Only WE Can Talk About Ourselves!

You are as white as rice. What exactly is your preoccupation with ‘race’ in the first place? What do know about living Black? Anti-natist (sic)? You are also an anoying (sic) little turd. So do us all a favor — hurl yourself off an extremely tall precipice. Take your Xxit for brains blog with you.
Thanks Whitey

This is a rather typical comment from a Black commenter to this site, this one from Liberal Race Realism Starting to Grow. The comment was deleted, and the commenter has been banned.
However, this shows the perils of Liberal Race Realism. Even my version. I’ve sampled all of the varieties of race realism on sale around the Net, and I must say that mine is the most pro-Black and pro-non-Whites in general of them all. There is a reason for this. I like Black folks, or, at least, I don’t dislike them. So most things that I write, I imagine that a close Black friend were reading it and edit accordingly.
If even the most pro-Black version of race realism provokes such extreme responses in most Blacks, how will they react to the rest of it? Further, most liberals are sensitive folks. White liberals either like Blacks, or don’t dislike them, or at any rate, don’t like to hurt their feelings. Further, White liberals hate being called racists, because they really try hard not to be racists.
Crafty Blacks and their PC White buddies know this and deviously exploit this vulnerability by shrieking RACIST at White liberals whenever they take the most tentative steps off the PC Plantation. This makes White liberals very hesitant about embracing anything other than the most insane PC nonsense on race. As long you spout the orthodox line, you can escape being called racist.
This really is simple thuggery on the part of Blacks and PC Whites, but no one ever calls them on it. They are shutting down debate like the finest Stalinists. Furthermore, they are setting the terms of the conversation about race. But liberal “conversations about race” are just monologues.
Anyway, they don’t do the slightest thing to ameliorate the problem. All they do is make Blacks feel better by trying not to hurt their feelings too much.
The line, “Only we can talk about ourselves” (really, “Only we can talk shit about ourselves”) is not peculiar to Blacks. It is standard ethnic nationalism. All ethnic nationalists get on this kick. Only the Jew can talk about Jews. Only the Arab can talk about the Arabs. On and on.
The problem with this is similar to the line a narcissist takes with his critics. What do you think of a guy who screams, “Only I can talk about my problems! You have no right to talk about my problems!” He’s a narcissistic shit with his face stuck in a mirror, right? Further, he’s never going to solve anything, because the only decent criticism comes from outside, and all internatl criticism is heavily censored and neutered by the ego.
Bottom line is ethnic nationalists, like narcissists, never ameliorate any problems. Problems just fester because in general they won’t discuss them.
Jews are probably the worst humans on Earth about this. Super-Jews are always screaming, “Why are you so interested in us anyway!?” While at the same time, if you listen to them talk, the Jews are the most fascinating people on Earth. Well, if that’s so, why wouldn’t we be interested in the most fascinating folks on Earth?
Truth is?
If you don’t cause any problems, nice, Western, White folks nowadays tend to leave you alone. Look at African immigrants to the US. Who cares about them? No one.
Blacks say we hate them for the color of their skin and due to their facial features. Then we should hate Africans most of all, since they are Black as night, and with no White admixture, they have the most exaggerated Black features of all. But as the most accomplished immigrant group in the US, no one bothers with Africans. Do a good job, don’t start shit, and nice people will tend to leave you alone, right?
Problem with US Blacks is that as a group they are causing problems.
Let’s use the analogy of inviting a guy and his buddies into your house. Pretty soon they start causing a bunch of shit. Mean people, and even most normal people, would just throw them all out on their asses. Nice people (here the analogy is with White Liberal Race Realists) sit them down and say, “Hey, you guys are causing problems in my house. I like you and I don’t want to throw you out, so how can we sit down and work this out so you can stay here?” Pretty nice gesture, huh?
Not according to the commenter. The commenter is like a guy who when you invite him and his buddies into your house, they start causing all kinds of trouble, and when you sit them down and see if you can work it out with them since you don’t want to toss them out, he and his buddies start screaming that only he and his friends can talk about their problems. You can’t, ‘cuz you’re not them.
The arrogance and egocentrism is appalling, no?
I am wondering, given the behavior of so many US Blacks, why would anyone let any significant number of them into their country? If you let them in to your country, they’re going to start causing trouble (almost guaranteed). If the guests are mean (I’m thinking Japan, China or most Arab countries) they will just toss them out on their asses. If the guests are nice, they will say, “Hey, you guys are causing trouble, man. Let’s sit down and try to work this out.”
The US Blacks will then all stand up and scream that only they can discuss their shit, furthermore, they will blame the nice guests who let them into the country for the Blacks causing problems. “You made us cause problems with your evil racism! It’s all your fault, you assholes!”
Now given a mindset like that, why would any country in their right mind let US Blacks immigrate in any significant number?

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5 thoughts on “Only WE Can Talk About Ourselves!”

  1. Actually, most of us aren’t thinking that White people hate us because of our dark skin and other features. What we know to be true is that we are *prejudged* once we are seen to be Black.
    People assume things about you and then act accordingly, very often.

    1. Prejudged, as in, this person is dumb, they’re lazy, they steal, they don’t work, they’re a bad person, they have low morals, etc.?
      I hear what you say, but you always hear Blacks ranting on and on about evil White people hating them “because of the color of our skin!”
      I think they have a point. There are some nasty White people out there who would hate Blacks, no matter how they behaved, just due to the their different facial features and the their dark skin tone. But that’s pretty much a small group of people these days. White folks have come a long way in 50 years.

      1. NAMS usually won’t start trouble in a biker bar with racist whites who are all over 6 foot and 200 pounds.
        So the most racist whites usually aren’t victimized. The NAM sees him in his cowboy boots and wrangler jeans on the street and surmises that he might feel pain.
        NAMS also admire Italian mobsters with their willingness to “be cold” and kill easily, their street smarts, their expensive lifestyles, their way with “da ‘hos”.
        NAMS will beat up the “whigger” he is trying to be “down” with them and is not a racist.

    2. Contrary to what many may think, few blacks truly “hate whitey” on any deep level. That tends to be reserved for the fringe black nationalist groups like the Nation of Islam or the Black Israelites. Just about all blacks I’ve found are amicable to whites who treat them with respect. Maybe there’s a few ghetto thugs that might not, but then those thugs aren’t too nice even to other blacks. When blacks don’t like whites, it’s not because they judge them as inferior, it’s because they feel that white person doesn’t like them. So the attitude is “you don’t like us, well fine, we don’t like you either.”
      Racism is a funny thing. It manifests itself in many different ways. Most people agree on the surface level that racism is wrong, but consciously agreeing that it’s wrong, and having non-racist behavior are two different things. I was watching a very interesting clip from abc news the other day:
      Now I’m sure the whites in this video would swear up and down that they are not racists and they treat all people equally. However the outcome of this test seems to say otherwise. This is just the type of thing that black are aware of ALL THE TIME as they have to live with it, but is largely invisible to whites, and this was a rare moment that it was caught on tape for all to see. When blacks bring such things up, they hear, “oh stop whining about racism, we have a black president now for God’s sake.” Now many of these same whites could be jurors, judges, cops, whatever with this same kind of behavior, and one has to imagine what social implications would be. It’s no surprise that blacks often get harsher sentences than whites for similar crimes. Or that whites are just as likely to carry drugs, but blacks more likely to be in jail for drug-related charges.
      I’m not saying all black problems are due to white racism. Blacks have enough self-caused problems to worry about. I think people tend to take a sharply either/or stance when in reality both exit, and both must be addressed.

  2. One other thing, almost everyone that stumbles across race realism sites for the first time is going to be horrified. So you have to be sympathetic about that. It would be like a religious man coming to a site for the first time that proved(assuming there was such a way) there was no God. Of course he’s going to lash out. I was at first too, but I’ve learned to build up a thick skin when it comes to things I don’t like hearing. I don’t automatically accept all the things that race realists say, but I think they could be right on some things too. It’s always good to have people express what’s truly on their minds rather dance around what they really want to say. At least everything is out on the table to be examined.

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