WTF Is the Matter With You? Part 1

Repost from the old site. Update April 6, 2010: I have just learned that BIID is a real mental disorder and may soon be in the DSM. Also that they are apparently can’t help it that they have this condition. They did not choose it. The cause appears to be neurological. Hence, I am sympathetic, since I have a disorder myself, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. However, I think this mental disorder needs to be treated, not indulged. I don’t approve of anyone chopping off their limbs. That’s not treatment. Forget it.

You want to be a WHAT? I’m just asking. I’ve been freaking out all day over this article. It’s hard to comprehend that there are people who are this weird.
I can handle the self-harm emo idiots, though I think it’s unbelievably stupid.
When I meet these burner and cutter morons, I sometimes tell them flat out to their faces what stupid fucks they are. After all, they deserve it. If they feel bad about it, I go easy on them, but if they’re proud of it, I lay into them hard.
The conversation usually goes like this.
We’re sitting around with a bunch of people when one of these stupid young women says with an evil smile on her face, “I’m a cutter. I cut myself today.”
I give a look like she picked the dog food out of its bowl on the ground and is stuffing her face with it. Then I stand up, point my finger and her and ask, “You know what?”
“What?” She asks.
“You’re a stupid fucking asshole! You cut yourself, you moron! You’re an idiot!”
Usually everyone else starts getting freaked out and telling me to sit down and shut up by that point. Then I usually get up and leave.
In Oakhurst, there was a club of idiot young women who were cutting themselves. They called themselves “Oakhurst Cutters” or something. They were also proud of their psych dx’s (Why would anyone be?) and all the drugs they were on (Why would anyone brag about that?). The most prominent psych dx was obviously Borderline Personality Disorder, and they were often on atypical antipsychotics.
You guys out there, if you know any BPD females, just get away from them. Actually, that applies to women too. Nobody needs to have people like this in their lives. Let the Borderlines make friends with each other, except they can’t. For all you Borderlines out there, I’m sorry you are so fucked up and mentally ill, but you really need to get help, you know?
When your mental disorder turns you to into an idiotic child doodling in coloring books at a nice restaurant with dolls sitting on the table or a person with God knows how many fake personalities you fade into and out of all the time just to be a walking freak show, or when it turns you into a screeching, raging freak-o, I mean, why should anyone associate with you? Especially when you’re doing it all on purpose?
BPD has to be the worst mental disorder on Earth as far as tolerating the person. I had a friend who was in the early stages of paranoid schizophrenia. I hung out with him about every day for a year, while everyone kept telling me to get the Hell away from him. I wasn’t scared of him.
I was trying to read his mind (to try to gauge what he was thinking to see if he was dangerous) all the time anyway, trying to figure him out, and I always felt secure. We used to get in arguments about the voices coming out my car radio even when it was turned off, but all in all, he was a pleasant and interesting fellow, ultimately with too many problems for me to deal with though.
I have a friend who’s involved goes to mental health group therapy stuff. She’s bipolar, and I can (barely) live with that. She likes to regale me with the latest tales of the horrible Borderlines in her group, who are despised by everyone in group. My response is always the same. I shake my head and say, “Hell, just take em out and shoot em.” Then I laugh uncontrollably, because I think that’s a hilarious thing to say.
When I do this, no one else laughs, and everyone looks at me like I’m a monster.
I really wonder how many of these idiots are Borderlines? And I wonder if the DSM is going to recognize Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID)?
BIID website, for the “transabled”. How weird can you get? This is really disturbing!
It’s also a paraphilia. It’s tied in to sex, of course, and most sufferers are males, like a lot of really disturbing mental conditions.
There’s also a paraphilia for the (probably guys) who get turned on by amputees. They prefer legs over arms, single limbs over multiple, and stumps over no stumps.
There was a porn star named Long Jean Silver (biography here, adult content) back in the 70’s who was an amputee. She had a stump for a leg. I recall references to her stump. Good-looking blond. I saw some of her movies, but I can’t say that the fact that one of her legs had been hacked off turned me on. It was kinda gross, actually.
They have their own sicko websites and a whole list of abbreviations for what kind of amputations turn them on or that they desire for themselves.
The whole thing falls under the rubric of attraction to disability, which is some sort of a paraphilia. Wiki has a huge article about it, which is weird because I’d never heard of it before.
Then there are the legions of fakers out there, the disability pretenders, screwing it up for all the real hardcores who are dying to chop their fingers and legs off and have sex with women’s stumps and whatnot. These clowns pretend to be disabled, use canes, crutches and wheelchairs, etc.
Now this I am more familiar with, as this is sliding into the territory of hypochondriasis, which unfortunately I have experience with, as I’ve known some hardcore hypochondriacs very well.
With some of the pretenders, they start maneuvering into hardcore territory by causing tissue necrosis via cutting off their blood supply. I’m familiar with this too, as it’s heading into Munchausen’s Syndrome. That’s really weird in its own right.
I recall this one Munchausen’s patient who kept showing up in hospitals with infections. They finally figured out she was diluting her own shit with water and injecting it into her veins. I’ve heard of dopers scoring some shit to shoot up, but that takes it to another level.
Boxing Helena (1993) is a movie, supposedly well-done, about a surgeon with this weird fetish who kidnaps a woman after her car accident, chops both of her legs off, and then later chops both of her arms off. The whole time she is being a ballbreaking bitch and telling him what an impotent wussy weenieboy he is.
Hmm. That’s probably why he chopped her limbs off in the first place. I’ve had a few women treat me like that, and for sure I felt like taking a machete to em, though of course I never did.
Later she falls in love with him, I guess because she always thought her arms and legs were ugly anyway. Now he’s got some female human caterpillar or whatever to have sex with, so I guess he’s happy too.
I heard there was some guy in a large US city some decades ago who was a four-limbed amputee. They called him Caterpillar Man. Of course, this is why skateboards were created, so Caterpillar People could move around town. He figured out how to lie down on a skateboard and ride around town, and he was quite a sight to see. The story was that he was one mean SOB though, and he screamed and yelled at everyone around.
If I was a Human Worm never to sprout wings and turn into a Human Butterfly, I guess I’d be pissed too.
Then again, there’s always the circus.
A disability devotee or “devotee” is one who desires a disabled partner.
Abasiophilia is a paraphilia for those who desire partners who limp, are on crutches, carry canes, are in walkers or use wheelchairs. When an abasiophiliac sees a neck brace, spinal brace, leg brace or prosthetic limb, he gets a hardon.
Abasiophilia was a lot more common back in the staid 1950’s than in our twisted and evil 21st Century. That was at the height of the polio epidemic, and there were all these hotties hobbling around with leg braces, and a lot of guys got hooked and couldn’t quit. Wow, that is too weird. Of all the bad things polio did to the human race, it also created a generation of perverts. Good God.
Crash (1996) was a famous movie along the same lines. There are weirdos in there who get turned on leg braces, scars on the body, violent and deadly car crashes, and all sorts of sick, messed up stuff. Pretty soon all of the leads are having sex with each other, gay, straight and otherwise.
The film ends when the lead deliberately crashes his car so he can damage his and his girlfriend’s bodies, I guess so he can have the ultimate petit mort or something.
Fortunately, I never subjected myself to either Crash or Boxing Helena.
It’s never too late in life to add a new perversion to a man’s list, but I think I’ll pass on all this weirdness.
Although I am actively trying to promote a type of disability fetishism called glasses fetishism. I know there are legions of women out there who get all weak-kneed thinking of doing it with us four-eyed fuckers. You all just need to come out of your shells now. Nothing to be ashamed of.
We are venturing into the weird world of clothes fetishism. These are almost all guys. Here you have the idiots who break into women’s apartments and only steal their underwear and guys who get jobs at shoe stores so they can caress feet all day.
My Mom worked for a psychologist once and this weird shoe fetishist used to call up now and again pretending to seek treatment. Then he would start in asking my Mom what kind of shoes she was wearing as his breathing got labored. He was a barrel of ticks; he kept the whole office laughing.
Sexmaniacman tells me that many women (mostly young women 18-35) have an uncontrollable leather fetish. If you’re a young, sexy, good-looking guy, get yourself an old beatup 1950’s James Dean leather jacket and then strut around and act really hard, tough and somewhat menacing and intimidating like Marlon Brando in The Wild One.
He says he wore that jacket out to clubs and concerts all the time and women, total strangers, were always drooling and rubbing their hands on his jacket as they moved past him. Worked great on a date too, sort of like Spanish Fly woven over your chest. He insists that leather turns young women into animals.
I always thought it was horrible that the Nazis took the mentally ill out and shot them, but after meeting some Borderlines and these BIID idiots, a single bullet sounds like the best cure of all.
Right. Hell, just take em out and shoot em. Why not?

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3 thoughts on “WTF Is the Matter With You? Part 1”

  1. I am a 17 year old girl with BIID. I feel no sexual attraction to the idea of being paralyzed, just a deep longing that I have had since I was a child. You have NO idea how much it hurts to be this way, and NO right to condemn me for being in pain. So the idea of self-injury disturbs you? Here’s a brilliant idea: DON’T DO IT. Huh. Hey look, problem solved. Every aspect of this that actually CONCERNS YOU has been neatly tied up. Now you don’t need to yell anymore! Isn’t that great?

  2. I wish I had the words to tell you what an ignorant person you are. You obviously did little to no research. You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Yes, I have BIID. Yes, it causes me a great deal of pain. Yes, I am in fact an intelligent human being (I work in the field of Nuclear Power, and am active duty in the US military). In fact, most of us with BIID are above average in intelligence.
    Yes, I realize that BIID is very, very messed up. Yes, I wish I didn’t have these feelings, but guess what, they’re hardwired. This disease is neurological in basis, which you’d know if you did your research. A good deal of us are seeking whatever professional help we can afford to seek, which you’d also know if you did any research.
    No, there is nothing sexual about my desires as they are related to BIID. No, I am not a drain on society, I’m working well more than full time. No, I am not lacking in any social capacity, I function well in society, I have quite a few people with whom I get along well, and would consider to be good friends.
    So, Robert Lindsay, I’d like to thank you for being a fantastic display of the majority of the population who doesn’t form their opinions on fact, or research, or data. Thank you for jumping to conclusions, judging me based off of first impressions, and showing me that I am spending the best years of my life fighting for the freedom of 300 million other people just like you… asshole.

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