The Traffic Posts

People are complaining about the traffic posts. I have thought about this, and considered stopping them, but I am going to continue to make them. Why? Because it’s one of the gimmicks of the site. One of the raisons de etre of this site is ridiculous, over-the-top, shameless, PT Barnum style self-promotion. Actually, like so many things on the site, the traffic posts are kind of a running gag, like Muhammad Ali’s endless showboating. They aren’t really serious posts.
So with that in mind, those posts are what you get when you read Robert Lindsay. I realize I’m pissing some people off, but all I really care about is traffic. As long as the numbers are still high and going higher, I guess I don’t care that much about alienating a few readers.All that matters is the numbers.
So, sorry if they bother you. If they bug you, don’t read.
Maybe if traffic ever dies down, I can knock off making these silly posts.

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3 thoughts on “The Traffic Posts”

    1. If traffic ever dies down, obviously I’ll quit making them. It can’t keep going up forever. But right now we are on a roll for some reason.
      I realize that they are pissing people off, but in a way I don’t care. I’m concerned #1 about traffic. If these posts were annoying people so much that traffic was effected, I would for sure knock it off. But as long as traffic continues to be very high, I don’t really care about annoying readers.
      This is just one of the stupid jokes you get with this site. It’s part and parcel of the Robert Lindsay experience.
      Frequent, idiotic, over the top, shameless, PT Barnum style self-promotion gags. It worked for Barnum, hey?

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