I'm a Dirty Old Man, And a Pedophile Too

OK, I'm a sick, evil pervert if I think these chicks are hot? Fine, I plead guilty.
OK, I'm a sick, evil pervert if I think these chicks are hot? Fine, I plead guilty.
We need more news stories like this. These actresses, aged 20-24, were arrested for driving down the highway flashing drivers while a cameraman filmed the action. My first thought is, Why is this against the law? It really bugs me that, at age 51, I am supposed to find those actresses ugly or something. I’m a mammal, dammit. Is there some biological mechanism by which, as a man ages, the young chicks become progressively more and more ugly and less and less attractive? Are you kidding? They look just as good as ever, come on! They look just as good today as they did at age 22. Why would they not? Now, I don’t have a chance with any of these chicks, mostly because young women understandably don’t want guys my age, but it really bugs me that I’m a dirty old man, or a sick, evil, pervert because I admit they turn me on. And, if I had a chance with em, surely I would probably go for it. Granted, they’re probably airheads, and it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with them, but that’s a problem with older women too. Any primitive or sensible, traditional, society recognizes that males of any age will find a beautiful young female attractive. I asked some of my female friends about this: “Is it weird for middle aged guys to get turned on by young women?” Philippines, age 35: “Of course not! That’s normal. All men are like that!” Thailand, age 65: “What do you mean? Everyone wants a young woman! Heck, I want a young man! How do I get one?” Kuwait, age 38: “Huh? What do you mean it’s weird? Why would anyone think that? I think here, older men like young women better than younger men do. Your country is stupid.” See what I mean? I guess my question is, What made us this way? Is it feminism? Is it Western “civilization?” A friend told me that in Medieval England, marriage was uncommon. You had to get married in the church, and it cost lots of money, so most folks just cohabited and said the Hell with it. Marriages were only for folks who had quite a bit of money. During this period, the typical marriage was between a man of about 40-50 (by this time he may have acquired enough money to finally marry) and a girl who was basically pubescent (14-15) but equivalent to 12-13 in our society. Now, I’m not saying that we should bring this back, but this was how England was in the 1500’s. England, at the height of the Renaissance, the leading light of progress and human refinement in the human race at the time, and the middle aged guys were screwing 12 year olds. In other words, the guys were still Cavemen. Now check out this page. This mother seems to have an interesting obsession with her 14 year old daughter, but that’s OK with me, because the daughter is hot. Yeah, you heard me, she’s hot. Lolitas are hot, in a way. They’re beautiful. You can’t touch em with a ten foot pole and and eleven foot extension (And I probably wouldn’t have a chance with her even if it was legal), but you have to admit that there’s a beauty about a gorgeous young teenage girl. Now, supposedly, if I say a 14 year old girl is hot, that makes me a pedophile. In which case, ok, I guess I’m a pedophile then. This is when Mexicans of all ages start fucking their women, age 14. Now, me, I see girls like this, and at first of course it looks good, but then I figure out her age, and it’s like, “OK, it’s a little girl, don’t look at her,” and I put my head down and look away the whole time like I’m trying not to stare at the Sun. But that’s not my instinctive reaction. That’s my bullshit societally conditioned reaction. Now even if was legal, I might not bother at least to make the first move, since you will probably run into the “intelligent conversion” dilemma above in spades, plus she might still play with Barbies, who knows, and it seems sick to be doing a girl-woman who’s still stuck in girlhood. But suppose you’re a Caveman, over age 40. Which do you want to jump on? The Mom? Or the 14 year old girl? You think a Caveman, or a Medieval guy with some money, picks the Mom “because she’s more my age, and we can talk about stuff?” What does a Caveman talk about anyway? The Mammoth he just killed? The feminist, Western “civilization” argument, is, “But we’re not Cavemen anymore!” Um, yeah we are. And this is where feminists and Western “civilization” are all wrong. “Civilization” isn’t much, it’s just a veneer. Strip that veneer off (and it comes off real easy) and we may as well be carting clubs around. *I’m not advocating for guys over age 21 to boff 14 year old girls, but I don’t think a guy of any age who does that is a “child molester” or a “pedophile.” He’s just an idiot. If you’re older, and you only like teenage girls, and you don’t like anyone older, it’s a bit bizarre, but I still don’t think it’s “pedophilia.” If you do it, there’s a good chance you’re going to get caught and you’re going down. Going down hard, like 5-20 years or more. And if you ever get out, you’ll have to register as a sex offender everywhere you live. So, if you do it, like I said, you’re a moron. But child molester? I doubt it. And I don’t see anything wrong with a guy 18-20 boffing a 14 year old, especially if she makes the move. That ought to be legal. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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142 thoughts on “I'm a Dirty Old Man, And a Pedophile Too”

  1. If you think she’s hot, don’t even look at jailbaitgallery.com, you’ll drive yourself insane.
    I don’t think there’s anything perverted about being sexually attracted to nubile, teenage girls. These young women have reached sexual maturity, their bodies have began to menstruate and they are biological ready to give birth. These are NOT children. We men are genetically programmed to be sexually attracted to women who look youthful and healthy as indicators that these women would be good candidates to bear children successfully. The reason we are disgusted by the idea of sex with an 80 year old woman isn’t because society teaches us that, but because our genes program us to associate age in a woman to be a negative when finding someone suitable to seed. This all happens on a psycho-biological level below our awareness. We don’t choose what to be attracted to. Most men would screw a 15 year old girl if they could get away with it I believe, and they would not be pedophiles. These girls have the biological indicators of sexual maturity, breasts, .7 hip to waist ratio, rounded rear ends and thighs. Add on top of that wrinkle-less skin and healthy, youthful hair and why on god’s earth would we not be sexually turned on by these features.
    A pedophile you are not. It’s only been in recent history that men sleeping with teenage girls became something deviant. I think that’s because we confuse psychological maturity with sexual maturity. Also, older women know they can’t compete with superior youthful beauty of younger women so they had to stigmatize the act of pursuing them.
    Now what makes someone a pedophile by my definition is when guys are sexually attracted to girls who have not reached sexual maturity. If you want sexual contact with a 7 year old girl or any girl that shows no signs of womanhood, you are have a mental sickness. They say pedophiles can’t be cured, just suppressed. That leaves me to believe it may be genetic. I think pedophiles may have been given the wrong programming in their brains rather than brains that caused them to be turned on by women that show features of sexual maturity. There could even be a racial component to that. Maybe that explains why most pedophiles are white men and one never hears about a child porn ring ran by black men.

    1. There could even be a racial component to that. Maybe that explains why most pedophiles are white men..
      White men are actually somewhat under represented for their percentage of the male population for crimes against children. (Although over represented for child porn distribution…)
      Whites were 70% of the child molesters in prison but made up 75% of the population at the time of the survey.

  2. In Minnesota, and many other states, the age of consent is 16. This means that a 60 year old can screw a 16 year old, legally; no problem, unless he is in a position of authority, her psychologist etc.
    However, it is illegal in MN to have a 16 year old up later, past a state-imposed curfew. LOL.

  3. This is a good comment. I agree with everything you say here.
    However, I understand that there is now an epidemic of child molesting in South Africa. It tends to be girls and they tend to be maybe 9-12 or so. Same thing is going on in Australia with Aborigines. Turns out that Aborigines have long been doing this stuff with kids around that age.
    So I don’t know if it’s based on race that much at all.
    You’re right, a lot of this shit is coming from women, older women. They’re losing out in the looks race and they are furious that guys are turned on by young women.
    Studies show that these guys have something wrong with their brains. There may be some familiality to it too. I’ve been reading up on this for years because I’m fascinated by this stuff. I also find pedophiles fascinating. I’m not repulsed by them like most guys are.
    Most men would screw a 15 year old girl if they could get away with it I believe, and they would not be pedophiles.
    This is a great comment!
    These girls have the biological indicators of sexual maturity, breasts, .7 hip to waist ratio, rounded rear ends and thighs. Add on top of that wrinkle-less skin and healthy, youthful hair and why on god’s earth would we not be sexually turned on by these features.
    Exactly, I look at those perfect bodies like that, and there’s some primal part of me that just says, “Jump on it!”
    I wonder how much of this is coming from fathers, too? Once a guy gets married and has a daughter, in Western culture, he gets insanely possessive of her and doesn’t want any other male to touch her. Mothers are much more sympathetic to teen girls budding sexuality than fathers are.
    I know I’m not a pedo. I’m just sick and tired of this Pedo Mass Hysteria in our society that is conflating jailbait with true sicko pedophilia.

    1. I think it would be interesting if all older women started dating younger guys and showed no interest whatsoever in older ones like themselves. (In actual fact, there are more and more young men choosing older women because they are much more experienced and much more affectionate. Personally, I can understand what you’re saying about their bodies etc.,but where’s the self-respect in all this? They are kids for christ’s sake and I wonder how some of you would feel if your daughters’ were dating older men? I wonder how you would feel if your wives/girlfriends continuously ogled very young men, and would sleep with them if they got the opportunity? This is a sick society, sorry guys but this is what is causing what could have been so many great and happy relationships with people our own age to break down

      1. Studies have shown that women generally do not prefer men younger than they are. Because social/financial status and dominant male traits are very important factors that weigh into female attraction, they are usually not going to find a guy younger who is at their level. A 35 year old woman will typically find a 23 year old guy to be nauseatingly immature, broke, probably no decent job, etc. She might find his 6 pack abs attractive but a relationship won’t be based off that alone. However with the reverse, a younger woman dating an older man, the older man’s higher status, success and income are going to be a major plus.
        As for what I would think if my own daughter were dating a much older man, I’ve thought about that. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, once she’s 18 she can date whatever she wants. She’s an adult at that point with the mental wherewithal to consent to sex or a relationship with anyone of her choosing. Even if I don’t like it, it’s not my place to tell an adult who she can and cannot date.

        1. When I was 21, I had a 37 year old French gf. We got along great. But then I was pretty mature for my age. Once before we started dating, I said, “I am 20 years old.” She said, “Yes, but you have the mind of someone much older!” So it can work out sometimes if the guy is mature. She paid for everything because I was broke, but girlfriends have been paying my way forever now. I am not exactly proud of it, but that is just the way it has gone.

    2. Actually, older women do know we can’t compete with the youngsters. While some women may indeed be trying to ruin your “fun” with slapping that hand away and saying “don’t look”, others of us remember what it was like to BE that tender age.
      It does grind our gears at the thought of some gnarled old codger slavering over an inexperienced young girl who barely understands the power she possesses or the danger she is in. We see her as a person with feelings deserving to be protected. And we resent you for not wanting to protect her innocence too. Isn’t that a man’s job? To protect? Or are you a slave to your genitals?
      I myself am not young, I’m 37, but I get hit on by old fools all the time at work, and I cannot for the life of me understand why they think they have anything to offer me. But the truth is I don’t think they care if I find the idea repulsive or not (Do men EVER?). They just want to use me.
      Unfortunately I do not want to use them. Our bodies are in different stages. So is our maturity level. I’ll be their pal, but I just don’t want to see them naked or be close! Why can they not fathom this? Do they not care? And it was even more horrifying and creepy when I was a teen!!! So look, fine, but be gentlemen, and make damn sure you aren’t hurting kids.
      Find a 20-something if they’ll lower themselves. Leave the younguns alone. They want to look up to you, not be groomed by you. And btw, you’re not a pedophile, you’re an ephebephile. It’s normal to find them attractive, but you’re a man, not a beast. Elevate! 😁

      1. Thank you for your pleasant, sensible and well-reasoned comment, Amanda. When you say younguns, who do you refer to?
        A hebephile is actually someone who has an exclusive or predominent preference for teenage girls age 15-19. That certainly doesn’t apply to me! I mean grown women are silly enough. Why go for a teenage girl? That’s the real thing X 100? Even if we are talking about the adults age 18-19, they are often very inexperienced. They are enthusiastic but they often really don’t know what they are doing. Older women are often so much better in bed. They’re also more relaxed and easygoing about sex. Many women that age are puritanical, prudish, uptight and have a lot of sexual hangups. Most older women, especially by age 40, are over all that, feel good about their bodies and no longer have much in the way of inhibitions. Young women that age can be horribly insecure. They are also very moody and often quite crazy. Young women are all over the place and many are not sane at all. People like to talk about how crazy women are, but women really do calm down and get a lot saner as they get older. A woman in her 30’s at your age is often quite sane and levelheaded. Ditto for women in their 40’s and 50’s. I doubt if it is hormones so much as learning experience wherein women learn to control their emotions better and learn to be more stable.
        There are definitely women your age who go for older men all the way up to my age, which is 60. Perhaps they are thinking you are one of them. I would understand if you found the idea of sex with me repulsive. I mean I deal with this attitude from young women all the time. Do men care? Many just don’t.
        When you say younguns, do you refer to females 13-17 (minors) or do you include females 18-19 (adults)?

        1. I’m talking minors. If you were smart, you’d let them finish college, or have SOME kind of real world life experience. I cannot begin to express the difference a job makes in a young person’s life. At least it did for me.
          I’m not saying I’d NEVER date an older man, but he’d have to prove himself above and beyond to me that it’s not just wham-bam-thank you ma’am. And…um…this blog does not make me hopeful in that regard, lol. I actually tried dating a 47 year old when I was 32. I thought, incorrectly, that I was being smart.
          You know, older generation, more of a gentleman…and he wasn’t a bad dude, but the first time he tried something, it seemed too fast, i got scared, and I backed off. He subverted my expectation of him being…not less sexual, but more old fashioned I guess. I think I was looking to be treated more delicate, because I was vulnerable at the time, and sought him out just for that reason. Live and learn! 😂

  4. In some parts of the world, sexual maturity means adulthood, and adulthood means marriage.
    In the West we have this idea of adolescence, which is an interim period between childhood and adulthood. If you say that sexually mature people are not psychologically ready for adult responsibility, then you’re going to have to keep them under strict supervision until they are.
    I guess this is where fathers come in.

    1. Yeah but fathers don’t care what teenage boys do, and they are insanely possessive of teenage girls. While Moms are often quite understanding of teenage daughters’ hormones, provide them with birth control pills, etc.

    2. You’re right about the different standards for boys and girls. I think both mothers and fathers can “overlook” the behavior of boys while exercising more control when it comes to girls.
      If the goal is to keep a teenaged girl “intact” until she’s actually adult, then she’s going to need male protectors to fend off other males, I say.
      I guess there are a lot of moms out there whose message to their daughters is “If you can’t be good, be careful.”

    3. I think in the past, and in many traditional societies today, life was/is much simpler and there wasn’t a need to have such a long stretch of adolescence to prepare you for “adulthood”. These days, adolescence seems to be stretching well into the 20s as I know some people even in their early 30s who are not yet independent and still living with their parents. Even though they are technically adults, their lives haven’t changed much since they were 16 other than having a job a little more cash to spend and they live with no real responsibilities. So in the end age is really just a number. But anyway to continue my earlier point, when all people did was farm and life was pretty simple, a 14 year old was able to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Kids grew up quicker and often had a whole families of their own by age 18 and the responsibilities that come along with it. In many tribal societies, adolescents have a right of passage of some type where they are tested in some way to see what they are made of, and if they pass the test, they are then considered adults, ready to marry and have a family of their own. We don’t really have any such thing in the west, we just have this weird law that says if you’ve been on the planet long enough to see the earth revolve around the sun exactly 18 times, you are now an adult. Oookay. While we tend to think our way of life is superior to tribal society, this is a good example of something we can seriously learn from them. A more rational way of defining what adulthood and maturity is, rather than just picking an arbitrary number and considering anyone over it to be a “grown up” and anyone under it to be a child.

    4. Men and women are SO different.
      There are mature women who have been caught in sexual liaisons with teenaged boys–most of the ones I’ve heard of have been teachers–but this is not the way most mature women are at all.
      Teenaged boys just don’t do it for us! I really don’t need to get into all the reasons why.

    5. Good point Alpha. It’s all in our genes. Women and men require different things to qualify a suitable mate, and things come from a millions of years of evolution. Women are most fertile and likely to have healthy kids when they are young. They produce one egg a month and after 35, thing can get problematic. Men evolved to be psycho-sexually attracted to women with signs of youth and beauty. However it’s different with men. Women are programmed to want a man that is an alpha male, one that is dominant, has status and will have the ability to take care of her and her offspring. Since men’s sperm is effective well into old age, women didn’t evolve to place as much emphasis on youth.
      This explains why a physically unattractive older man with wealth and social status can always attract beautiful young women, but a physically unattractive older woman with wealth and status is not getting attractive young men.
      When it all comes down to it, it’s simply, women want protection and stability to rear kids, men want youthful female flesh to bear their healthy children. Teenage boys can’t offer that to a woman, teenage girls can offer that to a man.

      1. How much crap?! Stop spouting the baloney about *programming*. Those fat old farts aren’t remotely interested in reproducing. They’ve screwed their brains with porn ans just want to fiddle their flaccid old dicks into children. They’re just dirty old fecks. No one fancies old men. Not even old women fancy them, let alone young girls, we just think they’re horrible old perverts.
        Dirty old men: Fuck off!

        1. This is a lie. For a long time after I turned 18, underage teenage girls were interested in me. I stopped having sex with them when I was 21 because I was afraid of going to jail, but the offers and come-ons never stopped, even when I was a schoolteacher from age 26-33 when they asked me out, asked me for my phone number, told me they wanted me to be their boyfriend and even openly propositioned me in the middle of class. Of course I turned down all of those offers, but that was not the end of the underage teenage girls.
          I continued to attract them pretty well until I was 47 or so, when I started getting the definite message that I was getting too old and that most of them didn’t even want me looking at them. Now I am careful how I look at underage teenage girls, and for the most part, I do not even talk to them. I am 56 years old and it is true that since age 47, I am simply seen as too old for most underage teenage girls (and even by many young women aged 18-23)
          However, a year ago, I met a beautiful, nice, wonderful 16 year old girl who was way, way, way too friendly. I didn’t believe that they still pursued us even into our mid-50’s, but apparently that is the case. On the other hand, I have great game so that probably does not apply to the average guy.

        2. I assure you very much that older women like us older guys very much. I am 56 years old, and I have been fighting off the 45-65 year old women for some time now. As a matter of fact, typically there are so many of them after me that they are almost a nuisance and a problem.
          Also I continue to attract young women, especially in their late 20’s. I have met a few of them in recent years, and some of them wanted to marry me and openly stated that they wanted to have my baby.
          So you see, not only are we besieged by women our age, but some of us can even attract women up to 25-30 years younger than us.

  5. No, there’s nothing bad about that. Those girls look good. When I’ve imagined “grotesque” sex acts in the past, it’s been along the lines of two 1500-pound “cattle” or “beached-whales” going at it under the aegis of Ted-Stevens-style-megachurch bliss or something. I’m joking, but yeah, what’s not to like about those girls.

  6. I’m just bad at wording things, and it ends up sounding like the “whale sex” I’m referring to is meant to be referring to people universally (when I’m only referring to theoretical entities).

  7. I’m talking about two great big “bluefins,” “as mountain pressing on mountain, in the zest of life,” “with strange whale eyes wide open,” making whale sounds that would make whales or men “weep.”

  8. I may be wrong, but wasn’t Mary, mother of Jesus only 14 when she concieved the Christ-child? And wasn’t Joseph, (Mary’s husband), 38?

  9. It probably was the case, and those things in the previous comments & posting are true. I know that my mind can be distractable, when it comes to nonscientific topics. I go off on tangents of thought that have nothing to do with the original content, and my communications can end up sounding and being scattered.

    1. I’m not. I know the difference, but the popular culture does not, and I’m on a jihad against that. A true ephebophile prefers teenagers and has little to no interest in post adolescents. It’s sort of weird, but I don’t think it’s all that sick. Anyway, it’s not pedophilia.

  10. I suspected you could differentiate. Broadly, (no pun intended) the Catholic priests accused by the “popular culture” media, etc have been homosexual ephebophiles, not pedophiles, but that nomenclature would detract somewhat from the animus purposely created. Still inexcusable of course on their part.

    1. I agree, the main thing that annoys me about the Catholic church molestation cases is the abuse of power. It’s awful to think that these people probably grew up with a total lack of trust for most people.
      Also i feel that when i’m 50 (i’m 22 now) i will still find girls from about 14/15 onwards attractive and theres nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of sad, but as men (not being sexist, but women have different instincts) we are programmed to look for someone who is young, pneumatic and able to bear child.The only problem i can see is when adults force themselves on teenagers, which is obviously not right.
      On a similar subject my friends are polarized on the subject of Will Burroughs, half feel that he was a pervert for having pederastic relationships and the rest think that it was fine because he never abused his lovers. I dont know if this shows the general feeling about Ephebophilia.

  11. I just have to comment here… i fully agree with you. You can’t tell me that tight bodied 13-14 y.o. should not get a mans attention. Chris Hanson is a hipocrit. He knows he’s looked before. Thats why all the dads want to go pick their daughters up from gymnasics class. Dads do add to this over hyped pedo crap. They feel very much like they own their daughters and in some way probably feel jealous of any other male that comes near.
    If most males are attracted to well developed (or even semi developed) preteens, how can this be a mental disorder?

    1. Great comment Homer. Thx for this. I agree with you that this is partly all about Dads. Moms are much more understanding of the sexuality of teenage girls. After all, they were all one themselves once. Dads are simply nuts. They’re all trying to put a locked chastity belt on their daughters. Yeah, they do think they own them, and yeah, they do want to clock any guy who comes near them. That’s probably biological, but what’s so progressive about that?
      Shouldn’t we progressives be for the rights of the teenage girls and not that restrictive, puritanical, male domination oriented, fathers’ POV?
      Chris Hanson is an idiot.
      Most preteens (under age 13) are not very developed at all. Research has shown that all males are attracted to females aged 7-12, in descending order (most attracted to 12 yr olds, least to 7 year olds. But the attraction level is not that high. So the difference between the normals and the pedos is simply one of degree then, and preference. True pedos aren’t attracted to mature people! That’s a major difference right there, but it’s sort of a negative one.

  12. Sorry, but I’m completely creeped out by this. As a 12-14 year-old, I saw older men as wiser souls with a world of experience to share in a fatherly/elder sort of way. And that’s how it’s supposed to be. Young people respect their elders, and elders help along the young people. But looking at this just makes me think of how many older men will be ogling my future daughters when my girls could be with a decent, young, equally as physically-able YOUNG MAN. Christ.

    1. I don’t know why you’re so upset about it. I don’t generally ogle 12-14 yr old girls. But I might if it was socially acceptable. Once in a while I will check out a girl that age, but only if she’s flirting with me or checking me out first, and that hardly ever happens. But it still happens sometimes. We have some of those young chickies (12-14) around my complex, and actually I try not to look at them too much. But they’re always looking at me! Not exactly as a “father figure” either! What are they thinking? I don’t know!
      I was at Mass a while back and this girl, about 12, was sitting next to me and giggling and looking at me off and on the whole service. I did it back to her. It was kind of weird but it was fun in a way too. I haven’t the faintest idea what she was thinking! I don’t think all these young girls are always thinking about us as “fathers,” you know? But I’m guessing. I can’t see inside their heads.

    2. I’m pretty certain they aren’t trying to flirt with you, though. These “young chickies” as you call them are more into the boy-band types, not older men.
      When girls stare and giggle, there’s a much higher probability that they’re poking fun or just being little girls.
      It’s a little thing called innocence. And people are constantly wanting to taint the infantile minds of these children with their corrupt thoughts.

    3. You know something? I don’t believe you.
      I mean, in general, sure, teenage girls, Hell, even young women in general, they pretty much ignore me. They should. I’m an older guy and they aren’t interested.
      But every now and then teenage girls check me out. I know all about women, and I’m not a social moron, and I can tell when a female is checking me out. It’s looks the same when girls do it as when women do. I doubt if they are all that innocent.
      This is this BS that women believe. You can go on the Net and do a search for young girls and older men and find big long threads about teenage girls who like older guys, 30-50 and even up. They go on and on about why they like them too. Sure, there’s other girls on there who think that we’re gross, but that’s more normal. A number of them were in UK where AOC is 16 and many 16 and 17 yr olds were in relationships with guys old enough to be their Dads.
      It’s honestly not even my thing, and I’m not sure if I would do it even if it were legal, but it definitely seems like there’s a subgroup of teenage girls who like older men. And it figures. It’s been going on forever, why would it stop with modern civilization?
      I haven’t the faintest idea what goes on in a teenage girl’s mind, if anything much at all does, but I suspect they’re not so innocent.
      There’s a reason why all these idiot older guys are going down for screwing teenage girls. Number one, a lot of guys want to screw them, which is sort of normal anyway at least in desire. The other side of it, I guess, is that a lot of these teenage girls are willing partners.
      I dunno, I stopped dating and having sex with underage girls at age 21 (I was dating girls all the way down to 14 as late as 21), so I don’t know much about this.

    4. You know what, you need Jesus. 21 year old guys should be dating 21 year old girls. I don’t have issues with older men your age dating even 20 year olds. But the thing is you seem to completely bypass them and go for the tweens. Justify it all you want, but this is a serious issue.
      And children can be cruel. There’s a higher chance of them mocking you than “checking you out”. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference. I was one once – I should know.
      But you know what, go on with this foolishness of yours. I won’t stop you. You should just be happy that mother hasn’t figured out who you are and what you’re saying about her daughter. Because quite frankly, this is a disgusting and disrespectful article.

      1. I totally agree with you Danni, it is disgusting the way things are turning out in society. And what of the poor older women? are they supposed to be put out to pasture once they stop breeding? My Dad never ogled women, he totally respected my Mum and they were a happy couple until he died. Same as my grandparents. That’s nature and that’s how its meant to be. To me all these comments I’m seeing are just excuses to justify ogling and bedding young girls.

        1. Look, you women are just insane. Men will always look at women. The most beautiful young women of all are the youngest ones, so they get looked at the most. However, there are many beautiful older women. As I am 56 years old, I have had to modify my standards of beauty in line with my age.
          My current gf is 49 years old, and I am very happy with her. She is better looking than 90% of the women her age. It’s great! PS she has plenty of older guys chasing after her really hard!
          So as you can see, I do not exclusively chase young women or anything like that.

    5. I don’t have issues with older men your age dating even 20 year olds. But the thing is you seem to completely bypass them and go for the tweens.
      Oh not at all. Older men need to leave underage girls alone. It’s illegal.
      However, I do support changing AOC in this way:
      13-18 = legal
      14-21 = legal
      15-22 = legal
      16-23 = legal
      17-24 = legal
      Something along those lines.
      And children can be cruel. There’s a higher chance of them mocking you than “checking you out”. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference. I was one once – I should know.
      Yeah I thought about that a lot. Thing is, I can usually tell when someone is looking at me with a ridiculing air, and it just doesn’t seem like it. But I don’t know what they are thinking. It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

      1. My proposal is if they are capable of conceiving, then they’re old enough for fucking. If that means she’s ten years old, and wants to do it, then let her have at it. The legal age of adult ought to be changed from 18 to 16. If a 15 year old boy wants to have sex with a 10 year old girl who has already reached puberty, and she wants it, then only the parents can prevent if from happening.

    6. Trouble is, old men still have the same response to beauty that young men have. Trouble is, they still experience sexual desire. If they make approaches to young girls, then it’s an abuse of innocence, and of course it’s just too damn’ gross to think about. But show a little compassion Danni.
      Oh would I could subdue the flesh
      Which sadly troubles me!
      And then perhaps could view the flesh
      As though I never knew the flesh
      And merry misery.
      To see the golden hiking girl
      With wind about her hair,
      The tennis-playing, biking girl,
      The wholly-to-my-liking girl,
      To see and not to care.
      At sundown on my tricycle
      I tour the Borough’s edge,
      And icy as an icicle
      See bicycle by bicycle
      Stacked waiting in the hedge.
      Get down from me! I thunder there,
      You spaniels! Shut your jaws!
      Your teeth are stuffed with underwear,
      Suspenders torn asunder there
      And buttocks in your paws!
      Oh whip the dogs away my Lord,
      They make me ill with lust.
      Bend bare knees down to pray, my Lord,
      Teach sulky lips to say, my Lord,
      That flaxen hair is dust.
      (The English poet John Betjeman wrote those lines for old men everywhere.)

  13. As someone who is 15 I find this disgusting. Anyone who is interested in sleeping with someone my age and is about your age is just plain wrong. Not only are we not mature enough but we are not finished maturing sexual. Yeah, sure I could pop out a kid if I wanted too, cause my body every month goes “Ah common. Just get laid you virginfag.” Then bleeds for four days. That’s mother nature doing her job. But does that mean that I’m ready to sleep with a 51 year old? Oh fuck no. Maybe someone more around my age? Like NORMAL girls.
    Why don’t you go tell that mother that you think her daughters hot? See what happens. It is Child Molestation until that girl is 18 and has given you consent. In Canada our consent is 14. But does that mean she’s peak of the market for old men? No. A twelve year old flirting with a 51 usually means somethings wrong. A lot of times they are confused and there’s something behind their motives.
    Keep your ‘ogling’ eyes off us minors and focus on someone your own age. We look up to people who are older as Danni said. And “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” Don’t be that apple.

    1. Oh piss off you silly little girl. I’ll look at anyone I want to. If you don’t like it, call the cops.
      Tell the truth, I generally *don’t* look at underage girls anymore. I’m getting too old for that. Sure, a lot of them look great, but as soon as I think they’re underage, I try not to look at them all that much. I have good social skills and it’s not that acceptable to check out young chicks at my age.
      I don’t want to piss them off so I try to avoid looking at them too much, even if it’s a bit difficult. I’m terrified to talk to underage girls because I’m afraid of what they and others will think, plus I don’t want to make them uncomfortable or give them the wrong idea.
      But gimme a good pair of sunglasses…Hehe.
      OTOH, once in a while, one of them starts checking me out, then I might play along with the game for some fun.
      I was in this Auto Parts store a while ago and this young Hispanic girl kept checking me out. She was a hottie too! Weird thing was she was with her parents! Well she kept doing it and after a while, I starting doing it back. It was fun for a while, a game. Her Hispanic parents knew what was going on and I was sure they’d be furious, but instead they acted like it was completely normal.

      1. There is something VERY troubling about an older man telling a young lady, in response to her opinion, to “piss off”. It’s as if she’s only worthy for one thing in your mind. 😉 And there’s no sense getting mad at the younguns for being honest right back to you as you were to them. Grow a pair.

  14. Wait till you’re 71, Robert, not 51. The last time a young girl “checked me out”, she ended up on a psychiatric ward. (I jest not.)

    1. Yeah, I suppose I’ll turn into an old man one day if I’m lucky. I hate that glass thing in the bathroom. I look older and older every day.
      I think a survey of teenage girls found that in the Top 10 Sexiest Men list were some guys over 40. One was an actor in his 60’s.

  15. In a strange way, I always think of pre-pubescent girls being ‘unclean’ in the sense that they strongly remind of potty-training and the smell of urine (I know this is absurd, but it’s an association I have).
    Personally, personal hygiene and smells have a very, very inhibitory effect on sexual attraction.It is for this reason I find both very old and very young women unattractive – and also why I can never be attracted to a man, any man.
    I know it’s all ridiculous, but it’s very engrained.

    1. You know, I saw this girl in the complex today. She was really beautiful! She was playing with this boy, and he was kind of older. I was looking at them, and they were maybe 7th grade? But she was prepubertal, I guess, although she sort of looked like a teenage girl. I had to blink a couple of times to figure out she was really a kid kid, then try to make some sense of her and me.
      There are some other girls around here, and some of them are really beautiful! Little girls are beautiful! In a sexual way? Hmm, I dunno! I don’t really fantasize about having SEX with them! All I know is that they are beautiful! Girls are beautiful, but it isn’t exactly in a sexual way, because we normally don’t want to have sex with them, or even think about it exactly. But they do have a pure, sheer, delightful beauty and wonderfulness about them.
      I can sort of see where the pedos get off on these young girls because they are always talking about how beautiful girls are. And they are! But then the pedos actually want to SCREW them (WTF? I can barely imagine it.) and that seems bizarre. WORSE, they have NO interest in mature females, which is out and out *freaky* and ultraweird for a straight guy.

  16. Wow that’s the perfect way to prove your opinion is superior to someone else’s: You BAN them. Bravo, sir. Bravo. Fight the right of free speech. Who needs it as long as you get your way?
    And oh yes, Michael Porter, being a nasty old prune is just fine because ONE English poet says it. How foolish of me to think otherwise! Compassion. Your use of the word sickens me.
    And that comment about being cavemen, Mr. Lindsay, is a fallacy. Cavemen, or primitive peoples as a whole, were not attracted to the youngest of their groups. They were attracted to the most full-figured, grown women who were better fit to bear children, and endure the hardships of their times. That meant having FULLY-developed figures and meat on their bones.
    You seem to be overlooking the beauty of MATURE ADULT WOMEN.
    Don’t bring our ancestors into this. And notice that the cultures that marry girls off at 14 are third-world.
    Oh, and feel free to publish my e-mail as well. Lord knows I enjoy destroying every so-called “logical” aspect of this pedophilia that your followers seem to argue.

    1. As far as mature older women, I deal with them on a regular basis. Of course a lot of them look great. But teenage girls look damn good too.
      That’s right, the 3rd world was and is doing this. After puberty, a girl can marry anyone she wants to. I’m sure she usually goes for a younger guy, but I’m not sure. Anyway, in many cases, she does go for an older man, often much older, because he has more money. And he may have more than one wife. So you see, it’s not pedophilia at all. It’s perfectly normal behavior! It’s just that our society proscribes it and even makes it illegal, who I don’t necessarily disagree with.
      WTF woman? Do you honestly think that as we men age, teenage girls look less and less attractive? Give it up kiddo. They look just as good as they did when we were teenagers like them. If that’s pedophilia, Hell, I’m a pedo, baby!
      Shawna violated the comments rules. You have not so far. All posters need to read the rules before commenting.

      1. You seem to be failing to realize there is a BIG age-gap between teenage girls and old women. And speaking of teenage boys, who do they have posters of on their walls? Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez? I don’t think so. Even at that age, they are into grown women, AKA Megan Fox!
        And what I THINK and what I KNOW are two completely different things. Men don’t just stop maturing at 21. They keep maturing and begin to grow attracted to grown women, not little girls. I suggest you have a heart-to-heart conversation with a REAL man, and realize he wants a REAL WOMAN.
        Just like teenage boys don’t have crushes on girls back from their classes in fifth grade, grown men typically stick to women in their own phase of life.

        1. I’ve talked to quite a few middle aged men, and quite a few of my single friends have told me that they would love to get a hot young chick, like 18-30 or so. Young women are the most beautiful of all. Beauty contests feature women who are about 18-23, I think.
          This is a woman thing, because most women think the idea of a boy toy is absurd. Most older guys think a hot young chick sounds pretty damn good. Women just don’t understand men.
          Now, as far as teenage girls go, I’m starting to think about this a little bit. What I think is hilarious is all these silly little teenage bitches flocking to this site telling me that I’m dreaming thinking that teenage girls check me out. Well, I don’t agree with them, but some people say I’m still very good looking. Plus, I have a way about me. When I’m in a good mood, I walk around like I’m King of the Fucking World. When I’m like that, all kinds of females check me out, women all the way down to, yes, girls. I’m not saying it happens often, but it does sometimes. And I think it is sexual, because I don’t notice it in prepubescent girls. Once they start going through puberty though, around 13, then I start noticing the looks.
          So girls do check out men. Does that mean they want to date them? Who knows? I’m sure some do.
          However, I’ve been thinking about what you’ve been saying these days. I just got fan mail from some girl who came to my site. Basically, she said, “Wow, you’re hot! I love you baby! You’re so handsome!” Ok, you can say she’s lying, but it came from halfway around the world, and she mostly speaks a foreign language. Also, she’s 16 years old!
          Keep in mind that surveys of teenage girls routinely show that in the Top 10 Sexiest Men are at least a couple of guys aged 45-60. Some guys are sexy into middle age.
          However, I was thinking about that girl who wrote me that email, and I was thinking that, legal issues aside, a guy my age should not go for a 16 year old girl, because, even if she wants it, honestly, she really doesn’t know what she’s doing. So, I think in a lot of these cases of girls going for guys 30 years older than them, the girls really don’t know what they are doing. And the guy is, in a way, taking advantage.
          I really don’t understand what all the damned fuss is about this article. The article clearly states that it’s illegal for men to go after young chicks, that if you do it, you can go down bigtime, and you won’t get any sympathy from me. So WTF is with all these insane, deranged hostile comments? I think all you females are just a bunch of whack, flipped nutcases, tbh.

          1. I’m with Robert on this one – a typical 16-year-old girl doesn’t know what she’s doing if she’s throwing herself at a man old enough to be her father. If she does know what she’s doing, she’s probably hustling him.

        2. Ok, in that case, I’m not a mature male at all, because I will gladly go for a hot young chickie of legal age. Not that I can get one or anything. I’m immature, no problem.
          The best I can do nowadays is about 26-33 and up. I can’t get a woman under age 26, I don’t think. Most of the ones that age want young guys. Hot young guys. I’m old lol.

    2. Danni, when I asked you to show a little compassion I was speaking tongue-in-cheek. “Whose tongue? – in whose cheek?” I hear you cry (morally outraged). As for your response to the rather sad and funny poem I quoted – do I file the words “nasty old prune” under ‘literary criticism’ or ‘vulgar abuse’?

    3. You seem to misunderstand free speech. Free speech does not mean that women can spew whatever vitriolic verbal vomit that comes to mind. It means anyone can say and discuss what they want. It’s not hurting anyone. The men talking about this are acknowledging that it’s illegal and not right to be molesting young illegal girls. If someone is of the age of consent it’s no ones’ business who they’re with, how old that person is, or even what they choose to do with or to each other.
      Take your feminist hate mongering and go find people that want to listen it.
      Considering how short the life expectancy of primitive people was do you really think that men were waiting for an appropriate time to be with a matured woman? No. The most able were knocking up everything they could and I’m SURE that cavemen were pedophiles.

      1. Actually, I do want to listen to it. Your last sentence is promoting pedophilia. Seriously, all you men who are defending this are pedophiles deep down but are too scared to act on it in case of getting caught. You are all probably huge dorks who have never gotten a pretty date in jr. high. Or you wouldnt be obsessing over little girls.

  17. At work we have some young, hot females.
    The 16-25 set is great to look at, but when you talk to them, you quickly realize how silly they are.

    1. Yeah, they have killer bodies! I never thought I would find a whole age group of adult females silly and immature, but I hate to say that I find a lot of young women silly and immature (like 18-21 or so). Of course teenage girls have seemed silly for sometime now.
      The best I could do these days would be a 26-33 yr old, and even then it would probably be an ethnic, say an Hispanic. Ethnic women, East Indians, Hispanics, Asians, will go for an older guy much more than a White woman will. It’s in their culture for younger women to go for guys quite a bit older, 10, 20 even 25 years older.

  18. I don’t ogle young girls in public places – I don’t collect the porn that exploits them, and I would rather die than make advances. How the f*** am I supposed to react when I see a pretty face? By putting out my eyes? I quote John Betjeman and that awesome defender of moral probity, Danni, calls me a “nasty old prune” and says that I sicken her. I don’t want to sicken anybody, but I feel I have a right to admire beauty even at my age, and if that makes me one of Robert’s paedophile “followers”, so be it. Danni, you really should lighten up, girl. Here’s another fragment of poetry to explain where I’m coming from, though the words “pearls” and “swine” come to mind:
    “Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume, labuntur anni…”
    Alas, Postumus, Postumus, the fleeting years are slipping by…
    Or maybe you think that Horace was just another nasty old prune?

    1. Yes I agree completely. A beautiful female is a beautiful female. Exactly. What are we supposed to do, put out our eyes?
      I think this is a case where females just do not understand males. Males of all ages are attracted to attractive females of all ages. Period. Females, however, don’t go so much on looks, and a lot of older women find teenage boys and even boy toy young men to be ridiculous and uninteresting. They want a man that they can TALK to, fall in love with. Guys? Well, we are different. We are very attracted physically.
      This shit has just gone too far though. If an older man even acknowledges that a teenage girl or even nowadays a young woman is hot, attractive, good looking, or whatever, we are sick, evil pedophiles? WTH man? This whole “pedo” thing has gone completely insane, and in general *it’s all the fault of females*! This is why no sane society has ever allowed the females to rule the men. Disaster would result. Females are not sensible enough to rule society. They can rule it along with men, but the women can’t make the rules. It goes against nature and will result in disaster. Keep in mind that almost no primitive society ever allowed the women to rule. Barely even one!
      There must have been a reason for that. Presumably it was tried at some point, disaster resulted, and it was abandoned.
      I’m not saying women should not have been given the right to vote, but what happened when we gave it to them? What’s the first thing they did? One of the stupidest things this country has ever done. They outlawed booze! Thx a lot, chicks! Not!

  19. I find feminist insults based on my age hard to cope with, confound it. Over forty years ago I fell for a girl who was beautiful, and more wise than the likes of Madison and Danni will ever be. Sadly, she found me wanting and sacked me in little more than a week. I felt so bad I wrote a poem about her, which I called “The Marriage of Seven Days”:
    This child, my song
    Has fled into the jungle like a bird,
    Like a bird has gone.
    Upon the river
    Floats a green tree-wreck, my heart
    To follow her.
    Leaf-tongued Indian
    In mournful answer to the birds
    Calls low and long.
    His child, his song
    Where lie the mossy skulls in mounds
    Echoes on.
    Birds, oh birds
    The fluting jungle like a glass
    Distorts his words!
    The guy who wrote that poem is still alive, STILL ALIVE for Godssake! He has the same eyes, the same thoughts, the same feelings as he had back then. Difference is, he doesn’t look so good. But show him some RESPECT!

    1. You know what I find quite attractive about a certain gentleman I know? The way his hair gets more and more silver the farther down his face it grows. And the lines radiating from the outer corners of his eyes.
      I could look at him all day.

  20. (late post, sorry. I was linked this by a friend).
    I really don’t think that its a bad thing to admire beauty, no matter the age. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, no matter what.
    Is one to turn a blind eye to beauty simply due to race, creed, or age? I’m not support pedophilia, but I don’t feel that simply admiring someone is pedophilia.
    Older men can be gorgeous. So can younger, as well as women of all ages. I’ve fallen for a teenage girl before, not because she was a teenager, but because she had such a beautiful voice and was sweet of face and form.
    Now, if you were raping or molesting anyone, then there would be a problem, but you’re not. I think that it’s perfectly acceptable admire someone as long as you aren’t exploiting them.
    Please, don’t refer to yourselves as pedophiles simply for admiring youth. I was molested when I was a child… and there is a giant difference between consensual relationships and molestation. I still battle a lot of rough feelings about sex, but luckily due to the kind gent that I’m with today, I’m seeing it as a happier thing.
    Older men and younger women can work out beautifully. I’m not ruling out older women, because they can be fantastic as well… <3
    So please, don't think ill of all young American women. We're not all completely ignorant, even if the mass majority tend to be.

  21. what is up with out society? Teen girls are out their being whores but if we point out their hotness we are all pedos and perves. what gives?

    1. I know, right? As I just commented, girls go around wearing slutty outfits and flaunting their bodies, yet if we men dare to notice or allow ourselves to be aroused, then we’re these sicko perves.
      I’ve heard people claim that certain guys are pervs just because they check girls out. WTF? What the hell are we supposed to do? I suppose we should all become eunuchs, since anything else constitutes perversion.

  22. Actually I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m really interested in older men. However there’s a lot against me especially the law and “morality”. I find it totally unfair because i can’t help that i’m more attracted to older men but im too young .mchristiluv@yahoo.com

  23. To speak quite candidly, I hope that the authorities are taking a VERY close look at Robert Lindsay and co… revolting, revolting, revolting! Leave little girls alone, they seriously DO NOT EVER REALLY think that you are hot, perhaps no one has ever found you to be hot? Go to Thailand or somewhere and thrive on the “me love you long time” rubbish for $5 or a couple of hours; whichever comes first. BTW pubescent girls are GIRLS! Just because you CAN have sex and reproduce, does NOT mean that it is what you should be doing…

    1. Thanks. The title is sarcastic, but you’re too dumb to figure that out I guess. No problem leaving little girls alone. I already leave them alone. So much so that I don’t even talk to them! The authorities are welcome to keep a serious eye on me anytime they want to.

    2. I’m slightly concerned about the fact that you seem to know the going rate for having sex with little girls in Thailand. And what made you think about this disgusting practice in the first place? Nothing Robert Lindsay has said has even been morally questionable, let alone as sick and perverted as the thoughts that are running through YOUR head!

  24. So – What are we over 40 women to do? I am still a sexual person, I’m still able to bear children, I still dress hot, look hot, am very fun, flirty and HORNY. I guess I should just die though – because my 60 year old boyfriend and all men are staring at the 15 year old sexual mature “women” everywhere. I HATE seeing 18 year old porn on my boyfriends computer. I hate that he’s staring at these 15 – 18 year olds. When I was 15 I loved the attention I got from every man looking at me when I came in the room. Now, not so much because everyone is looking at the 15-18 year olds. After 35 and the older I get have no value, I’m completely irrelevant I guess. No need for me whatsoever. Being able to have intelligent interesting fun conversation is the only thing I can offer I guess, I’m an old has been ugly disgusting person because I’m no longer 15. I have incredible sexual prowess and interest in trying just about anything, but well, that doesn’t mean anything. Irrelevant I am. I think this problem of youth obsession is a societal one in addition to men being “hard wired” for it as you all state. I have never been a man hater. But I got to tell you this shit is turning me into one.

    1. Not all men are like this. Dont let these ugly loser men make you feel bad about yourself. This is the bottom of the barrell for men. Being old does not make you ugly. Im 33 and feel beautiful as I ever have. Look at all the 30 40 50 celebrities who are considered beautiful still. Just because we are getting older doesnt mean we should just let ourselves go we can still be in shape and beautiful. And beauty is not just about being attractive, I know this sounds cliche but its more important who we are on the inside than out anyways. These men on here are miserable old men that are missing out on the inside beauty because they focus on the outside. I feel bad for them.

    2. And lose that boyfriend of yours, if you havent already, dont put up with him looking at porn! You can do better than that!

  25. And you know what else? What am I supposed to be doing while we’re sitting at a cafe having a lovely breakfast and my boyfriend starts staring at, undressing with his eyes, imagines screwing and lusting after that 20 year old next to us. Just sit there, accept “he’s a guy” and then say “oh, more coffee honey?” “would you like me to get you another bagel?” I guess I’m just supposed to sit there and let him have his fun and sexual moment with someone else. I guess the world is his sexual oyster and I’m just supposed to let him have whatever he wants and “be understanding”. It’s pretty disrespectful if you ask me. Hey, it’s like looking into the sun boys, a quick look and away. What if every woman you were with stared at every gorgeous guy who walked by, young, cut, six pack abs, black, white, hispanic, knowing these boys won’t need VIAGRA. No these youngsters can actually get erections fellows. I think if I meet another guy who needs Viagra I’m throwing him back because he’s not “sexually” relevant anymore. Yeah, I guess that’s natures way of saying you men aren’t sexually relevant anymore, and have nothing to offer because you can’t get it up to seed us. Yup, maybe that’s what nature is saying. What if all women did that? just toss you back to the sea? How would you feel?

    1. WOW. I hope you don’t choke on those bitter grapes you have although you have seemed to have turned them into some strong whine.
      How dare you. You say that you liked the attention when you were younger and admit to being jealous that girls that age now get the attention. Get over yourself. You say that you have a boyfriend that’s sixty? You’re still doing the younger woman thing so what’s the problem?
      And I know in advance that this is going to cause some nasty backlash but I’m sorry still able to have children at forty? You should do some research about the risks to both mother and child when the mother is past a certain age.
      And of course you’re horny. I’ve heard that around you’re age women are hitting a sexual peak. So why aren’t you getting with younger guys who will appreciate that level of wanting. They do exist. Some young guys do prefer older women as the pinnacle of womanliness.

  26. As a fifteen year old girl, i find this article rings true for me. I don’t care if old guys stare at my boobs. Whatever, i know that they’re perkier than their 60 year old wives saggy old tits and why not let them enjoy a break from all those wrinkles and flaps on women their age. I’ve been called sexy, hot, even “fuckable” by older guys and you know what? I don’t give a shit. I know there will be some stuck up little bitches who probably can’t even get an 80 year old to sleep with them that will say I’m a slut. Again, i don’t give a shit. As long as no one touches me, as the author states in the article, we are disgusted by the thought of fucking an old man, no offense, i don’t really care what guys of any age look at. I dress appropriately, but I’m not afraid to show some skin and consequently, guys will stare. If i didn’t have a boyfriend who I’m committed to, i would consider having sex with a man up to the age of 35 and i wouldn’t go running to the authorities. I don’t know, just my opinion. Maybe i am a slut. Either way, i don’t care what people think of me

  27. I don’t find it weird at all. I think men understand that older men still perceive the attractiveness of woman in their 20’s. Why wouldn’t they? If I appreciate young woman, then surely I understand why they do too and relate to it.
    I always thought ‘dirty old man’ mostly applied to men who are elderly. I think that’s partly because we don’t like the idea of old people having sexual desires or having sex.

  28. I french kissed an old woman on my 21st birthday. I don’t know how old she was but I think in her sixties or seventies, probably sixties. She looked at me with such appreciation and desire for my young good looks. I was not sober, of course. It felt surprisingly normal, like a kiss with somebody younger. It didn’t hurt me and it probably made her day. I hope when I’m old some young chick gives me a break.

  29. This would have to be the sickest shite I have every read.. Come down to Australia and we will put a bullet in yr head… U scum….

  30. Banned……. Thats right that is what scum like u people should b,, banned my living..

  31. i’m 17 yrs old
    i had my first period when i was 11 , but last year my breasts grew!!! everybody say me this except my mother
    i saw some of my friends (girls) grown
    a woman aged 25 isn’t better than a little girl?
    you’re sick i’m sorry

  32. OMG! All the people saying that ‘yes, you’re a sick pervert’ are totally disconnected from this thing the rest of us call REALITY.
    Especially, considering that young girls are looking more and more mature. Hell, these days they go out of their way to be sexually desirable. I feel like it’s a kind of fraud to be honest. I mean, if you’re wearing revealing clothing, string for underwear that SHOWS, and enough makeup to drown a puppy then obviously you’re intent on attracting attention. Don’t call men pervs when they react to the advertising, ladies. It’s biology and it’s NORMAL.
    Society and rabid feminism have really done a lot of damage to normal human activity. It’s NOT normal for women to be with men their own age. HIstorically, men wait until their older to settle down for good reasons. Personally, I have avoided men my own age for some time and prefer older men. My current boyfriend whom I have been with for seven years is about eight years older than me.
    And before people try to say something this is a trend I’ve noticed in girls I’ve known as well. In junior high girls date high schoolers. In high school girls date college students. There’s a good reason this happens. Despite what bitter old feminists might say men are attracted to young women because there’s a biological drive to produce healthy children with someone with good odds. Look at older women who produce unhealthy children. You simply have a better chance of a viable product with a younger woman. That might be a harsh way to put it but it’s the truth.
    Considering how obessed women become with looking younger this ‘civilized’ attitude makes no sense.
    As long as someone is post-pubescent I would consider them to be adults. Hormones in food and products are what’s artificially lowering the age of menstration. Hell, with this logic I wasn’t adult until I was seventeen!
    So stop wondering if you’re a perv. You’re really not. Haters gonna hate.

  33. Eeww stick to your hand you dirty fuckin basturd!!,and dont you stare at another damn little 14year old girl or your eyes will be eaten by buzzards! 😉 dirty prick basturd!!
    You see women as sex objects! Therefore your not a man.

    1. Ignorant. I think your problem Robert, is in Jr. high school and HS you never had a girlfriend and girls most likely ignored you because you were a dork. Now you are fantasizing about pretty 12-18 year olds because they never liked you when you were their age. You never had a chance with a pretty girl then and you dont now so just leave them alone and move on with your life.

      1. is this the kind of attitude that created the stereotype of geeks being labelled as pedos and rapists? makes sense that women would put forward this kind of view, that males with undesirable qualities are the bad ones, not the handsome men, ridiculous.

    1. Kelsi, yes it is wrong. Robert, lol, wow you are an ingnorant piece of crap and thank God you dont have daughters, or maybe if you did have daughters you wouldnt be treating little girls the way you do. If you seriously think attractive young girls look at you because they are attracted to you, you are more delusional than I thought. Wow. If you were an attractive older man than yeah maybe but youre not. So get over yourself and stop being a peophile, get some counseling.

      1. I think the bottom line is. What would you rather do with your time? Fantasize about young girls you can’t have that are young enough to be your daughter or even grandaughter, or date someone your own age or close to it with the same interests as you and share your life together with that person?

    1. I’ve always liked DECENT older men. I’m now 24, been with my now 44 year old boyfriend for eight years. It’s not younger girl attraction that’s gross, younger people of both sexes obviously look nice. What’s gross is that selfish, slack attitude and use of stupid women to get alpha-male approval. Girls like guys, regardless of age, who don’t look like complete creeps, nor consider that their role is just to fend off other males for their own egotystical low self esteem issues. Hehe, you saddos crack me up somewhat. Here’s my 2p while we’re here; air headedness is not solely a feminine characteristic, evidence is well summarized within your spectactularly unobservant, dimwit article; very few pervy, retarded cavemen observe that whilst tits and arses mean fertile ground to them – not necessarily proportionate to “successful” birth-giving ability (unless you’re a complete dunse) apparent pedo-nerd-creep-primitive-“alpha”-desires, namely to “jump on” mean undesirable and dangerous ground in terms of being a fertile woman who has a lifelong job as a result of your selfish “boffing.” That word, and this topic, just sound disgusting. Do you not have a determining role to play too in the successfulness of child bearing? Do you not think women in general might choose to AVOID such guys, for their uselessness and shallowness? You’re probably also a bunch of skinny little pussies anyway, who couldn’t fend off an insect. If any of you have managed to convince any woman to have children with you, you are probably shit fathers who merely fantasize about your “protective” role while you wank off over any other young girl whilst justifiying yourself with “Well, I have a pair of balls,” you irresponsible, selfish, sad old wrinkly wankers. Have fun wanking off your wrinkly little cocks and don’t forget to ban me from commenting on your shit article just because you can’t take a slating! 😀 Fucking sad old nerds.

    2. Listen here…..take it from a teenage girls view….how do you think it feels for us wen we get stared at by older dudes….its straight up nasty…..Ur dirty….if you want… pleasure so bad go to a strip club….u dirty old cunt…..dont get mad cuz ur never gonna get young pussy

  34. What a sad lot of lonely horrid old men.. it saddens me deeply… sick sick sick, and most of all sooooooo VERY sad, stay forever lonely you foolish males, and stay forever ignorant if you will, MOST women and girls are WAY more advanced than this.. than YOU are at this time, you have much to learn from us, but not in the way that most of you sadly seem to think, You attempt to dehumunise girls & women so you can think or perform what you desire, and what is pleasing to you at this time, this is your own created disilusion. women are wiser and stronger than you! pPlease try to wake up and smell the roses, your thinking is of such a low level, you dont understand the damage you are doing to your selves and to others.

    1. Yeah, the old “women are superior to men” line. LOL, good one, honey.
      You know what? I used to believe this. But not anymore. Do we men suck? Most assuredly. But are women then superior? Don’t make us laugh.

  35. No first of all…..he is wrong……i understand that older men are naturally attracted to younger girls but it makes me sick to my stomach when i see an older man look at me…..there is,no excuse because first of all ur old enough to be that girls grandfather and secondly ur like 50….to you that girl is still a baby no matter how she looks….look at soneone ur own damn age….

    1. Maristella ,
      You sad , arrogant airhead. Get over yourself. What turns my stomache is arrogant little twats such as yourself.
      If you do not want to be looked at ,
      1) Stay in. Don’t go anywhere you can be viewed. When you are out in public there is NOTHING you can do about other people looking at you.
      2) Don’t dress like a slut. SImply if you are advertising , there is nothing wrong with anyone looking at you.
      If you wear midriff baring shirts, tight shorts or pants, leggings, going braless, plunging knecklines short skirts , let your thong show out the back of your pants-,basically what every young girl is wearing these days-
      Then my sweet dummy, you in fact WANT the attention. You are an attention whore who wants to be put on a pedestal and have everyone run around tending to her needs.
      From a person on this earth who holds much more value to society than your simple minded self, Please STFU.

  36. I’m a 16 year old girl and I have absolutely no problem with older men looking at me. It makes me feel good about myself and if they so happen to call me “beautiful girl” as I walk by, I just take it as a compliment. Nothing disgusting. It’s not like they’re following me home and are going to attempt to rape me. They’re just appreciating what I have. For the past year or so I’ve had a huge crush on my teacher who is above the age of 27. I never look twice at boys my age because I’m not interested in them one bit. I’ve also been in a relationship with a 21 year old for 11 months now. Do any of these things mean I have some sort of mental disorder? No. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me, or the men that like to look at me. It’s just the way we are. We are HUMAN and we are attracted to the opposite sex, regardless of age! Of course I think girls under the age of 15 are unattractive because they are not yet fully developed, but if men find them appealing, then so be it. There’s nothing wrong with admiring them from afar, and in my opinion it only begins to be unacceptable when they’re constantly fantasizing about being with these girls intimately and start acting on their thoughts.

  37. Well, I am having an internal battle with myself over this age thing. I am 42, and my husband is 60. I found an abundance of nude teens (13-17) on our computer a couple of years ago. It haunts me, and we can never discuss it. I have never turned down sex, nor have I ever made myself unavailable to him. I already know i am jealous over the fact that I am certainly no beauty queen, but why are my feelings not taken into any consideration? He claims that it is not me, and he would surely never cheat on me. Of course not, because it is illegal in this country to have sex with a minor. If given the chance, though, I do wonder. He admits to this being a dream or a fantasy, but isn’t a dream something you would want in reality?? I wish for a classic hot rod or a couple million dollars- I also would love for those dreams to become reality. I guess the truth of the matter is that I am the one who feels like much less of a woman who isn’t beautiful at all, since I can’t ever be that young or tight or perky. I really hoped that our age difference would be enough to keep him from straying (at least with teens). I could probably handle the usual porn if I discovered that, but I am really having a difficult time with this.

  38. Okay. I am 16 years old and I usually find older men more attractive. Now, before you start calling me a disgusting slut, hear me out. Guys my age are incredibly naive and immature. Sure, I may not be the most mature person either, but at least I focus in school and get good grades instead of partying and getting high. Although I like older men, I would never attempt to be with someone older than me, at least until I’m legal. I understand the moral wrongness. I’m sure that older men probably look at me; I’m in shape, I have long legs, and I’m attractive (I do some modeling). I know that men wouldn’t try anything with me, since it’s not legal. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s not wrong for an older man to admire a younger girl, but it is wrong for them to do anything with them.

    1. This is exactly how I feel about matters. I might well look at you myself, but I sure hope I would not try anything. The laws are really crazy about this stuff, and if an older guy even touches are female your age, they call us “pedophiles,” “child molesters,” etc. If you take naked pics of yourself and send them to us, they call it “child porn,” “child pornography,” etc. It’s all completely insane, but the law is the law and society is in the midst of a mass hysteria. If I do something like that and get caught, I am looking at some very hard time, possibly 10 years in prison.
      It was not like this in 1970’s. When I was 20 years old, I was dating 16 yr old girls. In fact, I had a 16 yr old girlfriend who I loved dearly. In fact, I am still very fond of her. Her name was Tracy.

      1. My ten year old daughter has long blond hair and big blue eyes. She’s very pretty by anyone’s standards. I assume, from your attitude and previous comments, you would enjoy looking at her too and tell me how ‘natural’ that was? It also seems you would like people to believe that there’s nothing wrong in it and how you’re not a paedophile?? I think all normal people -men and women- would question your thinking.

        1. According to modern science, all normal males are attracted to 10 yr old girls, but only at about 40% the rate of mature females, and it is 100% normal for a male to feel this way. To tell the truth, 10 yr old girls are just not my thing. I am friends with some around my complex and they are not much to look at, trust me. I am of course not a pedo, and you are banned, jerk.

    1. I don’t.
      This website is full of people who disagree with me. But you have to do it in a nice way. People get banned for being disrespectful to me, not for differing.

    1. He called me a pedophile and said I would enjoy looking at his 10 year old daughter.
      You can’t do that on here. That is disrespectful and insulting, a violation of Comments Rules. BANNED.
      What basis did he have for making those statements. I said I liked to look at females aged 14-23, which is 100% normal. What does that have to do with 10 year old little girls and pedophiles?
      I am not a pedophile, I am a teleophile.
      I would not particularly enjoy looking at his 10 year old daughter other than that kids are interesting creatures to any decent minded human. I am not particularly turned on by 10 year old girls, you know.

  39. No offense but you seem kind of sexist, like you see women as sex objects. In a few of your comments there’s the “airheads” “women voting made this happen” but they’re oh so “beautiful” so you let it slide for the attraction. I agree that the age of consent with anyone older is okai, but you admitted to sleeping with 14 year olds as a 21year old, and think that should be legal? That’s that part that seems weird here

    1. What is a sex object? Of course women are sex objects! But I love them for their minds too, their personalities, everything! I love everything about females!
      As an older man, I do find young women to be “airheads” now. But when I was young, I thought they were brilliant!
      I support women’s right to vote.
      Yes I think a 21 year old man having sex with a 14 year old girl should be legal.
      I am banning you for hostile tone.

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