Jewish Materialism and Success and Anti-Semitism

Regarding the Twain article, I think Twain is just tellin’ it like it is. Jews outcompete White Gentiles and they are really, really, really, into money. This is in large part why so many people don’t dig em. Even many philosemites agree that Jewish success breeds anti-Semitism. Ask any Jew. If they are honest, they will agree. If you go to the Jewish Defense League (JDL) website, there is a forum there with emails from readers. There are lots of emails from Jews who don’t have a lot of money, or even poor Jews. They rail about how US Jews are totally into money. They go to family gatherings and it’s all, “How much money do you make? He makes more than you do. You’re a loser! Start making some money.” US Jews are simply ruthlessly materialistic and competitive people, and even a lot of their own people hate it. Poor Jews, low income Jews and homeless Jews wrote into the JDL site telling about how their relatives treated them like shit because they didn’t have much money, or refused to help them when they were homeless, or practically disowned them because they didn’t have much money. A lot of them said they refuse to go to family gatherings anymore because they are so tired of being called losers for not having pockets full of loot. I have to agree with that. Most of the Jews I’ve known in life were really into money. A lot of them were really nice people, but I never bring up money around them due to the response. If you tell them how much you make, or how successful you are in any way, shape or form, usually they immediately one-up you and make you feel like a loser. For instance, I told a Jewish friend of the family that my site got 300 visitors a day. He brushed me off, “That’s nothing. Ours gets 3,000.” That didn’t feel so good! I met a Jewish guy at a Democratic Party gathering (a real asshole – solipsistic, narcissistic and seriously full of himself in that way that quite a few Jews are) and told him I had Google Adsense ads on my site, but it was hard to make money off them (It is hard to make money off those ads, trust me.) The guy took two steps back, looked shocked, and said, “No way! LOTS of people make money with Adsense. My friends make $100/day with Adsense ads!” Whoa. He burned me. I felt like a total loser. I don’t know anyone who $100/day off Adsense ads, but hey, he’s a Jew. I’m sure his Jewish buddies might have figured out a way to do that. I may add that all of these Jews were really liberal people, all liberal Democrats. With US Jews, very liberal politics often goes hand in hand for ferocious materialism. Many of these people were really honest too. I’d almost trust them with a large sum of money, to give to them and have them return it later on. That’s how honest they are. Anyway, that’s just the way it is with Jews. They’re like the worst Gentile yuppies on steroids to the nth power when it comes to being ferociously competitive and engaging in one-upmanship. A lot of the Jews above are really nice people, good people in general (and I generally like Jews pretty well), but I know very well to stay away from any conversations about money or success, since it seems like they immediately try to one-up you and make you feel bad.

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38 thoughts on “Jewish Materialism and Success and Anti-Semitism”

  1. There’s a great book whose name I forget about a young Jewish man who gets caught up with the spirit of competitive generosity and charity giving at the local synagogue, with over the top results etc. Though it was a comedic book, I guess there was a kernel of truth to it. Jews who can’t compete with that kind of atmosphere tend to leave the tribe. So Jewish materialism becomes self-perpetuating. The diasporic Jew is often more materialistic the further his tribe has travelled since the ‘weaker’ Jews often abandon the tribe for the gentile world. Hence the American Jew is the most materialistic of all.

  2. Hey there.
    I’ve been following your site for a while now, and these posts on jews are actually quite interesting, so my congratulations.
    I have to say I don’t completely agree with your(and Twain’s theory) about the Jewish people.
    It’s obvious that they like to be competitive and that they’re limited resources(not materialistic ones, but as a people, there’s very few of them in the world) are actually what brought them to be so competitive in the first place. The thing is, they just don’t like(from my experience and personal knowledge about them–and I know them pretty well) to be assholes because they enjoy it, or to prove a point. I know for certain that what they’re doing is trying to stimulate others to improve their results, because, I think, there’s always room for improvement. It’s just a thing born with their culture and their studying of the old testament. Christians are taken off by these responese just because of their other view of life, which is more positive and caring to the other’s sentiment. Jews, they know that there is room for improvement, and they don’t stop untill they have actually improved.
    I think that in some ways, it’s more in line with the way society works nowadays.
    What’s more, Jews have a way of helping each other that i have seen nowhere. So I dunno who precisely have you spoken to, but if there’s a Jew in danger and who needs some money, they will be ready to help him out. If there’s people who suffer in Israel, there are oftentimes collection of offers to send to the kibbutzes that need the money.
    I really liked the post, because it centers the topic; what i don’t agree with is the light under which the whole things is seen.

  3. I used to play tennis with a professor in his mid-late thirties at a (midwestern) Catholic University (not Catholic University of America) who told me he was the only Jew of his class in a very sizeable eastern Jewish-dominated city who refused to be bar mitzvahed . He claimed he told the rabbis they could stick their materialistically phony version of
    (non)religion where the sun don’t shine. Later he married a Catholic girl and converted to Christianity.

    1. Ken:”He claimed he told the rabbis they could stick their materialistically phony version of
      (non)religion where the sun don’t shine.”
      Twain is exactly correct in the article that various persecutions against Jews have a lot less to do with their religion and more to do with Jewish dishonesty related t money/materialistic matters.
      The so called ‘religion’ of Judaism is actually nothing more than a highly racist/supremacist blood-purity cult. The gutter-religion of Judaism is indeed an extremely materialistic religion — religion is supposed to be about matters of the ‘spirit’ and non-materialism, but much of Judaism is all about money/materialism. The Torah/OT is filled with various stories about money, plundering, and the exaltation of materialistic (i.e., non-spiritual) values. Also, large portions of the Talmud is not much more than a manual for various business strategies related to ripping off non-Jews.

  4. I’d like to meet someone who knows something about Romanian history and philosophy to ask them why Emile M. Cioran wrote that essay about his youthful anti-Semitism being based on a misguided spiritual envy of Jews. I think he did it to
    to get the Hell hounds off his heels in the Commie Jew dominated intellectual demi-monde of post-war Paris. There’s a video at You Tube of Cioran’s boyhood friend Petre Tutea at the end of his life. Like Cioran he was an Iron Guardist. But he didn’t skidaddle. He stayed put in Romania and did 16 years in the Commie dungeons and came out a committed Christian. Same with Constantin Noica who didn’t do as much time after the war, but was under a sort of house arrest and surveillance most of his adult life. The fact Susan Sontag wrote introductions and dust jacket blurbs for Cioran’s most excellent books of existential pensées makes me cringe. Cioran had to be thinking of Sartre when he wrote his mea culpa about Jews. At least another brilliant associate, Mircea Eliade, had the decency say nothing about his youthful idealistic involvement in the anti-Semitic Romanian Legionary movement. See WWII era Romanian minister of economics turned populist Orthodox saint Petre Tutea regret nothing at the end of his miserable life under Judeo-Bolshevism here:

  5. Yeah, White people are materialistic, but in Gentile culture, you aren’t supposed to talk about money. Nor are you supposed to one-up each other. You aren’t supposed to burn other people for having less money. You just don’t say anything. Gentiles are greedy as Hell like everyone, but the subject of money is regarded as somewhat “unseemly.” It’s “not to be discussed in polite company.”
    The behavior of the Jews above can be found in the Gentile species known as the Yuppie. It’s one reason I don’t hang around with such types too much. But most Gentiles don’t do that. The whole subject of who makes how much is regardless as unseemly and rude, not a subject of polite conversation.

  6. RL:”I may add that all of these Jews were really liberal people, all liberal Democrats. With US Jews, very liberal politics often goes hand in hand for ferocious materialism. Many of these people were really honest too. I’d almost trust them with a large sum of money, to give to them and have them return it later on. That’s how honest they are.”
    Mr Lindsay — good post overall, but what the hell are you thinking in writing the above quote? The words “money,” “Jew,” and “honesty” belong nowhere in the same sentence.
    I mean come on, just look at the long and disgusting history of Jewish dishonesty, treachery, and boundless lies when it comes to money and materialism…it basically consists of one pogrom, expulsion, or outright mass-killing of Jews after another, and almost all of those persecutions of Jews were entirely justified due to widespread Jewish lies, deceit, and treachery involving money. The people became enslaved by the sickening economic machinations of JEWISH ECONOMIC TERRORISTS, and they rebelled and vanquished their oppressors. If Jewry hadn’t committed all of their economic crimes against humanity they wouldn’t have been so often targeted by people for justice.
    If you look at history you will notice a definite ‘pattern’ shall we say wherein every nearly single country which has had its economy infested by Jews ends up crashing and burning pretty damn hardcore. The Jewish economic bloodsuckers move around from one country or city or region to another and leech as much cash as they can from that area and then move on, leaving economic devastation in their wake. We here in the USA are currently the main base of the international finance Jewry and thus nowadays many everyday Americans are not much more than neo-serfs of the international Judeoplutocracy, since a shady network of Mafia-esque international Jews clearly exercises vastly undue influence/control nearly all of the America’s most important financial/economic networks including the Federal Reserve (Jews control the goddamn money printing-presses!), the IRS, many major banks and brokerage firms, stock and bond markets, much of the overall retail market (which means Jews are some of the prime exploiters of Asian laborers who produce all of the cheap crap Jewry sells in their retail stores), and so on.
    Also, I’ve done a lot of research in terms of Jews and their long history of economic criminality, and I’ve venture to say that 80+% of the major white-collar criminals in many Jew-infested nations are, surprise-surprise!, Jews. Nations with large numbers of Jews are fraught with economic corruption and shady dealings via an exploitative Jewish economic Mafia. It is very common amongst Jews who know of other Jews, either personally or through the grapevine, who have been busted for all kinds of economic crimes. The economic troubles of the past 2+ years have also exposed very many highly exploitative Jewish finance-maggots to the light of day.
    Also, look at Marxism and Communism — both are Jewish to the core. It’s all about the central control of the money and labor-supply by a bunch of faceless bureaucrats…and the Jews more often than not are the people who so often become those faceless bureaucratic control-freaks since that is what they are best at: being materialistic, being bureaucrats, being control-freaks, and cutting ‘deals.’
    Also, Jewry has unfortunately infected the White West (and now almost the whole world through the worldwide mass-media) with their disgusting hypermaterialistic Jewish ideal/spirit which is leading to the utter ruination of the Earth’s environment on many levels through a ruthless and rapacious form of acquisitiveness.
    Jews are also major hoarders of money and wealth. The more they hoard and control, the less trickles down to everyone else…meaning we all become virtual slaves of the Jewish finance-mafia who live on the honest labor of others. Jews are perpetual middlemen and backroom ‘dealmakers,’ and as such they reveal their usurious dishonesty since the only real value of ‘money’ is in denoting useful natural resources and real labor.
    As I wrote in a recent comment here, the outdated Jewish concepts of ‘money’ and now Jew-corrupted ‘democracy’ must be done away with if humanity is to progress any further:

    To get a bit Spenglerian for a moment:
    Money and it’s handmaiden ‘democracy’ must be dismantled, abolished, destroyed, or otherwise done away with — the superior rule of blood/race must then replace the regressive rule of money/democracy.
    Once money/democracy is destroyed the ‘democratic’ Judeoplutocracy will therefore be entirely undermined and rendered ineffectual, and they can have no longer continue to infect humankind with their hypermaterialistic Judaic poison and anti-cultural values.
    ‘Finanzjuden’ as it exists is just a pathetically outdated relic of the past anyhow, a petrified fossil of the ‘Magian Age’ as Spengler noted in his writings.

    1. I agree with your assessment completely. Jews have undermined every society which has welcomed them and permitted these pariahs to reside there. But do not fret for Jesus had their number and no matter how much money they steal. those with consciences who are not outright sociopaths loathe themselves for they know they are repulsive for being what and who they are. They also are for the most part physically repellant and they know it so they are unhappy people and that makes me happy. I don’t care how much money they steal as long as i know they are miserable pricks and i do because all of the Jews I know are incrediby neurotic. I am so GLaD I live in a Catholic country-the religion itself, ignoring the papacy and vatican- is beautiful-revering the woman as Goddess-Mary and focusing exclusively on the New Testament-the way Jesus as feminist intended. Evangelicals are Jews who follow the Torah; together they ruined america with their greed. Good thing I am talented and multilingual as a “Choen One”: that is Christian. Christians jesus said are the chosen peopleand I agree in my estimation because we are not miserable greedy perverts. My sister married a Jew and they are living in their own private bardo. She is an evil witch and deserves what she gets. they have money but they live a very poor quality of life. I on the other hand live in Paradise with organic food fresh from the ground, ocean and mountain views stretch before me and I have mass every Sunday with Loving people-the Latino people who are not psychologically fucked up as the Jews are. We are not plagued by homosexuality either because people here will not deny what is biologically correct nor will they deny their viceral response to the perverse so it will NEVER be accepted here. And I would never subject my childen to that moralless culture. I am sorry for thoe who suffer the Jewishsociety of the United States. I hope you find an alternative. If you are monolingual you can become a European citizen, Ireland or U.K. if you have a grandparent born there-I did this a well and many of the scandanavian countries speak Engish. Jews do not control European countries or Canada so those are some suggestions for those disgusted and desiring refuge from this perverse group.

    2. “…Mr Lindsay — good post overall, but what the hell are you thinking in writing the above quote? The words “money,” “Jew,” and “honesty” belong nowhere in the same sentence…”
      I agree with WP and Liliy but with caveats. I think on an individual one to one level Jews can be very honest and also helpful to others in need. However I’m not convinced it is not a carefully conceived dodge to confuse people as to the Jews actual behavior of the Jews which is that of a tribe of psychopaths. Doing a lot of small favors to individuals cost them little and is a way to deceive.

  7. WP,
    “80+% of the major white-collar criminals in many Jew-infested nations are, surprise-surprise!, Jews.”
    You are making that up. What’s your source?
    Jews are over-represented in economic crime because they are over-represented in the economy. That does not necessarily mean they more dishonest. Let’s say that 30% of bankers are Jews… are bankers in jail much more than 30% Jewish? Or about the same?

    1. I agree with Sandra. At some time in the past, Jews were a lot more crooked at business than Gentiles. This was especially true in Europe where Gentile businessmen were often embedded in small town and small city culture and you couldn’t really rip each other off.
      Jews came in, owed nothing to anyone but their own, had no allegiance to society’s rules, and had no rules or morals in business. They often drove all the Gentiles out of business.
      However, I feel that in the past 50 years or so in the US anyway, there is no longer any distinction between Jewish and Gentile businessmen. “We are all Jews now.” The Gentiles are just as crooked as the Jews, if not more so. No businessman owes anything to his consumers, his workers or his community. The business community is a community of sociopaths.
      I find the notion that Jewish businessmen are any worse than Gentile businessmen in the US anyway to be ridiculous. None of them have any morals at all.

    2. Jews are over-represented in economic crime because they are over-represented in the economy. That does not necessarily mean they more dishonest. Let’s say that 30% of bankers are Jews… are bankers in jail much more than 30% Jewish? Or about the same? -sandra-

      heg: No, less. At least 80 percent of the bankers in USA are jews, and jews print the spaghetti-monopoly money dollarim at one cent a dollar. On top of that the jews lent the money to the stupid americans – – at 35 percent interest.
      The same jews decides how much interest you pay on your house and creditcards. lt’s called usury and the jews are master at it.
      The jews are the most criminal people in the world and they get convicted far less then goyim. lf it had been white the rant about evil white people would never stop and countless JewiWood movies would have been mad. Now, nothing.

    3. sandra:”That does not necessarily mean they more dishonest.”
      Jews aren’t just more ‘dishonest,’ they so often tend to be outright criminals, cheats, exploiters, and so on when it comes to money matters.
      Study history and be brutally honest about the definite patterns…Jews weren’t legally restricted, expelled, and/or outright massacred in many dozens of cities, regions, countries, and for no apparent reason; they were persecuted because they were/are disproportionately economic terrorists who were committing economic crimes against humanity: [PARTIAL list of Jewish persecutions, massacres, and expulsions in just the last few centuries]

  8. For instance, I told a Jewish friend of the family that my site got 300 visitors a day. He brushed me off, “That’s nothing. Ours gets 3,000.” That didn’t feel so good! -RL-

    heg: – Did l say 300? l ment 3.300 a day. Don’t take that kind of crap from Lying Jewish Scumbags Robert!
    How do you as a two percent minority take control of the majority? You write the laws and then turn the whole judicial system against it’s own people, and that is what the jews are doing right now in America.
    “Five Hate Bills Surge Forward In Congress”
    Those obnoxious lying jews Robert write about is in control of the American state.
    “Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President.” — Abner Mikva (Jew) Former White House Counsel, Clinton Administration (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 12, 2008)
    “Jewish Americans for Obama”
    What word diden’t you understand? The jews themself says that Obama NoBody is a jew. He is not a DNA-jew, but he is a jew in the head, he think and act as a jew. When he don’t think and act as a jew, he ahs a massive gang of jews around him who will tell him what to think and how toa act.
    The American state is run lock, stock and barrel by jews. The highest worldly power you can get is to control the state. There are 200 states in the world and the jewish conspiracy is to control all the 200 states in the world. The jews want to control the world and to do that the jews must have a proxy war machine – that would be America, UN and NATO. Jews controls America, UN and NATO, hence they are jewish proxy war machines.

  9. wow nice to see these beefy comments here, i also like reading what WP has to say.
    i want to say that mark twain is like a f’in saint. i’ll side with that guy anyday.
    it’s funny how heated people get anytime you write about jews. i tend to see them the way that you do robert.
    anyway, i have not much to add with my comments…but i will relate this tidbit. i deal with a lot of hookers here in brooklyn, and i’ve heard stories about their jewish customers. they are very perverted dudes. and anytime they see this one girl i know, they’ll insist on looking through all the rooms of the apartment, paranoid about being setup or blackmailed. lol.

  10. randy:”i deal with a lot of hookers here in brooklyn, and i’ve heard stories about their jewish customers. they are very perverted dudes. and anytime they see this one girl i know, they’ll insist on looking through all the rooms of the apartment, paranoid about being setup or blackmailed. lol.”
    Jews have long been many of the main facilitators and promoters of prostitution in many nations; in other words, Jews have been the major pimps and organizers of prostitution for centuries…and pornography also, since it’s well known how Jews also dominate and promote porn. Additionally, a major worldwide center of the human trafficking in sex-slaves is the Jewish nation of Israel.
    From the page 140 of the book STUDYING THE JEW by Alan Steinweis:

    “To substantiate the accusation that Jews dominated the prostitution trade before the war, Leers quoted figures from an antisemitic Polish publication of 1927. According to these figures Polish authorities had prosecuted 988 Jews, but only seven Christians, on prostitution charges. The Polish publication estimated that one hundred thousand Polish Jews made their livings through “exploitation of immorality.”
    Notwithstanding the mendacity of Leers, it was indeed a fact that Jews were heavily involved in the management of prostitution in several countries in Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Jewish commentators and reformers had bemoaned this problem and urged that it be combated.”

  11. ”Judea declares war on Germany” March 1933.
    “Zionist Death Camps 01 of 03”
    Hitler Germany? No, America. Hitler diden’t do a thing to the jews that America diden’t do to the japanese in America. Jews in Germany and Japanese in America, same thing, enemy of the state.
    “Japanese American Internment”

  12. I found myself laughing in agreement at the jews who feel alienated at family gatherings for not being materially successful. Unlike gentiles most rich jews I know don’t like to display their wealth, they drive old cars wear cheap clothes etc, it just follows as a natural result of their intelligence and they aren’t driven by women (except their mothers) or glory.
    It’s difficult to believe but there was once an active Jewish working class in the time of Marx and Rosa Luxemberg etc, and a whole battalion of Jews fought for the anarchists in the Spanish Civil war. Perhaps there are poor jews now but they tend to marry out and their offspring return to the mean.

  13. I live in LA and have noticed this that Jews are some of the most materialistic people. You mentioned you used to work in Beverly Hills which I have found to have some of the most stereotypical Jews but is LA and the Westside in general.
    I think its probably the main cause of anti-semitism. I know WN’s are pissed about the double standards Jews have about ethinic indenity but the by far the main case for anti-semitism is elitism and materialism among Jews.
    It is interesting to hear that even a lot of Jews are appauled by this behavior. Philip Weiss who is an anti-zionist Jew has commented on this and said that he was appauled by the extreme materialism in Jewish
    culture. Robert, do you think WN’s disslike Jews for their ethnicity for their materialism.

    1. WN’s dislike Jews for one reason and one reason only that I can tell: Jews are dead set against White ethnocentrism and White ethnic politics. Recently, some guys were running around saying they were for the Whites, and they tried to kill about every Jew on the planet. So obviously Jews are hostile to this kind of politics. It’s not like it’s good for the Jews or anything like that.

  14. your right. Its a vicsous cycle Jews hate WN’s cause they think they all want to round them up to and send them to the gas chambers and WN’s think that Jews want to exterminate the white race. So Jew supported multi-culturalism and race replacement out of fear that WN’s will come to power and WN’s take that as a sign that Jews want to destroy the white race. There are a handful or pro-white Jews and pro-Jew WN’s but I don’t ever see the cycle ending.

  15. Do you think the reason a lot of Jews are Marxist is because they resent the materialism and greed in their culture? Even Marx commented on how Jewish economic exploitation was a cause for anti-semitism. Jews who are nto sucesful are going to feel very resentful against their fellow tribesman and supported wealth redistribution is a natural response but on the other hand some the wealthiest and most materialistic Jews happen to be the most leftist so who knows.

  16. As an American Jew, I find this post and thread disturbing. Yes, by mere numbers Jews tend to be successful. By mere numbers successful people tend to live in the suburbs. Suburban people tend to be materialistic. But I’m sure you’ve come across materialistic Jews and non-Jews. Materialism has nothing to do with the religion or the people. My people are strong and appreciative of life at the bare minimum. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘L’chaim!’ It means ‘To life!’ not ‘To material goods!’
    Why are we generally Democrats? Because we sympathize with the oppressed, the impoverished, and the weak.
    I grew up in a Jewish suburban neighborhood. Were there materialistic people? Sure! … but in general those were the less religious ones. As for talking about money and shaming others for their situation… I have never experienced that. Your accusations toward my people are akin to me saying, ‘the Christians drink a lot!’ More than my people? Arguably. As a general rule? No, that’s called prejudice.

  17. You are ignoring the largest Jewish ripoff ever perpertrated on gentiles. Christianity-Specifically but not limited to the Catholic Church. They convinced an illiterate, ignorant populace to celebrate a Jew ( Jesus) who may or may not have ever existed, as a God. Then they steal these peasants
    hard earned wages to build monuments to their trickery. It is so obvious…they did it again with Islam too.

  18. As a Bulgarian / the country which saved its Jews from Nazi death-camps/ I was brought up to respect Jewish/Judaism. So, I was really shocked to find out that my Israeli boyfriend has cheated me out of everything I so affectionately extended to him – my hospitality /he lived on my account entirely/, my money / claiming we are family, he tapped sums of money from me,too big for my budget, . Lying he would pay them back….and betrayed my trust /he had been using my money to travel and secretly meet his Jewish lovers/ . Never seen such a ruthless person, ungrateful. On top of it , I was blatantly discriminated by him as a non-Jewish- it felt like hatred. And it proved hatred as he wrote “I HATE BULGARIANS!”
    i couldn’t believe my perceptions it really happened. But it did. I still don’t understand how this is possible- to return sincere affection with so much toxic hatred and dishonesty. He kept saying he belongs to the chosen nation and the best country in the world. My last words to him were that I hope his dishonesty is NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF HIS COUNTRY/NATION.

    1. He is not a typical Jew, but in some ways, he is a typical Israeli. This guy’s whole problem is he is way too Jewish. Israelis are too Jewish, way too Jewish. That’s part of their whole problem. Being a Jew isn’t a problem. Being Jewy is. Jews are Jewy to varying degrees. I have known a lot of Jews in my life who were hardly even Jewy at all, but you could sort of bring it out of them every now and then, say if you discussed anti-Semitism or Israel.

  19. Maybe you are right in as much as I do not know other Israelis, but this one and – his girlfriends- ruthless, trying to prove superior . But – eventually only proved to be abject shits. But shit happens…

  20. Most of my experience with jews is positive. Except in the ’90’s I was taken-off badly by a lawyer named Kusatzky. He was recommended by a jew (deceased) whom I did trust. I trust his kids today.
    Though at the time I did not know that all jews call me ‘goy’. I understand that goy means, lower animal in Hebrew.

  21. My father was a very successful businessman and it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s and in a business negotiation with a jew when I remembered one of many quotes of advice he gave me being, “never do a deal with a jew unless it is on paper. A handshake deal is worth nothing with these people.”
    When I suggested our verbal agreement be evaluated through our lawyers, there was an about face by him and the deal never eventuated.
    My parting words to him were enough for him to run in another direction should we ever cross paths in the future.
    I have over 800 business contacts to whom I group emailed and warned of that business and the morals of the man running it.
    I was inundated with replies from people who not only were of similar caution to me, but unfortunately others who pointed out how the goal posts had moved after a handshake deal with a jew.
    This was an amazing confirmation of those priceless (excuse the pun) words of wisdom my father embedded in me all those years previously.

  22. A jew LIEbrial is willing to use help out others, for as long as it’s others people’s money. For example, they’re all for giving out things to poor minorities, such as more food stamps, Medicaid,welfare,etc. But just not from their own money, & who bears the brunt of it all? the white working & lower middle class people do. That’s 1 source of the contention between typical working type whites vs. poorer minorities. The way we see it, us joes are being robbed to pay for jose & tyron, whom are often underemployed, but meanwhile the 1%ers are paying less taxes, both as a percentage of income or even sometimes, in absolute dollars, whether legally or not. Things our set up as they are as so the lower class whites set their anger on the lowest of them all, the poor native born minorities, & the least of them all, the illegal immigrants. for if they were to all go away, the socio-economic order would be bare-stripped plain for all to see, the lower class whites would find out how much they’re being fucked around as well. lest they were all of a sudden started taken out their frustrations on the ruling classes.

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