Jews Don't Run the Banks Anymore

Repost from the old site. For Chrissake people, even David Duke says the Jews don’t run the banks anymore. What more of an authority do you need? Unfortunately, anti-Semitismphobia (irrational fear of anti-Semitism) has kept scholars from researching this question. I’ve done some research on my own. Jews largely ran the banking system of Europe from the late 1800’s into the 1900’s. Their dominance of this profession seems to have come to an end in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I guess that means that they got taken out by the Holocaust. According to Henry Ford’s The International Jew, Jews made a run for US investment banking and consumer banking in the early part of the 1900’s in the US. Ford describes how Jews during this time made a play for investment banking in the US. They worked together to try to buy up as many investment banks as they could for the tribe. That’s how Jews were back then – they worked together to acquire Jewish monopolies. They made significant penetration until the whistle was blown on them and Gentiles quit selling investment banks to the Jews. Smart move! Ford says they then made a play for commercial banking in the US, but the whistle was blown early, and they were stopped in their tracks, as commercial bankers refused to sell to Jews. Jewish ethnic warfare is no good. The only way to fight it is anti-Semitism, and that’s not good for Jews or Gentiles. The International Jew is actually a pretty good book if you can ignore some of the bullshit about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I don’t think that Ford, at the time he wrote that book, was an anti-Semite at all. Those who are not convinced maybe ought to actually read the book? US Jews at that time were extremely tribal, clannish and ethnocentric, and were waging ethnic warfare in order to corner and control various US professions. Jews have assimilated dramatically since then, and it’s not appropriate to compare the clannish Jews of 1908 with US Jews of today. It was during this period that Jewish dominance of the US media and Hollywood occurred. The Jewish impetus for acquiring these assets originally was not to give more power and money to the Jews, but to fight anti-Semitism. Many large US papers were in the hands of White Gentile anti-Semites and so was Hollywood. Large Jewish financiers met with concerned Jewish leaders, and plots were hatched to buy out large US papers. This is apparently the genesis of Jewish control of the New York Times. It’s all pretty much water under the dam now. Jews do wield quite a bit of power in US media and Hollywood. In addition to being due to extremely high Jewish verbal IQ (Possibly as high as 125!) and the extra-IQ factors that result directly and indirectly from that, Jewish power in the media and Hollywood is largely a legacy of hypertribal US Jews from the dog eat dog world of Eastern Europe in the early part of the 1900’s. I think Jewish power in Hollywood is on the decline. Looking over a large section of movie ads recently, of course I saw Jewish names, but I saw a Hell of a lot of Gentile names too, in particular Italians. In some cases, those at the very top were Jews, but not always. It’s no secret that Italians have moved into Wall Street, Las Vegas and the movies bigtime. Are Scorsese and Coppola Jewish? Come on. It’s also important to note that some of the biggest Hollywood Jews were awfully detribalized. Stanley Kubrick was a great director, but for all intents and purposes, he had left the Jews behind. He barely considered himself Jewish anymore. It seems unfair to deviously make up lists of Jews and include the deracinated ones right alongside the SuperJews. Looking at the credits on a typical TV show is much more instructive. The list of Jewish names, in particular the all-important names of the ultimate producers and directors running the show, is stunning to behold. It seems that Jewish power is much greater in TV than in the movies these days. Jewish media power is a tough one. The Los Angeles Times is one of the biggest papers in the country, and for decades was run by an ultrarich Whitebread WASP family named the Chandlers. They weren’t anti-Semites, but the Times was their baby. Where were the Jewish hands secretly running the Times? One of my Jewish commenters noted that the Ochs Sulzbergers (owners of the New York Times) have been marrying Gentiles for a while now and are considered by ethnocentric Jews to have “left the tribe.” I don’t know what to make of such comments, but perhaps we should take them into consideration. Anti-Semites say the Washington Post is “run by Jews”, but it’s run by a woman named Katharine Graham. Her father was a Jew. She’s not even Jewish by Jewish law! Since when is she some kind of secret Jew? Since when is everyone with some Jewish ancestry a secret part of the tribe? That’s getting pretty silly, people.

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68 thoughts on “Jews Don't Run the Banks Anymore”

  1. Dear Robert
    I agree with you 100%. What matters is not whether someone has Jewish ancestry, but how strong his Jewish identity is. A person is never defined by his ancestry. We inherit our race from our ancestors, but our identity is the product of our life experiences and the choices we make.
    Regards. James

      1. (2nd attempt?) Keep thinking that way, it worked for Daniel Pearl.
        It takes only one to fight, but two or more to cooperate, so what you think is irrelevant. It’s what others thing that determines your choices.

    1. I can understand your point about life experiences as more important for the future. But you can argue that if it were not for immigration or escaping europe before WW2 or any other war that many people would not exist or for that matter be born in the place they were originally could of been if there were no war which is why ancestry is important as part of your identity, it creates the culture you brought up in. Your past helps you understand who you are and how you got to where you are and who you choose to be. The most important part is how this fake book ‘The Protocols of Zion’ for short is taught to children as fact because of one the elements in the history of bank that was somewhat true. Thanks Robert we need to know these sort of things. I have asked many people I know (non- Jewish) how many Jewish people live in Britain and have said 3 million when in fact its more like 300,000.

  2. Well, let me see… how did the Rothschilds lose their money? Rhetorical question? You know how fractional reserve banking, compound interest etc works – one guy ends up with all the money. That guy is the top Rothschild. People say they’re not in banking anymore – I’ve had ‘socialists’ seriously argue that to me – there’s a Rothschilds bank in every country (bar 2 I think)in the world. When that Russian Oligarch (the Gazprom guy) was jailed, they couldn’t get the money back, because he had “given it to his friend David Rothschild for safekeeping”. Peter Schiff says David Rothschild is the ‘chief spider’ currently in the ‘web of debt’ (see Ellen Hodgson Brown’s book of that nam) – so does that make it so? Probably. ALL bar one of the oligarchs who stole the soviet peoples’ money were jewish. This thing about the nazis wiping out the European jewish bankers – is there any proof of that? Most of the rich ones got out in good time; and money as debt just doesn’t work like that. Same as the story about the French Rothschilds losing everything when the banks were nationalised – would you really bet that they lost ANYTHING? These people are SO rich that they can disguise anything under layers of bankers and lawyers and shell companies, and laws and bribed politicians – and hitmen if necessary. We know the regional banks of the Fed are all American owned, but that’s just about all – maybe someone does some work unravelling all the layers of ownership to get the bigger picture, but I don’t hear of it. But at least I feel sure that there’s no solid evidence easily available that these banks AREN’T jewish-controlled. So why construct a conspiracy without evidence either way? Well, the conspiracy theory sort of constructs itself out of the statistics – the almost exclusively jewish board of the Fed, the almost exclusively jewish Obama administration, the the hugely disproportionate number of jews in the billionaire class, and the millionaire class, the incredibly astronomically disproportionate number of jews in all key areas of academia, administration, government, you name it – PLUS the unanimity from all quarters including the disproportionately jewish ‘left’ that THIS ISN’T SO.
    Just put your head to it for a minute; treat it like a science problem. You got a bunch of facts, and you come up with a model that fits the facts, best fit. The model I come up with is ‘the house always wins’. The Rothschilds were first in the game so they get all the money; they intermarry with Euro-American aristocracy, share the spoils a bit to buy protection because they’re always at risk of someone turning the populace against them – so they co-opt and implicate as much of the WASP elite as necessary; but they still have their international, family then tribe, links built up over centuries which the WASPs come to depend on but never really have equal access to. They place loyal tribesmen everywhere they can in the political, administrative, and academic worlds to prevent scrutiny of their activities, and to try and head off resistance from anyone like Henry Ford who tries to use the ‘race-card’ against them.
    Lefties have no problem about acknowledging that while capitalism is a blind, automatic process ( just to be brief) it has happened to favour the white race, the WASPs in fact. They never tire of whingeing about it in fact. But, courtesy of the well-known human capacity for believing in 2 mutually incompatible things, the lefties alway hold it impossible that capitalism could actually favour jews, much more than WASPs. And there is a huge, well-financed propaganda operation dedicated to helping them cling to these incompatible beliefs. And so we have Weimar repeated. What’s the answer? The same answer as to any other model of capitalism – phase it out by building an effective democracy instead of a kleptocracy. This will of course mean being very astute in our judgement of who is on our side. To me, anyone who maintains that the model I outline above is impossible – a nazi fantasy etc – is probably batting for the other side.

  3. Then would you care to explain why everytime there is a money problem,it’s always a jew.
    I’d like to hear this.
    Why is it that every profession, law, medicine, stocks, banks,etc. that has a lot of tribesmen in it is so screwed up and corrupted?
    Who runs the Federal Reserve? The media? The Stock Markets.
    Jews, that’s who.

      1. Were all Jews? Are you trying to flatter yourself? Your article reeks of antisemitic stereotyping baloney. “White Gentiles are just as corrupt as Jews anymore.” Looks like your grammar skills need some work Bobbie. This article is nothing but your shallow opinion. Don’t go through life being a narrow, selfish, self centered, narcissistic, uneducated individual with moronic opinions. Blanket statements without any specific evidence to support it is nothing more then a backwards low brow guess. Back it up with facts or shut the hell up. So far you’re batting zero.

        1. Are you another stupid paranoid Jew ranting about your antisemitism bullshit? Tell you what pal. Most folks don’t particularly hate Jews. They are a mixed bag of good and bad qualities, but most folks can be objective. But if there is one thing that people REALLY hate about Jews, it’s screaming anti-Semitism all the time.
          That article is hardly anti-Semitic. Saying “we are all Jews now,” cannot possibly be construed as anti-Semitism unless you want gas the whole population, including yourself.
          PS Hymie, I am banning your kosher butt. Go back to Jerusalem or Jew York or wherever you came from.
          HAND HYMIE.

  4. That was a lousy explanation. Don’t ever use the word “we” and try to include everyone.
    I’m still waiting for an explanation.
    I’m not letting you off the hook that easy.

  5. I would prefer you give a cite for making such a sweeping statement about David Duke’s position.
    He might well have referred to diminishing power.

    1. Yeah, it would have been awesome for him to cite David Duke! By the way, I checked. David Duke still thinks the Jews run the banks.

  6. Lafayette, don’t the Rothschilds have a centuries long proscription against intermarriage?
    At any rate, you know you’re dealing with cranks when they posit a “Jewish line” of, say ‘Marranos’ ,almost always without getting specific, but which if checked would have had to involve several generations of not only secret-from-the public Jewish worship (itself possible,depending on the circumstance) but of several, even many Gentiles marrying in, then keeping their own conversion to Judiasm secret.

  7. Jews controls the three biggest banks in the world, IMF, the Fed in USA and Rothschild bank. Yes, yes … jews areout of banking.
    Jews controls Hollywood and all the “media” in the whole western world. Jews controls senate, congress and the jews puppident in America lock, stock and barrel.
    Jews controls US state department, hence jews controls America’s foreigne politic. US imperialism is fact jewish imperialism.
    Jews controls the whole western academia. Jews controls all the “politicians” in the western world. Jews controls all the “media” in the western world.
    The simple fact is that jews have never had so much power as the jews have 2009. That is the fact, anything else is lying jew scumbags propaganda-bullshit.

  8. Well, all I see in these comments is alot of theories and statements about the “Jews control this” and the “Jews control that” but no specifics or supportive facts or traceable anecdotes even.
    I suspect there’s no study that graphs how many Jews are in the billionaire/millionairs club, how many are in banking, in the fed, in the govt., and you can say the Jewish ownership and involvement thru gentile layers of fronts and intermarriage exists and is terrifically, exponentially, incredibly pervasive…but it’s just a statement…essentially a suspicion.
    My dad used to tell me that the Jews deliberately intermarry with gentiles (particularly good-looking, blond haired blue eyed ones) so they can mask their tribe and Jewishness thru the more anglo-“white” progeny..but it’s something I always found to be implausible. My dad knew alot of shit and he was street smart and insightful, but that didn’t make him right all the time.
    Implausible is how I’d also describe this “Jews control everything” theory.
    They certainly have a higher success ratio than other minorities and the white anglo majority IMO, but it’s not the result of any broad conspiracy..more likely the ethic of their culture to work hard and stay in school, and be disciplined.
    You know, the qualities that enraged the right when that damn socialist terrorist-lovin’ Muslim Obama tried to fob it off on our impressionable, frightened children in a school speech.
    That said, I do think it’s quite possible that Jewish zionists that put their loyalties to Israel above that of America occupy some very influential positions in our govt., and they have influence on our policies. They don’t run our foreign policy, but they certainly must influence it.
    In the wind-up, I guess I’m saying that we shouldn’t see vast conspiracies where there’s no specific, comprehensive, quantifiable evidence.
    I don’t think people are that organized.

    1. I basically agree with dano here.
      Humans are just not that organized to engage in all of these conspiracies. However, the Rich do conspire. Getting and maintaining money is a vast exercise in conspiracy. All the Rich are conspirators, especially the Rich European White Gentiles. I’m thinking especially of old European Gentile money here.
      These people actually can and do have people murdered if you run afoul of their plans, they are so connected that nothing ever comes of it.
      I think the astounding high Ashkenazi IQ must play a role in their success. Jews used to engage in a lot of ethnic warfare against Gentiles, but I’m not sure if they do that too much anymore. Nevertheless, some Jews DO still discriminate in hiring, firing and promoting their own at the expense of others, and this discrimination ought to be ILLEGAL under our civil rights laws.
      It is extremely sleazy that the Jews who were instrumental in writing our civil rights act supposedly tried to write the law so that they could continue to preferentially hire, promote, etc their own, which I find to be incredibly sleazy of them.
      I also have no qualms with a few quotas on Jews here or there. For instance, Clinton tried to make his Cabinet look like America. That’s just fine. 13% Blacks, 14% Hispanics, 3% Asians, 1% Amerindians. All this is fine. However, I think it would be cool if a President who was doing that would hire 2% JEWS, too.
      I have told Jews this and they invariably go totally insane screaming, “Quotas on Jews! Antisemite! Nazi! Racist!”
      The same Jewish shits who would not bat an eye when Clinton had a Cabinet 13% Black, 14% Hispanic, 3% Asian, etc. would freak if he extended that to Jews.
      That sucks, and when Jews act like that, I definitely really, really hate them when they act that way. There are no bounds to the hypocrisy of the Jew.

  9. You nailed it Hoff. I can’t stand morons that put up a blogs like this, and I call em out whenever I can.
    “Jews Don’t Run the Banks Anymore”
    Niggers are smart too.

  10. This a good account of how the Jew run Harvard School of Economics ran afoul of the law
    when they hurried over and helped their co-religionists in Russia carve the country up for themselves. It’s the polite report of Anne Williamson’s congressional testimony. By “polite” I mean the author doesn’t name the Jew. Lawrence Summers, Obama’s current Jewish economy czar, helped orchestrate this glowing example of “disaster capitalism” along with Jews Jeffrey Sachs, Robert Rubin and others. Her book about these events has never been published. One wonders why. The link to Ms Williamson’s THE RAPE OF RUSSIA is dead and must now be accessed via the cached version here:

    1. It was, to a significant extent, a Jewish project. The rape of Russia that is. I wonder if these American Jews would have raped any other country in a similar way? Or did they have it in for Russia due to an age-old tribal feud? It’s outrageous that the criminal Khodorovsky was able to steal so much money from the Russian people, robbing them blind, and then when Putin tried to get his hands on some of the money, the Jewish criminal quickly transferred a good part of the money to his Jewish buddy Rothschild in the UK.
      He stole the money from the Russians and gave it to the Jews. When the Russians tried to take back some of the money that had been stolen for the Jews, the Russian Jew quickly transferred the money to his Jewish buddy in the UK, keeping the stolen money in the hands the Jews. That’s part of the ethnic war project of the most tribal of the Jews nowadays. Any money in the hands of the Jews must remain in the hands of the Jews. If you sell your company, sell to another Jew. If the goy comes to get some of the money you stole, hand it off to your Jewish buddy.
      This is how the rich conspire to both obtain and especially to keep money. It’s a bit disturbing that a lot of rich Jews are still engaged in a conspiracy to obtain money for the Tribe and then to keep it in the hands of the Jews at all costs.
      The Gentile, OTOH, has no solidarity. He will sell to another Gentile, a Jew, an Arab, Ossama’s brother, Idi Amin, he doesn’t care.
      The only effective way to combat Jewish ethnic warfare is with Gentile ethnic warfare. Which frankly looks something like “anti-Semitism.” Jewish ethnic warfare and anti-Semitism are two sides of a coin.

  11. The rape of Russia by the Bolsheviks was done by Jews.
    The same thing is happening in America, but they now call themselves Liberals, led by mostly Jews.
    This is why I’m a proud Anti-Semite, and Pro-White.
    I wasn’t born this way, I was made this way my people have been discrimated against so overtly by Jews, and Non-Whites.
    Looks like this line,”Jews Don’t Run the Banks Anymore” went to hell, didn’t it?

    1. Same for me, I was not born this way, I can look at the world and see it for what it is. The core of the Jew must be crushed into dust, and it will be. I believe it is happening, a grand con that will be the con to end all cons, and the end of Jewish power in the world.

  12. I didn’t say it was for ‘social mobility’. I said they married into the aristocracy for self-defence; cutting the WASP elites in to pre-empt them using the race card to take their money off them. Like the Marranos, many of this type are not overtly jewish, and next to none of them are religious jews. But like the Marranos they have access to international jewish business links which are less (if at all) accessible to gentiles, so they are effectively functional economic jews. As much-lauded (winner of several jewish and other book awards) jewish writer Yuri Slezkine points out, there is nothing very unusual about the jews’ historic or present role; he points to the overseas Chinese, and other incidences of ethnicities having specialised economic niches. Lenin called the jews a ‘people class. Marx considered them to be a special case. I think that they are indeed a special case and more unusual than Slezkine lets on, because jews are almost synonymous with international finance. Jews were the first into the game, e.g. the Rothschilds, and since the game is rigged ( capitalism with money as debt at compound interest, roughly), they get all the money – the house can’t lose, unless the ‘people’ wise up to the game. There is no doubt that the game could continue without jews, that they are in no way essential to it, but historical circumstance has put them currently in this position for better or worse – better for the jewish elites anyway.

  13. @ Robert: Quote: “… idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews.”
    Source: jJewish
    heg (aka hoff): Now Robert, explain how the stupidest and most inbreed people goes from there to the genius of the world.
    The “jews are geniuses” is nothing but Lying Jewish Scumbags propaganda-bullshit for gullible goyim. Here is the truth about the jewish “geniuses”.

  14. heg: There are many jewish conspiracies and they all lead to one jewish conspiracy – How do we take control of everything and in the end the world?
    One of the jewish conspiracy is communism. The jewish conspiracy communism is all about one thing, taking total control of the whole world. Anyone above retard can see that communism is talmud judaism, it can all be proven by jewish sources only.
    Why all jews can work together is because they all have this one goal at the center for all the jewish thinking and that the jews ALWAYS ask themself – Is it good for the jews?
    No white people (most anyway) ask themself – Is it good for white people?
    The jews do not think like we do. Most white people can’t even think the very thought that you could take control of the whole world, jews have been doing it for 2000 years.
    This is five minute videos with transcript about what the jews do, why the jews do it and how the jews do it. Best ever explanation on the jews conspiracy.

    1. lvy League is 100 percent WASP money, billions upon billions dollarim, and jews controls the money and who will get in school. Jews are some 30 percent and 50 percent + in some faculty like Law.
      There was a dean in CA l think it was and in the 20s that wanted to put a quoata to 25 percent jews. All hell broke lose and today there is no quota to jews. The jews are two percent, six million of 300 million in America.
      While american patrioTARDS is on the other side of the earth killing and maiming million upon million arabs, the jews are sitting out the war in Ivy League and get a good education for free, paid and bought by stupid WASPs.
      Of course the jews think they are smart. But it’s easy to think one is smart when the competitors are plain stupid WASPs on the level of retards.
      AA has nothing to do with jews caring for minorities, what AA is all about is jews taking control and kicking out the WASPs from every single power position. The jews have done just that in America, but most white people are so dumb that even when the jews themself brags about it they can’t understand what the jews are doing to the white people.
      Jews love Darwinism, survival of the fittest. American WASPs has no place by the fittest. lt’s really amazing how the jews make americans pay for the jews proxy wars, send their kids to die for the jews proxy wars, let the jews take over the whole state apparatus AND on top of that praise the jews as the Apple of God.

    2. heg’s got a point on this one. 25% Jews is not enough?! WTH man? They’re only 2% of the population and we can’t limit them in universities to 25%? Why not? How many before we could put a quota in? 50%? 75%? 90%? 98%?
      This is one thing that I do HATE and I mean HATE about Jews. They’re the biggest hypocrites on the face of this planet and no one ever has the balls to call them on their outrageous lying shit.
      Think about it. No quotas on Jews? Fair enough. How bout no quotas on White Gentiles then? Or no quotas on White Gentile men? Because what affirmative action is all about is quotas and limits on the number of White Gentiles that can be present at a university or can be employed at some institution. White Gentiles must be no more than 65% of the student body or workforce. They cannot be present greater than their population.
      But JEWS! can be present at I guess 98 motherfucking percent and that’s COOL! If you say, no way, we’re limiting you to 97%, that’s “quotas on Jews” and you’re a NAZI.
      You gotta admit, when Jews act like this, they are just about the biggest assholes around. No wonder people don’t dig em. No wonder there are anti-Semites. Look at how Jews act!

  15. And yes – it’s the jews!
    Take any topic and you will find the jews in the middle of it all, and the rason is very simple, the jews want to control everything.
    Once you understand what to look for, the jews, you can take any topic and you can’t get around the jews.
    There are always a lot of complaining from people because l and other point out the jews role in the action all the time. The only people that complains about that is only the either ignorant or totally stupid people about jews, they don’t know the first thing about jews and how they think and act.
    Get this: The jews want to control EVERYTHING!!!
    Get that and you now understand that there is no way around the jews no matter the topic.
    Grow a brain and Je(W)ise up!

    1. It’s true that the Jew race is quite devious and quite good at manipulating society. However, there is one major advantage that the white race has over others.
      We know how to kill shit on a grand scale.

  16. heg: Anything less than unlimited access for jews is “persecution” to the jews. The AA bulshit is only for the stupid goyim. What the Jew-lead AA bullshit is all about outing WASP from every major social institution.
    Having made groveling slaves of our alleged “WASP ruling class,” they could proceed to stage III, i.e. the real work of conquering US, the American hoi polloi, now that they were really our secret masters and we their subjects.
    This stage has consisted of hi-jacking EVERY major social institution — government, churches, public schools, academia, mass media, “charitable” organizations, popular political fronts like the ACLU — and converting them into tools of social engineering that serve their demonic “Trotskyite” lust for Total Power.
    Until the 1950s, a quota system at elite colleges and universities limited the number of Jewish students. Before 1945, only a few Jewish professors were permitted as instructors at elite universities. In 1941, anti-Semitism drove Milton Friedman from a non-tenured assistant professorship at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.[42] Harry Levin became the first Jewish full professor in the Harvard English department in 1943, but the Economics department decided not to hire Paul Samuelson in 1948. Harvard hired its first Jewish biochemists in 1954.[43]
    The documents read by Freedman included a June 1934 exchange of letters between an alumnus and Dartmouth’s director of admissions, the New York Times reported last week.

The alumnus, Ford Whelden of Detroit, complained that “the campus seems more Jewish each time I arrive in Hanover. And unfortunately many of them [on quick judgment] seem to be of the `kike’ type.”
    “Jewish quota”
    A Little History of Jewish Enrollment in Higher Learning- heg: This was about 15 percent quota, and the jews went mad.

  17. This is one thing that I do HATE and I mean HATE about Jews. They’re the biggest hypocrites on the face of this planet and no one ever has the balls to call them on their outrageous lying shit. – RL

    heg: NO! They are NOT hypocrites, because the jews don’t think the way we do. To the jews it’s “persecution” when they can’t have it all their way. The ONLY proper way what this is all about is: The Jews Are Lying Jewish Scumbags.
    Do your homework on the jews and the first thing you will discover about the jews is that they are lying, and it’s not about small lies to save the jews sorry asses in some petty situations. No, the jews will lie to us about anything.
    Take any event in histrory of man and let a jew narrate. The jew will tell you it was all about jews being “persecuted”. Anything less than jews controls everything is to the jew “persecution”.
    There are of course jews that don’t lie and tell what really happend, but the truthtelling jews are not the jewish world mainstream. The LYING jews are the jewish world mainstream, and the jewish mainstream is all about jews being “persecuted”.
    This Lying Jewish Scumbags propaganda-bullshit about “persecution” is today goyim mainstream. The only reason why this “persecution” bullshit works is because the jews own the whole propaganda-machine in the whole western world.
    Turn on TV, Talmud-Vision and what do you get? Endless narratives about poor, innocent jews being “persecuted” for no other reason they being jews that want to practice their so called “religion”.
    The jews did a survey in Jewistan (israel) how many jews did believe. lt turned out that 90 percent of the jews did NOT believe.
    The simple fact is that the atheistic jews hate all religious people – including religious jews. The ONLY reason the religious jews are accepted in Jewistan is because the lying jews need them to fool gullible goyim into believe that Jewistan has anything to do with religious judaism.
    l have been to Jewistan for six months and l always read Jerusalem-Post and one thing l remember and surprised me was that the religious jews was mocked and ridiculed 24-7.
    The atheistic communist-zionist jews that controls Jewistan hates religious jews, and of course all other religious peeople.
    One funny thing is that the jews have been expelled over 130 times the last 2000 years because they practiced their so called “religion”. The jews “religion” is to lie, steal, cheat, loan sharking, you name it and the jew will be in the middle of it all.

  18. heg: NO! They are NOT hypocrites, because the jews don’t think the way we do. To the jews it’s “persecution” when they can’t have it all their way.
    The ONLY proper way TO DESCRIBE what this is all about is: The Jews Are Lying Jewish Scumbags.

  19. Either Your With Us Or Against Us – by heg
    Remember when Bush The Stupid Retard said that on Talmud Vision, TV? Well, this is the jews “debat” technic, the jews ALWAYS force you to take a stand. Either your with us or against us. This is very easy to do once you know what you want and the jews knows what they want.
    l know what l want, l want YOU to wake the damn it up from your slumber and grow a brain! Read my posts and l ALWAYS force my opinion on YOU. lf you don’t think as l tell you to, l describe you as a retard. And who wants to be a retard ..?D))
    The jews want to control the world and that is why the jews have infiltrated EVERY single organisation in the whole world. lf there is not an organisation that will help the jews, the jews just start an organisation and then the jews post this jewish organ up in the jew owned propaganda-machine and tell you this is an important organ that you must obey.
    Anybody above retard know understand that you can not understand the world and world events unless you put in the Jew-Factor. lt’s simply impossible.
    l did it again, l forced you to take a stand. The jews does this all the time, the difference is that l don’t want to do you harm, the jews do want and do harm YOU.
    Grow a brain and get JeWise.

  20. CNN = Chutzpah – Not News
    heg: Not bad, but the Q is how many knows that Chutzpah is a jewish expression for fooling the stupid goyim?

  21. Yes – it’s the jews and at Brother Nathan, an ex-jew who knows just about everything there is to know about jews, the jews are exposed by name, what the jews do, how the jews do it and why the jews do it.
    Everything you never know about jews easy explained. Just do your homework!

  22. Just look at this thread. l use exactly the same propaganda-technic as the jews, l tell people what to think and if they don’t obey l smear-slander them. What happends next is exactly the same thing when the jews do it, all opposition disappears.

  23. There is a way to expell the jews – put a quota that limit the jews to top two percent in any official body. US state department – Max two percent jews. Suggest even a 99 percent quota in US State Dep and the jews will start crying “persecution”.
    “Do ZIONISTS/ISRAEL Control the U.S. Government ?”

  24. To get a bit Spenglerian for a moment:
    Money and it’s handmaiden ‘democracy’ must be dismantled, abolished, destroyed, or otherwise done away with — the superior rule of blood/race must then replace the regressive rule of money/democracy.
    Once money/democracy is destroyed the ‘democratic’ Judeoplutocracy will therefore be entirely undermined and rendered ineffectual, and they can have no longer continue to infect humankind with their hypermaterialistic Judaic poison and anti-cultural values.
    ‘Finanzjuden’ as it exists is just a pathetically outdated relic of the past anyhow, a petrified fossil of the ‘Magian Age’ as Spengler noted in his writings.

    How would it work though, quotas? Do you have compulsory equal opportunities monitoring anywhere in your society? I’m not sure we have it in Britain anywhere, but I’ve a feeling that it’s probably mandatory to fill in a statement about your ethnicity when employed in local government or the civil service. But are jews required to state their ‘ethnicity’. Well, the optional equal opportunity forms I get from my local council, the health service etc have about 20 options – I just plump for white uk, but I could choose other/please explain and call myself white Scottish – who gives a? But to get to the point, ‘other’ is the only option for registering as a jew. Why do I get the feeling that much the same situation prevails in the USA? This is where those who are concerned about jewish behaviour need to concentrate their efforts. Their are already enough figures ( though to be honest I can’t say where) about the hugely disproportionate jewish percentages in say Harvard, staff and students, and I guess in all the top unis. Someone needs to gather all the solid evidence together and start persuading people that the jews are taking the piss, engaging in blatant racial discrimination and preference where they can. I’ll bet that at present there are no figures for the jews in government administrative positions – I mean lower down, what we call the civil service. Would you be surprised if your office of statistics, eq opps monitoring etc is all monopolised by jews? Just getting to base one, where you can get the figures for jews in government admin jobs, is going to be a big struggle, and time’s short. And then you might have the situation you had in Soviet Russia after WWII where jews had the option of declaring themselves either Russian or jewish, and so declared themselves Russian while continuing to exhibit strong ethnocentric tendencies. What is a jew if he’s not religious? Is he/she really a jew? Not just a jew – culturally they may certainly be ‘of Polish jew’ descent, or ‘Russian jew’ descent? Or ‘Iraqi jew’ descent’. Or ‘German jew descent’. That tells you something. If someone puts on an eq opps form that they’re a catholic, that tells you nothing. Irish catholic and Italian catholic are a completely different kettle of fish. Or for instance ‘Orthodox Christian’ doesn’t tell you if it’s Serb, or Russian or Greek; and Cypriot doesn’t tell you if they’re Greek Orthodox or Turkish muslim. ‘Jew’ in itself isn’t an ethnicity, and since so few of them are religious it’s not that useful. You need to push for real, serious monitoring of ethnic background in all government and academic positions (to start with). Allowing jews to register as either religious jews or white Americans will let them slip under the radar again. Does anyone know anything about eq opps monitoring in your country?

    1. I don’t know if I support that, but heg makes an excellent point. He says that even if you put a quota of 99% Jews max in any government body, the Jews would go stark raving berserk and never stop. Nazi! Hitler! Discrimination! Etc.

  26. I’m bored of anti-Semitism. How about some good old-fashioned Anti-Armenianism? Here’s a few starter facts:
    – Armenians are an extremely successful group. Go to any Armenian gathering and half of the people will be business-owners. They’re the most successful group in the UK –
    – They are extremely clannish.
    – They made up a genocide*
    – They have several powerful lobbies in the US
    – Chess – Armenia has more chess GMs per capita than any other country. In fact, the tiny country won the last two Chess Olympiads – . People believe Kasparov is good because he is Jewish, but in fact he is half-Armenian.
    Please can you do a series on the inequities of the Armenians?

  27. I’m glad the site is back up. I was thinking that either of Blacks/Jews/Hispanics complained about your posts and WordPress shut you down.

  28. “For Chrissake people, even David Duke says the Jews don’t run the banks anymore. What more of an authority do you need?”
    David Duke does say that Jews dominate banking with they have always historically done since Jesus drove the Jewish money changers out of the temple.
    All the major international banking directors like the Fed, IMF/World Bank, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street are dominated by Jews.
    I don’t know what you have against David Duke his work is among the best on the Jewish issue which he regularly cites from Jewish sources like their domination of the slave trade, banking including usury, organised crime, immigration and revolutionary political movements.

  29. You are a fool as all major American media is 100 percent Jewish controlled. The major parts of US government are jew controlled. Ever wonder why it is impossible to get another investigation on 911? It is not because the CIA or FBI are covering things up, it is because Dianne Feinstein would never allow it and she is the crooked senator overseeing our intelligence in the USA. The US is so screwed over because they hijacked our country. All Gentiles need to work together and rise up!

    1. Yes you tell the truth , the sad truth Brenda. When will American people wake up to this horrendous conspiracy that not only threatens USA but the whole world.

  30. Kubrick married Christiane Harlin, the niece of Veit Harlan, the Nazis primary propaganda film director. He made “Jud Suss,” “Der Erwige Jude” (“The Eternal Jew”), and “Kolnberg.”
    It’s ironic, because “Jud Suss” is about Suss Oppenheimer, the Jew who used his influence to break the ban on Jewish entry into the royal court. He achieved significant influence with the King; whether this was good or bad is entirely another question. Suss had more juice with the royal court than most other Jews, but he was still forbidden to sleep with gentile women, according to the law of the day.
    He broke the law and slept with a gentile, and paid for his act of defiance by being publicly hanged. I think the fear in Germany was that Jews were swarthy seducers, hook-nosed actors and Lotharios who would take their women, sort of like the anxiety you see among a subset of white men when it comes to black men and white women.
    I had a Jewish professor in college, and I remember after I mentioned that Kubrick had married Harlan’s niece, this Jew smiled and said, “I know. That’s what’s called revenge.”

  31. Jews still control top banks whatever the writer says. The writer is a jew of course understandable. Greenspan, Bernanke , Yellen all jews. the more you dig into the top guys in banking, media, and heavy arm politics , it is always the same Jews jews jews. Historically they have a reputation for Nietzsche “will to power credo”.This path will only create hatred and war as happened to the zionist and their impact on world peace.

  32. Filthy kikes need to be exterminated with the rest of the black, white, and latino trash that have demoralized our country. Call me what you want,but I was here in the 50’s and 60’s to witness what a good country looked like. Were you?

  33. Well, if anyone wants to know Henry Ford hated Jazz, and would probably hate rock music, calling it a product of the Jews. So if you like those types of music, and are anti-Jewish, then someone might call you a hypocrite. 😆

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