New Record Set on Robert Lindsay on Labor Day

This is weird. You aren’t supposed to get high traffic on holidays. On holidays, most people are doing various things, generally not including going online. I don’t know why that is, but it’s true. Yet on Labor Day we just set a new record for 2nd highest visitors in a day*, 4,812, breaking the previous record of 4,674 set on July 6 during the Patrick Burris killings in South Carolina. I thought this was going to end, but it looks like the record-breaking may well continue all this week. 4,812 is about 200 an hour. I’m no expert on web traffic, but that sounds pretty good to me. Four of the five highest traffic days were recorded in the past four days, from September 4-September 7, which pretty much boils down to this past Labor Day weekend. *I keep records for 1st-5th highest days, weeks and months on here.

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7 thoughts on “New Record Set on Robert Lindsay on Labor Day”

  1. High web-traffic on that holiday probably because so many Americans these days are broke and/or scrimping on unneccesary expenses and thus they couldn’t do much else expect putter around the house and surf the web, watch TV/movies, eat, etc.

  2. l wish you hit 10.000 Robert. That is good for me 90)
    Well. l understand that your proud Robert, 5.000 hits is gooooood for a blog.

  3. it’s ironic that these kind of posts are putting me off visiting. you’d probably write more interesting posts, and get more readers if you didn’t bore us with your web stats. perhaps you can start a new blog and put all your web stats on there.

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