Successes of the Omnipotent US Jews

Repost from the old site. Anti-Semites say that Jews control everything in the West. Well, at least they control the media and the government. Neither is really true. Newsweek and the Washington Post are not run by Jews, nor is the LA Times. Rupert Murdoch is not a Jew. There are 13 Jews in the US Senate, I believe. 1 Jews don’t control Capitol Hill in the US. The ADL has not been able to implement most of its agenda – hate speech laws, amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens, etc. Congress keeps trying to give amnesty to the illegals (ADL supports this) and it keeps getting shot down. The ADL keeps demanding hate speech laws, and the (Jewish-controlled?) Congress keeps shooting it down. Jews in the US, including media Jews, are mostly liberal; they’re the most liberal ethnic group in the US. How has this liberal agenda been implemented by media Jews and government Jews in the last three decades? It’s hasn’t been. The very liberal US Jewish community is so powerful that their liberal agenda has been getting crushed for three decades now. Wow, that’s some real ferocious power, man.

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2 thoughts on “Successes of the Omnipotent US Jews”

  1. You’re are either baiting or are singularly illiterate
    on the subject. Here’s what you can do if you’re serious on the subject. You don’t have to come to the same conclusions re remedies, or specific ramifications of same, but for actual degree of Jewish influence in America you can read Kevin MacDonald’s books and recent treatises on the subject, replete with name lists and footnoted.
    This is not Judicial Inc. crankery, this is
    name and rank re the cross section of media, banking, education and government. Then you can read The Lobby by Mearsheimer and Walt. Neocons who drove and drive the wars are not “liberals” in the manner you use the term.
    Perhaps you have written elsewhere on the forces which drove the wars, provided false WMD info etc, inwhich case you should’t republish out of date posts. Granted, the wars have been failures and the neocons did not install a pro-Israel puppet government in Iraq.

  2. The Quran confirmed the Torah but attacked the Talmud.
    The Christians abandoned the Gospel for the trinity and the divinity of Jesus in the 3rd century. The Muslims then decided to follow the Jews and abandoned the Quran for the Sunnah. Both the Talmud and Sunnah are oral traditions that became dominant, thus abrogating the scriptures. The Christians did not produce another revelation along the Gospel but they created a thology outside the Gospel. The Gospel in no way teaches the divinity of Jesus or any other creature.
    Today’s Jews are a function of the Talmud, one of the most facist literature on Earth. Jesus condemned the Talmud on the Gospel of Mark 7 and so did the Quran. The Sunnah has a similar line as the Talmud, very tribalistic and legalistic and ritualistic with no personal interpretation allowed and most of the Quran is either abrogated or washed away one way or the other.
    For more:
    As far as Macdonald, I think his books are a great scholarly reading and has educated me a lot about European Jewry. However he comes from a secular perspective and sees it mostly as an ethnic question while I see it as a religious one.

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