“The Day Carter Upset the Village," by Alpha Unit

New post by Alpha Unit. Good stuff! Once upon a time there was a village where most was well, most of the time. The village was populated by a decent sort of people who understood that of all the villages in the vicinity, their village had the most decency of all. Everything good that could be said about a group of people you could certainly say about them. They were disciplined, hardworking, peaceable, truthful, compassionate people with high parental investment in their children. And so life was good in the village. But then…the Great Disappointment occurred. The Village Elder, who had started out with such promise, turned out not to be such a great elder, having gone on adventures both foreign and domestic to protect the people but who nevertheless left them unhappy and ready for Something Different. A Contender arose to be Elder, someone who had been in the village all along but no one had paid that much attention to. He was the product of a liaison between a woman in the village and a man from That Village Over There, but no one cared that much because he was as peaceable as anyone else and fit in quite well with them. Now he wanted to be Village Elder. And he actually became Village Elder. But not everyone was happy about this. They grumbled about it amongst themselves and began to remind one another of how not just Different the new Elder was but how Awfully Different he was. At first glance he sort of seemed like he was one of them but the more one looked at him, the more Different he seemed. And so these villagers began pointing out to all the rest of them just how Different he was. And that anybody that Different was fundamentally unfit to be telling the people in this village what was good for them. One day, upon pondering these matters, an erstwhile Village Elder named Carter said to the other villagers, “You know, the things we don’t like about the Village Elder are remarkably similar to the things we don’t like about the people in That Village Over There. Anybody else notice that?” Some of the people listening to him gasped. And scowled. A few of them gathered to one side, sullen but furious. Finally, one man spoke up. “Get a rope,” he said.

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13 thoughts on ““The Day Carter Upset the Village," by Alpha Unit”

  1. It wasn’t long after, that Obama promtoed amnesty as a means to get illegals in the National Health care system. White wealth redistributed to
    That’s racism. Anti-white racism.
    Meanwhile American whites, who don’t act at all like Russian Whites, keep diving under the bed denying their racism.

  2. Did you have to take it down? Was this the one with the yellow thing and the screwdriver, & the hammer? That really was a sick video. In fact, I wish I had not seen it; thinking about it now gives me a headache.
    Have you seen this video yet, of the chicken hatchery? It even features a grinder (albeit smaller one)!

  3. The next day Chibikuro Sambo took off his underpants and put them on his head and danced around the village singing, “Toodle pipski Mr. Carter, toodle pipski!” All villagers then put their underpants on their heads and danced and sang the Toodle Pipski Song, too. Everyone was so happy they decided to rename their village the International House of Pancakes.

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