far beyond equality into a reversed form of inequality, I thought the word also described things like suffrage which only involve equal representation and not oppression. What would this be called if it is not feminism?

    1. I guess I will take this question to the smartest woman I know, my Mom. I told her the kind of feminism that I hate, and she said, “Oh, that’s radical feminism.” OTOH, both she and I support normative feminism in terms of full equality for females, to the extent that this is possible. Anyway, it ought to be mandated legally.
      I’m actually a feminist, a former member of NOW, and i regularly read a site called RH Reality Check, which is a site run by women that focusses on female sexuality, contraception and especially abortion. The site is pro reproductive rights, etc. I don’t like the sort of patriarchy of the sort that females labor under in much of the world.
      OTOH, we have just gone way too far and your typical feminist blog or magazine now is a hotbed of man-hating lunatics. We are living under a Matriarchy and our society has been feminized. IOW, the women’s sexual POV has been legislated into law and social coding to the point where the female view of sex is the dominant one in society.
      For example, I told a friend of mine in England about a guy I know who has been getting in trouble for looking at young women around town. There’s nothing wrong with him except he’s in his late 40’s.
      Now, in any normal, sane, reasonable, manly, non-wussy society in which the females are kept somewhat under control, any guy of any age could pretty much look at any chick of any age, and no one would really give a flying fuck. My friend told me that this is the precisely the case in the UK and in all of Europe, and he asked what was wrong with America.
      What’s wrong with America is that we have turned things completely upside down and we are now living under Female Rule that is objectively oppressive to us males. I for one don’t dig it.

  8. Maybe a better word than feminism would be ‘equalism’ or something?
    Like, it’s relative to position. Women were certainly downtrodden in the past and lacking rights, so equalism would be feminist in that case.
    But in the reverse scenario, if men could not vote and related things then equalism would have a masculist agenda.
    Suffrage and stuff to me has never been about focusing on women’s rights, but simply equality since they are also people and also have opinions which should be counted. Similarly, right to choice (abortion) to me is not about favouring women, but rather that people should not be forced to carry parasitic feti for months if they don’t wish to.

  9. And yet a man can be forced to be a parent, even if he doesn’t want to. The woman’s choice in that matter always negates the man’s choice.

  10. It seems that there has never been a society with equality btwn the genders. one gender always ends up dominating the other. It is the smimilar with race relations but I guess there have been cases with racial harmony or equality but I can’t think of one society were males and females were equals.

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