I'm a Dirty Old Man, And a Pedophile Too

OK, I'm a sick, evil pervert if I think these chicks are hot? Fine, I plead guilty.
OK, I'm a sick, evil pervert if I think these chicks are hot? Fine, I plead guilty.
We need more news stories like this. These actresses, aged 20-24, were arrested for driving down the highway flashing drivers while a cameraman filmed the action. My first thought is, Why is this against the law? It really bugs me that, at age 51, I am supposed to find those actresses ugly or something. I’m a mammal, dammit. Is there some biological mechanism by which, as a man ages, the young chicks become progressively more and more ugly and less and less attractive? Are you kidding? They look just as good as ever, come on! They look just as good today as they did at age 22. Why would they not? Now, I don’t have a chance with any of these chicks, mostly because young women understandably don’t want guys my age, but it really bugs me that I’m a dirty old man, or a sick, evil, pervert because I admit they turn me on. And, if I had a chance with em, surely I would probably go for it. Granted, they’re probably airheads, and it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with them, but that’s a problem with older women too. Any primitive or sensible, traditional, society recognizes that males of any age will find a beautiful young female attractive. I asked some of my female friends about this: “Is it weird for middle aged guys to get turned on by young women?” Philippines, age 35: “Of course not! That’s normal. All men are like that!” Thailand, age 65: “What do you mean? Everyone wants a young woman! Heck, I want a young man! How do I get one?” Kuwait, age 38: “Huh? What do you mean it’s weird? Why would anyone think that? I think here, older men like young women better than younger men do. Your country is stupid.” See what I mean? I guess my question is, What made us this way? Is it feminism? Is it Western “civilization?” A friend told me that in Medieval England, marriage was uncommon. You had to get married in the church, and it cost lots of money, so most folks just cohabited and said the Hell with it. Marriages were only for folks who had quite a bit of money. During this period, the typical marriage was between a man of about 40-50 (by this time he may have acquired enough money to finally marry) and a girl who was basically pubescent (14-15) but equivalent to 12-13 in our society. Now, I’m not saying that we should bring this back, but this was how England was in the 1500’s. England, at the height of the Renaissance, the leading light of progress and human refinement in the human race at the time, and the middle aged guys were screwing 12 year olds. In other words, the guys were still Cavemen. Now check out this page. This mother seems to have an interesting obsession with her 14 year old daughter, but that’s OK with me, because the daughter is hot. Yeah, you heard me, she’s hot. Lolitas are hot, in a way. They’re beautiful. You can’t touch em with a ten foot pole and and eleven foot extension (And I probably wouldn’t have a chance with her even if it was legal), but you have to admit that there’s a beauty about a gorgeous young teenage girl. Now, supposedly, if I say a 14 year old girl is hot, that makes me a pedophile. In which case, ok, I guess I’m a pedophile then. This is when Mexicans of all ages start fucking their women, age 14. Now, me, I see girls like this, and at first of course it looks good, but then I figure out her age, and it’s like, “OK, it’s a little girl, don’t look at her,” and I put my head down and look away the whole time like I’m trying not to stare at the Sun. But that’s not my instinctive reaction. That’s my bullshit societally conditioned reaction. Now even if was legal, I might not bother at least to make the first move, since you will probably run into the “intelligent conversion” dilemma above in spades, plus she might still play with Barbies, who knows, and it seems sick to be doing a girl-woman who’s still stuck in girlhood. But suppose you’re a Caveman, over age 40. Which do you want to jump on? The Mom? Or the 14 year old girl? You think a Caveman, or a Medieval guy with some money, picks the Mom “because she’s more my age, and we can talk about stuff?” What does a Caveman talk about anyway? The Mammoth he just killed? The feminist, Western “civilization” argument, is, “But we’re not Cavemen anymore!” Um, yeah we are. And this is where feminists and Western “civilization” are all wrong. “Civilization” isn’t much, it’s just a veneer. Strip that veneer off (and it comes off real easy) and we may as well be carting clubs around. *I’m not advocating for guys over age 21 to boff 14 year old girls, but I don’t think a guy of any age who does that is a “child molester” or a “pedophile.” He’s just an idiot. If you’re older, and you only like teenage girls, and you don’t like anyone older, it’s a bit bizarre, but I still don’t think it’s “pedophilia.” If you do it, there’s a good chance you’re going to get caught and you’re going down. Going down hard, like 5-20 years or more. And if you ever get out, you’ll have to register as a sex offender everywhere you live. So, if you do it, like I said, you’re a moron. But child molester? I doubt it. And I don’t see anything wrong with a guy 18-20 boffing a 14 year old, especially if she makes the move. That ought to be legal. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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142 thoughts on “I'm a Dirty Old Man, And a Pedophile Too”

  1. lately thoughts of fucking a 5yo from behind as she wiggles and convulses in pure glee and joy, then realize looking down that i am actually all the way in her and balls-deep as they say. and she is still bucking hard into me over and over loving it every moment with me. 😀 sorry, its true. i want to fuck a small child hard; but only if they ask and enjoy it as much as i do xD

      1. no just attempting to be rancorously and offensively shocking for to draw attention to my kind nature and love of truth. thats all really… Or wait.. no, just being a dumbass hoping to ruffle feathers of overly pious and insincere people of the masses a bit. While healing self a bit. maybe. 🙁 /shrug. most all is a lie like 99.9997777..% of it. 🙂

      2. in my life 2 times ive been confronted by sexual advances of children and not been unscathed i think even now decades later. i have now a need/want to push myself to be so open and non-reluctant to say things of anykind in hopes maybe that i can once and for all; finally, come to express my concerns or the truth about those times well the only one left (the time my daughter woke me with my dick in her hand and telling me to put it in her when she was 8 ((but i did NOT and in fact froze in such a state of shock it ruined our relations that pt on and possibly continues to keep it from changing back to the lovely one it was by my inability to get it off my chest and said out in the open that failed to respond to her corectly and boldly and am to blame…. actually that is it.. it is not her, but mine own to be blamed there for LOL 😀 (yay) my now whole attitude and what woudl be my future words to gher will reflect tthe truth i jsut now realized so obvious as to be impossible to have missed as being the issue…
        “My reaction to you at the time before we started not talking due to your frustrating frustrations with or at me, and attitude relative to it then make [or put] me off from seeing or speaking the simple truth at the time. And that is this; i love you and desire only good for you in your life. Nothing you can ever do or think or say can ever change that fact, and cause me to feel less commited to you as my daughter, as the most beautiful and perfect girl in the Universe, and as my best and brightest and most loved person and friend in the world. You do and will always matter more to me than anything or any other one; or any other matter; in the entire Universe prior to now, currently, or that will come to be before the cold death of all matter resulting in it becoming a perfect black empty void which ends time. So… can we go for a walk or somewhere to have lunch, please. We dont have to even talk if you are not wishing you or me to. All i want is us to more forward, heal our relationship fully a year or so from now if possible, and to once again have my mindreading sentence ending best buddy back… if it is at all possible. Sound cool? ”
        ^is something i could say initially to her. I thank you and all who allowed me this chance to think this through. I will do good, be better and i hope so too will my daughter Sam. *I even wish to apologize now for having needed to be offensive at start. But hey it got me here so i dont really do so. I just will say.. Thank You. 🙂 *i feel lighter than i can recal in my heart and shoulders 😀

        1. sorry didnt preface maybe that a very young one i was once very specially close to in all good ways. my daughter, had once at a young age attempted to seduce me one time but i only froze and only acted like it didnt happen and it made it worse than id ever have thought it could and ended her and my great relationship nearly 9 yrs ago. And my heart breaks to the point i now can not breath until i stop myself from thinking on it.. D: that is always did and did now, until i recalled howmy thinking/blaming her for causing me to react was how i thought before. And what made us making up impossible. Now after this wonderfly strange but short exchange of one few word reply in the form of an inquesry and my multiple recommentings…. I now know, the only one at fault who did anything wrong was me.And that was mainly due to [insert above reasoning] my terrible reaction and then going onto unconsciously hold her in contempt and blame for what (had i done better) easily could or should have avoided all by myself. 😀 Love You!

  2. when i was 24 my 8yo daughter woke me up by stroking my dick sticking that she pulled from my shorts while asleep. while whispering, ‘daddy, stick it inside me….’ wwith a seductively sexy moan and breathlessness. but i didnt..
    when i was 26 two 7yo boys coaxed me to a couch to sit on when i agreed they could ‘play with me’. suddenly feeling a zipper and them grasping my dick, as i looked down to see one of their heads drop to my crotch area.. and feel my dick slide into a very hard sucking mouth; coped with seeing his tiny head bob up and down like a madchild who’s only want in life was to make me…. BAMM was too much. i came and shot my load while they swallowed over and over rapidly. then i froze so shocked that when i came to they were both gone and upstairs in their rooms. (i feel if i had just been faster and stopped them, been smarter.. it would have been so much better.. then i think,.. or if id have not judged and just chose to do what the 2nd one asked me to do in my ear just before my cum shot forth from me and into a childs mouth. “you can fuck me in the butt. please i want to make you happy. ok.”
    Maybe id be a more successful and less traumatized person overall if right then i just chose to be above shocked-states of idiocy and instead forced their pants off, bent the 7yo boy over, and then fucked them from behind as hard and deep aws i could until i orgasmed. then did it again and again. hmm, guess ill never know..

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