High Visitor Traffic Continuing on Robert Lindsay Septemmber 22

Despite the slowdown in traffic due to the brief site shutdown, traffic is continuing at a high level, with yesterday setting a new record for 4th highest day.

Old record: 7,145 on September 14
New record: 7,795 on September 22

Those numbers include high traffic, ~500 visitors, to the old site, where traffic is back up again. Old site is here, or really, a reincarnation of the old site, since the old site also got shut down. My sites get shut down a lot, so I have to keep mirroring them and setting them up again in new places. It has many of my old articles archived there. Some readers were asking for access to all the old stuff.

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One thought on “High Visitor Traffic Continuing on Robert Lindsay Septemmber 22”

  1. These posts don’t bother me like they seem to do with some of your other readers, but a suggestion: you can always just add another subpage or tab at the top to keep track of the top traffic records or days on this blog.

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