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  1. Like everything else the Jewish art takeover happened in the ’50s and ’60s with the promotion of Abstract Expressionism by Clement Greenberg, Harold Rosenberg and Leo Steinberg, the “kings of cultureburg.” Henry Geldzahler followed in their footsteps by publicizing Pop Art. Tom Wolfe contended that these critics influence was too great on the world of art. Tom Wolfe is not a Jew, as far as I know, but the New York publishing establishment (which the besotted Catholic mystic Jack Kerouac was wont to rail against) allows Wolfe and Gore Vidal exemption from The Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act (HR 4230). Wolfe and Vidal are given a long leash when it comes to
    the usually unflattering portrayals of Jews in their fiction and critiques of American popular and political culture. In fact, you can’t go wrong with them as entry level authors to the JQ (Jewish Question) as it pertains to the current American malaise .
    As for this Jewish Yalie who bottled her abortions
    and displayed them in a gallery, this is what the Viennese artist manque cum demiurge Adolf Hitler had to to say about these sort of self-indulgent excesses:
    “Works of art that cannot be understood but need a swollen set of instructions to prove their right to exist will no longer reach the German nation. ”
    I once sent the American painter Morris Graves a copy of The Details of Time: Conversations With Ernst Junger by Julien Hervier, an interview with Ernst Junger at the age of 100. Graves was 90 at the time and I thought he might find something of interest in it becauseJunger had been a German army officer attached the office of cultural affairs during the occupation of Paris. He was also a good friend of Albert Hoffman the Swiss inventor of LSD and was one of the first people Hoffman wanted to share his discovery with. Somewhere in my correspondence I have Graves’ secretary’s response. It was predictably negative because Graves was a Beat Zen pacifist and Junger was a psychedelic Nazi.

  2. Nothing but your typical Jewish degeneracy.
    The more I study kikery the more I think that they are incapable of experiencing the more sublime sides of humankind; a real, healthy, and wholesome appreciation of art, culture, civilization, nature, etc seems entirely alien to them — all they know how to do is tear things apart like a pack of hungry hyenas.
    For them it’s all about decay, degeneracy, materialism/money/greed, anti-idealism, cynicism, fanaticism, and Jewish supremacism which in time leads to the utter ruin of all true culture.

  3. How would you like to go home with her to meet the family for a Shabbat dinner? They gotta be rich to put her through Yale. Dad’s not gonna go for your navel gazing, Robert. They’ll all be kvetching away at once across the table while you sit there with a borrowed yarmulke bobby pinned to your head slugging down the “Mad Dog.” They’ll be peppering their palaver with old Yiddish slang and Hebrew words that all sound the same, like a loogie hawking contest in Amsterdam. Your cute little JAP will excuse herself to go into the kitchen for more beets and you’ll notice for the first time that she shaves her back. She has a vestigal hair sweater like the the thatch popping out of her dad’s shirt which is unbuttoned to show off his weighty bling.
    Mom will be solicitous, like all moms, but she’ll be crying inside because you’re a goy. You’ll meet Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Esther who are second generation Holocaust survivors. Their parents were born in Starvania and started their young lives out living in a paper bag because the Starvanians wouldn’t let Jews live in houses.
    After the trail of tears through the camps they immigrated to America and made a fortune on sewing needle threaders and bread package twists. Aunt Esther tells you about the day the Nazis came to her parents’ shtetl and outlawed matching socks. They broke up every pair of socks in the village at gun point. After dinner Uncle Sheldon regales you with a long and involved story about Orson Bean and the HUAC hearings. “Wow!,” you keep exclaiming. “Orson Bean is really your 2nd cousin?”

  4. The so-called anti-semites rail about the grossly disproportionate amount of Jewish doctors in the American abortion industry and that of abortion facilitation in general here. The kill off Gentiles theme.
    Fair enough.
    But last I checked, the rate of abortion among Jewish women in Israel is alarmingly high also.
    Otto Weininger was right.

  5. The so-called anti-semites rail about the grossly disproportionate amount of Jewish doctors in the American abortion industry and that of abortion facilitation in general here. The kill off Gentiles theme.
    FWIW, the Black abortion rate is 2.9 times higher than the White abortion rate.
    So from that perspective… the evil Jews would be doing WNs a favor.

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