Question For the Anti-Semites

Repost from the old site.
Why is it when White folks get into the Anti-Semitism Thingie, it seems like sooner or later (if they did not feel this way already) they get into the White Nationalism Thingie or the We Hate Niggers* and Beaners* Thingie? Please clue us in. Inquiring minds want to know.
I’m well aware that there are White folks who are White nationalists but are not anti-Semites. Just that with White folks, there’s not too many the other way around. No wonder Jews are suspicious of this WN shit. Tends to come with some pretty nasty strings attached. They ain’t stupid.
Even Leftist anti-Zionists, after a while, get into the Holocaust Revisionism Thingie, and most of them get into the Nationalism Thingie and the really weird and creepy Let’s Get Rid of Left and Right Thingie. That’s assuming they are not already making alliance with neo-Nazis and chanting Save Zundel!
Man, anti-Semitism does some weird shit to your head. It’s like it’s almost worse for your brain than meth.
*Used sardonically

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